smoke mansion

little things that remind me of the mbti types

enfp: curiousity, bright eyes, sunflowers, artsy aesthetic pictures, sudden laughter, looking someone in the eye, concert tickets, glitter, feeling at home, fresh smells

enfj: campfire, picking out what to wear somewhere, long rants about things you care about, post-it notes, little smiles, encouraging words, compassion, mood swings, neon lights

esfp: new videos of your favourite youtubers, picnics, shivers, acoustic guitars, realising that you are in love, little notes scribbled onto paper, plants

esfj: waking up knowing that the day will be great, getting to know new people better, polaroids, colourful notebooks, the sea, talking to your best friend about things you can’t talk about with anybody else

infj: astronomy, lilac sky, wanting to know the reason for something so badly, holding in tears while smiling, maps of places you want to visit, book piles, late night conversations

infp: sketchbooks, self-made playlists, hopes for the future, reading a book for the hundreth time, obsessing about something, caring too much, finally finding someone who understands

isfj: galleries, cycling through the city late at night, nostalgia, “the one song”, the moon, suddenly being overwhelmed with emotion, buying yourself new flowers to place next to your desk, enjoying the first minutes of the day in bed

isfp: reassuring words, making your hair look perfect, little poems, waterfalls, lace, loving your friends more than anything, wanderlust, smell of roses

intj: reading a book while being on a social event, raised eyebrows, quick thoughts, structures, skyscrapers, an empty street at night, crystals, wit and sarcasm, cold evenings, eye bags, forgetting about your surroundings

intp: spending hours on wikipedia, always looking for the right answer, dusk, petrichor, cold air, first days of winter, everything finally making sense, writing ideas down, searching for the right words, being really passionate about something

istj: postcards, rings, flea markets, rivers, city trips, black and white photographs, to-do lists, gentle nods, taking someone’s hand, everything working out how you thought it would

istp: graffiti, holograms, city’s at night, rollercoasters, electric guitars, black holes, connecting two ideas

estj: ancient ruines, sculptures, skylines, first snow, justice, the feeling of doing the right thing, glory, hard work

estp: loyality, glass figures, blizzards, cold colours, paradox

entj: smokings, black grids, power, mansions, the sounds of high heels clicking, assuring yourself that you are going to suceed, having the perfect plan, standing on top of a skyscraper, tension, galas, freshly printed magazines

entp: excitement, knowing that you can’t stop now, i-don’t-care-but-i-do, smirks, waiting for people to reply, eyes widening, “what if…”

[Intro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear

[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]
All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark
This my favorite part, we see the lights, they cut so far
It went too fast, we couldn’t reach it with our arm
Wrist on the wrist, a link of charms, yeah
Player, we’re still in LIncoln Park
It’s like we could dye our own hair
Like we could dye it all blonde, hon’
If we could see in 20-20
Twice we could see it ‘til the end

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Put that spotlight on her face (spotlight)
Put that spotlight on her face (ah, yeah)
We gon’ pipe up and turn up (pipe up)
Mama too hot like a (like what?)
Mama too hot like a furnace (furnace)
I got a hundred G’s in my Goyard (G’s)
My diamond gon’ shine when the lights dark (shine)
You and I’ll take a ride down the boulevard (yeah)
And your friends really wanna break us apart apart
Good lord

[Verse 3: Offset]
Good gracious
Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out the spaceship
Need your information, take vacation to Malaysia
You my baby, the paparazzi flashin’ crazy
She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato
Walk in my mansion 20 thousand paintings, Picasso
Bitch’ll be dippin’, dabbin’ with niggas like a nacho
Took off her panties, diamonds dancin’ like Rick Ricardo
She havin’ it
When they call her workin’ on The Bachelor
I know you got a past, I got a past, that’s in the back of us
Average, I'ma make a million on the average
I’m ridin’ with no brain, bitch I’m out of it

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side (ooh, yeah)
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear (I might)

[Outro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

on cultural differences regarding demonlogy, and how it relates to Cypora’s Guide

Christian ideas of “demons” are very different from traditional Jewish ones. Our demons, the shedim, are tempters, corruptors, and destroyers, sure. But the ways they do these things relate back to the different mentalities about sin & wickedness between the two faiths/cultures.

In one old Jewish tale, a man discovers his wife is actually a demon and rejects her—so she uses the law to argue in favor of her rights. In another, a man is abducted by a demonic steed and taken to a mansion of smoke and shadow where he is tempted with objects of great wealth, only to make the right choice and be rewarded for it. Other tales describe shedim that try to snatch and claw, to steal people away when they wander in the liminal hours. They’re shomrei Shabbos, they have a demonstrable sense of honor & adherence to laws and codes yet deviate strangely from human morals and ethics.

An English translation of the memoir of Saadi Levi (from J.M. Benardete’s Hispanic Culture, which i found as cited in Foundations of Sephardic Spirituality: The Inner Life of Jews of the Ottoman Empire, by Rabbi Marc D. Angel) mentions the shedim being else known by the names “those who are better than we”, and “those from below”.

Shedim might be translated as “demons”, but i’m sure lots of goyish Tumblr users will recognize right away that they’re more analogous to the Sidhe.

Playlist (n gêneros; mais de 200 musicas)

counting stars - one republic
smoke signals - buddy feat miley cyrus
timber - pitbull feat kesha
dark horse - katy perry
hey brother - avicii
addicted to you - avicii
wake me up - avicii
silhouettes - avicii
levels - avicii
i could be the one - avicii feat nicky romero
toulouse - nicky romero
do what you want - lady gaga feat r. kelly
G.U.Y - lady gaga
radioactive - Imagine Dragons
demons - imagine dragons
its time - imagine dragons
loyal - chris brown
turn up the music - chris brown
kiss kiss - chris brown feat t-pain
smoke weed all day - tupac
thugz mansion - tupac
smoke on - deep purple
hightway star - deep purple
perfect strangers - deep purple
starirway to heaven - led zeppelin
all of my love - led zeppelin
the ocean - led zeppelin
satisfaction - rolling stone
star me up - rolling stone
wild horses - rolling stone
rap god - enminem
the monters - eminem feat rihanna
love the way you lie - eminem feat rihanna
like toy soldiers - eminem
stan - eminem feat dido
smile back - mac miller
wear my hat - mac miller
dont mind if i do - mac miller
another night - mac miller
live free - mac miller
talk about - mac miller
come around - mac miller
of the soul - mac miller
one last thing - mac miller
the way - ariana grande feat mac miller
right there - adriana grande feat big sean
safe and sound - capital cities
kangaroo court - capital cities
one minute more - capital cities
let her go - passenger
talk dirty - jason derulo feat 2 chainz
happy - pharrell williams
cant rebember to forget you - shakira feat rihanna
selfie - the chainsmokers
shot me down - david guetta feat skylar grey
summer - calvin harris
clarity - zedd feat foxes
confident - justin bieber feat chance the rapper
mistletoe - justin bieber
that power - william feat justin bieber
boyfriend - justin bieber
i knew you were touble - taylor swift
22 - taylor swift
red - taylor swift
not done yet - soja
you and me - soja
rasta courage - soja
open mey eyes - soja
losing my mind - soja
rest of my life - soja
she still loves me - soja feat collie buddz
here i am - soja
true love - soja
everything changes - soja feat falcão
anjos - o rappa
auto reverse - o rappa
mar de gente - o rappa
percador de ilusoes - o rappa
rodo cotidiano - o rappa
boa noite xango - o rappa
lugar ao sol - charlie brown jr
como tudo deve ser - charlie brown jr
uma criança com seu olhar - cbjr
aquela paz -cbjr
beco sem saida - cbjr
vem ser minha - cbjr
hoje eu só procuro a minha paz - cbjr
transar no escuro - cbjr
me encontra - cbjr
ainda gosto de você - armandinho
outra noite que se vai - armandinho
outra vida - armandinho
pela cor do teu olho - armandinho
rosa norte - armandinho
eu juro - armandinho
analua - armandinho
toca uma regguera ai - armandinho
sol loiro - armandinho
me namora - natiruts
beija flor - natiruts
liberdade pra dentro da cabeça - natiruts
reggae power - natiruts
um anjo do céu - natiruts
leve com você - natiruts
andei só - natiruts
deixa o menino jogar - natiruts
quero ser feliz também - natiruts
eu e ela - natiruts
plantei uma flor no coração dela - natiruts
sorri, sou rei - natiruts
não chore meu amor - natiruts
de você só quero amor - planta e raiz
hoje o dia amanheceu - planta e raiz
voz do coração - planta e raiz
essa filosofia - planta e raiz
salmo 91 - planta e raiz
é preciso perdoar - planta e raiz
esse teu sorriso - maré
enviado por deus - maneva
mar do meu novo mundo - maneva
não desista de mim - maneva
saudades do tempo - maneva
pisando descalço - maneva
luz que trás paz - maneva
anjos de plantão - ivo mozart
my favorite girl - p9
story of my life - one direction
pra voce - onze 20
fica do meu lado - onze 20
não vai voltar - onze 20
meu lugar - onze 20
deixo você ir - onze 20
mulher - projota
o vagabundo e a dama - oriente
vagabundo também ama - oriente
vida longa mundo pequeno - oriente
pras damas - oriente
se oriente - oriente
hoje eu me sinto tão bem - oriente
i dai? - oriente
terra de cego - oriente
maximo respeito - oriente
ninfetinha - eltin
chapando demais - eltin
país da ganja - eltin
neurótico de gurra - filipe ret
a gente combina - cartel mcs
ela sorriu - cartel mcs
canto da sereia - cartel mcs
srta sexo e afins - cartel mcs
bates motel - cartel mcs
filosofia de boteco - haikaiss
sem graça - haikaiss
deixa se envolver - melanina carioca
brinde a liberdade - cacife clandestino
ladra de salto - cacife clandestino
doce mistério - cacife clandestino
beija flor - cacife clandestino
a droga que eu gosto - cacife clandestino
não fique triste - mahalo
chora brother - mahalo
desci a ladeira - projota
casa do seu zé - mc britney
toda toda - mcs pikeno e menor
os meninos que as meninas gostam - mcs pikeno e menor
novinha assim você me mata - mc rodolfinho
tá patrão - mc guime
novinha vem que tem - mc lon
plaque de 100 - mc guime
na pista eu arraso - mc guime
lança pra elas - mc g7
eu duvido - mcs bw
o moça vou colocar com força
sarra novinha no grau - mc gw
joga o copo pro alto e vamos beber - dennis dj
o truque - lucas e roger
nem precisa de motel - guilherme valim
sqn - cleber e cauan
ce é loco - bruninho e davi
onde o sol nasce - bruninho e davi
caminhão de pipa - conrado e aleksandro
copo na mão - munhoz e mariano
tá que tá - pedro paulo e alex
tá doidana ta chapada - cacio e marcos
as mina pira no papai - cacio e marcos
hoje eu quero trair - cleber e cauan
levanta o copo - cleber e cauan
bonde dos solteiros
mel nesse trem
maus bocados - cristiano araujo
logo eu - jorge e mateus
voce mudou - cristiano araujo
me apego - cristiano araujo
fui fiel - gusttavo lima
segunda opção - matheus e kauan
mundo paralelo - matheus e kauan
se tem paixão - matheus e kauan
sete mares - matheus e kauan
doidinha - matheus e kauan
no carro - matheus e kauan
fica combinado - matheus kauan
conto até dez - george henrique e rodrigo
quando amanhecer - george henrique e rodrigo
amor pra recomeçar - jorge e mateus
vestigios - jorge e mateus
get lucky - daft punk
lose yourself to dance - daft punk
palpite - loubet
recaidas - henrique e juliano
segundas intenções - henrique e juliando
casamento do joao - munhoz e mariano
separa, namora - henrique e juliano
jogado na rua - guilherme e santiago
tô ruim - ze ricardo e thiago
gaguinho - hugo e tiago

miley cyrus is definitely horrible and wildly offensive and a terrible person for 1 million reasons, but one thing about her i just find weird and just bizarre is how she acts like she’s really revolutionary for smoking weed?? like thats just…. so strange? i just saw this quote from her in a magazine where she was like “no one is gonna make me the face of a major beauty brand unless they want a weed smoking liberal freak, but i dont wanna be beautiful… i wanna save the world!” like…. wtf…. miley cyrus… u did not invent smoking weed? u didnt even invent being really public about smoking weed? tons of musicians have been doing that… forever…..? and not to mention the blatant privilege of that statement (like how poor & black ppl are WAY disproportionately arrested for marijuana related crimes compared to other groups.) like…. its just genuinely so strange and perplexing? do you think she really feels that way? like, do you think she sits in her mansion smoking weed and saying to herself: “god…. im so incredibly counterculture…. im opening my 3rd eye right now, and i see that i am meant to introduce the masses to the wonder that is… marijuana…. people arent gonna believe this stuff… ive got to be brave and spread this message, even if it makes me a liberal freak, because once the people hear about WEED…. im gonna save the world……..” I truly feel like thats literally how she thinks about things. i just cant wrap my head around it. its so embarrassing. like… weed culture has always been embarrassing, but she takes it to the next level. it makes me honestly wanna become like a puritan rn. like, weed is great, and im all for it, but why on earth do so many ppl think they invented it and they are so edgy for smoking weed. its honestly… not… a big deal…. calm down