smoke pattern

my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography


note: not proofread. inspired by his new tattoo i meAN DAMN a piece of art on art. there needs to be more dean scenarios in this world. send in requests.

word count: 618 ; fluff

the sound of keys jingling by the front door told you your boyfriend was home but because you were already tired as hell from your own job, you didn’t bother getting up. you heard him enter the bedroom and set his things down by the end of the bed, followed by the rustling of clothing hitting the floor.

“baby,” the bed dipped as he crawled up next to you, making it a point to run his warm hand up your exposed leg. “wake up.”

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