smoke is hard to draw

Vices and Virtues

This sort of made itself tbh and I just went with it, I was going for a fuck off big conical glass for the bong, and you can’t tell me Rick wouldn’t own goofy alien boxers when he was younger.

It was time to draw the twins together~

And wow I think that when you see them walking together in the street you prefere change your sidewalk. Either because they’re pobably hot or because they’re totally frightening just by existing.

Even if you’re pobably taller than them.


The Healthy Cigarette,

In the 1950′s it was slowly becoming apparent that smoking wasn’t very good for you.  In 1952 Readers Digest published an article entitle “Cancer by the Carton” detailing the possible risks of smoking.  While smoking culture had yet to decline, there were many who were looking for a healthier cigarette.

The first filtered cigarette was introduced by Viceroy Cigarettes in 1936, however the first popular filtered cigarette was introduced in 1952 by Lorillard Tobacco Company.  Called Kent cigarettes, they featured a micronite filter which was supposed to removed 30% of the tar and particulates from the smoke. Many complained that the new cigarettes lacked flavor and were hard to draw from. Regardless, the new brand became a hit, with Lorillard selling 13 billion cigarettes over the next four years. So what was in the special micronite filter which made Kent the healthier cigarette?  Asbestos.

Many smokers who smoked Kent cigarettes eventually developed asbestosis and mesothelioma, leading to numerous lawsuits against Lorillard Tobacco Company.  One study revealed that smoking one pack of original Kent Micronite a day would expose a smoker to 131 million crocidolite fibers with a length of 5µm (5 micrometers or five thousandth a milimetre) a year. In 1956, Lorillard Tobacco Company quietly changed their cigarette filters from asbestos to nitrocellulose.

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It makes me happy when people care that smoking is OOC for Shinji and drinking is OOC for Junpei like . . . you KNOW what's up and you respect the characters thank you so much Carmen

Replying publicly because 1) I am glad other people realize as well and 2) these two boys are dear to me and I want the fandom to know them better, because they are so SO misunderstood and horribly OOC (out of character) in most of the western fanworks, and that just saddens me and makes it difficult to enjoy these otherwise lovely fanfics and drawings of you fellow fans. Let’s just focus on the “drinking and smoking” part though, since talking about all the “common fandom-canons that are actually AUs because they contradict the characters’ psyche and actions altogether” are many for these two:

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used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face

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Besides fire and smoke what do you think is hard as hell to draw? (Clothes?, hair? Ex.)

I stylize and simplify how I draw fire and smoke. So that’s no problem.

Now Soccer Balls, that’s super hard to draw. Trying to draw the pattern on a spiracle object is a pain.