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mcreyes day one -   r o a d t r i p

Gabriel can’t say when it all started. He remembers the week after Jesse lost his arm; how he found the younger man on his own too many times, battling with demons that wouldn’t allow him rest. He remembers a night in the rec room, Jesse tucked under his chin as they watched TV and finally falling asleep until morning. But if Gabriel would admit it to himself, he could see they started losing personal space around one another before that.

He let his guard down around the younger man without realizing. Slowly, Jesse started to crumble the walls around Gabriel and managed to touch his shoulder, bump his sides with his elbows, even wrap an arm around his commander’s neck. Night sparring sessions became late night talks and smoke breaks on rooftops their therapy. They met Friday nights in the rec room for a movie. If they couldn’t agree on one, they would thumb wrestle for it. Gabriel always wondered if Jesse’s hand gripped too tightly before he let go or was it all in his head. Those night usually ended with them sleeping closely together, with one head resting on the other’s chest. Gabriel always woke up first, used to his schedule, and would walk out without troubling Jesse. These rituals take place when they’re alone, when they can tell tales in Spanish and murmur secrets that will fade in the air around them.

Gabriel drives through the deserted highway with the sun setting behind them and the moon lighting his path. The radio provides a song he doesn’t know but finds his head nodding to the rhythm. McCree sits by his side, like he’s usually found, telling a story he has told Gabriel before, but the commander has grown too fond of his voice and laughter to stop him.

Jesse leans his head against his seat as he laughs and his eyes close to the joy. Gabriel smiles and takes his eyes off the road to look at his agent, to capture the image of Jesse with the last bit of light left before they’re left with twinkling stars as background.

Gabriel’s hand rests comfortably on the gear stick until Jesse’s finger starts tracing his veins and knuckles. Gabriel can feel Jesse’s eyes on him, daring him to return the gaze. But Gabriel is too afraid of losing control of the car if he does. Jesse’s stare ceases, but he keeps maping Gabriel’s lines, curves and creases on his hand and up his forearm before traveling the same path back down.

“We should rest.” Gabriel says as he slowly stops the vehicle on the side of the road and shuts it off. “Call dibs on the backseat.”

Gabriel gets down and makes his way to the back. He sits down and closes the door behind him, using it to rest his back as he stretches his legs over the seat before McCree speaks.

“Call dibs on you.”

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever smoked weed or gotten drunk?

No I kinda got hotboxed in a room one time tho but I didnt get high i just felt really sleepy and my eyes felt hot

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Damn you alarm!

I work the night shift for front desks across various residence halls at my college during the summer while they host conferences and rent their res halls out like hotels.

We use a system called Simplex that monitors our smoke detectors, various electrical/technical rooms, etc.

I would swear up and down that someone is controlling that system and having it go off on me every few nights. It’s not too bad, but it sure does scare the shit out of me when it goes off at 2 AM or 5 AM, because all I expect is basically dead silence besides whatever I’m listening to.

Last night though, this building really screwed me. So our smoke detectors are ridiculously sensitive. Like if you close a door the wrong way, it’ll set it off. On my shift last night, the alarm goes off 30 minutes into my shift! I was never really properly trained on what to do, so of course I’m shaking and nervous, but I managed to acknowledge the alarm on the panel and call the University’s police department to tell them where I’m at and what the panel says.

Thankfully, right now we’re doing our orientation for incoming Freshman, so there are facilitators all over the place, and a few of them stayed with me the entire time and helped me in any way they could.

In the future, though, I would really love it if this damn panel would stop fucking with me on shift. Maybe it’s a ghost…

TL;DR - Sensitive alarm panel sucks when you work from 12 AM - 8 AM and it goes off at random times, scaring the shit out of you.

By: thatsopranosinger96

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: housekeepers report smell

semi long question/story

so my housekeepers reported smelling weed in a room yesterday, and another housekeeper today said the room smelled of weed, my maint guy goes in and also smells weed, comes tells me and i go “well lets just go see if there is proof” so i walk out to the room and walk in and yup weed smell in room, so i trak with my nose and go to night stand and open it up to check and yup baggy pipe and ashtray. so i asked gm what he wants to to he says call guest and say housekeeper smelled smoke and ask if they would like to move rooms blah blah no mention of weed and say if it still smells after today we will have to charge cleaning fee.

so my question is do i call local PD and report the guest or do i just not care?

By: greendragonsegg