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Luke’s Story

My name is Luke. I just turned 17, am 5’9” tall and weigh 215 pounds. I need help and advice because of my weight, and especially because of my big belly. I was always a little taller than the other guys and my weight was normal until a year ago. I like sports, I used to play soccer and I was always in good shape.

The big thing that happened was that ten months ago my dad bought me a truck of my own. From the time I was a little kid he had always promised me that if I got good grades, didn’t smoke or drink, and stayed out of trouble, he would buy me a truck when I got my driver’s license. I keep my word and he kept his. I love that truck and spend most of my time now tinkering with it or just driving around with friends. That was when I cut way back on soccer and quit the team.

The problem is that I’ve put on more than  65 pounds in the past ten months. At first I didn’t notice it, but I’ve gone from size 30 to size 38 pants and my parents have had to buy me new underwear, pants, and shirts every other month or so. They never say anything, but the last time I had to upsize the size 34’s I was wearing were so tight I couldn’t button them. Rather than going to 36’s, my mom said to just go up to 38’s to  give me “growing room”. It was embarrassing, and now the 38’s are getting tight on me. I’m going to have to buy size 40’s next. 40 and above are fat man’s sizes, and I’m just 17!

You may think so what, lots of guys my age put on some weight, so no big deal. The problem is that most of the weight has gone to my belly. Even when I got the 38’s, I had to fasten them underneath my belly because it’s so huge. It hangs over the waistband of my pants and bounces and wobbles when I walk. It’s impossible to hide with baggy shirts (believe me, I’ve tried). I get pats and pokes in my belly all the time from my friends, and I’ve heard every joke there is about being a pregnant teen or smuggling a soccer ball under my shirt. Last week I went for my annual physical  (I go every year around my birthday). My doctor was stunned when he saw me. I only grew half an inch in height but my weight had climbed in a year from  148 to 215. The doctor said, “Luke, you’ve got quite the pot belly for a boy your age. Have you been drinking beer or what?” I assured him I don’t drink alcohol at all. All he told me was to cut back on my eating and get more exercise.

I’ve always had a big appetite and my mom is a great cook, too. It’s hard to cut back. I’ve always been a big eater but I never got fat (see my before picture from 2 years ago). Now, I eat two big helpings at dinner and I’m still hungry, and an hour later I’m heading to the kitchen  to finish off the leftovers from dinner. An hour after that, while I’m doing my homework, I get hungry for ice cream or a package of cookies. It’s the same with breakfast and lunch. I have a big allowance and so stopping by at a drive thru every day is automatic now. I even keep a secret stash of candy bars in my truck in case I get hungry while I’m on the road.

 School started a couple of weeks ago, my senior year. I know people look at me and my big belly, especially my classmates and teachers who knew me back when I was thin It’s so big that when I try to suck it in, you can’t tell that I’m trying. My pot just sticks out so far.  I’ve got tits now and small love handles and my legs are bigger, but like I said, most of my weight is in my belly. When I sit down, my pot belly sits on my lap like a big ball of jello. My close friends who I eat lunch with joke with me all the time about my belly and my big appetite, but they’re my friends. Besides, when we hang out after school and go driving around, one or the other of them will treat me when we stop at the drive thru because I won’t take money from them for gas. I mean, they’re my friends and I like hanging out with them.

What made me write this today is that after school, I had to go to have my senior pictures taken. We were told to wear a button up shirt and nice pants for the picture, and I brought a shirt and pants with me. The shirt was loose on me last spring when I bought it. Today when I put it on, it was so tight around the waist! I could button the buttons but they were real stressed, and then when I sat down for the picture taking, a button popped off! The photographer didn’t say anything, but it was so embarrassing!

So please, any tips for me about reducing the size of my big pot belly? I know I’m chubby now and I’m probably always going to be on the heavy side (my mom and dad are both fat). I’ve tried sit-ups but my belly is so big It totally gets in the way. When I try push-ups, my belly hangs down and rests on the floor when my arms are extended. Then the exercise makes me so hungry and thirsty I end of drinking a 2 liter coke and raiding the kitchen for some snacks. I don’t mind being heavy all over, like my dad, but this pot belly has to go!

The first picture of me is from 2 years ago; the other 4 are from today. The  picture of me standing from the size shows me trying to suck in my pot.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


Okay imagine if you will. Dean Winchester bad boy of the school, horrible grades, smokes, one night stands, “straight”, bad ass car, maybe some arm tattoos. Then you have Castiel, A++ all around, “virgin”, nerd, always has random facts then Charlie, Cas’ best friend gets him to go to a party at megs house, and Meg is friends with Dean. So Cas ends up in the corner awkwardly and then Dean fucking Winchester comes around and it like “hey wanna get out of here?” And sweet “innocent” Cas is like blushing and stuttering then nods his head. They get back to deans and of course they’re gonna have sex and Cas just slams him against the door and deans all like “didn’t know you could be dom” and then Cas is like “didn’t know you’d be a sub” and then like Dean has handcuffs and like Cas’ spanks Dean a couple of times, there’s a cock ring involved and just yeah


If Ben & Sophie were in a 1970s movie together

[breaking Ravenclaw conventions] All Ravenclaws are nerds Aesthetic

So I finally got the b👀t from arena stage and I’m listening at the moment and I mean… it’s just making me sad

Like you get so much more insight into Connor and it makes it so much sadder

Like, I’d Already heard A little Bit of Light but there’s this little bit of dialogue before it when Cynthia tells Evan about Connor being bullied and smoking in 6th grade and them putting him on anti depressants and I am so sad they cut this scene.

Also before requiem Zoe’s line is so different, instead of saying about Connor threatening to kill are for no reason she says, to Larry ‘just because Connor isn’t here screaming at you or passing out at the table doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re the fucking Brady bunch’ and I actually really like it for some reason, it gives insight to Connors drug thing a bit more. On top of that in DC when Evan shows Alana ‘Connors’ suicide note, Connor reads it and it broke me! Also in the dialogue during words fail, Cynthia mentioned Evan sleeping in Connors bed and after Zoe and Cynthia run off, Larry actually kicks Evan out saying ‘I think um… I think you better leave now’ which was heartbreaking

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