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More Companion Verse Headcanons I’m Playing With:

  • Recruited in Haven, regardless of when the quest is undertaken. Has, according to comments made, been hunting the Warden for some time now. Is generally kind of odd and cryptic unless Nature of the Beast has been completed and the Dalish survive. There’s definite tension otherwise as she appears seemingly out of nowhere to help the party fight off some locals while being fairly off-kilter herself.
  • Seeking out her lost … friend… Tamlen. Is willing to join the Warden’s quest to find him, as she heard of an elf matching his description amidst Darkspawn, though this was a while ago. Loyalty quest basically comes down to helping Aria find him and closure in the aftermath.
  • Starts off awkward and standoffish because she’s never really experienced the world outside of her clan, but as things go on becomes fiercely attached to the party and loyal to the Warden depending on choices. Very much comes off as ‘has no idea how to socialize’ with those who are not Dalish, but learns through friendship with the Warden.
  • Approves of saving the Circle, ending the feud between the Werewolves and Dalish, putting Bhelen on the throne, and other acts of what she perceives as goodness or shrewdness. This balance between approval of ‘what is right’ and ‘what is clever’ means Wardens can usually keep her approval level even unless they go out of their way to be a cockbite – agreeing to work with the slavers, telling the Werewolves to slaughter the clan, killing Connor, etc.
  • Doesn’t much care about the plot regarding the throne of Ferelden. Is pretty much in line with Sten like ‘why are we even bothering the Archdemon is in the OPPOSITE direction.’ Won’t care who ends up on the throne so long as she gets to go home afterwards. End-game offers to let the Warden come with her to find her clan, or alternatively will choose travel on with their friend.
  • Would be romancable for any warden except having to mercy kill her boyfriend or the Warden doing it for her leaves her very much disinterested in relationships for the foreseeable future.

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