canon: percy starts smoking when he’s upset or experiencing intense negative emotions

me: orthax’s marks are so imprinted on percy’s very soul that he’ll start smoking if any emotions get too intense and overwhelming, regardless of if its negative or not.

like……….. consider: during his first night with vex he was so happy and nervous and surprised that it was nearly too much for his poor brain and tendrils of smoke started drifting out from beneath his collar before vex could get his shirt off of him and she was rightfully Concerned but that’s how he realized it’s not just tied to negative emotions like he originally thought

the smoke isn’t just a sign of him being upset, it’s straight up just a good indicator if he’s being overwhelmed with emotions in general

it must be hard, knowing your best friends left you for a shitty pill he got out of an airwalks box


Not sure which crater this is, but you can hear this volcano roaring.

  • pan_gaea[ Turn volume on for the meditative volcano roar]
    The locals countless of offerings inside the caldera, appeasing the volcano Gods. While most are the Hindu offering of Canang Sari - a tray made of palm leaves, filled with flowers and herbs, I have also observed what used to be live offerings as well (not in the video!)… While I am not a religious person, I can understand the ritual, and honestly, I think I now believe in volcanos: Their powerful presence, purpose, eruptions and affect on human lives make sense to me.

me: i’m glad percy’s in a better place emotionally where even when he’s worked up he doesn’t just have smoke drifting out from under his clothes

also me: I Miss My Smoky Boy