smoke time

That went really well

[tmi] People told me that everyone always gets really horny on MDMA, but that never really happened for me. Like I did totally end up masturbating, but it was just because I was really comfortable and it felt nice. Like I wasn’t actually that turned on and I had zero interest in being serious about it or watching porn or even trying to cum. Like it did make me really want to be touched, but it didn’t like make me want to get fucked the way that alcohol usually does. I had also heard that it makes it difficult to get hard, but like that didn’t seem to be an issue for me (or at least not any more so than usual). [/tmi]

I had trouble sleeping tho and like the first time I tried to go to sleep my left arm got that restless leg syndrome thing going on (which was weird because like I do get that a lot, but usually only when I’m up and SUPER tired or when I’m not at all tired and I’ve been lying around in bed with someone else for hours trying to force myself to sleep or like waiting for them to get up), but like I was able to pass out eventually. My arm actually still feels kinda twitchy.

avpdhannah said:

That’s what it does hun :3 you get super duper talkative and empathetic. It’s so fun, and I definitely want to try it with a partner once I can stop taking ssris~

I really REALLY want to do it again (obviously not today) with a partner. Like it would have been so great to have someone there to talk to and touch and be touched by. But like having done it alone also kinda just made me really want to try smoking pot alone. Like (aside from getting drunk alone like once) I had never done anything alone before last night and it was kinda rad.

rubyrodd said:

I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to try it.

Just do it! All the cool kids are doing it! Nothing bad ever happened because of drug use!

makeitthroughthisyearifitkillsme said:

Just be aware that you may crash emotionally afterwards, so any depressive feelings later today or the next few days are related to that and you will feel better soon. Have fun rolling :)

Totally. I’m like still feeling really good right now tho (aside from having like a minor headache (and now that I’m thinking about it I guess I am still having difficulty focusing on things (I’m really good emotionally though (parenthesis!)))).

krapsthename asked:

I'm going to the local stoner park today, because I wanna smoke for the first time. I wanna buy a pipe and some weed but don't know what and the prices. How much would a pipe be and how much weed should I buy to Start out. And any tips???

Pipes are different prices all the time but I honestly wouldn’t pay more than $20 on a pipe. Any pipe will do the trick. And I’d say start off with an 8th so when you love it you’ll have a little more to go back to. (: and just kick back and have fun!! Smoking with friends for your first time is always nice but smoking alone is all you need sometimes too. ❤️ I hope you love it

i feel like every time i smoke, i get sufficiently higher than everyone else because they end up talking about normal things like work and i’m still thinking about what it would be like to chill on a cloud (so i stay quiet because i’ll sound weird as fuck)

anonymous asked:

When you first started smoking, did you ever get dizzy and nauseous? I've only smoked a few times in my life and I had a cigarette like 20 minutes ago and I feel like I'm going to vomit. What is happening? Did this happen to you?

Yes, you are literally inhaling toxins into your body and your body doesn’t like it. Take my advice now and stop. Don’t continue smoking. It’s not worth it.

anonymous asked:

Weed actually soothes my anxiety and depression.

Its nice that you have a positive experience but that isnt always the case. I smoke 3-5 times a day and ive done this for a over a year now. Most 3/5 of my friends smoke and 5/5 of my friends are mentally ill. Mentally ill youth that smoke weed are likely to develop a dependence that controls their daily lives.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to the local stoner park today, because I wanna smoke for the first time. I wanna buy a pipe and some weed but don't know what and the prices. How much would a pipe be and how much weed should I buy to Start out. And any tips???

You should probably do this with someone, I can’t imagine smoking or buying weed for the first time without someone there, just to help keep ya in check if necessary and also to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Lots of shitty dealers take advantage of newbie stoners. My scale is my best friend. Also depending on where ya live probably a 20 sack (or a gram whatever that goes for in your area). Also you can probs get like a 15$ pipe at a local headshop if you’ve got em