smoke sticks

Reverse smoking: You inhale smoke, a weird paper stick catches on fire when you put it in your mouth. It improves your lungs. You have super lungs.

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We’re playing this gig in small town USA. Madison, Indiana. The name of the joint is called The Speakeasy. Nice place, people,management too. I’m outside smoking a cancer stick before we begin when I meet “Mafia Matt”. He’s a bad mother shut your mouth.
The music begins soon after, and who do I see starting a Bar fight (or ending it depending on whom ever) but the man Matt. Just in time was he ushered out before kaos really began. I’ll always associate the last tune of our first set with violence;’ Blues Attack’

Sunday Hike!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, so even though M and his sister were being ginormous buttheads and refused to go outside, Geri and I still made the most of the day and went for a hike.  We thought Carter Lake sounded like a nice, easy-going hike for the two of us and a dog, so we got ready to spend the day on the trail. 

We fueled up beforehand with a super tasty breakfast sandwich:

For some reason, sprouted rye bread doesn’t affect my stomach at all, so it’s our go-to sandwich bread on the rare occasion sandwiches happen.  Geri toasted the bread and then topped it with an over-easy egg, ham, cheese, avocado, and spinach. I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious it was!  We were out of bacon and tomato, but you better be sure that’s happening next weekend.

We loaded up on water, smoked turkey sticks, almonds, and organic trail mix, and headed out.  The trail along the lakeshore was absolutely stunning:

It was mostly flat with a few hills and rocky bits to climb, but the rocks all over the trail made it quite the workout. I haven’t found my Polar HRM yet amidst all the boxes, but MyFitnessPal estimated I burned almost 2,000 calories on the 6 mile hike.

I think my favorite part of the Carter Lake trail was that the landscape is so different than even just a few miles away. The shale and smell of Ponderosa pine trees reminded me so much of northern Wyoming where my family has a cabin.  Since the shale is so flat in most cases, the trails were marked with adorable stacked stones instead of blazes.  My phone died before I was able to get any more photos, but I did get one of my infamous dorky photos in this awesome chair someone built on the shore.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other hikes around the Fort Collins/Loveland area that I should try? We like to hit the trails every weekend and would love to try more new places!


I went to work. came home to wash clothes. smoked. ate. saw bae. had great sex. smoked. got mozzarella sticks 😬😬😬😬

What are you doing
by the fire, girl,
pale as a sapling,
fading in the dusk?
‘I’m kindling old sticks.
The smoke rises dark
and tells me the world
I live in is safe.’
But by the sweet-smelling fire
I cannot breathe.
I wish I were the wind
dying down in the village.
—  Pasolini, ‘Returning to the Village, I’ (from The Best of Youth, Friulian Poems), trans. Stephen Sartarelli

Fantassuta, se i fatu
sblanciada dongia il fòuc,
coma una plantuta
svampida tal tramònt?
‘Jo i impiji vecius stecs
e il fun al svuala scur
disìnt che tal me mond
il vivi al è sigùr.’ 
Ma a chel fòuc ch’al nulìs
a mi mancia il rispiìr,
e i vorès essi il vint
ch’al mòur tal paìs.

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry I don't even know ho to even say anything I'm sorry I can't stop crying because I hurt you.. Because I promised I wasn't the same person and I did that..

Ah we’re just shit heads together.. Those kicks to the face were not nice though.. I’ve been beaten worse we know. But I’m just so tired of it, I don’t deserve it. I’m tired of being broken. Defiantly should just stick to smoking the ganja together .

Turn ons and Turn Offs you ask ?

Turn off: If she smokes those cancer sticks.

Example: One, it’s bad for you. Two, it’s freaking bad for you! Three, Gives you bad breath.

Turn on: She keeps an open mind. She’s not afraid to be herself & is down to try new things.

Example:Like get a tattoo or dye their hair a different color.

Side note: I’m not sure why but a girl who skates,snow boards,roller blades. Etc.

Turn off: When she talks shit about friends or other girls.

Example: Keeps rolling the snowball full of drama.

Turn on: What really draws me, is when she has tattoos and piercings.

Turn on: A girl who’s adventurous. Outgoing.

Example: We can go to Disney Land & ride all the rides. Go home/hotel to watch Netflix & cuddle. Cause it’s a scientific fact that you can’t cuddle & watch Netflix or you can’t watch Netflix and not cuddle. *snorts & pushes glasses back*

Turn off: Bad hygiene

Example: Deodorant. *all the time*
Shower. *most of the time*
Flossing. *Um. Yea.*
There’s really not that many turn offs cause lets face it… Girls are fcking awesome! Female specimen. *snorts to over beating heart*

Turn on: When she knows how to dress herself. Fashionably. In appropriate times. *starts singing in the back* *Knows when to wear them,knows when to wear them* *slowly stops singing*

Example: Can be all fancy and then can be a straight up bum. Heck. Give me pointers on what to wear. Her hair can be all curled up & nice looking. Comes home Turns hair into messy bun. That’s sexy to me.

Turn on: Especially if she has goals & ambitions to accomplish. Miss independent. Doesn’t need a man,but wants one.

I’m done ranting now. :p Share your thoughts. Make your own lists. Like if agree with some of mine? :)