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🌿 Using Weed in Witchcraft 🌿

I’ve noticed there’s not a lot of posts on how to incorporate weed into witchcraft! I’ve had a few fellow stoner witchlings ask for a post as well and I feel comfortable making this post because I’m a certified botanist. I’m sorry if it’s a little unorganized, I got high to write it.🔥🌿 Please, only read this if you’re okay with the topic of drug use and remember to smoke responsibly, make sure you research specific strains! Also, I’m sorry this is long af.

Where Do I Even Begin?
I use cannabis as a way to induce a state of relaxation and meditation. For me, it helps me clear my head and focus my intention. Let’s start with the different strains of weed and which kind of witchcraft they support the best.

Indica tends to be sedative, and gives a body high. This type of marijuana will provide a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders. As a spoonie this is what I most often smoke to ease pain and nausea, just as a heads up to other people looking for relief. The most popular Indica strains currently include Kush, Northern Lights, and White Widow. My recommendation is Purple Kush or Northern Lights. This is great for self-love spells, protection, divination, healing, and stress-reducing spells or rituals.

Sativa -dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. This is great for glamour spells, love spells, hexes, curses, and other high energy spells. 

But honestly, just do whatever makes you feel good and makes you happy, your well-being and comfort should be the most important thing in your practice. Please smoke responsibly 

That’s Cool But What Else?
You can definitely mix certain herbs and flowers with your weed! Just pop a couple petals or buds in your grinder with your weed. Please, be careful that you don’t smoke something toxic and do your research. Some flowers are toxic to humans and a few are deadly. Below you’ll find a list of things you can smoke and their properties and why you cannot smoke because sometimes it’s hard to find information online. Note: Please, don’t smoke any of the below if you are nursing or pregnant. 

  • Yarrow is a mild stimulant and has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s great for soothing pain in the lungs and throat. It can cause allergic reactions.Courage, Love, Enlightenment 
  • Blue Lotus use as a sleep aid, as a natural anti-anxiety remedy, and as a stress reliever. Blue Lotus contains nuciferan (a natural anti-spasmodic) along with aporphine, which will give you feelings of calming euphoria. It is important you smoke only the petals. Lunar, Protection, Divination, Prosperity
  • Wormwood can also be used as a light anaesthetic. It is commonly used to give relief to menstrual cramps and muscle pains. It is also being used as a remedy for common cold, tapeworm, headaches, and nausea. It’s also used as an aphrodisiac, this is not for extended or frequent use. It can cause allergic reactions. Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits
  • Lavender can be use as a sleep aid, as a natural anti-anxiety remedy, and a stress reliever. Sleep, Happiness, Peace, Cleansing, Protection, Love.
  • St. John’s Wart in very small portions. I’d rather you didn’t do it at all but it’s technically legal so I’m listing it St. John’s Wort may be a natural herb but it does have quite a few side effects. Before you start using it, consult your doctor first if you are taking medications that can negatively interact with St. John’s Wort. It can effect how well certain medications work including birth control, mood-stabilizers, and anti-depressants. On the other hand, St. John’s Wart is a mood-stablizier, so if you’re not on any medications and feel a little anxious smoking some could indeed help. The most common side effects are dizziness, nausea, digestive problems, tiredness, dry mouth, and sun sensitivity. Health, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination.
  • Rose petals, white sage leaves, rosemary, wormwood, mint leaves, marshmallow root, catnip, meadowsweet, and passionflower. I know there’s more I’m missing but these are the one’s I suggest!
  • Please don’t smoke(if it’s in bold it’s really bad): Yew, Sandal Wood, Mistletoe, Periwinkle, Dogbane, Orange/Lemon Peels, and Dragon’s Blood. Those are the major one’s people tend to ask about.

Fun Witchy Things To Do With Pot:

  • I like to blow smoke rings and use them as casting circles for cleansing energy. When they break apart and the smoke starts to blanket the room I know it’s absorbing all the negative energy from my home!
  • If you use a bubbler you can read the bottom like tea leaves! It’s a bit of hoot.
  • Incorporate the weed strains name into your magick! When I’m working with Freyja I often smoke Northern Lights because in Norse Mythology they represented the valkyries. And who doesn’t want to be bad ass? I smoke Purple Haze to bring in positive energy. Be creative! You know your practice the best. 💜
  • Incorporate the pipe into your practice. On Samhain, I smoke out of apples because it makes me feel extra witchy and closer to Hel. Also, you can carve sigils or names into an apple! You can use color correspondences or whatever floats your little balloon. 
  • Ashes!! Don’t throw away your ashes! Use them in binding spells, protection spells, or black salt. But if you’re a gardener plants love the ashes! Mix it in with plant food or just sprinkle some on top of them once a week! ( I personally swear by this, eggshells, coffee beans, and lavender salt.)
  • Cleanse your pipe, it’s the least you can do for all it does for you. I like to leave mine out under the full moon to cleanse and just smoke an apple instead with carved intentions to cleanse my home. (I use weed for everything, I’m sorry.)
  • Charge your water if you’re using bubbler, bong, vape, etc. Moon water is totally awesome in this situation and so is rose water! I personally love using rose water but please don’t use store bought rose water. It’s often simmered water and essential oils. You can make your own rose water by putting some petals (dried or fresh) into a saucepan and let it simmer, do not let it boil, when the petals lose their color it’s done. Press the remaining amount of rose from the petals with paper towels into the water!
  • When you inhale the smoke, visualize that you’re bringing in the good energy and all the properties of your bowl, let the smoke absorb all your negative energy and release it! I like to have an incense or candle going if I’m breathing out the bad. 😅
  • Charge your weed with crystals. Every time I get a new batch of weed I put a piece of rose quartz in with it and let it cleanse my weed of any negative energies it might have collected from previous owners.
  • Blow smoke out of your face like a dragon??? 

I hope this is helpful in some way! If I’m missing anything please let me know! 💖🌿💨  

anonymous asked:

Ok, hurting Kurt and Ram is ok cos they attempted to rape Ronnie and deserve to be harmed, but death isn't the best option fam. And the innocent kids you killed is just an asshole move :/ and Heather Chandler.... She didn't really deserve that fam... You could have humiliated her, but death wasn't good...

Pokemon Headcanons

Hey, sorry if this somehow contradicts canon, I’m just being silly here.

  • Trainers are legally obligated to fill in the hole in their Shedinja’s back after evolution. Pokemon Centers hand Shedinja plugs out for little to no cost in areas where Nincada are common. They’re more expensive in other regions, however. Generally, Shedinja are harmless, but there are a few of them that get a little soul-sucky. So it’s just better to be safe than sorry.
  • Luvdisc are often given as pets to very young children, because they’re very harmless, docile pokemon. Magikarp were once popular pets, but the threat of evolution was just enough to make it a bad idea for most children. Luvdisc never evolve and generally suck at everything, plus they’re very cute. So they’re sold like goldfish are in our world.
  • People have been known to huff the fumes Musharna release to get high, as the fumes are essentially hallucinogenic dream inducing smoke. It’s rather harmless, all things considered. Although people have been known to hallucinate for longer than would be considered healthy, and when you stumble into the Pokemon Center high as a kite, you’re most likely going to be mocked remorselessly while you ramble aimlessly.
  • The Vanilluxe family was actually the origin of ice cream, when people started making cold creamy treats, they modeled them after them, calling them Icy Vanilluxe Cream. Eventually, it was shortened to ice cream, and named the first flavor Vanilla. So in the pokemon world, Vanilla was named after Vanilluxe and not the other way around.
  • Charmander trainers are recommended to cover their Charmander’s tails to keep them from going out. Most trainers use a specifically sold cover that lets in air and keeps water out. During contests, it’s usually taken off, because the covers aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Mr. Mime’s inspired people, and the art of miming was learned by mimicking the Pokemon.
  • Loudred can be used as speakers if taught to. They can imitate almost any noise, much like a lyrebird.
  • Loudred owners are required to muzzle their Pokemon when in populated areas. This has not stopped complete asshats from using Loudred to blast party music illegally. This is a big problem in some Hoenn cities. Please stop using Loudred to blast party music, you already have speakers, you fucking assheads.The damage from these Loudred parties are often massive. Not to mention busting hearing aids in a blockwide radius.
Smoke Responsibly

I got high for the first time the other day and no one warned me about how potentially terrible it could be. All I had ever heard about getting high was that it was fun and you’d laugh a lot etc. That was not the case for me. I had smoked a bit before with no effects, so the morning of I assumed I could take three hits off of a joint and be fine. WRONG. Five minutes later I couldn’t focus on reality and it was honestly so scary. I was staying over somewhere with my friends and I had attempted to text one, but I wasn’t even sure I was doing that because it felt like a dream. Thankfully my other friend was nearby and I got her attention. She brought me outside and never left my side while I freaked out. It lasted two hours.

So all I’m trying to say is that your first time should be with a trusted friend or two, because you never know what’ll happen.  


1 hour plus no lineart/sketch challenge - I’m a little out of practice with watercolour, so I thought I’d better paint something and who else to do except the literal water gem :3

For @aveanexalea , since he requested it and it was on my vote list.

Back in the early portion of the cold war, US air planners and air defence controllers had a major problem. In the day and age of a single modern bomber being able to take out an entire city, or multiple in a single mission, the US had to guarantee that to the best of their ability to be able to take down as many soviet bombers as possible, preferably all of them, in the event of an atomic conflict.

From past experience, they knew that the “bomber would always get through”, especially when used in mass bomber swarms, or combat boxes, as was the US term. (More of a specific bomber formation doctrine, but eh). Conventional Anti-aircraft measures could and would down some of the bombers, but a large volume would get through. Any Soviet bombers escaping air defences would more than likely result in destroyed US cities and the millions of preventable casualties that would follow.

This was unacceptable. The USAF, taking a page from their Army comrades, decided to go nuclear. The US army’s doctrine was to use atomic munitions to vaporize soviet armoured divisions if they were able to roll through any conventional weapons, for the defence of Western Europe. The USAF decided that an atomic device air-burst in the middle of a soviet bomber formation would do just the trick.

New developments in US Atomics research had allowed for the development of sealed pit devices.

“A weapon “boosted” by tritium and deuterium gas would use much less fissile material to produce a large explosion. Right before the moment of detonation, these hydrogen gases would be released into the weapon’s core. When the core imploded, the gases would fuse, release neutrons, multiply the number of fissions, and greatly increase the yield. And because the fissile core would be hollow and thin, a lesser amount of explosives would be needed to implode it. As a result, boosted weapons could be light and small.“

Eric Schlosser,  Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.  (New York: The Penguin Press, 2013), Pg. 103.

This new development allowed for more powerful weapons in smaller packages.

This allowed the Air-2 Genie to pack the punch it required.

The Air-2 Genie represented the first sealed-pit weapon to enter US stockpile. With conventional air-to air weapons proving inadequate, and the threat of a single Soviet aircraft wreaking havoc on the mainland US, the USAF deemed the safest option for the downing of US bombers was the detonation of small atomic devices over the skies of the mainland United States, Alaska, and Canada. 

This “view was endorsed in March 1955 by James R. Killian, the president of MIT, who headed a top secret panel on the threat of surprise attack”. - “The Genie would be carried by Air Force fighter-interceptors. It had a small, 1.5-kiloton warhead and a solid-fueled rocket engine. Unlike conventional air defense weapons, it didn’t need a direct hit to eliminate a target. And it could prove equally useful against a single Soviet bomber or a large formation of them”.


The Genie was to be fired upon contact with a Soviet bomber. The sooner the better for the sake of the US, as will be explained in detail below. 

The on board fire computer would calculate the distance to the bomber, or bombers, and set the on board timer for the Air-2 Genie. After launch, the US fighter would bank hard and roll out and away from the projected device initiation point. Initiation of the device would occur once the timer ran out. The rocket would speed towards the hostile aircraft at Mach 3.3 powered by a solid fueled Thiokol SR49 rocket motor. Primary kill effects were caused surprisingly enough not by blast or heat, which, despite the low yield of 1.5 kilotons, were still effective out to a great distance. The Fireball would consume any aircraft within a hundred yards, yet the most effective killing agent of this device was the prompt radiation released. Even a bad miss could still kill, given that the lethal envelope of the prompt radiation had a radius of about a mile with “the “probability of kill” (PK) within that envelope [found] to be 92 percent”.

“The Soviet aircrew’s death from radiation might take as long as five minutes—a delay that made it even more important to fire the Genie as far as possible from urban areas. Detonated at a high altitude, the weapon produced little fallout and didn’t lift any debris from the ground to form a mushroom cloud. After the bright white flash, a circular cloud drifted from the point of detonation, forming an immense smoke ring in the sky”.


The discussion of permission to fire these devices was brought up, and how a request to fire the devices may be delayed to the point where several US cities may well have gone up in smoke. In response to these concerns, the use of these devices were pre-delegated to the USAF, by Eisenhower in April 1956, with the actual order coming into effect in December.

In effect, the USAF was able to fire atomic air-to-air rockets at any target that was deemed ‘hostile’. While the joint chief’s of staff demanded that these devices were to be locked up in storage igloos, and never to be flown over the United States except in war time. Presumably, the reality of this was that a large volume of air interceptors were on the deck ready to jet in the event of a conflict. At first warning of the DEW line, Mid-Canada line or the Pine-tree Line, the aircraft would be armed, with Genies extracted from their storage sheds, with the air interceptors, now armed with atomic rockets, sent to intercept the soviet waves of bombers.

To prove the device safe in use, the USAF conducted  Operation Plumbbob on 19 July 1957. This proved to be the only live firing of a Air-2 Genie missile, which initiated somewhere  between 18,500 and 20,000 ft (5,600 and 6,100 m) above mean sea level. (Sources vary). A group of five USAF officers volunteered to stand hatless in their light summer uniforms underneath the blast to prove that the weapon was safe for use over populated areas. They were photographed by Department of Defense photographer George Yoshitake who stood there with them. Gamma and neutron doses received by observers on the ground were negligible. Doses received by aircrew were highest for the fliers assigned to penetrate the airburst cloud ten minutes after explosion.


As shown in the video above, with the description just above, “The
officers wore summer uniforms and no protective gear. A photograph, taken at the moment of detonation, shows that two of the men instinctively ducked, two shielded their eyes, and one stared upward, looking straight at the blast. “It glowed for an instant like a newborn sun,” Time magazine reported, “then faded
into a rosy, doughnut-shaped cloud.”

Eric Schlosser,  Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.  (New York: The Penguin Press, 2013), Pg. 105. 

Problems arise.  

Inevitably , problems began to arise. Given that sealed-pit weapons were quite new, with this model of weapon being the first in stockpiles, how safe were they? This was a bit of an unknown, one that needed to be found out when thousands of these devices would be put on airfields and storage facility’s across the country, many within city limits.

The U.S. government was quite public about the Genie missile. 

“When atomic bombs were first transferred to SAC bases in French Morocco, the French government wasn’t told about the weapons. But the deployment of Genies at air bases throughout the United States was announced in an Air Force press release.”

“The possibility of any nuclear explosion occurring as a result of an accident involving either impact or fire is virtually nonexistent,” Secretary of Defense Wilson assured the public”. 
His press release reported “that someone standing on
the ground directly beneath the high-altitude detonation of a Genie would be exposed to less radiation than “a hundredth of a dose received in a standard (medical) X-ray.”


However, it should be noted that “His press release about the
Genie didn’t mention the risk of plutonium contamination”,
not from an airburst anti-bomber detonation, but from an accidental surface burst.

The risks of plutonium exposure were becoming more apparent in the mid-1950s. Although the alpha particles emitted by plutonium are too weak to penetrate human skin, they can destroy lung tissue when plutonium dust is inhaled. Anyone within a few hundred feet of a weapon accident spreading plutonium can inhale a swiftly lethal dose. Cancers of the lung, liver, lymph nodes, and bone can be caused by the inhalation of minute amounts. And the fallout from such an accident may contaminate a large area for a long time. Plutonium has a half-life of about twenty-four thousand years. It remains hazardous throughout that period, and plutonium dust is hard to clean up. “The problem of decontaminating the site of [an] accident may be insurmountable,” a classified Los Alamos report noted a month after the Genie’s onepoint
safety test, “and it may have to be ‘written off’ permanently.” “.

Understandably, this would drive the civilian members in charge of safety quite quickly to protest, with the very thought of having to inform the public that a section, or perhaps all of a major US city would be uninhabitable for an extremely extended period being almost unthinkable.

There was heavy debate actually among those in the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), as to whether use a plutonium, or uranium-235 base for the fission products in the genie devices. 

“In one respect, uranium-235 seemed to be safer. It has a half-life of about seven hundred million years—but emits radiation at a much lower rate than plutonium, greatly reducing the inhalation hazard. And yet a Genie with a uranium core had its own risks. Norris Bradbury, the director of Los Alamos, warned the AEC that such a core was “probably not safe against one-point detonation.” In effect, shrapnel, or a stray bullet, or what have you from an aircraft crash, or sabotage, or whatever incident may well cause the device to, quite frankly, initiate. Heck, even a fire could cause it. 

In short, using uranium as the base fission product, the Genies would fail the one-point safety test, and could be set off very easily. Using Uranium as the base fission product, “Impact tests revealed that when the Genie was armed, it didn’t need a firing signal to detonate. The Genie could produce a nuclear explosion just by hitting the ground”.

Ibid-Pg 107

Understandably, “given the choice between an accident that might cause a nuclear explosion and one that might send a cloud of plutonium over an American city, the Air Force preferred the latter. Handmade, emergency capability Genies were rushed into production, with cores that contained plutonium”.

Ibid.-Pg 105

Even with the one-point safety test proven, there was still the potential for complications.
“The one-point safety tests at Nevada Test Site had provided encouraging results, and yet the behavior of a nuclear weapon in an “abnormal environment”—like that of a fuel fire ignited by a plane crash—was still poorly understood. During a fire, the high explosives of a weapon might burn; they might detonate; or they might burn and then detonate. And different weapons might respond differently to the same fire, based on the type, weight, and configuration of their high explosives. For firefighting purposes, each weapon was assigned a “time factor”—the amount of time you had, once a weapon was engulfed in flames, either to put out the fire or to get at least a thousand feet away from it. The time factor for the Genie was three minutes”.

Ibid.- Pg 109

Heck, there was concern that the fire may even start the standard detonation process.

“The heat of a fire might start the thermal batteries, release high-voltage
electricity into the X-unit, and then set off the bomb. To eliminate that risk, heat-sensitive fuses were added to every sealed-pit weapon. At a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the fuses would blow, melting the connections between the batteries and the arming system. It was a straightforward, time-honored way to interrupt an electrical circuit, and it promised to ensure that a high temperature wouldn’t trigger the detonators”.


In 1977, a study was completed that reported that “despite being the oldest sealed-pit weapon in the stockpile, vulnerable to lightning, and fitted
with an outdated accelerometer, the Genie was still being loaded onto fighter planes”.

Ibid. Pg. 223

In the end, over 3000 Genie’s were produced, being used by both the USAF from 1957 to 1985, and the R.C.A.F. from 1965 to 1984.

Here, have this for your troubles.


Wiki, for basic info-

Schlosser, Eric.  Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.  New York: The Penguin Press, 2013.


Happy 420 #BUDS!! Smoke responsibly today & stay SICKENING!! 🍁💚🙌🏻💨 @calikushfarms photography by @vijatm coming soon… Wig @websterwigs Styled by @dustinnbakerr Mug @gottmik Wearing @bcallabcalla

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Using Cannabis in Witchcraft

While I may use Marijuana in my craft, others are completely fine to comply with laws set forth by Federal or State statutes. This is personal experience, and the way I use Marijuana to induce a state of relaxation while doing different spells and visualizations to charge sigils, etc. Please read only if you can handle topics of light drugs. Please remember to research strains that you smoke or ingest, and responsibly enjoy your high.


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freaks forever

[im considering writing a sequel for this okay sorry continue reading for that gay shit]

eric is a good kid. he really is. tells his parents the truth, doesn’t go to keggers, gets straight a’s. he’s nice and honest.

so when he finds himself sandwiched between sweaty bodies smelling like two-day old chinese food covered up with sweet perfume, he’s a little surprised.

here he was; a seventeen year old virgin loser. alone. in a club that only played blaring dubstep. perfect.

not to mention it was a gay club. god, if his parents ever found out, he was so fucking dead.

eric wormed his way out of the crowd, finally finding an empty and sticky leather bar seat next to a lanky blonde boy. he was wearing a long sleeved mesh shirt over his bare and pale skin, a pair of black skinny jeans slid over his skinny legs. he was…wow.

“what brings you here, baby?” the boy turned to him and asked, giving him a quick smirk when he saw eric staring at his almost unclothed torso. eric turned red, pulling the sleeves of his leather jacket down to cover the palms of his hands.

“dunno,” he mumbled, “gets boring in the ‘burbs.” the boy raised his eyebrows, looking taken aback.

“don’t tell me a pretty thing like you lives in suburbia land! jeez, honey. live a little.” eric’s new acquaintance leaned over the counter, whispering something into the bartender’s ear and pointing at him. they shared a giggle, and he soon leaned back.

“i’m dylan,” he offered his hand, nails clad in black shiny polish. “you are?”

“eric. eric harris.” he took dylan’s hand and gave it a firm shake, the cold silver of his ring startling him a bit.

“even your name sounds innocent! say, have you ever been here before? i’ve just never seen you around or anything.” dylan asked, head propped up by his arm. his shiny hair was parted to this side, long enough to just touch his shoulders in curly waves.

“nah. not really my scene, you know?” eric had become so accustomed to giving one-word answers that having a conversation, a REAL conversation, with someone was odd and slightly uncomfortable.

dylan nodded, it was understandable not to be attracted to a gay bar. there were some real creeps here, lingering around. had to be careful about who you went home with.

“well, don’t worry kid, we’ll keep you safe. isn’t that right, nate?” the man behind the bar had spiked blue hair, and wore silver hoop earrings with a tight black tank top. he slid a beer towards eric, and a triangular shaped glass full of something pink in front of dylan.

“anything to keep my baby happy. hey, I’m nate. dylan’s roommate.” nate slid away soon enough again to cater to another club-goers needs.

dylan takes a gulp of his drink, adam’s apple bobbing up and down as the liquid slid down his throat. eric was so entranced by everything about dylan that he didn’t hear his name being called.

“eric? i think your friend’s calling you?” eric snapped back to reality, looking behind him. brooks was running towards him, smiling widely.

“eric, thank fuck, we gotta go man! my mom’s gonna be home in like 20 minutes!” eric switched his gaze between dylan and brooks, reluctant to leave the black clad boy and return to his boring, shitty, high school ruled suburban nightmare.

“hey, if it’s not an issue, i can drive him home later?” dylan offered, shifting in his seat slightly. eric gave brooks a pleading look, as if to say, ‘motherfucker, you better cover for me’.

“uh, yeah, sounds alright? i’ll tell my mom you went home or something. call me, okay?” eric promised he would, and brooks left as quick as he had appeared.

“so,” dylan began, “wanna get out of here?”

fast forward two hours. three am, and they’re walking in a darkly lit street. dylan is puffing smoke out of his mouth, laughing and telling stories about when he was in high school.

“fucking christ, kids can be so stupid. how was i supposed to know that they’d flush my clothes down the toilet?” eric laughed along with him, grinning wider than he thinks he ever has.

“highschool’s bullshit. if i saw one of those motherfuckers now i’d probably bust their faces up.” eric hummed in agreement, inhaling deeply, the scent of menthols and dylan’s cologne flooding his senses, making him feel dizzy. they stop near a car garage, dylan pulling keys out of his back pocket, shivering slightly.

“hey, are you cold? you can borrow my jacket if you’d like.” eric said, not waiting for an answer and already beginning to slide it off his shoulders. dylan takes it gratefully, pulling it over his arms. it fits him a little loosely, considering his body is so skinny compared to eric’s toned build.

“thanks. my car’s just right there, you sure you’re cool with letting me drive you home?” eric confirms, following dylan to his polished BMW. when eric sits in the front passenger seat, he sees packs of empty cigarettes and CD’s littering the floor. he picked one up, analyzing it. dylan grabs something out of the trunk, before joining eric and starting the car.

“here,” dylan tosses a black fabric mass towards eric. “we’re trading. couldn’t have you getting frostbite! can’t imagine your parents would be too happy with me then.”

eric chuckled softly, pulling the sweatshirt over his head. a nine inch nails logo adorned the front, and it was long on Eric, pooling at the tops of his thighs.

they drove almost silently, eric speaking out directions towards his house every now and then, and dylan asking him if he was hungry every time they passed a restaurant. it was endearing, looking at a pretty boy wearing his clothes and trying to make sure he was comfortable.

he didn’t think he was ever going to meet someone who made him feel like dylan made him feel. he’s never felt so at home with someone, and dylan excited and calmed him all at once.

“this is it,” eric stated as they pulled up to his house, sad to have to leave dylan. he would probably forget about him in a week or two, right? eric’s just another repressed geek boy, nothing interesting or special about him. it was right around 7 am by now, and they were both exhausted.

“well, kid, you’re gonna come back and see me sometime, right? i work there, actually, every night except saturdays.”

“of course, dylan. you’ve gotta want this sweatshirt back sometime, right?” he joked, unbuckling his seatbelt.

“keep it, baby. looks better on you anyways.” eric blushed slightly, leaning in towards dylan and opening his mouth to tell him something, before closing it and deciding to remain silent.

“cat got your tongue?” eric thought maybe that’s what had happened, because he wanted to say so many things, but his jaw wouldn’t open.

instead of talking, eric placed a hand on the back of dylan’s neck, pulling him over the armrest in the middle of the seats, and pressing their mouths together. dylan’s lips were soft, and his mouth tasted like watermelon gum, tongue sliding across eric’s open mouth.

eric is pulled into dylan’s lap, jean-clad legs on either side of him, pulling at blonde hair, trying to get something, anything.

eric grinded down onto dylan’s bony waist, wanting some fucking relief. dylan groaned deeply into eric’s mouth, hands coming up to eric’s waist, under his sweatshirt. dylan’s fingers were cold, making eric shake slightly, digging his nails into dylan’s skin. dylan hissed, biting down on eric’s lip.

they leaned back, and eric’s back hit the steering wheel. the loud honking noise knocked the boys out of their trance, and they sprung apart, faces pink and hair mussed, eric still on dylan’s lap.

“well, sugar, you should probably-ah-get home,” dylan choked out, eric kissing his way down dylan’s neck, sucking at the junction where his jaw and ear met. he pulls of with a soft pop, tucking a stray strand of hair behind dylan’s ear.

“cool. uh, thanks for the ride?”

“no problem. hey, you smoke?” eric nodded in response, and dylan pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pants pocket, plopping it in eric’s hand.

“there’s gonna be a horror movie screening at the old theater downtown next weekend. it starts at midnight, so i could give you a ride if you wanted to go see it with me?” and eric almost screamed. his first date was going to be with a gay bartender who wore black nail polish and talked like a god.

“sounds great. see you?” dylan grinned.

“yeah, kid. see you around.” when eric hopped out of the car, dylan sped off, looping around and waving at eric.

eric walked in through his front door, slipping into his bedroom quietly. his jeans came off, and his shirt did too. he was left in his boxers, almost hesitating before reaching for dylan’s sweatshirt again. the fabric is cool against his warm and flushed skin, and he sighs in content. the cigarettes are still in his pocket, and he pulls them out, shutting them in a drawer of his bedside table.

a piece of paper slips out of his pocket along with them, messy scribbling in bright pink pen scrawled across it.

call me sometime, baby boy.

eric smiles, and lays down on his bed, head filled with dreams about boys in black nail polish.

eric almost feels silly for leaving an identical note in the pocket of his leather jacket.

great minds think alike, or something like that, right?

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Heeeeyyyy theeerreee I just wanted to ask, why does some people associate V with cactus plants tho? Like you did, you did a headcanon of him and then there's a mention of cactus and a cake shaped like a cactus too. I'm a bit lost at that please tell me💙

✿ It’s information from the VIP book! He seems to like them. He also canonically smokes a pipe.

I think we’re always responsible for our actions. We’re free. I raise my hand – I’m responsible. I turn my head to the right – I’m responsible. I’m unhappy – I’m responsible. I smoke a cigarette – I’m responsible. I shut my eyes – I’m responsible. I forget that I’m responsible, but I am. I told you escape is a pipe dream. After all, everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things, see their beauty. It’s true. After all, things are just what they are. A face is a face. Plates are plates. Men are men. And life…is life.

Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

Jean-Luc Godard

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"Sam, stop doing that with your mouth, it's distracting."

Dean watches as Sam leans back against the hood of the impala, a wide smile plastered across his face.  It’s the kind that lets Dean know that Sam is aware of what he’s doing.  

Sam brings the blunt back to his lips and inhales long and deep, his chest pulling his shirt tight across the width of him.  Sam holds it in, feels his lungs burn and his muscles simultaneously relaxing further.  Then he opens his mouth in the shape of an ‘O’ and blows out painfully slow circles of smoke, the entire time keeping a tab on Dean’s stilled facial expression.  

“You’re a fucking menace,” Dean spits, but it’s with more love than anything.  

Dean looks down at the map he has sprawled across the hood of the impala, just inches away from Sam.  They’re supposed to be mapping out the latest vamp kills, to help their Dad out with this hunt.  But Sam is being anything but helpful.  

“You gonna do something about it?” Sam smiles, blowing a lungful of smoke in his Brother’s face.  

And Dean doesn’t know how it happens, but he finds himself crawling across the hood of his car, to his pain-in-the-ass Brother, who has the blunt between his lips yet again.  

“I’m gonna kick your ass, Sammy boy.”  Dean slurs lazily.  

But what he does, is completely contrary to his words.  Instead, he’s leaning forward to kiss the smoke of out his Brother’s mouth.  It’s a sweet, hot and sticky kind of kiss, the kind that has his knees shaking and his breath hitching.  

‘Fuck the vamps.’ Dean thinks as he pulls away and grabs the remaining blunt from Sam’s hands.  

They’re gonna be busy for awhile.  

want this?

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“you’re so whipped” + Warren Worthington III, because HE IS SO WHIPPED AND DANGEROUS LOOKING AND TERRIFYING BUT HE IS COMPLETE MUSH FOR HIS BABYGIRL, thank you bby ily

warren worthington iii + this prompt list

word count: 430

note: highschool!au // soz if you don’t like smoking hahah

“Fuck, I just want her so bad, man,” Warren whines to his best friend, who just rolls his eyes and groans. “I know. It’s like the 100th time you’ve told me in the past two days.” Peter says, slamming his head into the cafeteria table. Warren reaches into his pocket and pulls out a packet of cigarettes, placing one in between his lips and offering one to Peter. He takes it and they both head outside.

There’s a place just outside the cafeteria where most smokers go, so it was no surprise for Warren and Peter to bump into Y/N there. She was stood with her hood up, occasionally taking a drag of her cigarette. Despite not caring what people thought of him, Warren could never find the confidence to talk to her. “Alright, Pete,” She says, offering to light his cigarette, which he accepts. He places it between his lips, cupping his hands around it to block the wind. Y/N cups one of her hands around his, lighting the cigarette with the other. Warren scoffs at the sight, Peter smirking as he realises Warren was jealous. 

Warren finishes his first fag, taking another from the pack straight away. “You have to turn one of them up-side-down.” Y/N says to Warren, who furrows his eyebrows in response. “You smoke that one last, and you make a wish when you smoke it.” She says, smiling as she takes her last drag and puts it out with her foot on the floor. “See ya in class.” Y/N says, winking at Warren. His response is barely audible as his eyes follow her body as she leaves. 

You’re so whipped,” Peter manages to say through laughter. “You’re whipped on a girl that isn’t even yours,” Warren hits Peter in the chest. “Shut the fuck up, Pete. She’s gonna be mine.” Peter shakes his head as the two of them put out their fags and head to art class. 

A note appears on the canvas Warren was currently painting on. So, when you gonna grow some balls and ask me out? Warren took out his earphones and looked around the table. Y/N, who sat opposite him, just smirked as his eyes met hers. Who told you that I like you? Y/N shook her head as she read his note. No one. But, I like you too, idiot. Warren’s face lit up completely, the smile never shifting from his face. You free Friday? I’ll pick you up at 8? Y/N’s smile was just as big as Warren’s as she simply nodded her head. It’s a date.