smoke sticks

“Look at this”
Pulling off tricks  
Pixels and polygons 
Jet skiies  
Beam from 
PlayStation to telly  
Limp Bizkit on the stereo
Essence of adolescents 
From a spray can 
And cigarette smoke sticking 
To everything 
Everything everything

The sun’s sticking its thumb 
Through a gap in the curtains 
Cola bubbles pop
In wet glasses
Ice cubes spin like
Synchronized swimmers
As they dissolve in their 
Pools of caffeine and caramel 

Back to the game
The laps fly by 
And positions are stolen 
A square thing shines in the sky all golden 
Above the finishing line
And we pass
A checkered flag swoops and 
On the screen I see
It’s me
I’ve won
I got first place 

My brother looks at me 
Cocks an eyebrow
I know in about five seconds it’s either a dead arm or 
“Daylight robbery" 

I brace  
Scrunch up my face 

Except a slap on the shoulder 
I’m feeling bolder 
So I have a peek 
And he actually looks quite happy
No banter no bullshit no 
I guess I’ve won? 

This is mental
I beat him and he’s not being a knob
Not in the least
He actually looks
Well… yeah

I supposed then we were 
Getting along
And getting older

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What cigarette brand is ur favorite???

i like american spirits but they take too long to smoke so i just stick to marlboro
always menthol tho
sometimes the yellow american spirits tho

Wc E-Vape Help He Jettison Smoking?

The latest alternate for the people who dearly love to to quit reeking is the electronic smoking sticks over known as electronic Cig. These cigarettes use e-liquids that include three basic ingredients such as nicotine, VG(Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol). Notwithstanding, practically electronic smoking sticks come without nicotine as they shut the door some discrete flavors. Most of the e-vape visage like real cigarettes, with a white cylindrical amplifier, a encompass with shadow filter and a red glowing tip. When you take a press-agent from these cigarettes, the battery heats up the nicotine and turn a small bunch of nicotine into vapor and the result is a marvelment of smoke in the access without at bottom flagrant. Although, an electronic smoking sticks is not actually a cigarette, inner self just soothes your thirst for nicotine. So, are myself good logroll insofar as real cigarette?

These cigarettes come across in the all the same sphere because of nicotine vapors the top offer and they cause the changeless problem without distinction unassociated nicotine replacement methods. The solution of this plight is as far as keep an right amount supply e-liquid you are using toward e-vape. Most of the people clarify to withdraw from smoking without at concert pitch and 60% of them are next if they use electronic smoking sticks and they use willpower over the electronic miasmatic sticks. Palms of the smokers who want to resolve into smoking, but quit radically, judge that electronic smoking grassland submerged the consumption of cigarettes on the surface causing emotionalism symptoms. During an online survey conducted entering 2010, researches polled visitors who carry on electronic Cig, there were 3587 participants, 70% were former smokers, 61% were personnel and the sweepings were the empeople above 41 years. All those participants used an electronic Cig for approx 3 months and used 5 cartridges per term. Almost all touching them used cartridges that contain nicotine. 96% said that e-vape help them to discard smoking and 92% said that it made them less smoke without withdrawal symptoms.

These cigarettes have many benefits because they come in different flavors, they leave a great earmark sympathy the user’s orate for a few minutes. These cigarettes are therewith cost effective as the cost of 5 sets as regards nicotine e-liquid kits are equivalent to 500 cigarettes. There are some cheap e-vape vet available far out the market, they are usually halfway house the short odds relative to a branded vape and mete out the great drivel and throat hit just on a footing the naturalistic cigarette, it is a feeling smokers get just the same the nicotine hits back of their throat wile inhaling. So with the domestic servant of these cigarettes all the smokers can enjoy a great throat masque ex quantized nicotine consumption. Ingoing short, if subliminal self really want to quit your smoking habit, there is purely certain forbidden fruit to quit smoking; willpower.


Damine Kannon Temple is one of the most famous Kannon Temples in Aichi pref. Kannon(観音) or Kanzeon(観世音) is a practitioner of austerities wishing rescue all the people

「唵。摩訶伽羅耶。娑婆訶」 is a mantra (magical spell) of the God of wealth. ‘Ohn. Makakyaraya.Sohaka’ Say this mantra and then you could get money, happiness and prosperity, we believe.

Most temples have huge incense burners in front of their buildings. People believe if they bend their heads and expose themselves to the smoke from incense sticks and then all of their wishes come true.

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Check out these rad smoke tricks


SMOKE TRICKS - MAGIC STICK | Christophersxx Duration: 0:28 [vc_row][vc_column width=“1/1”][vc_row][vc_column width=“1/1”][vc_accordion collapsible=“yes” disable_keyboard=“” active_tab=“false”][vc_accordion_tab title=“Show More”]source[/vc_accordion_tab][/vc_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row] [vc_row][vc_column width=“1/1”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

I remember when I was young and pretended to be smoking those pretzel sticks and swallowing those pez things to act like I’m taking pills. Crazy how much changes.

leftoverfear  asked:

"Are you really here alone? Want some company?" / from Katie!

   meme :  bar flirting 101.  //  status :  accepting.  @leftoverfear.

     it was  QUITE TERRIBLE  being seen alone.  effy stonem,  alone drinking vodka  &  smoking her cancer sticks.  it seemed  sad.  freddie was gone.  she didn’t want to talk about it.  she didn’t want to be near anyone who might  POSSIBLY  ask about it.  but then again,  katie wouldn’t.  she was almost certain about that.  perhaps she even knew some  COOL PARTY  they could crash.  hopefully making her forget about her life  &  all the pain in the world at the same time.      not alone.  don’t you see him  ??  he’s  RIGHT  there beneath your feet.      a manic laughter followed her  INSANE  comment before she shook her head  &  sighed out loud,  padding the ground.       sit.  but only if you  DRINK  too.  i bet your life gave you reasons enough for you to want it  G O N E.  

man fuck this, tonight I don’t even feel like dying. I just feel like falling back into old destructive habits and fucking myself up like it doesn’t even matter and fucking everything else up around me. Punch me in the nose then smash a bottle over my head and I’ll throw myself down the concrete stairs right after smoking a cancer stick.

I’m just going to admit it. After all these years, I eventually became that stoner that only likes to smoke concentrates. I just don’t like how flower tastes on my tongue, how ashy it is, how the smoke sticks to my clothes. I’ve become an elitist, I know it. Mostly, it means I’m lucky enough to have to choice to be one.

anonymous asked:

Bad mood? I'd offer you a cig but I stopped smoking. I have a stick of gum.

The worst. Agitation caused by defunct conversations and relationships I don’t know how to repair. Stressy messy days.

after a LONG day im putting my hair in curlers & drinking my fav tea & listening to my new old Elvis record & after I’m gunna sit outside & smoke some sadboi™ sticks &be calm !!!!!!

i used to see every color. but slowly, it started to fade. not into black and white and gray. just various shades of red. my mother drinks liquid red, my father smokes sticks of red, my brother laughs in the color red. the only pigment my camera captures is red. what i would give to see pink just once.”


Charlotte “Charlie” Tyr




Electra Conduit & Kaelen Tyr


Student, final year


It was evident from a very young age that Charlie had acquired her parents’ tendency toward quietness, perhaps because she saw just how much her brother made up for all their silence. To say she never made a statement would be incredibly inaccurate, though. Her first word was “no” and it became her favorite to use over the years. Tantrums were never her forté, but her pout looked so like a scowl and glare it was difficult to ignore such an intense expression on a young face. Whatever protective barriers were put up to try to block the real world from her - including the Games - she tore down quickly and ferociously. She wanted nothing to be kept secret from her, wanted nothing more than to strip herself of her naivety even at a young age. And it turned her sour early.

Charlie inherited her father’s silence but not his ability to fill in the gaps with an expressive face and mannerisms. She could lie without any obvious tells, though she doesn’t see the point in keeping the truth, no matter how hurtful, away from someone. If it loses her friends, or trust, so be it. At least she’s honest. She doesn’t have half an idea about the kind of lies that circulate throughout Panem, but she knows lies are what made her mother insistent on avoiding the summer carnivals, what left her parents riddled in scars, what killed the man her brother was named after. Perhaps the only person she’d be willing to lie for is her brother, as he’s the only person who can really bring out a lighter, more childish side of Charlie that she tried to lock away very early in her life. Her parents never wanted her to be so closed off, but who were they to try to set an example of openness?

The first camera Charlie got was from her Uncle Blaise, actually a hand-me-down to him from her father that he thought it was time for her to have. The thing was outdated and essentially a piece of junk, and she wasn’t sentimental enough to really care whose it’d been before, but it peaked her interest. The flashes startled her at first, but soon enough, she was begging for a newer version, different lenses, a more protective case, a renovation to the large closet in her room to turn it into a dark room. Taking pictures was the only time she felt she was really saying anything, and her pictures grew over time from no more than practice shots of flowers and buildings around the city to up close and personal shots of people from the poorest parts of the Capitol, the redlight district at night, candid shots of mentors as they watched their tributes die. All her pictures are kept in a safe in her room, the pictures that tell the true story of Panem. Her wall is plastered in the pictures of the buildings damaged by the second rebellion that brought about the seasonal Games. If she ever chose to find a way to reveal the pictures on a broad scale, she’d certainly end up in jail. And honestly, she doesn’t care. She’ll spend the rest of her live in a five-by-six if it means she can share the truth.


+ resourceful, attentive, honest

- distant, pessimistic, blunt


  • Jett Tyr (older brother)
  • Open to any and all connections, so please message me!

For months you roll,
No alcohol,
No blood.
For once you grow
Get alcohol,
Get life.

First rum and coke,
Then shots and smokes
Vodka: 3
Sambuca: 3
Tequila: urgh!

For every shot
You smoke a stick,
And start the night
With flames for muscles,
Booze for blood,
And a one-night stand.


PENDULUM (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon)