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I'm really upset about the interview. Louis sounds so sad and stressed out, and he's hurting himself with all that smoking 😕He's the one who always defended the band and now he's paying the consequences of angering people in the business while still not being recognized for his talents. It's just unfair, I hate it.

Hi, anon.

I’m not going to lie, I think it’s an upsetting interview, too.

How he was abused and mistreated since the XFactor and the effect that had on his self-esteem and his confidence is something that he’s mentioned before, and which one could imagine.

And it was obvious how difficult losing his mum, who was also his number one fan and best friend, must have been for him, given their close bond. As well as the fact that him standing up for the band and for all of them has carried such a high price for him.

But there’s knowing and knowing, and having him address it like this is very painful. (The Jay bits in particular are heartbreaking.) And I agree it’s dreadfully unfair.

However, I will say that Louis still has many people who love him and support him, including his devoted fanbase. And he’s incredibly brave and, I believe, the type of person to find joy even in the worst of situations.

And that’s missing in the article. Because, remember, this is an interview with an angle. And though I feel like it’s true, and reveals a very vulnerable part of him that he hasn’t expressed that often, there’s also happiness and love in his life, and accomplishments that I am sure he is proud of, like his songwriting credits, for instance.

I’m not one of those bloggers who will tell you to chill out and that everything is fine, because I don’t believe everything is fine.

This is the starting point, now we see where we go from here. What kind of promo. What happens to his stunts.

And we continue to support him as we can; probably raging and weeping and rejoicing by turns. And we continue to hope that the universe will be kinder to him and that, even in hardship, Louis remains loved and able to find joy in his life.

Rouge et Noir 第4弾 特広課長 周防衛士編 『Eye in the Sky』(Rouge et Noir Vol.4 • Tokukou Kachou Suou Eiji Hen)

Hanakagami has announced the fourth volume of Rouge et Noir

Synopsis (Paraphrased): 

After the rise of the drug “Rouge et Noir” in the dark recesses of the harbor city, the narcotic management division of the city has been ceaselessly exchanging blows with the distributing criminal syndicate, “House,” in a continually shifting dynamic of offense and defense.  

The antagonistic House, however, has begun to collapse from the inside due to certain affairs, and, seeing this as a good chance to take down the syndicate once and for all, the chief of the special wide-area criminal investigation unit, 周防衛士 (Suou Eiji), begins to prepare his unit.

As the newcomer to the department, you find fault with the overly-forceful Suou’s plans—but while you reject his methods, a mutual relationship of deep trust is gradually fostered between the two of you…

CV: 鷹取玲 (Tsuboi Tomohiro)

Release Date: August 30th, 2017.

I can’t believe people are still shocked that Lauren was photographed smoking a cigarette. Like, we’re all alive when she was caught by airport security smuggling weed, right? And she even drew a cartoon version of herself smoking on her IG post. And she’s Lauren.

So now that there’s an actual pic of her smoking, people are all bothered by it.

It’s like if there weren’t any pics, it wasn’t real. Lmao.

Chill out, she’s a fucking person. She can do whatever she wants to her own body.

I first tried smoking when I was 9. She’s almost 21. I was a chainsmoker for years. I quit on my own free will and time. She’ll do what she want, she’ll cope how she wants to cope. If you wanna be straight-edge, then be one, good for you. But stop dictating her life, and acting like she has a responsibility for every other living things in this world. If smoking is her way of coping, let her be. It’s her health, it’s her body. She’ll learn on her own.