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Balancing Power

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A/N: Mild swearing. Also, two things: this is the first time I’ve written a smut like this so I’m sorry if this is off and, anon, I hope you agree that Heechul is a kinky dude because that’s how I wrote him.
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    The corset that molds to your torso like a sleek second skin makes you more aware of your quickened breathing. Pins that hold your hair in a neat bun on the top of your head remind you to keep your posture straight and lady-like. Tulle prickles the back of your thighs where it pokes through the short silk slip as you shift from one heel-clad foot to another outside the door. His bedroom door.

           You want to make him proud, to please him, but your normal confidence is hiding back under your bed. This is your first time doing something like this and you don’t want to mess it up. He would be very disappointed.

           Before you can chicken out, you knock. Your quick taps mimic the rabbit’s nervous heartbeat in your chest.

           It triples when his voice comes through the door. “Come in.”

           The room is almost unchanged since you last entered it. White bookshelves of various heights, lacking cluttering knickknacks, line all the walls except for the one with a wide window, its blinds drawn. A large bed with a navy comforter and fluffed ice blue pillows dominates the single empty corner, mirroring the lighter blue walls. The only new addition is in the center of the room: a high-backed chair made of butter smooth black leather that faces away from you.

           Without letting you see his face, he says, “You may begin.”

           Remembering the appropriate response, you murmur, “Yes, sir.” You do not meet his eyes even though you feel them instantly glued to you when you move into view.

           The work isn’t hard or attention-demanding, but you draw each movement out, giving him time to appreciate every inch of you.

Barely a speck of dust blights the many DVD cases and framed photographs of him and other famous colleagues. He outshines each of them. Deliberately placed on the shelves are many trophies, some broadcasting their importance with ornate gold curves while others rely on simplicity for their dignity. Pride warms your chest as your feather duster glides over them. He has accomplished so much before you even met him and you can only foresee more greatness coming his way.

           You unconsciously pout when you get to one of the taller bookcases. Even in your heels, you have to stretch to reach the top shelves and your contents. Your skirt rides up past the bottom of your barely-there silk panties. You shiver. Not from the chill of the air conditioner, but from the increased heat of his stare on your exposed skin.

           “My footstool needs dusting as well,” he says suddenly.

           “Yes, sir.”

           Keeping your eyes on the cream-colored carpet, you turn around, kneel, and lean over more than necessary to give him an unencumbered view of your lace-framed cleavage, pushed up by the corset to look even more generous. The muffled drag of his feet sliding back and his shadow that falls over you tells you he enjoys the view.

           You risk a quick glance forward and freeze. The lumpiest, ugliest pair of decrepit gray socks you’ve ever seen in your life are on his feet. Half curious, half dismayed, you look up fully and burst out laughing, falling on your butt in the process.

           “Come on, babe,” Heechul whines, throwing himself back into the chair. “You’re ruining the mood.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! How many cats have you owned?

10 total

Bertha - Calico RIP 16yrs old - She ruled the house.

Dude - Tortie RIP 17yrs old - The smartest, wisest girl.

Joey - Smoke Persian RIP - 14yrs old - Poor thing had brain damage from bad breeder. Sweet but challenged.

Sam - Silver Tabby RIP - Got out and ran away. Found at a neighbor’s house 2 years later and they refused to give him back. Their little girl was attached to him so we let it go.

Jaime - Tuxedo Manx RIP 17yrs old - He was a guide cat to our dog that was blind in his older days.  Would go on walks with us and would walk right next to him.

Mickey - Mackerel Tabby RIP 15yrs old  - The best boy. Saved him on his last day at the shelter. Gave the best headbutts.

Kody - Black Cat - RIP 15yrs old - Adopted on Halloween -My fatty boy.

Martini - Blue Point Siamese - Current - 16 1/2yrs old - Sister to Rossi. Sleeps next to me every night.

Rossi - Blue Point Siamese - Current - 16 1/2yrs old - Sister to Martini - Snorts like a bull when she is annoyed. Still acts like a 2 yr old.

Shasta - Polydactyl Siamese Mix - Current 11yrs old - Evil bitch but I love her for that.  Won’t poop unless I am in the room. Lucky me.

Choices Breakfast Buffet, Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai

Got a great night’s sleep and woke up starving. As I still don’t have my bearing here in Dubai and have no clue what’s close or even open, filling my belly at the lobby breakfast buffet seemed like the sensible thing to do this morning.

I started things off more locally…

I found the feta softer than I have come to expect, and the pickled vegetables were fantastic.

Smoked Persian Gulf hamour fish…

It was served with a fig paste, probably to balance the saltiness, but I thought it was fine on its own.

Hummus with manakish zataar…

For my second plate, I extended out to India and Egypt a bit…

Poha, a rice dish, mixed with coconut curry and chana masala with paratha…

A local lamb patty with grilled onion…

Foul medamas, which are beans with cumin…

The waiter kept asking me if I wanted pancakes or waffles, and I kept declining. However, after seeing my first two plates, he asked if I would maybe prefer an omelet made with more local ingredients, which sounded more my speed…

The chef made me this one with veal bacon, fresh green chilis, onions, sumac and shredded halloumi cheese…

The halloumi was warmed but didn’t really melt, which gave it a great texture. Simply wonderful with the sumac as well!

And my friend Sana Amanat has insisted I drink as much fresh juice as possible over here, so I ended my meal with a glass of cucumber juice, mango juice and a pandan sago…

Another meal that was an enjoyable and edible education!


Inside the Al Bustan Rotana

Casablanca Road, Al Garhoud

Dubai, U.A.E.

+971 4 282 0000