I was tagged by the raddest @astr0zombies to take a hit.

So I there for nominate the following: @the-stoner-sage @pokinsmots @badasscannabitch @godshideouscreation @crownvetch @indica-mist @kiefeon @whospilledthebongwater and everyone else.

Fuck it. Just get high. Hope you like Chelsea Grin

Fun Fact, I did almost indeed spill the bong water right before I shot this. Haha So this one goes to you @whospilledthebongwater hahahah I was blessed by your blog and my bong didn’t spill 


okay so shhhhh i promised i’d be in bed right now

but this is like the two catchiest musical memes of the modern era got shoved in the large hadron collider

and it is fantastic