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Why is it that when I smoke my anxiety comes out ?

In my experience and a lot of other people I have heard from, some strains can bring anxiety on.  It is my experience that some Sativas are too much for my anxiety. I even got an anxiety attack from one strain. So I usually stick to heavy Indicas which alleviate my anxiety disorder. 

It is my hypothesis that if you already have racing thoughts whether it is temporary or chronic avoid most Sativas and go for a hybrid or Indica. Everyone reacts different.

It is difficult if you cannot choose which strain you are getting. Because strains really really make a difference in what kind of high you have.

Also keep in mind there is a very small percentage of people who simply do not react well to cannabis, just like anything else, one size does not fit all.

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Do you think zayn's image would be good enough for rescuing them? He's pretty often mentioned with things like "louis smoked weed with him already last year". As person from the outside it would look more like "weed consum squared" than others rescued :D But everything is strange atm. Harry lost, louis high, niall and Daddy liam living clean and working?

Well, I think the public in the US basically never heard of him until the stress leave and then the US spin was more focused on praising him for taking time out for mental health.  They never really got the drug addiction stuff.  Plus, I know a lot of America is conservative, but weed still isn’t as big a deal.  I live in a state where it’s perfectly legal to possess and smoke weed.  Most people between the ages of 20 and 70 are going to scoff at you if you get worked up over it.  The older people come from the 60′s flower children generation after all.

Also, Zayn’s press has been left in a very good place if you notice.  The last we heard from him Perrie was supposedly being irrationally mean to his band mates (although that was officially denied, those were the last stories), and Zayn was getting all sorts of positive attention for his new look and his presence at the Asian awards.  We’ve also been getting a low but consistent buzz about his potential as an artist/entertainer what with movie rumors, everyone saying they’d like to collaborate, the lingering demo buzz, etc.

It’s flip flopped.  Before it was all OT4! and Zayn is a traitor!  Now it’s Zayn is cool!  and OT4 are falling apart!  It seems like it must be deliberate, so I hope it’s because they’re setting up for Zayn to swoop in.

I could almost believe 1D is breaking apart until I actually think about the situation.  If they were uncertain about their future, there’s no way Louis would be smiling in every pap picture (even the ones where he’s cheerfully yelling at the paps), and Niall and Liam would happily be writing music as if they don’t realize there’s a problem.  You have to have a really low opinion of their friendship and communication as a group to not see the inconsistency there. 

You could argue that they were planning on breaking up anyway, but who the hell let them schedule a tour if that’s the case?  And why push the idea of writing the 5th album so hard if that’s the case?  Yeah, there’s no way this is anything but a narrative they’re pushing, we just have to figure out where it’s headed.  OR you know, we could just wait and see.  I get tired of trying to sort through 1DHQ’s mess sometimes and if New Team is involved like I think they are, that raises the difficulty level of deciphering everything to max.

This poem is for the star that shines
a little brighter than the others in the sky,
this poem is for the wonder that is born
when walking under the city lights,
this poem is for dreams of finding
a home outside of comfort zones,
this poem is for the love of dancing in the rain,
this poem is for everything a person
ever wanted to say but never did,
this poem is for someone and all their mistakes,
this poem is nothing and 
everything all at once, 
this poem is for the chaos that is life,
this poem is for the happiness and 
the hope, the clear skies and the smoke,
the entirety of this universe that always
shows up with something new,
this poem has got some meaning,
because this poem is for you.
—  A poem dedicated to everyone 

Hey, how’s it going? My name is Shelby, 19, and I’m currently living in Birmingham, Alabama, a city that is more diverse than you’d think considering it’s location and rep. I like stuff like literature (English major here with a focus on postmodernism), writing, playing bass guitar (I’m in a band that covers 90s alternative rock), playing tenors/quads in my college drumline, longboarding, and smoking copious amounts of marijuana and Winston cigarettes. I got a nose ring and two tattoos. I’m ethnically Jewish, but practice Buddhism. Chat me up if you want. Looking for interesting queer gals in the Bham-ATL area, but I also go up to Shandaken, New York a couple times a year, so wouldn’t mind dating any Albany-area chicks. Seems like I’m putting a lot here, but trust me…this is surface level.

Street Poetry (Tyler Joseph)

There’s an infestation in my mind’s imagination

I hope they choke on smoke

Because I’m smoking them out the basement

This is not rap, this is not hip hop

Just another attempt to make the voices stop

Rapping to prove nothing

Just writing to say something

Cause I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t rushing to say nothing

This doesn’t mean I lost my dream

It’s just right now I’ve got a really crazy mind to clean

Know what I mean?

No I didn’t understand a thing you said

If I didn’t know better I’d guess you’re all already dead

Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch

Saying stuff like you only live once

Yeah once you got one time to figure it out

One time to twist and one time to shout

One time to think and I say we start now

Because death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit


Better late then never, you would think…

Indeed we finally made it to post our exclusive reportage of the last Milano Men Fashion Week FW 2015.
Inside you will find our selection of the smoking hot looks which got us inspired.

All the pictures have been taken by GWD First Lady, the one and onlyCharley.

more here:

GWD |Gentlemen’s |Wear |Daily
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Hi! So I was looking through my dashboard when I saw someone reblog one of your posts about how you shouldn't smoke because it plagued you and stuff and I'd like to say thank you. I've constantly had that shadow of peer pressure about smoking when I saw nearly my entire family, and even teenagers in my school smoking. And when you wrote that post and when I saw it, I got a sense of relief because I was almost at the point of wanting to smoke. Thank you and take care <3

No, thank you. I’ve gotten a lot of hate from that anti-smoking post, so I really appreciate this. I was just going through a hard time and really wanted to smoke, so I wrote that out to help me and possibly anyone who was going through the same thing.

I’m glad it helped you. 

All my dreams got dimmer when I stopped smoking pot, all my nightmares got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot, and loving you is different I don’t like you a lot.

I remember that time when I hated April Kepner and was glad she got kicked out of the hospital because of that patient with smoke inhalation.

I think I was a completely different person then because oh my god I love April so much, she is so compassionate and loving and stubborn and passionate and how the fuck did I ever hate this goofball ginger goddess? Jfc younger me wtf were you thinking.

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this really isn't a confession or ask but I just wanted to tell someone abt this: i got done smoking cigarettes in my backyard for the first time with my best friend (a gemini) & she was like "I feel like we're such rebels" so i reminded her that a few weeks ago we almost cried because there was a big spider in her kitchen and her mom wasn't home to kill it for us & she just told me to shut up. if this isn't friendship then i dont know what is - a scorpio

hahaha awwh 

Today I had a wine hangover and got my period as well as a €122 fine for a train ticket i didnt know was invalid!!!!!!!

Really the fine was the last straw and I ended up crying in front of a carriage full of total strangers! including the ticket guy who was only doing his job and looked very uncomfortable about this turn of events!!! (lol about that last part tbqh)

Even so, after an overwarm and overbright week in Dublin, the northwest is clouded and cold. I stepped from the train into the smell of rain and turf smoke.

I like Dublin well enough, but have you ever heard this song?

I’m in love with the worn floorboards and the sound of the washing machine. The whin bushes are dripping globs of yellow Van Gogh would weep over. Crows dominate the birdsong. The forget-me-nots of our front garden are a heart-rending, luminous blue, and it’s so dim that even in daylight the daisies have their eyes shut. A rose plant I thought had died is sprouting dark, delicate leaves.

My mam dealt with my taxes for me while i was away, as a surprise because she knows how exhausting i’m finding life right now. My dog still acts like me walking in the door on a Friday is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Every week.

I still have two essays to write in four days … and finals which i am definitely not prepared for. but yeah even when the world is awful its gorgeous as well.

          So I think about Scepan’s health a lot and its so bad. Literally despite the fact the country ran out of money there’s no wonder he lost the war in this kind of a condition. Not to mention lung cancer he got 2 months before his suicide. The man basically smoked 3 packs of cigarettes and five cigars each day, so no wonder he got it, but the worst part is even when he had cancer he just continued to smoke (not as much but still did). His life expectancy is so short I tell you.
          But even without cancer, Scepan took at least 80 different medications for both his physical health and his depression and stress. All in all, he was a REALLY big hypochondriac at times.

*inhales smoke*

“see what I did man was I took the pupusa and added my own new age twist see this is nacho cheese I made myself in my basement. I smashed a buncha cheese slices like some grapes and made cheese dip. I also got bbq sauce pupusas if you ever thought about what it would be like to grill a tortilla. Come on bro don’t tell me you never thot about it haha. Anyway I gotta get back to chilling folding these ice cream quesadilla’s. My place is called Don Bradley’s Pupuseria come check it out”


Lilacs In the Spring.

Shes got bleach blonde hair and it curls to her hips. if she straightened it she might step on it. She got the figure of an hourglass but she loves food too much to admit how beautiful she is. her eyes remind me of fresh-cut grass and dirty pools that havent been cleaned in the spring. Deep green and bloodshot eyes so you know she stays up late or sits in smoke-filled coffee shops trying to piece her life together. Shes taller than she wants to be and she admits it sometimes, she comes up to my chin and its nice to remember what it feels like to fall in love with someone who can barely touch the sky. She dresses like I do but in a more rebellious way. Button ups and jeans. When we’re alone I button down all those clothes and I take care of her. She’s the type of girl I could see being with forever. To bad she's just a girl in my dreams.

me: do you smoke


me: :/

girl: i smoke dick!

me: lol, this is perfect for a joke I’ll post on tumblr because i’m so bored and out of it. by the way, I’ve never asked a girl if she smoked before, this is just a senario I made up in my head a few days ago and just got to posting it. enjoy.


“If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live after he’s died, then maybe he was a great man. Immortality is the only true success.”
~Kyle’s musings on a certain someone’s dead brother

“Stunningly indifferent.
Attractively nonchalant.

To put it simply. I peg Kyle as James Dean.

I’m actually super happy with how this turned out. (●´□`)♡ It’s my first time drawing him. I hope I did him justice, mebameba! He got a bit of a haircut tho… XD And a bunch of piercings due to SOMEONE’S request. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

I dedicate this to margotsu, untranslatablerecreation, and dashirocrap who all loves Kyle. ( ˘ ³ ˘ ) And also ureshisan-universe, golomakaarts, and frick-stix-and-gay-chix. (´・ω・`)

Hope you guys like this, too! <3 And more love for Kyle, please!!