smoke is hard to draw

Vices and Virtues

This sort of made itself tbh and I just went with it, I was going for a fuck off big conical glass for the bong, and you can’t tell me Rick wouldn’t own goofy alien boxers when he was younger.

@tyranny-mutt here ya go boiiiiiii. the original one i did i still haven’t finished because fuck i still don’t know how to draw motorbikes or anything really so here’s something i threw together after you called me out today LMAO 


Nine big organisations in the city, under which the UMCG, the state university and the municipality, are working together to make Groningen the first smoke-free city of The Netherlands.

Groningen: “Tim-..! What are you doing?!
Netherlands: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m trying to help you.”
Groningen: “YOU smoke!”
Netherlands: “Exactly. Don’t want you following my example.”
Groningen: “…you’re terrible.”
Friesland: “Perfect.


Anonymous said: oooooo beat up GTA V Ryan is one of my fav things. Can you draw him stumbling towards the rest of the gang holding his stomach to stop the blood from a bullet wound and just being like ‘job’s done’ before collapsing?


this took me way too long and haha i forgot the story i had behind it 

It was time to draw the twins together~

And wow I think that when you see them walking together in the street you prefere change your sidewalk. Either because they’re pobably hot or because they’re totally frightening just by existing.

Even if you’re pobably taller than them.