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BTS Reaction to Him Shouting at You

GENRE: angst n fluff

WARNINGS: yelling


A/N: i wrote this last minute, even though i have another reaction saved just in case! i hope you guys enjoy!




Once Jin arrived home from a frustrating studio day full of being unable to correctly get a dance move down, his smile didn’t return like it typically did at the sight of you. You carried your usual grin, expecting to see your chipper boyfriend. Once he walked through the front door, you knew something was bothering him. Standing up to greet Jin, he turned to you and let out all of the emotions he held in during practice. He exploded in the moment, and it left you speechless, having never seen Jin so upset.

“I don’t want to talk to you! I want to go sleep; can’t you see that?! Will you just leave me alone!”

A few hours after the words escaped his lips, you were asleep on the couch with tear-stained cheeks. He hobbled out of your shared room wrapped in a blanket, sniffling as he regretted every word he had said. Once he saw you lying uncomfortably on your sofa, he sat down on the floor next to you and gently shook your arm. There he explained that he didn’t mean to be so harsh, and that he would make it up to you.

“I’m sorry jagiya; I went too far and you didn’t deserve that. Will you forgive me?”


Yoongi would have spent thirteen hours staring at his computer screen, headphones on, and completely blocking the world out. You would have spent the entire day with some close friends, which happened to be of the opposite gender. Yoongi wouldn’t have known, even if you did tell him; he was too busy working. You would have been more considerate of his feelings, if he hadn’t ignored you the past few days. You understood that he worked hard and you loved him for that, but he wouldn’t even say thank you whenever you handed him food.

“Where have you been?! I was worried sick; you wouldn’t answer your phone! You could have told me where you had gone, or at least inform me that you were running around with Y/F/N!”

Once you explained that you had told him, and that he just wasn’t listening, his face fell. He realized that he hadn’t been paying you any attention, and that today was your only day off work until next week. He remembered you had said a few days ago that you had wanted to spend it with him, and he felt his stomach twisting from the feeling of guilt. You closed your mouth, not having anything else to say; you knew he had realized what he needed to know.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that the days were passing by as swiftly as they are.”


— It had been a long day for the both of you. First, you had been told by your boss that your paycheck included less than usual, and Hoseok had realized a few songs he had thought he saved on the computer, didn’t. Secondly, your boss insulted you for messing up on a few graphs, and Hoseok was yelled at by Yoongi for being so clumsy. The third thing that had occurred was just affecting you: Hoseok had abruptly cancelled your dinner plans, with no explanation, when you were already done preparing. Overall, you and Hobi’s days were both an utter disaster.

“Y/N! Can’t you see that I can’t spend every living second with you?! Why can’t you just stop being so clingy!”

Hoseok didn’t mean the words he expressed, and he didn’t know how they would impact you. After everything that had happened, you found yourself silently sobbing in your shared room. Hobi was in the kitchen, trying to find something to eat although there was nothing, and that was the exact reason why you had a date planned. It didn’t take him long for the guilt to settle in, and soon your hiccuped sobs couldn’t be contained in the four walls. He felt his heart ache.

“Y/N, baby, I didn’t mean that. You know I’ve been stressed all day, and I know you have too. I’m sorry that I took my anger out on you.”


Due to you both having busy schedules, nights declared for being movie dates were special. You had only been able to see Namjoon late at night, being that one of you was always staying late to work. Sitting at your cluttered desk at work, you felt overwhelmed, and the one thing that could take your stress away was a movie night with Joon. Glancing at the clock on your computer, you realized it was time to head home. Meanwhile, Namjoon was sitting on the couch in your house, sleeping soundly. Once you startled him as you walked through the door, his cranky self was revealed.

“Baby! Can’t you walk in a little quieter?! I was sleeping and you know how hard that is to come by!”

You couldn’t help but smile at his messy hair and tired expression, although you could see how frustrated he was. Once he saw a grin forming on your face, his expression softened. You were the only person who could change his mood in seconds, and it was one of those moments. Namjoon chuckled lightly, realizing how messy his hair was, and how stupid he was acting.

“Sorry about that; will my cuddles make it up to you?”


You would be ecstatic to see Jimin after having had a great day at school. You passed you exams with the highest grades in your class, and your plans with friends had been cancelled. You wanted to tell Jimin everything, loving how he listened to every word that ever left your lips. It was what had made you fall for him in the beginning of your relationship, and still it was something you admired. You had prepared dinner for the two of you, believing he would be extremely grateful. Your mood would change drastically once the front door slammed closed.

“I’m going to shower; I can’t get the choreography right, and I don’t want to watch you in awe as you get it in seconds!”

You let out a sigh as you grabbed a serving of the dinner you had prepared for you and Jimin. Sitting down at the table, the running water created by the shower filled your ears. You didn’t want to bother Jimin, being that he clearly did not want to see you. You felt bad for the way he exclaimed about how he was unable to get a choreography, but you knew he wouldn’t stay mad and frustrated forever. Meanwhile, Jimin was lying his forehead against the shower wall, wondering if you disliked if for barging in and yelling at you about his problems.

“Baby? You don’t hate me, do you?”


Tae would have been in one of his many mood swings, and Jimin would have texted you already, warning you about his attitude. You wouldn’t think too much about it, until Taehyung walked into the dorms where you stood with Jin preparing dinner for everyone. He had his arms crossed over his chest like a child, not even uncrossing them as he slid off his shoes. You glanced towards Jin, who was trying to back his laughter. Taehyung saw the two of you, and he immediately appeared as if he had smoke flying from his ears.

“Can you not hog my girlfriend/boyfriend, hyung! Y/N, can you not spend more time with me instead of Jin?! I would prefer you to see me – your boyfriend – instead of my best friend!”

Tae stormed into his room, and the rest of the boys walked over and sat down. They all appeared more exhausted than usual, and you knew that the cause was Taehyung. You didn’t take Tae’s words with a grain of salt, knowing that his mood swing would pass and he soon would realize that you did ask him if he wanted to spend the day together. Yoongi laid his head on the counter as he groaned, and you heard Tae’s bedroom door opening already.

“Y/N! I’m sorry; I just remembered you asked me about today and if I wanted to spend it with you. You then told me you were going to hang out with Jin and cook a few things for the boys and I. I’m sorry, baby.”


You had just woken up, and you were already wishing that Jungkook was there to help you stay warm in the cold atmosphere. You knew he was in the living room, hearing the loud noises being produced by one of his many video games. He couldn’t sleep last night, and instead of lying with you, he got up and went to go play. You didn’t mind, being that you were very tired and delirious. You did, however, mind that he was still playing games early in the morning. Once you opened the door to your room and expressed that to him, he turned to you with fury in his eyes.

“I’m sorry that you’re so clingy and you constantly need me by you! I couldn’t sleep, and I can’t help that! I’m still not tired, and I’ll sleep once I feel like I need to! You don’t have to constantly worry about me!”

You then retreated back into your room, continuing to get ready for your day of classes. Jungkook was only angry from the competition in the game, and you knew that. You tried to not think about his words too much, but still they bothered you. Jungkook, in the other room, had just won the round for the first time since he had began playing. He turned to the door, expecting to see you there to congratulate him, but instead he saw that it was closed. A frown formed on his face as he rushed into your room.

“I’m sorry jagi; I was frustrated. I didn’t mean to say what I did. I love you, and I love everything you do!”


Hey, Jealousy (John Wick x Reader)

For the anon who asked:

A fic about john wick getting jealous and ends up slightly being some smut. 😏👌🏼👌🏼

Authors Note: Sorry anon, it’s not full smut but i think it’s good enough :D that’s for this prompt. i had such fun writing it! hope you enjoy!

Rating: M

Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - Taylor Swift feat, Zyan

John Wick x Reader (smut)

Hey Jealously

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I was furious, fuming, positively leaking smoke from my ears. How dare he, how dare he, take a job like that and put a hit on both of us. To make sure no one came after me he abandoned me in the Continental where Winston was currently babysitting me. Babysitting me!

I was more than capable taking care of myself, being just as capable as John in the field but according to him “, I need to take precautions.” My fucking foot! Then he proceeded to deposit me unconscious in one of the Continental hotel rooms. I had tried to leave but Winston and his band of merry men prevented me from doing so, saying he was keeping me safe as a favour to John.

Now here I was beyond irate, holding his note in my hand with his scratchy handwriting saying he’ll be back later tonight after he takes care of things. I crushed it in my fist and tossed it into the fireplace. I could be there backing him up!

I looked to the clock, two o’clock in the morning. I spied the unopened luggage I packed earlier the day sitting across from me when John tricked me into thinking we were spending some alone time. That was until I found out his plans. I stalked to the case and opened it, looking for the perfect dress to wear to the Continental’s private bar lounge. Since he was going to have fun without me, I’ll just have fun without him. I smirked to myself as I pulled out the perfect dress and proceeded to get ready.

All eyes turned to me as I entered the lounge. I grinned to myself. Oh, John how you were missing out. I spied an empty two seater table and sat. A song I didn’t know was playing. The waiter arrived not too long after to take my order “, gin.”

My drink arrived with a tall dark gentleman.

“May I help you?” I asked.

“Your drink,” he offered with a southern accent and placed my glass on the table along with his “, may I?”

I gestured to the empty chair and crossed my legs. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and leaned towards the table. The man’s eyes flicked from my face to my cleavage.

“Like what you see?” I questioned, while stirring my drink.

He smiled like a viper “, never seen anything like it.”

I chuckled low and seductive. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun. I took a sip from my drink, feeling the burning sensation slide down my throat and into my stomach.

Someone cleared their throat by our table. I looked up into a pair of lined, glass blue eyes. I felt the temper I had just calmed flare back to life.

“Winston,” I gritted, through clenched teeth.

“Y/n… Reese,” greeted Winston.

My companion raised his glass to the hotel owner in response and took a swing of the drink.

Winston turned his attention to me “, is this wise?”

I could feel my body beginning to heat back up, I ignored Winston and turned my attention to the new song. Intense and rich the music began followed by the male vocalist.

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

I looked back to him, a sweet smile plastered on my face “, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about?”

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He gave me a tight-lipped smile “, I just wanted to let you know he’s back and looking for you.”

I glanced at my companion whose eyes were scanning the room and politely not listening to our conversation. I doubted he’d be the kind to have me under house arrest.

“Thank you,” I said dismissively and turned my attention back to my male companion.

Winston moved off. I shimmied my chair closer to Reese, his hazel eyes looked surprised.

I smiled dazzlingly at him “, I wasn’t hearing you properly before.”

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

John was in for a rude awakening when he saw me with this stranger. I chuckled to myself. There was only a foot between our chairs. I dropped my hand from the table onto his knee and leaned into him. His cologne scratched my nose and I had to try very hard not to recoil.  

Reese was handsome with gold flecked hazel eyes, chestnut hair to match and a square jaw line coated with the slightest five o’clock shadow. I spotted a fresh blackening bruise being hidden by the collar of his crisp white shirt. I took my free hand and brushed it open and slid a finger caressingly over the bruise.

“Rough night?”

And I don’t wanna fit wherever
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

He chuckled, a lovely bass tone “, aren’t you a seductress,” and leaned towards me.

“Is there another reason you’re sitting at my table then?”

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name


Suddenly my heart fell. John flashed through my mind, that was how we first met. He’d seen me, just I was now, sitting at a table by myself and he’d ask me to dance.

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

“Um –,” I choked.

Until you come back home

I was cut off by a deep husky voice, threatening death and destruction “, there you are, thank you for keeping her company.”

Reese looked taken aback and sank back a fraction in his seat. I could feel the menace and fury pouring out of the person behind me.

“Your welcome,” Reese replied and took a gulp from his drink.

John’s hand wrapped around my arm, a silent command to leave. Suddenly my eyes stung.

I smiled at Reese, while standing “, thank you for your company.”

He nodded without looking in my direction. I let John lead me from the room, everything was a blur. I entered the hotel’s elevator with John behind me. I couldn’t face him so I kept my back turned to him.

“I took care of things,” he announced.

I nodded and silence followed.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” I croaked.

He didn’t respond. Slowly I turned to look at him, letting my emotions spill down my face in black rivulets. He was so blurry, all I could make out was his form.

“I’m not the one who was about to crawl into some stranger’s lap,” he hissed.

“Jealous?!” I bellowed at him “, that’s exactly what would’ve happened if you died you jackass!”

I gasped as I was slammed into the wall, I inhaled deeply, my throat tight.

“Yes!” he roared “, is that what you wanted to hear? That I was jealous that the woman I love and wanted to protect was looking like she was about to run off with some strange man.”

I opened my mouth to counter but he continued.

“And I walked in to see you wearing this dress and him and every other man in the room eye fucking you!”

The tears continued to run, dripping off my chin and onto my exposed cleavage.

“I was so worried about you,” I sobbed “, I needed you to feel the same pain I felt when you left me. I love you so, so much John.”

My heart clenched in my chest. I would give my life for him and him for me but, locking me up in this place had hurt me. I felt like he didn’t trust me or think I was capable enough.

His thumb brushed away my spilt tears “, I am sorry for leaving you but I don’t regret it.”

He kissed my forehead tenderly, then each eye. I looked up at him he was still a little blurry but getting clearer, I cupped his cheek and traced his worried and pained face with my other hand.

“I’m sorry too,” I murmured.

He kissed my nose and I giggled. He smiled, a little light pouring back into his face chasing away the pain. Gently he brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me a few inches from the floor. I draped my arms over his neck, one of my hands fisting into his midnight hair.

The kiss deepened, his tongue in my mouth tracing my lower lip, probing and thrusting. He broke from my mouth and traced my jaw line. His lips sucked a path down my neck leaving a line of possessive bruises in its wake. I threw my head back and it banged into the gold elevator wall.

“Ouch,” I moaned.

I banded my legs around his waist and ground on his growing erection. He groaned into my ear at the friction and pushed me into the wall, hiking my dress up and grinding into my core eliciting a hiss of pleasure from me.

My hands freely roamed his back, running over his arms, chest and grasping his ass. Tight and firm. Delicious. My hands went back to his hair, the strands sliding silkily through my fingers. Roughly he grasped the strap of my dress to push it from my shoulder. I felt it snap but I didn’t care. John freed my right breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I moaned at the wet velvety contact of his tongue and rolled my hips against his hardened cock. He paused and shuddered against my body.

“Like that big boy?” I whispered into his ear as I sucked my own mark of ownership into his pale neck.

I rutted my hips against him and pulled at his shirt but gave up and attacked his belt, needing him in me.

The elevator bell dinged, I hopped off John and did my best to straighten my clothes. The doors opened to reveal Winston.

Winston entered the elevator with a cocked eyebrow and a knowing smile “, John… y/n, I hope I’m not interrupting something”

“No, not at all,” we replied in unison.

Winston smiled and turned his back to us.

I caught sight of our reflection in the mirrored wall. I did my best to stifle a laugh. John’s hair was sticking out at all angles, ruby lipstick streaked across his lips and rained down his chest along with purple bruises. His tie was about to fall off his neck, his shirt also bore my lips mark, three of the first buttons were on the floor and his shirt tails were hanging out his pants. John’s belt was undone and his large tattooed hands were clasped over the tent in his pants.

I was worse, looking like a truck had run over me – twice. My hair was netted and frizzy. I had raccoon eyes, black tracks ran down my face, my lipstick was smudged half across my face and down my neck. So much for the label saying it was none transferable. The left strap for the low cut, black, spaghetti strapped body con dress was broken. Red and blue marks decorated my neck like an elaborate necklace.

John caught my eyes in the mirror and smiled. I ducked my head feeling a bit of heat creep into my cheeks. His hand found mines and squeezed.

The elevator dinged, opened and Winston stepped out.

He turned, a smirk on his lined features “, it makes no sense wishing you a good night but, I must ask that you please keep the noise level at minimum for the other guests.”

“Of course, Winston, good night,” replied John, still holding my hand.

“I’m not the one who’s going to have a good night,” Winston said with a wink.

The elevator bell sounded and the doors closed. I looked up at John who was already looking at me, lust coating his features.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very good night.

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Any of the losers walking in on richie and eddie making out // being surprised because "who the fuck would have thought they'd end up together" (stan did. Stan knows everything)

- ben walked in on them first at one of his sleepovers

- richie had eddie pressed against his fridge and ben nearly choked on his drink when he wandered in

- bev saw them outside school once, richie at his truck and waiting for eddie round the back where she smokes 

- she was grinning from ear to ear when she saw eddie bound up to him and wrap his arms around his neck and kiss him like he needed it for air (she interrogated the two of them the next day, wanting to know EVERYTHING)

- bill and mike both witnessed the two of them making out when they came to richie’s house for a planned video games night

- they were on the couch with eddie in richie’s lap and pulling at his hair and they only stopped when a bright red bill cleared his throat

- “guess we should knock from now on, huh?”

- stan was the last out of all the losers, and the least surprised out of all of them

- the others were ridiculously stupid not to pick up on the signs in his mind

- both eddie and richie came to his bar mitzvah and stan saw them holding hands throughout the entire ceremony, and that only made stan more confident and he didn’t mess up once

- after it was over he asked them how long they’d been together, and at first they denied it, but stan told them all the others had seen them and that they were okay with it, so richie started blabbering on about their relationship whilst eddie just smiled up at him

Long Time No See

Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Requested: Can I request an imagine where the reader and Kol meet for the first time something like how Klaus met Aurora and then after the Originals flee the place they see each other again, centuries later and the reader is a vampire too?

Word Count: 578 words (3,031 characters) 

Warnings: Swearing.
(gif not mine, credit to the creator)

“You son of a bitch,” you exclaimed at the top of your lungs as you stepped towards Kol, fuming with anger he could practically see smoke releasing from your ears as if you were both in a cartoon “You left me for dead. Mikael hunted us for a whole century whilst you had your freedom” Kol stood in front of you speechless. In that moment he reminisced on the first time you met, it was back in 1002 A.D in the South of France in your family’s mansion.

(flashback, Kol’s POV)
I remembered her walking through the front door dressed in an angelic, white silk dress, my face practically drooling as I looked at her figure in the sheer piece of clothing. She walked towards the front of her mansion and greeted her father politely with a courtesy as her arm remained linked with her brother. I was transfixed, she lured me in with her presence it was as if she was the only person in the entire place.

She finally turned around, her smile brighter than the glowing orbs of light emitting from the chandelier above her. Her eyes turned to meet my gaze, I gulped, my heart racing faster than ever before. Her eyes fluttered and her eyes widened, her features becoming more prominent as I made a permanent painting of her in my head, and torturing myself as I wanted nothing more than to graze my hand against her cheek. I used to be a non believer of love at first sight but, in that very moment she was the one.
(end of flashback)

“Kol, you bastard answer me!”, You grew incredibly impatient as Kol’s mind was somewhere else. He shook his head and snapped back into the 21st century, he made himself familiar with his surroundings once again, looking up at you with tears forming in his gorgeous deep chestnut eyes. “I have endured a century of pain..” You explained, “I will not leave here today with my heart once again broken.” You continued, your whole body shaking as 100 years worth of pain coursed through your veins once again “You turned me.. You are my sire.. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you have any idea how you hurt me? Yet I still can’t seem to shake you off. I’m still in love with you!”, You sit down and break down, your body feeling weak and hopeless as you couldn’t believe you were still in love with him after what he had done.

Tears had released from his eyes and streamed down his face. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise you I wanted to be with you. It was just too risky, I begged Elijah to let you come, he however did not believe we were in love. But let me tell you now Y/N, You were the first love of my life. I still love you. Your love is infectious.. It.. It consumes me.” You look up at him, your eyes red and puffy as a small smile creeps onto your lips. You stood up and he grabbed your waist pulling you close until your lips were but millimetres apart. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, your arms limp by your side in utter happiness. You had wanted this for so long. It was finally happening. You found your true love again, and you were not about to let him go this time.

Author’s note: This one took ages, it would really mean a lot if you read this and shared it :) Thank you my loves 

-M xo

Anything for You: Part Eight

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: child abuse, swearing, fluff

Word Count: 1.2 k

Part 8 / ?

a/n: y’all this took forever I’m so sorry



Six Months Earlier

Richie Tozier sat on the wooden front porch, hands clasped together and a cigarette balanced on his lips. His lashes laid gently on his pale cheeks as his head hung back, the sun dazzling on his skin. His scuffed sneakers tapped against the wood impatiently, the throb in his cheek becoming less and less bearable with every passing minute.

Richie bobbed his head with an imaginary beat, his mess of curls following suit. A faint smell of burning logs filled his nose, paired with the scent of freshly trimmed grass and the overall smell of Eddie Kaspbrak’s house - which sat empty behind him.

Eddie was taking his time coming home, obviously, after his day spent with Beverly and Mike. Normally, Richie wouldn’t mind to wait for his boyfriend - but, under this circumstances, it seemed unbearable to be away from him. Richie pinched the smoke, dropping it to the dirt ground and crushing it under his shoe. His head dropped to his hands, fingers threading through his mop of hair.

The clouds rolled in, blocking the sun and causing a shive to run up Richie’s spine. He cursed as his palm brushed against the swelling bruise on his cheek, immediately jerking his hands down and stuffing them in his jean pockets.

He jolted as he sat when a piece of metal hit the ground with a clang. Quick, sharp footsteps rushed at him, and he barely had time to lift his head before two small hands did it for him.

“Rich, oh my god!” Eddie’s voice came out as a shriek, nearly cracking at the end, “Richie - your face, are you okay?”

Richie jumped as Eddie gingerly ran his thumb over the gash. Small apologizes fell from the smaller boy’s mouth, but he didn’t pull back, instead he leaned even closer.

“Who did this to you?”

As soon as he asked the question, Eddie scolded himself. It was obvious who had done it, as this was definitely not the first time Richie had shown up in this state. Eddie felt infuriated as he looked at his boyfriend, who was practically trembling in fear.

“I’m sorry, Rich,” Eddie spoke softly, brushing his lips against the wound, “C’mon, I’ll clean it up for you.”

Richie pressed his palms against Eddie’s opened ones, letting the boy tug him onto his feet. He didn’t speak as Eddie dragged him through the house, his heart weighing heavily in his chest. Richie always felt guilty for showing up like this, but his own selfish craving seemed to overpower that. Eddie was his main source of comfort, his rock.

“Richie, stop.” said Eddie, as if reading his mind.

Richie sat slumped on Eddie’s bed, elbows resting against his knees. He glanced up at his boyfriend, who was approaching quickly with a first aid kit in his hands.

“I can see the smoke coming out from your ears, you’re thinking so hard.”

Eddie took a seat on the bed, opening the kit and pulling supplies out of it. He continued to speak, participating in a one-sided conversation as if it was the most normal thing in the world. If there was one thing Eddie knew, it was how to take care of his boyfriend.

Richie didn’t like to talk after something like this happened, the way his voice shook made him feel weak and vulnerable, and the bubble that resided in his throat was enough to push him into almost full panic. So, he remained silent; flinching slightly whenever Eddie came into contact with his wound, and soaking into his sweet words and soft hands.

After cleaning it thoroughly, Eddie laid a band-aid across Richie’s cheek. He pressed another kiss to it, gingerly cradling Richie’s face in his hands. Richie leaned into his tender touch, slowly sucking in a breath as a strong pressure welled behind his eyes.

“You can’t let your parents treat you like this forever,” Eddie whispered, his forehead resting against Richie’s, “You deserve so much better, Rich.”

He didn’t expect Richie to respond, which he didn’t. Eddie moved so he was laying flat on his back, dragging Richie down with him. His fingers carded through the larger boy’s hair, a soft hum vibrating through his chest. He felt Richie’s tears soak his shirt, but didn’t dare to say a word. Eddie gave the boy a tight squeeze, heart leaping as Richie snuggled his face further into his torso.

“I love you.” Richie grasped Eddie’s shirt in his fists, close to full on sobbing, “You’re my whole world, Richie Tozier.”

Richie began to roughly wipe at his eyes, leaning up on one elbow to do so. He choked, practically gasping for air.

“Breathe, Richie,” Eddie instructed, sitting up to clutch both of Richie’s hands.

The younger boy drew in a deep breath as demonstration, nodding encouragingly as Richie did the same. They repeated this numerous times, until Richie’s lungs felt normal again. Practically putty in his boyfriend’s hands, Richie curled back against Eddie’s chest.

“Can I stay here tonight?” The words fell out innocently, nearly as a plead.

“Of course, Rich,” Eddie spoke without missing a beat, his fingers tracing lines onto Richie’s back, “You can always stay, as long as you want.” Eddie brought one of Richie’s hands to his lips, “You never have to go back to that place.”

Richie let out a breathy laugh, “I’m not a puppy you can hide in your room, Eds.”

“I’ll build you a little room in my closet!”

“I’ve spent way too long in the closet, my dear.”

Eddie laughed and it sounded like music to Richie’s ears. Richie shimmed up Eddie’s body until his head rested in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck. He pressed a small kiss to the silky flesh, grinning as Eddie’s body shivered.

“You’re too good for me, Spaghetti Head.”

Eddie wiggled uncomfortably as Richie’s hot breath tickled his neck.

“Shut up, you deserve the fuckin’ world.”

Richie shifted, lifting his head to meet Eddie’s loving gaze, “I’ve got the world right in front of me.”

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City Girl

Originally posted by justiintaylor

Summary: Your best friend Veronica invited you to stay the summer in Riverdale, but you didn’t expect to fall in love with her ex.

A/N: I love me some good old Archie, so thank you anon!

Pairing: Archie x reader

Warnings: salt, actual admiration, hinting of smut

The summer Veronica invited you to stay with her was one you’d never forget. When you got off the bus, the sun hit you harder, the breeze was crisper, and the atmosphere was welcoming. It felt more like home than your actual house. You walked down the street of the town, admiring the small shops and the newspaper office. 

You held a paper which read Ronnie’s address and tried following the signs. Your hands were so full as it was, a paper made it worse. You were not only lost in the quaint town, but in your own thoughts. What pulled you out was dog barking and a kid yelling the dog’s name. When you came to, the dog tackled you to the pavement, everything falling from your hands.

Big, wet dog kisses covered your face and you could see a streak of orange in your eyesight. Realizing the dog wasn’t going to tear your face, you began laughing at the kisses. Slowly sitting up, you scratched the dog and it rolled off of you and onto the pavement, exposing its belly.

“I am so sorry, Vegas typically doesn’t act out like that.”

You didn’t look up immediately, too happy with the dog.

“Don’t worry, Vegas was all that I needed in that moment.”

You both let out laughs and you looked up, looking that… handsome, charming, buff man in the eyes. Feeling yourself stare, you shook your head and slowly pushed yourself up, and he helped too by holding your arms in his warm, calloused fingers. You didn’t even know this kid and, hubba hubba he was a hunk.

He was watching you, too. A sight for eyes that needed a masterpiece to admire. A muse, if you may. Then, both being struck from a daydream, also known as Vegas’ bark, you remembered what you came here for. Hurriedly grabbing your items from the sidewalk, you looked for the sheet. After searching the area, you let out a groan.

“Is everything alright?”

You looked over at the cutie pie and stood up, holding your items. He grabbed your suitcase and took Vegas by the leash.

“I lost the sheet to find my friend and I don’t know where I am… Do you know a ‘Veronica Lodge?’“

He nodded his head, the gorgeous locks shaking, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah, I’m her friend. Archie Andrews, a pleasure to meet you.”

He held out the hand with the leash and you laughed, using the only free hand to shake that one firmly.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and the pleasure is all mine. Can you tell I’m a city girl?”

He laughed, nodding his head.

“Pretty obvious. Let me show you the way to Ronnie’s.”

You let out a little laugh.

“I haven’t called her that in ages.”

Archie was a pleasure, indeed. He gave you inside information about the town. New stuff, gossip among the parents and kids, good restaurants. By the time you got to Veronica’s, you two had just exchanged numbers. He gave you your bag back, and your fingers touched, which gave you a slight shock. Archie felt it too, because he was shocked to say the least. 

You realized how close you two were when he slowly began to lean down. You got on your tiptoes and were centimeters from meeting when the door whipped open.

“Oh, no.”

You turned your head to see Veronica standing, arms crossed, actual smoke pouring from her ears. 

“Listen, Archiekins, I may have gotten over our breakup, but I won’t let you break my best friend.”

Veronica grabbed your arm, pulling you inside, not before you could wave bye to Archie, completely star struck.

After Veronica scolding you for being so careless, she helped you unpack and settled you in. She ended up leaving the house for a few hours, so you could explore and see how much she changed. You saw pictures of her and you as kids on the playground, or of her dad. It made your heart hurt. 

The door shook from knocking and you walked to the peephole.On your tiptoes, you saw Archie, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Hey, Veronica isn’t here, she left to go do something. Do you wanna come in or-”

Archie walked forward, bringing his hands up to cup your face. He kissed you intensely, walking inside and slamming the door shut. His calloused fingers grazed your soft skin and you pulled away from the kiss.

“Archiekins, really?”

He let out a small laugh.

“Oh, give it a break, city girl.”

Archie leaned down to kiss your neck as he took off his shirt.

Monsta X reaction to your best friend getting on your butt just to tease them

requested by anon~


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Shownu; Shownu would be so flushed by the moment he decided to look at you and your best friend, who literally got on your butt and gave Shownu a sly smirk. He’d look away immediately and grunted. He wouldn’t talk to your best friend for a couple of minutes or maybe an hour to be honest since he’s too embarrassed to look at them.


“*looks at your best friend* *looks away while chuckling*”

Omo, [y/n], look at how red Shownu is!!”

“[b/n], aish stop teasing him.”

Originally posted by jeonfhan

Wonho; Wonho was just passing by to get some water from the kitchen when he saw your best friend getting on your butt, making him stop and look at your best friend with a shocked look. He’d look at them in disbelief and would stay shocked for a couple of minutes until he notices the smirk plastered on your best friends face.

Yah! Why are you getting on her butt whenever I pass by?!”

“Ooohh~ are you jealous?”

“No, I’m not!!! Now, get off of her and don’t ever think about getting on her butt ever again.”


Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk; Everyone was just lazing around in the living room when your best friend decided to get on your butt to tease Minhyuk, since they knew Minhyuk’s got a huge crush on you. By the second he sees your best friend on your butt, he’d glare at them to be honest. He’d be so annoyed that he’d be glaring at them every now and then.

You know, some people are like snakes.”

“Who are you talking to Min?” -your bestfriend

“Omo, did you guys hear anything?”

“Yeah” -everyone

Originally posted by socke3133

Kihyun; By the second your best friend got on your butt with a teasing smile, Kihyun wouldn’t think twice but to look at them with such expression the one in the gif… Kihyun would act calm to be honest…. but then the boys can see the smoke coming out from his ear since… He’d angrily munch on the pizza he’s holding while sending daggers at your best friend.

You know, if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now Yoo.”

“Get off of [y/n].”

“I don’t want to.”

“Get. off. of. [y/n]. now.”

Originally posted by min-shookga-yoongi

Hyungwon; Hyungwon would actually give your best friend his ‘try me’ look. And once your best friend got on your butt, he’d look away and be like the one in gif. He’d probably be thinking of ways to get back at your best friend and since he remembered your best friend liked Wonho, he’d also get on Wonho’s butt, giving a sly smirk at you flushed best friend.

What the–”

“Two can play this game, [yb/n].”

“Why you… Fine, you win. *gets off of you*”

“*does not get off of Wonho*”

Originally posted by hyunwoo

Jooheon; Jooheon was always an easy target for your best friend and this has been going for ages. Your best friend would constantly tease Jooheon by doing random stuff on you and it was one of those days when your best friend decided to do something random, by random I mean getting on your butt. Jooheon would be flustered to see your best friend and you in that position, which would result with him bursting out into fits of laughter while whining.

Yah! Aren’t you a bit harsh on me?!”

“What do you mean, Jooheon?”

“YAAAHH! HAHAHAH don’t do this! Get off of her right now.”


“I’ll give you ramen!!”

Originally posted by wonhontology

I.M; Changkyun wouldn’t be impressed at all to be honest. He wasn’t really affected to see your best friend getting on your butt to be honest. He’d just laugh at her and do what he’s doing, which would be like Changkyun’s the one who’s teasing them now. 

Hey, Changkyun.”

“What? *see’s your friend getting on your butt* Haha, how cute but kinda weak, you should work on that [yb/n] *chuckles then leaves*”

“URRGHH!! [y/n], can you not tease your boyfriend?”

“I can but I don’t know with you tho.”

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 4

Here it is, the final chapter of Powerless! Enjoy everyone, and thank you all so much for all the support you’ve given me while writing this series, it means so much. Im so grateful for all of you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

One year later

The doorbell rang, and (y/n) swore, pulling the towel off her head and throwing it on the floor of her bathroom. She ran downstairs as the doorbell continued to ring, opening the door to her neighbour and her screaming baby.

“Thank you so much.” Carol said in a rush, shoving the toddler into (y/n)’s arms. “I don’t know how long I’ll be, I’ve gotta take Nikki to the hospital, but call if you need anything alright?”

(Y/n)’s mouth fell open. “I’m sorry what?” She shifted the screaming baby on her hip, then realized what she was doing and tried to hand the child back to his mother. “Carol, there’s been some sort of mix up, I can’t–”

“You said a few days ago that if Nikki got worse I could leave Lucas with you.” Carol looked distressed. “You said you were off work all week, and I really need this. Please, I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.”

“No I, I am off work but I have errands to run today and I can’t–”

“Just take Lucas with you. He’s a very good boy you won’t even notice he’s there.”

(Y/n)’s mouth opened as she tried to figure out a way to say, I don’t feel comfortable bringing your baby with me to a maximum security prison to pick up an ex-convict who is moving in with me. Before she could find the words Carol handed her a diaper bag and left, jumping in her minivan and speeding off with a final thank you and a wave. She was left standing on her porch with a baby playing with the wet strands of her hair and a carseat at her feet.

“Alright.” she looked down at Lucas, who blinked at her. “I guess you’re coming to prison with me. Does that sound fun?” She bounced him on her hip and he squealed. “No, no it does not. Alright kid, let’s do it.”

The drive took two hours, and Lucas slept the entire time. He woke up as (y/n) pulled into Belle Reve’s visitor gate, signing in with a guard she recognized from her time working there, babbling happily as she pulled her car into the small selection of parking spaces between the first and second gates. She picked him up out of the car seat and carried him on her hip to the second gate, where Griggs himself was waiting, smiling slimily.

“Didn’t think we’d be seeing you around here any time soon (y/l/n). And certainly not with a kid.” The guard looked her over, ignoring her glare. “Who’s the dad? Is it Diablo? That’s messed up.”

“He’s not mine.” She said, cutting him off and ignoring the rest of his comments. “What do I need to sign?”

“Here.” He slid her a few forms, rolling his eyes when he couldn’t get a fun reaction out of her. “You know, it looks like this kid is the right age for when–”

“I’m gonna stop you right there.” (Y/n) snapped, putting Lucas down beside her and covering his ears with her hands. “I don’t have to put up with this crap anymore, and I’m not going to. Shut up or I’ll kick your ass.”

“Woah.” Griggs was still smiling, but he looked scared. “Alright, hey calm down. It was just some friendly chit chat until–”

“Opening the gate!”

(Y/n) looked up, ignoring Griggs, as Chato walked through the gate. It was rare to see him in street clothes, but he was wearing his letterman with a mostly empty bag slung over his shoulder. He was looking around, and his eyes fell on her almost immediately, shock flashing across his face as he saw the child by her feet. She sighed, picked up Lucas, and walked over.

“That’s a kid.” Chato said by way of greeting. Lucas waved at him and he blinked in surprise, turning to (y/n) for answers.

“He’s not mine.” She said immediately. Chato tried to hide his sigh of relief. She arched an eyebrow at him. “Would it be a problem if he was?”

“No.” Chato said immediately. “I just, you never mentioned him before, and it might not be a good idea to have me in a home with… you know.”

She nodded, guilt tightening her stomach. “I’m sorry, you’re right. Don’t worry, he’s not mine, he just got dumped on me at the last minute so we’re stuck with him for the day.” She looked him over, noticing that he was wide eyed, and a little nervous. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

He nodded. “It’s time.”

“Are you sure? I didn’t mean to put any pressure on you when I visited last month, I just–”

He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s fine. Honest. Let’s just get outta here alright?”

She nodded, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. “Alright then, let’s go.”

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Angst, Fluff or Smut?
Can you guess what won?

Every day, Theseus gets to spend his day with his love. It starts off soft and slow, wrapped in white sheets and surrounded by the soft wood walls of the home his family had made but he and Newt had abandoned, until now. It’s filled with life again, his ancestral home. Filled with love. He wakes as he always wakes, tired but happy when his blurry vision focuses to find a pair of dark brown eyes already staring at him, hair askew in a way terribly too adorable for someone who responded to a title as fearsome as “Director of Magical Security”.

“G’morning, handsome,” Theseus says as he always does, and relishes in the cute, conflicted furl that grows across the bridge of Percival’s nose.

“Theseus,” he croaks, “Where are we?”

“On vacation, love. Remember?”

His brow furrows, and with it the muscles of Theseus’ heart wrinkle. He hates to see him struggle, to see the cogs turn, and long ago he had learned to reach out and smooth that furrow away.

“It’s our last day, I promise,” he says, “You can go back to MACUSA and your rather unhealthy work habits first thing when you get back to New York tomorrow, you bloody lunatic.”

That eases him. Soothes the tension from his muscles like water escaping a dam. He melts into the mattress like it’s the last time he’ll get to enjoy it, and Theseus supposes in a way, it is. He smiles, soft and small, and he watches him struggle between the urge to rise and be productive, and stay and laze around.

Theseus rubs his shoulder and heaves himself from the bed with a soft, “Stop it, I can practically see the smoke rising from your ears. Rest a little while longer, I’ll draw you up some liquid ash.”

“You mean coffee,” Graves mumbles into his pillow, pleased and heavy lidded. “Also known as liquid gold.”

“See? Even you are relating the taste with dirt and you like it.”

He snorts, smiling when Theseus pecks the corner of his mouth to start their day.

He draws up his coffee the way Percival rarely allows himself to enjoy it. With cream and honey, warm and thick. Finds his love twisted in sheets that frame his body the way sculptors captured masterpieces. Long, lean lines finally free of stress after years of scars.

They curl into the study, Graves in the window seat and Theseus on the sofa, and they read. They let the rain lull them through a lazy day of slow, wet kisses and glancing touches. Finger sandwiches for lunch, a trip into the field to feed the hippogriffs after. Time comes and goes, but Theseus does not dread it.

Percival, however, does. Theseus can sense it in the way Percival insists on touching him more. The fleeting looks, the long eyes; goodbye in every glance. Theseus makes them dinner, but he’s long learned not to bother with desert. Because Percival brings desert the moment he crawls into Theseus’ lap, belly soft with meal, and loops his arms around his neck.

Theseus purrs and moves to kiss his neck, to taste his treat, but Percival leans back just out of reach with a chuckle.

“I’m trying to thank you,” Percival chides, laughing with Theseus whines, “Then why are you pulling away?”

“Come on, you menace,” he says, leaning forward so his bangs – soft and productless, just as Theseus loved him most – kiss Theseus’ forehead in little tickling glances. He smiles down on him like an angel he’s somehow managed to catch around the waist, and Theseus doesn’t ever intend to let him go. “Listen.”

“I’m listening.”

Percival stills, and his hands move from his neck to cup the sharpness of Theseus’ jaw. He stares at him for a long time, and for a moment Theseus thinks maybe, just maybe, he knows. And he hates himself for even hoping, because the beat is gone in a moment, swept away by the continuing crescendo of life, and Percival doesn’t know. He never will.

“I don’t know how you convinced me to a vacation of all things,” he huffs, the wrinkles around his eyes making Theseus’ belly flutter, seeing how happy he is. “I imagine it involved a bad meeting and a lot of drink, since I don’t remember. But regardless… Thank you. For convincing me. This has been nice.”

“Just nice?”

Percival flicks his cheek and Theseus sqwuaks playfully, indignantly.

“More than nice,” he says. “Perfect. I almost don’t want it to end.”

Theseus stills, as he always does. His fingers dig a little deeper into the softening give of Percival’s hips, and he braces himself.


“Yes, well, you know me,” Percival chuckles, a twinge of self-mocking in his tone as he continues. “I’d be lost without my job. As much as it drives me insane.”

“You love what you do,” Theseus says through a smile, but the tone is weak and his love catches it.

“I love a lot of things,” he says, leaning down to purr into the redhead’s mouth. “I love you.”

Theseus holds him tighter, relishing the moment like a beloved book, the pages worn and dog-earred like a familiar friend.

“I love you too,” he says, forcing the feeling down, and stands in a rush to sweep Graves up into his arms. “Every bit of you, even the utterly mad part.”

He kisses obnoxiously loud kisses into Graves’ neck, making him shout and beat at his shoulders as Theseus carries them to their bed.

“As if you can talk, your work is just as absorbing!”

“It is,” Theseus admits, “But lately, I don’t mind at all.”

“See? I’m sure you’re bored of me,” Percival says, the sound cut off into a gasp when Theseus bites him, sucking hard and searing. Branding him with his love, unable to translate the feeling into words, so he uses his teeth and his tongue.

Leaves him bruised. Kisses it softly.

“You ass,” Percival gasps, but he’s wild and grinning, “You did that on purpose. How am I going to hide that?”

“Beneath all your gorgeously ridiculous layers, I’m sure,” Theseus purrs.

He kisses away whatever retort his lover has. Buries him into the sheets, curls their hands into vices that pin his long time friend into the bed. He crowds him down into the white curves of cotton and he kisses and worships and nips and licks. Loving the clench of Percival’s fingers in his hair, the soft part of his lips, the sound of his sighs. Pets the entrance of his body until he’s growling for more, and then just goes slower.

He navigates Graves’ body like a well loved road home; the path familiar only because he had the courage to get lost in it. Touching his favorite places, just the way he likes it. Drawing familiar sounds, the feel of muscles writhing. Brown eyes haze into need, and Theseus helps his lover lose himself to the tide of the moment they share. Licks him open, large hands parting soft cheeks. Edging him until finally he fills him, riding the crests of Graves’ cries until they reach that shining place together.

And when it is done and they return to their skin, Theseus wraps Percival in the white sheets he found him in that morning, a soft cleaning spell beneath his breath. He forces himself to stay awake as he watches Percival succumb to sleep – a muzzy, “I love you,” soft and fleeting, chasing him into his dreams. He’s soft, in sleep. Younger. Theseus watches him for as long as he can, and every night he wonders if he’ll see it, when it happens. When he’ll reset.

He never does.

Instead he wakes, and as though he is as trapped as Graves, he too feels “reset”. But he doesn’t regret it, not a single day of it, not even after nearly half a year. Six months since they found him, alive but not quite right. Caught in a vice of magic, not quite free. As much a prisoner to his own mind as he had been in his flesh in the dank, dark cell they had found him in. Free, but trapped all the same.

So Theseus tries to make it as painless as he can. He starts his day as he always does. Soft and smiling, staring at a pair of dark brown eyes already looking back at him, hair askew in a way terribly too adorable for someone who once responded to a title as fearsome as “Director of Magical Security”.

“G’morning, handsome,” Theseus says as he always does, and relishes in the cute, conflicted furl that grows across the bridge of Percival’s nose.

“Theseus,” he croaks, “Where are we?”

“On vacation, love. Remember?”

Percival’s brows furrow, and patiently, Theseus smooths the wrinkles away.

the equation of love (pt. 8)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 13,276

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The Textbook

Originally posted by byunparks

Title: The Textbook.

Genre: curseau! immortal Baekhyun.

Member: Byun Baekhyun.

Word Count: 2620.

Description: He started a long tradition of getting students to achieve high grades which caused him to become cursed, how is Baekhyun going to continue with his life now that you’re the next student to receive the textbook?

“Ya Baekhyun, you know your brother needs that book next year. You’re gonna ruin it for him if you keep writing in it all the time” Jongdae nudged his friend, effectively causing Baekhyun to reflexively pull his pencil away from the paper where he was neatly writing down notes, tips and hints that would help him through his studying. Baekhyun let out a quiet breath of relief as he looked at the paper to see he had managed to succeed in avoiding a messy mark being put on the page, he had managed to pull his hand back quick enough.

“Don’t worry about what I am doing Jongdae, and if you really cannot ignore what I have decided to do to my book, think about it another way. When my brother receives this book it will have extra information in it, there is no way he can possibly fail his studies, I have even written down the best ways to study successfully for if I were to ever feel lost, and he can use those too, there is no losing situation for who may have their hands on the book in front of me Jongdae” Jongdae rolled his eyes, Baekhyun really was as elegant as the time he lived in. Baekhyun was the man every lady dreamed of when it came to those big fancy balls or all those parties their parents forced them to go to. The ladies would stand back, some even with a hand over their heart as they watched the way Baekhyun would effortlessly walk around the floor with elegance, and then they would swoon the moment they realised Baekhyun had offered one of them his hand.

And then he would give them one of his dashing smiles, bow his head, blink and look at the lady from under his eyelashes as he asked them to dance, Jongdae had his every move memorised. Jongdae knew fully of the way Baekhyun would word his sentences, that Baekhyun would first step towards the dance floor with his right foot and hold the ladies hand up to eye level and look directly at her as they danced. Jongdae knew this because he was nothing like Baekhyun, he was the polar opposite of his friend, and it surprised the boy sometimes when he thought about how they still managed to be friends.

“Well then hand me that book, I just about failed our last evaluation, I need that book more than you do” Jongdae’s fingers moved to snatch the book from Baekhyun. But his friend was equally quick to hunch his upper body over his desk, protecting his book and bringing a smile to Jongdae’s lips, it was rare that Baekhyun would act as quirky as him, it was rare for them to get a few moments alone where Baekhyun could relax and be a little less posh than he was in the public eye. Because Baekhyun was truly the son of a high ranking family, the richest of the rich. Jongdae lived the same life under a different roof, that was probably why neither of their parents disallowed them to be friends. But Jongdae was well aware of his friends struggles to uphold to the same level of perfection that his parents had. Jongdae had those struggles to, but Jongdae was one to avoid his struggles, where Baekhyun fell under their curse and bent to their will without question.

“You’re not getting your hands on it comrade, the book is not your book and is not destined to be in your hands” Baekhyun went on another one of his long ways of explaining things and Jongdae couldn’t refrain himself from rolling his eyes at his stuck up friend.

“Alright, I understand Baekhyun” Jongdae finally cut in and Baekhyun began to fall into a content quietness that came along with his need to study.

“I will just take it when you are least expectant of it” Jongdae muttered under his breath and Baekhyun looked back at his friend to shoot him a glare.


“There’s writing in it” Baekhyun didn’t even glance in the direction of his younger brother, snorting as he leant back on the chair he was sitting in, their parents had gone to an important adult only party that Baekhyun was happy to receive no invitation to.

“Most books have writing in them little brother, especially textbooks” Baekhyun grinned as his younger brother frowned and stared down at the book.

“Well, of course, I know that I am no idiot Baekhyun. But this book has your writing in it too”

“That would be because I have written in it” Baekhyun answered simply and his brother frowned at the book in front of him, flipping through a couple of the pages, where more of Baekhyun’s neat handwriting was sprawled across the place.

“Why would you ever think to do such a thing to your textbook? You have a writing book for a reason Baekhyun”

“Because writing extra notes in the book helped me little brother, and it could probably help you too” Baekhyun shut the book he had been reading beside his brother, stood up and ruffled his brother’s hair before walking out of the room.


“Baekhyun! Baekhyun!” A panting figure came rushing into the house, the door slammed shut behind him and Baekhyun automatically stood up upon hearing the panic in his voice. Baekhyun met the smaller boy half way, he was only a mere three centimetres shorter than Baekhyun now, he had really grown a lot in the past year.

“What is it, little brother? What has happened?” Baekhyun asked and his brother looked up at him, his chest heaving with a lack of breath and his eyes glistening with remorse and the possibility of tears.

“The textbook” His brother wheezed.

“I was out of class when someone came to collect the textbooks of people who no longer believed they had a use for them and Sehun thought that I no longer saw use in mine so he gave it to them and now it is gone. All the writing we had both put in the book is gone and I was unable to have it returned to me” His little brother really was on the verge of tears over this one book, it only catered to one of his classes, he no longer needed it like Sehun had believed and Baekhyun could only chuckle as he watched his little brother use the end of his sleeve to wipe his eyes.

“Well, with all the yelling I just heard coming from you I would have thought someone had died little brother! This is far better than anyone dying, in fact, this is a fantastic thing!” Baekhyun finished with a hand squeezing his brother’s shoulder and the younger boy sniffled as he looked at him in disbelief.

“How is this a good thing? The book is gone” He muttered and Baekhyun smiled as he turned his brother around and they began walking back outside together.

“Because little brother, that book will once again be reused, we may not know who it will go to this time but some lucky soul will receive that textbook with our notes in it. And if they use it appropriately I have no doubt that they will succeed” Baekhyun grinned and his brother stared at him with wonder filled eyes as he got in their car.

“You really think so?”

“Well I know so, those were some fantastic notes, little brother”


Baekhyun was in his final year of school, he was still achieving the best grades possible, but doing so was becoming harder for Baekhyun to do. Baekhyun was at the prime age now, that golden age where all the rich people wanted their children to find the perfect partner to carry on their riches. And Baekhyun’s parents were especially demanding towards Baekhyun becoming married very soon.

Song Hyemi, she would have been a stunning girl if she had just kept her mouth shut, she had the worst attitude that Baekhyun had ever been faced with. Song Hyemi believed she was better than anyone to have ever walked the earth, she probably viewed the Lord himself as one of her underlings. Everyone was below Hyemi and Baekhyun believed that she probably worked with the devil himself, which caused him to stiffen and become as appalled as humanly possible whenever she laid a hand on him.

Baekhyun would never understand how his parents were not angrier than they were when he refused to take her hand in marriage in every way he possibly could and further proved his point by running away to Jongdae’s home. Maybe they distasted her as well? Because it turns out they had known where he was the whole time when he received a visit from his mother asking if he were ready to come home yet, the Song’s had left by that time.

Though there was one woman who was beyond furious that her daughter had not been married off to another rich family that even had the bonus of a good looking son and Baekhyun realised this when he got back to school.

Mrs Song. The vice principle of the time was an already angry woman who was more than happy to see the students at her school fail and now someone on the same grounds had turned her daughter down, and to make things worse, he was passing his classes with flying colours. She stomped down the hall with defiance and smoke coming from her ears. Baekhyun was trying to discretely peek into a classroom that wasn’t his own at the time. As students began muttering witch nose between themselves and the clicking of heels against the tiled floor met his ears he was distracted from searching for the new holder of his hold textbook.

“Byun Baekhyun” Her voice rumbled darkly and Baekhyun blinked at her, curious as to why she was looking for him.

“Yes, Mrs Song?”

“My office, now” She demanded before turning around and walking away. The pain that Baekhyun faced for obeying and following the vice principle that day haunted him for more than a lifetime, there was no lifetime to Baekhyun anymore, not after witch nose has cursed him to immortality.

“You better hope those little pests use your book well”


That’s how Baekhyun came to where he was now, from the early 1800’s to now. He had long forgotten how to feel like a creep as he perched himself out the front of the store that was now being used for students to collect their books for the upcoming year of school ahead of them.

He was looking for the textbook, as the years went by and the curriculum changed, so did the textbooks, but with little good coming into the world anymore, the students seemed to able to remain writing notes in their textbooks and passing them down, giving hints on the spine of the book for the person that would receive the lucky book and be guaranteed to pass that year.

The last student to have it put a smiley face in a black marker in the middle of the spine, Do Kyungsoo had been a nice boy, a little dark and barely talkative, but he used the book well and achieved excellent grades. As students passed him Baekhyun stared at their books, checking for what subjects they had and if they had the book, and then he would follow whoever it was once he found them. Baekhyun spent hours sitting across from that shop on the small bench out the front, none of the students that passed him had the book, and in his time of living he had learnt to be patient, but this day always had him on the edge with not much patience getting ready to push him to his death.

When that thought crossed his mind Baekhyun chuckled to himself, what a relief it would be to finally die. Baekhyun almost got lost in his thoughts, he was barely paying attention to the books the awaiting students were holding until he saw the smiley face he had been looking for. It took him a couple of seconds to even realise someone had walked past him holding the book he had been looking for but he quickly rose to his feet and followed the student on their path.

“Dad? I’ve got my books, where are you? The supermarket, I don’t know how to get there from here. I know where that is, ok I’ll meet you there. Bye” You hung up the phone and Baekhyun remained out of your sight as you quickly made a turn to cross the road. Baekhyun remained following behind you, turning to look through the window of shops whenever you would look in his general direction and if he was quick enough he would enter the shop so you really didn’t get the chance to see him.

But it seems you didn’t even take notice of Baekhyun following you, you were more concerned about actually getting to the right place than whether you were being followed or not. But you managed to make it to a little café that your father had requested that the two of you meet, you had grabbed refreshments from here on one of the days you were moving your things from your previous town, so it was familiar to you.

You took a seat at one of the tables outside that had two chairs. You sat your new books down and pulled out your phone. You were made to follow your parents to a new town after your dad had been relocated. You had never been here before until you had to begin moving your things, and with all the moving you guys had been doing, money wasn’t as easy as it was when you were settled down back in your previous home. Which meant you were sitting with several second-hand school books in front of you, you just hoped that they weren’t too damaged. From what you could tell there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the outside of the books, apart from one of the textbooks having a smiley face on the spine, you knew you could live with that though.

You were a little worried about being able to make friends at your new school, you had moved to your previous school two years ago and even though back then you never thought you would be moving again, it was a struggle for you to find anyone to call a friend for a while in that place, but you were hoping it would be different this time. Which meant you would probably have to step out of your shell and talk to people first, which you hated doing.

She’s not even looking at any of the books.

Baekhyun frowned as he watched you from a seat not too far away from you, he could sit this close when you hadn’t noticed him, but if you caught him staring at you he would probably have to get up and walk away.

“Is she not worried about what she’s going to be studying?” He muttered and you suddenly looked up as a new car pulled up in front of the shop and tooted its horn. You smiled and stood up as you put your phone in your pocket, you picked up your books and rushed over to the car. You got in with the books sitting in your lap and Baekhyun continued to watch until the car was out of sight and he could no longer see you.

“Why does it feel like there’s something different about this one?”

So how do you feel about this new series? I was worried that the start wouldn’t turn out well and now I’m nervous about writing the rest >_<

Let me know if this is a yes or a no so I know if I should keep it going or not.

Lots of love, Lee xx

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Old guy brought up our store brand pasta sauce. Its expensive($4+) since it's locally made. The old man starts yelling at me that the price is wrong so I asked him how much he thinks it is. Before I can go look at the price he goes and grabs the sign from the isle infront of my register and throws it at me. Now I'm pissed he's throwing things at me. I smile,turn the sign to face him and say,"sir this sign says best choice pasta. It's next to this sauce." I could almost see smoke from his ears.

Maybe Always Means Yes (Leo Valdez)

Leo Valdez x Reader - 1,295 words

Request; A Leo x Reader where Y/N and Leo are overbearingly bored on the Argo, they run into some trouble amidst said boredom, eventually leading to Leo confessing by accident. 

Y/N and Leo lay sprawled out on the floor in the hall of the Argo II. Everyone else was in the mess hall talking about ‘important things’ which Leo and Y/N never seemed to be allowed to. Understandably, because they just goofed off the whole time. “Im. So. Bored.” Leo grumbled hitting his head repeatedly against the floor. Life was pretty boring on the Argo, especially seeing as how the Stolls weren’t here to play pranks with them. “Mhmmm-“ Y/N sounded back in agreement. “Jenga?” She asked to which Leo just responded by shaking his head side to side violently. Just as she was about to give up, Leo shot up and looked to her with a smirk on his face. “I’ve got a plan!” He exclaimed. “It might get us both killed. But, hey, even if it does, it’ll be a story the Stoll’s won’t even believe. Sound good?” Y/N jumped to her feet. “¡Claro que si!” 

After some careful planning and a few prayers to the gods, Y/N and Leo stood up on the railing of the Argo, struggling to steady themselves as the wind whipped past. “Hey everyone!” Leo hollered out. “Get up here!” He added a slight hint of urgency in his voice and surely enough, everyone came out onto the deck of the Argo, their eyes going wide and mouths falling agape. “GET DOWN!” Annabeth screamed, and before anyone could reach out to the pair, they leapt off of the side of the Argo and disappeared below. Percy was the first to reach the edge of the ship, peering over fretfully, searching for any sign of his sister. “Wha-What the hell?! Was this Gaea?” He looked back to his friends for some sort of answers but they were all trembling with the same fear, unable to muster an answer as to why they’d just jump off.

Before any of their hearts exploded out of sheer shock, Festus rocketed over the ship, making the wind around him rumble as he flew overhead. Y/N and Leo looked down to their friends and let out playful hollers as they flew over once more before landing. “You two are so dead!!!!” Annabeth screamed with a force Ares wouldn’t even want to reckon with. “Literally or metaphorically?” Leo snickered and Annabeth glared at him, smoke bursting from her ears. “Very literal, repair boy. Very literal.” Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper and Nico were a mix of emotions, the boys laughed and the girls were sighing with relief. But Percy and Annabeth were furious, as always. Just as Leo slipped off of Festus, Annabeth grabbed him by the ear and pulled him alongside her. Percy firmly grabbed his sisters arm and hauled her along also. When Annabeth turned, Percy looked down to his sister with a smirk and winked. Y/N stifled a laugh. Percy always did this, act like he was angry to get along with Annabeth but deep down he thought it was pretty good.

“Oh c’mon. It was just a prank! This place is so boring!” Leo complained and whimpered as Annabeth dragged him down the hall. “Don’t even start with excuses, Valdez!!” She barked and Leo snickered. The small boy was thrown into Y/N’s room and soon after, so was Y/N, the door being slammed behind them. The girl stepped back, but tripped over Leo’s feet. A loud cry came from the boy as she tumbled atop him and awkwardly tried to get up, only to fall back down on him again. “Nice to see you too.” He muttered and Y/N laughed as she finally clambered off of him. She flicked on the dim light in the room and flopped down onto the bed. “Now we are sentenced to wither away in boredom in the confines of this room.”

Per usual, Leo began to rummage through the girls things, searching for something interesting. He found an orange and held it up to his ear. “You do realize those are to be eaten, right?” She looked to her friend with a new found disbelief, something she was sure couldn’t happen. “Sure.” He tossed it at her and shuffled around some more. “OOOh! What’s this?” He straightened up with excitement and flipped open a book. “H-Hey! NO!” She snapped at him but he warded her off with a flame igniting in his hand. “Why didn’t you tell me you could draw so well? I could’ve used your help with blueprints!” He whined, looking at her with sad eyes, trying to amplify his hurt. “Because I knew you’d snoop!” She tried to see over his shoulders to see what he was looking at but he kept blocking her.

Suddenly, he whipped around with the book held up to his nose. Y/N didn’t even have to see his mouth to know he was grinning mischievously. “Yea. It’s Festus. So what?” Y/N rolled her eyes and tried to grab the book from him. “This is from that night we took him out for a test run. Those two people are us.” He pointed to the small figures which were barely visible atop the dragon as it coast along the skyline. “Well n-“ She started but Leo shushed her. “I’ve gotta admit though, I don’t remember sitting that close to you…” He smirked and Y/N tried to snatch the book from him again. She raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips in aggravation. Leo snickered and tore the page from her book, folding it carefully and putting it in his pocket. “Stop stealing my stuff, Leo.” She muttered.

Leo scoffed. “No! It’s payback! You stole my heart, I steal something of yours.” He closed the book and held it close to him. “What?” She tilted her head to the side and his stomach dropped. “What?” He quipped back as if he hadn’t said anything to begin with. Y/N looked to him with an unconvinced glare. “Ahaha- umh… haha.” He threw the book down nervously and ran to the door. “Percy!!! Let me out. NOW PLEASE! I MESSED UP!” He banged the wood and laughter erupted from the mess hall. They all knew what he’d done. Everyone but Y/N seemed to know about Leo’s infatuation with the girl. “Sorry, repair boy!” Annabeth yelled out amidst the laugher.

Leo turned back to the girl who still stood awkwardly. Her body stiffened with confusion. “Welp… I guess you know now. Ahaha. I did not plan for this.” He rubbed the back of his neck, the skin he touched sparking. Y/N rocked back and fourth on her heels and darted her eyes around the room. After a moment of silence, she shrugged her shoulders. “Please just say something. This is too embracing - even for me. Do you at least feel the same way?” He pleaded. Y/N’s smile rose and she stifled a laugh. “Maybe I do… maybe I don’t.” She picked up her book and grinned playfully. Leo’s face dropped in annoyance and strode towards her, picking her up and throwing her to the bed.

He jumped on the bed himself and laid on his stomach, shoulder to shoulder with her. Luckily for Leo, he and Y/N had made slight alterations to their normal vocabulary to have slightly different meanings. In his stupor, he watched as the girl opened up her book and began to redraw the sketch of festus which he’d stolen. After a while, he leaned his head against hers, pushing his nose into her cheek. “Good thing maybe always means yes.” He smiled into her cheek and she kept sketching away. Maybe the Argo wasn’t so boring and lonely after all.

More Than Just Feathers (Dalton Castle x Reader)

**Authors note: I was super nervous to write Dalton because I wasn’t sure I could do him justice, but I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Definitely will be a part two at some some point for this! Feedback/reblogs are greatly appreciated! 

Flamboyant, outgoing, laughter following him wherever he went.

That was the only “Dalton Castle” that I knew. The one constantly rushing around backstage, fussing with wardrobe, or going over ideas in management’s office. 

Within the past few months that I’d been working here, I’d made a handful of friends. The Bucks, Adam Cole, Alex Shelley, and even a few others. But, Dalton was still a mystery to me.

     You would think because of mutual friends, we’d at least cross paths once. The only thing exchanged was a quick glance as he scurried down the hallway or if Bobby would say “hello” with a friendly, yet other motivated smile with Dalton by his side.

     It was my job to keep things somewhat in check. Think of it as a quirky “Adventures in Babysitting”, except with half naked men in tights, or shirtless.

The whole ROH crew had been on a tight schedule due to the “War Of the Worlds” tour. Michigan, Canada, New York and Philly.

Third night of the tour, inside of the gorgeous Hammerstein Ballroom. Things were surprisingly calm, but you could feel the energy buzz throughout the entire building.

But me? All of my nerves were completely on end. Due to jet-lag and lack of sleep, I was practically a walking zombie. 

Deciding to make a considerate coffee run for some of the guys, I returned back to the venue with my hands full. Two cardboard holders worth of coffee along with three paper bags from the Dunkin down the street.

Between my sleep deprived fog, and empty stomach, the only thing that filled the hallway was my sudden shriek, and loud crash of cups falling.

   “What the fuck?! Can you watch where the hell you’re-!” I was cut off my a string of apologies.

    “Shit! I’m so so sorry, I didn’t see, and-” As I looked up from where I’d fallen to the floor, I was met with a large brown pair of worried eyes, and Dalton himself tucking his phone back into his pocket.

     “Because you were too busy with your face in your phone?!” I tiredly snapped, mouth agape at the loss of everything I’d picked up in a brown puddle of mush on the floor.

 I watched his mouth drop at my reply, dumbfounded look on his face.

     “I’m fine, by the way. Can’t say the same for the food though.” I grumbled, dusting the front of my jeans off.

When I glanced back up, he was still gaping at me.

“I’m gonna go find something to clean this up.” I sighed, rubbing my temple as I brushed past him, imagining the smoke practically bellowing from my ears.

“W-wait! The least I can do is help!” He called after me, hearing the rush of following footsteps.

The journey to find some paper towels and a janitor was awkwardly quiet. Once the mess was cleaned up, I went off to apologize to the guys.

(Later that night)

     After cooling off, I kinda felt bad for snapping at him. Although he did sort of deserve it for not paying attention. I kept busy making sure that promos were taped and matches stayed on schedule.

     I was just wrapping up for the night and working on some last minute things. All I wanted to do was head back to the hotel and get what little sleep I could before another flight.

     Saying goodbye to some of the guys, I was on my way out for the night. Just as I was headed to the back parking lot, I was stopped in my tracks.

    “Y/N, wait!”

I blinked a few times, the voice that tried apologizing to me earlier. Dalton.

Giving a sigh, I slowly spun around on my foot to meet his towering gaze. He almost looked like a kicked puppy. Nasty bruise under his eye from face planting into the bottom rope, and he seemed just as exhausted as I had been.

    “I was lookin’ for ya, I um-” He awkwardly paused, grip loosening from his suitcase beside him. “Nick told me you were heading out for the night.” He gave a small chuckle, eyes shifting from the floor and over to me.

Before I spoke, I made a mental note to kill Nick later.

    “Yeah, I just wanted to head back and get some sleep before the next flight.” I gave a shrug, barely meeting his gaze.

Awkward silence.

   “Well, I should probably-” I chewed my lip, awkwardly pointing to the exit as my feet slowly shuffled back.

“We never really talked before. M’sorry I introduced myself that way, I mean, you gotta know who I am right? I mean, I know who you are- um, that kind of sounds creepy, I just-”  He quietly babbled.

I couldn’t help but give a small chuckle and a raised eyebrow at him. It was so odd seeing this usually confident man a stumbling mess.

    “I-I probably should apologize too. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that, just a bad morning. And um,” I paused, giving a small smile. “I know who you are. I’ve only been working here for what? Three months?” My voice got quieter as I felt his gaze more intense on me.

“Guess so. Hard to keep track of everyone, right? Can’t even tell my boys apart.” His tone was lighthearted and I watched his dimpled half smirk light up his face and I couldn’t help but return it.

“It’s Y/N, right?” He asked, running a hand through his messy brown locks.

“Y-yeah. Or um (Y/N/N.)” I added.

“Well, (Y/N)? If you don’t mind, I’d like to make it up to you. I already explained to the guys that it was my fault and I ran up a pretty big breakfast tab, but, maybe we can go for a coffee sometime? Promise that I won’t run you over again.” He held up his pinky, offering it out to me with an almost adorable smile.

I raised an eyebrow, looking at his pinky finger.

    “You’re supposed to- here.” He whispered, reaching out to take my hand and locked his pinky with mine, making me blush in surprise. “Pinky Promise.”  He hummed, but awkwardly coughed when he realized that he was still holding my hand.

I couldn’t say no to those adorable puppy like eyes and his sincere apology.

    “I,”  I paused, chewing my lip as I scanned over his face. “I’d like that, feathers.” I softly teased with my own smile, making him chuckle.

    “Coffee it is, then.” He licked his bottom lip, shoving his hands into his pockets. “And I’m a lot more than just feathers, y/n.” His smile got even bigger.

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I Told You I’d Always Be Here - Daryl Dixon

Here is part two of my second Daryl Dixon love story. Read part one HERE! Reader and Daryl’s friendship has blossomed even more as the years have gone by. Reader comes face to face with William Dixon, Daryl’s father. warnings: parental abuse mentioned

“Come over my house tonight.” Daryl met you in the hallway of your middle school, the two of you had been going on year 3 of your friendship and it was in full blossom. “Are you sure? Your dad is scary.” You had met Daryl’s father one time and it was when you knocked on the door of his home asking if Daryl could come out and play, his father was a tall man with defined muscles in his arms with a beer gut for a stomach. He looked a lot like Merle, their face was shaped the same way and he had a shorter haircut. With a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand Will Dixon glared down to you as if he was looking on an ant that he was about to step down and slurred out drunkenly. “Daryl ain’t playin’ today!” he spat slightly, hitting you in the face and slammed the door shut. You could’ve sworn you saw Daryl standing behind his father in the living room, staring at you with a sad look in his eyes.

 "He won’t be home tonigh’. He’s workin’ third shift at his job.“ you were hesitant at first because of the first bad encounter with his dad and always all the terrible things that he did to Daryl. But you thought for a moment because Daryl wanted to spend some alone time with you but the two of you had more of a sibling friendship but you felt a slight attraction to Daryl, he was cute; his bright blonde hair had turned to more of a sandy brown color and his face was chiseling out nicely. Maybe because you both were getting older and paying more attention to the opposite sex, it made you wonder often what Daryl thought about you; did he think that you were cute too? "Yeah. I can but I’m still worried…” Daryl cut you off “He won’t get home ‘till 7:30 in the mornin’ I’ll jus’ wake you up at 6:30 and you can leave before he get back.” you simply nodded because you knew that Daryl wasn’t going to let you say no. 

 You waited until 10:30 and lied to your mother slightly, you told her that you were going to stay the night over at your friend Jessica’s house. Your mom loved Daryl just as if he were her own son but she did not allow the two of you to stay together alone without supervision, as much as she trusted and adored him. With a happy goodbye you raced down the several blocks and knocked happily on Daryl’s front door. His house wasn’t much to look at but it was a small, cute little blue house that was nestled between some woods at the end of a dead ended road that was only a few blocks away from your own house. Daryl opened the door slightly, peeking out afraid that it was his dad and he had forgotten his keys but his face lit up when he realized that it was just you; his best friend. “Look what I got!” Daryl pulled out 4 VHS tapes from a box that was sitting on the broken couch that sat in the middle of the small, barren living room. “I got Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw, and Night of the Living Dead!” you giggled because the two of you enjoyed watching scary movies together also Daryl was never afraid of the movies and he was always there to chill you out when you got scared.
“Hmmm, let’s watch Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are scary, I hope that’ll never happen.” Daryl shook his head and reassured you, “Yeah right! That’s impossible.” Daryl ran to his father’s room and grabbed out the heated blanket off the bed so that the two of you could stay warm in his home as it was chilly because his father hadn’t got around to installing the new heater. Plugging it into the wall, he draped the large fuzzy blanket over both his and your shoulders, nuzzling closely as the two of you started watching the movie on the small television that sat in the middle of the room. 

 Just as the height of the movie was upcoming, the front door swung open with a great deal of force and an even more cold chill wafted into the room. There stood Mr.Dixon in the doorway, he was drenched in sweat and dirt from working in his factory job. “Daryl! What the hell is goin’ on?!” Daryl’s father turned his gaze to you as you had his blanket draped around your shoulders and was curling up closely to his son. “Get yo’ ass off my couch!” Mr. Dixon boomed as he stomped his way towards you, grabbing a hold of your arm tightly and pulling you up off the couch. “Ow!” you yelled out in pain, this caused Daryl to stand up and demand his father to stop. “Boy, don’t make me beat yo’ ass!” his father’s Southern drawl made his anger even more terrifying. You yanked yourself free as Mr.Dixon turned his attention to his son, belittling him with cruel words and raising his hand up. “Stop!” you yelled out finally, standing up for your dear friend. “Stop bullying him. You’re an evil man!” you stood your ground, you could not stand by any longer and let Daryl get a beating both physically and mentally from the man who considered himself as being the young Dixon boy’s father. He was the furthest thing from being a dad because he was nothing but a monster that abused his children and you couldn’t let that slip by any more without saying something.

 Just as you defended Daryl the first day, you did it again today but only against someone who was much more of a larger foe. Will Dixon began walking towards you with smoke puffing out from his ears as his anger was growing larger and larger by the mere seconds. Daryl ran and stood in between the two of you and acted as your human shield, keeping you from harms way. Daryl’s father raised his hand and came down onto Daryl who took the beating for you, his cheek turning a bright shade of red from the sheer force of the slap. “Stop!” you yelled out with tears, cradling Daryl in your arms. You grabbed a hold of his hands and dragged him outside, away from his dad. Thinking quickly on your feet you started running towards the woods behind his home, Daryl started running too as you traced around the trees trying to put distance between the monster of a man that was running behind you. Mr.Dixon’s feet crushed anything that was in his path, the sound of crunching fall leaves and twigs echoing through the woods, shaking your core. Finally there was nowhere left to run and it was the two of you cornered just waiting from his dad to catch up finally. “Go!” Daryl yelled, pushing you away from him but you just replaced yourself right next to him again. “No I can’t!” you shook your head furiously, tears streaming down your cheeks. “Now!” Daryl pushed you again. “Just go!” he pushed you harder, tears were welling in his eyes. Daryl grabbed your hand and gave it a tear stained kiss, it was the second time that he had ever kissed you, even though it wasn’t your mouth. You finally took off running back towards your home with tears flowing down your face like a faucet. 

When you finally burst into your living room, your mother shot up from her spot on the couch and ran to you. “What’s wrong honey?!” she pulled you into her arms, trying to soothe you the best she could. “I-It’s Daryl. H-His dad hurts him.” you finally let the truth out, you never did before because you knew that if you did Daryl would just get an even harder time. Your mother’s face grew pale, it explained why the Dixon boy always had gashes or bruises on his cheeks or lips. She sat you down on the couch and went for your home telephone to dial the police. “Mom no please, he’ll just get it worse.” you were sobbing now. Daryl needed your help but the help could just make his dad even more angry. You didn’t even realize that you had fallen asleep and your father must have brought you up the stairs, into your room and on your bed. You woke up in a jolt and your eyes were swollen from all the tears that poured from your eyes earlier today. 

You instantly began to worry greatly for Daryl as you weren’t even sure what your mother had done after you finally told her the truth. Just as you were about to cry again a small tap came to your bedroom window, opening the curtains you burst out into happy tears as Daryl was on the other side of the window. His cheek was still a purplish red and his lip had a large scab but he was smiling at the sight of you, “You’re okay.” you pulled him into your room and hugged him tightly, “I’ll always be here for you Daryl. You can always be here.” Daryl hugged you back tighter, breathing you in deeply and smiled. “Thank Y/N. I’ll always be here and I couldn’t ask for a better girlfrien…” he stopped himself and stammered slightly. “I-I-I mean best friend than – you.”

All the Best People Are... Part 2 Pennywise x Insane!Reader

Pennywise x Reader

Requester: nex-bestia

Prompt: Oh my god, i love your insabe reader x pennywise sooooo much, could you pretty please do a second part where they get to know each other more anf kinda fall in love???? If not it’s okay, love you and your stories ;3

EXTREME WARNING: Insane/Mentally Ill Reader, descriptive childhood trauma, descriptive childhood abuse, BUT fluffy ending

Note: I watched Melanie Martinez’s Mad Hatter video before this and then played Mad Hatter on repeat well writing this. It’s SUCH a good song and she’s an amazing artist so I recommend her. She makes songs like Mad Hatter, Carousel, Dollhouse, Crybaby, Mrs. Potato Head, Cake, Play date, etc. Ya know like child-like songs but with a dark twist. She has an amazing voice and I srsly recommend her to you if you like this fanfic a lot. Okay done gushing. Read dear reader! XD!


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(read on and you’ll understand this one a little more ;) ) 

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t was that time of the week again.


You hated therapy since your therapist didn’t understand you didn’t want to be cured, you didn’t want to be normal, you wanted to remain just the way you are. Attacking roosters, fighting with shower curtains, dressing up as Harley Quinn occasionally, laughing at anything, and especially your clown friend Pennywise.

Wether he was real or a part of your fucked up world you didn’t care. He was a friend either way. You were sitting in the waiting room drawing with the crayons they handed out to children to keep them entertained and get a glimpse of what goes on in their head.

You were currently listening to your Melanie Martinez Playlist as you drew yourself with rainbow blood dripping from your nose and eyes with a smile on your face with sharp teeth like Pennywise’s.

You liked Pennywise.

Despite your fucked up head of thinking a giggling bloody bunny was cute, cutting off the head of your bears to shove a heart in the stuffing, and especially having a fictional clown villain as your idol, you knew you were in love.

Not with a human!


A clown.

A devilishly handsome, tall, alien clown who smelled like the carnival and is as sweet as cotton candy, as huggable as a teddy bear, and overall lovable as a fat fluffy bunny.

If you were to put it in a sane human perspective.

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Ink Thicker Than Blood // Draco Malfoy

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Pairing: Fem Reader X Draco

Type: Fluff

Summary: You’re president of the school newspaper, and when you write a controversial article about the irrelevancy of blood status, you get some serious backlash for being a blood traitor and a Muggle sympathizer. 

A/N: No gifs. Tell me if you like this style better or not, and always feel free to request! I didn’t put much detail about the reader in so that no matter what you look like you should be able to picture yourself in it!

Warnings: swears, violence, maybe a little sexual tension?

“So to conclude, we are all the same - we are all gifted young wizards and witches, who need to respect, and treat each other accordingly.” Pansy finished reading, crumpling up the paper and tossing it onto the floor. 

“That Y/L/N is fucking disgusting. I pray to Merlin that she has a fatal accident in the foreseeable future.” Zabini spat the words out harshly, standing up from where he was resting on the window sill. “Damn blood traitor.” He shook his head and kicked at the ground, watching the toe of his shoe touch the ground as he did. Pansy spoke up;

“Direct descendent of Salazar Slytherin, that one is.” Theo Nott spoke from his spot where he was slumped on the floor by Pansy’s feet. He stood as well, “Bloody waste of space, tainting such a name with bullshit like this.” With one swift motion, he sent the newspaper gliding down the hallway.

“Would you lot shut up?” Draco snapped, he was stood with his shoulder to the wall, just to the right of the rest of the group. “You guys talk about her so much it’s like you’re bloody in love with her.” He rolled his eyes and went back to staring across the hallway at one of the many display cases that were scattered around the school.

“Why are you always defending her Malfoy?” Pansy’s tone was sour and her face was scrunched as she spoke. He seemed caught off guard by this, but none the less, he shook his head slowly and laughed.

“I’m not defending her, she’s terrible. Absolutely disgusting. I wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot-pole! With a face like her, she belongs chained up outside like all the other beasts. Not the brightest one out there either, terribly stupid when it comes to Muggle Studies,” His friends were looking past him and laughing but he didn’t notice, and he topped off his little rant, “The blood-traitor bitch deserves to die.” Pansy was cracking up now, even going as far as to slap her knee in joy. From where Pansy was sat on the sill, she had a clear view right past Draco’s left shoulder, to where Y/N was standing. “What are you all looking at?” Draco glanced over his shoulder and saw her standing there. He instantly stood up straight and his eyes became sorrowful.

“Awwwww little Miss Y/L/N is crying now?” Pansy sneered when a tear fell from Y/N’s eye onto her cheek. With a single sniffle, she turned and fled from the hall, dashing as fast as she could.

“Fuck,” Draco muttered as he began dashing after his girlfriend.

“What the shit Malfoy where are you going?” Nott shouted after him, but he didn’t respond, only kept running.

It wasn’t until much later when Draco found her a sniffling mess curled up in a ball on her bed. He'd checked the whole school trying to find her, but he hadn’t thought she’d be in bed. Her hair was stuck to her damp cheeks and despite her closed eyes, tears were still silently slipping down her cheeks.

“Pumpkin?” He called softly from the door, “Can I come in darling?” The only answer she gave him the satisfaction of receiving was a heartbreaking sob. He took that as reasonable cause to enter your dorm.

He sat down beside her on the bed, his back to her. He couldn’t bare to see what he’d done to her. After some time, he took a deep breath and spoke again.

“I didn’t mean any of those things I said.” He felt the mattress shift, he turned to see her sitting up, facing away from him. Their backs to each other, she spoke up.

“I thought they knew… You told me that you told them we are together, you told me that you wouldn’t hide it from anyone anymore.” She sniffles, and then she sobbed out her next words, “You’re ashamed of me aren’t you?” With those words, Draco turned around to face her, though her back was still towards him. Her shoulders were slumped and her head hung low as she sniffled.

“No, sweet pea you’re the world to me.”

“You said I was a bitch blood traitor who deserves to die.” Her voice carried through the room and silenced all the other noises that seemed to silence all other sounds. “I deserve to die.” She whispered to herself, slumping over into the mattress.

“No. No, you don’t. If anyone does I do for being the worst boyfriend in the whole universe.” His voice was full of sorrow and regret, but she didn’t seem to feel his sincerity.

“Please leave Malfoy. I don’t want you around right now.”

Hesitantly, he left her there.


It had been days since she last said a word to him. Every day he craved for her to just come and scream at him for what he said or for her to crumble into his arms and cry. All he wanted was for her to show some sort of interest in him, even if it was negative. Today, in particular, he was concerned. He had not seen her go into any of her classes. 

No, he most certainly did not wait at the door of each and every one of her classes to see if she was going to be there. What kind of crazy lunatic boyfriend would he be if he had memorized that she had each class a grade up than usual because she was so brilliant? He also most certainly did not use his power as prefect to enter the girl’s bathrooms to see if she was in there. He also did not go around asking everyone if they’ve seen her.

He had not thought of the one place she may be, it was too obvious. There was no way she would be sitting in the newspaper club room hunkered over her muggle writing machine, clicking away at the little buttons that put ink on the paper for her.

However, that was exactly where she was, typing frivolously on the typewriter, working hard on her newest newspaper, which just so happened to be a relationship edition.


Next week, after seven more long, painful days of him waiting for her to speak to him, she broke her silence. She didn’t have to say a word to him because Pansy did first.

Malfoy and his gang of delinquents were sat at lunch, messing around as usual. Draco was staring at her where she was sitting, alone, not touching her food, a book in hand. Her hair draped perfectly in that ever-so-slightly-messy way that drove him insane. He watched as her beautiful, soul catching eyes flickered quickly from word to word.

“Oh. My. God.” Pansy rolled her eyes and tossed the thin newspaper down onto the table next to where she was sat. “I don’t know who she thinks she is.” She said, shaking her head. Theo picked up the paper and looked at what gave Pansy a bitter taste in her mouth.

“Filthy blood traitor thinks she knows about relationships now does she? Fucking idiot.” Theo’s words caught Draco’s attention. He snatched the paper out of Nott’s hands, looking at the words one after another.

Many people are pulled into toxic relationships here at Hogwarts because of different houses, blood status, or grades. However, one of the most heartbreaking and prevalent signs of a toxic relationship that could take a turn for the worst is your partner asking you to not tell anyone. It’s understandable to not have everyone up in your love life, and you don’t really have to tell anyone, but asking your significant other to not speak to them during class hours or in front of other people - especially their friends - is a clear sign that someone is not being treated as an equal in a relationship, and is very likely being used for the other person’s personal pleasure. If you need to get out of a toxic relationship, go to the head of your house, a prefect, or a close friend who can help you find your way out.”

Draco was so angry he was nearly producing smoke from his ears. He slammed the paper down aggressively onto the table and looked around for her. He just barely saw her ducking out of the doors of the Great Hall.

He was in pursuit of her instantly, with his friends calling after him once again, as to what the hell he thought he was doing, but he didn’t care. He was angry. How dare she think he was using her. How dare she think that he wasn’t treating her as an equal. She was walking quickly, but Draco’s long, graceful strides caught up to her in no time.

In one quick movement, he had her up on the wall, one hand on either side of her head as she looked up him fearlessly. He loved that about her, she was never scared of him. She didn’t seem to be scared of anything, besides thunder and muggle horror movies.

“Malfoy.” She greeted coldly, her beautiful skin radiating as she locked with his eyes, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her face. God that face. Her perfect eyes, that perfectly-imperfect skin. Her nose that felt so perfect against the skin of his neck when they cuddle. Her lips, Merlin those lips and the way they were practically a drug to him. “Are you going to say something or let me go on my way?” She was harsh, stone cold and… well… acting a bit like him. He couldn’t manage words, he was entranced in her complexion, her beauty was a spell that didn’t need a wand to be cast, one that didn’t need a single word and didn’t affect anyone the way it affected him. “If you have nothing to say, I’d like to go about my day.”

He didn’t hesitate when he dove in to connect their lips. She was frozen, all the pent up anger inside her released and she shoved him away, laying a solid slap against his right cheek with the back of her right hand. His beautiful pale skin stung and began to turn a Gryffindor-Esque red. He didn’t blame her. She seemed to have the mixed emotions of satisfaction and regret in her eyes, those damn beautiful eyes that told him every emotion she was feeling. Over the years, he was able to read her like a book even when she doesn’t say a word.

“I deserved that.” He said softly, placing one of his ice-cold hands against the burning skin of his cheek. “I deserve worse than that. I deserve for you to leave me, I deserve to never have a girlfriend again, and even if I did she would never live up to you Y/N.” She turned around to gaze out at the courtyard. “You are the one and only person I’ve ever wanted. I’ve never wanted anything more in the world than to be with you.” She remained silent as he approached her cautiously, one small step after another until her back was firmly pressed against his front. His breath hot against her ear as he spoke. “You are all I’ve ever wanted. I would die for you. I would do anything to be with you. Y/N you are my princess and I will always love you. No matter what you chose for us in this moment, I will love you till the day I die. I can’t promise much in this life, but I can promise you that.”

Shivers ran up and down her spine.

“Do you mean it?” Her tone was somber and soft, quiet as a mouse. “I can’t tell what you mean and what you don’t anymore. You say things to your friends that you don’t mean… what if you’re lying to me?” She turned around to face him. “Tell me you’re telling me the truth and I’ll believe you.” His gray eyes were soft and sad, watered over with a thin layer of tears.

“Y/N. I’m endlessly in love with you. Please, let me have another chance.” He closed his eyes and tilted his head down, bracing for rejection. 

“Okay dray.” Her words were soft and raspy. With that, she pressed her lips to his.