: ‘ – thanks. ‘

[ mettaton’s returning the lighter without looking at the stranger, eyes still focused on the view of the CORE and glazed over slightly with exhaustion. he had nearly asked how a skeleton smoked at all, given the lack of lungs, but he decided it really wasn’t his place to judge. it’s not as if he did.

[ one pair of arms remains crossed on the banister, shoulders still curled inwards. just because the other had been vaguely courteous to him didn’t mean that it would stay that way. he was wary by nature and necessity. ]

[ still. he might as well be polite. he’s exhaling once, a smoke-filled sigh. ]


: ‘ … what brings you here? it’s not exactly like this is a hub of activity. ‘

[ he’s jerking his head back towards his … almost entirely empty hotel, voice ringing with a quiet bitterness. just another idea of his that flopped. ]