smoke em all


I swear I wish somebody would try me

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Clearly Sapphire lost her eye for performing HUMAN TRANSMUTATION!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ [also, is your full occult AU up somewhere yet? I've only seen one actual page on tumblr and I'd love to read the whole thing. :D]

she lost her eye bc vampires are dicks to anyone that isn’t a vampire (don’t worry ruby smoked ‘em.) all occult au art is here and thank you!


well i was never exactly sure what kind of squawkbeast my lusus was but he was pretty big and used to molt all the time. sometimes i still expect there to be feathers in my hair when i climb out of my recuperacoon but then i remember alternia is gone and i sleep on a goddamn human concupiscent platform every night like some sort of loser

lalondes lusus was really fuckin bloodthirsty and used to tear apart anybody that threatened to get within fifty feet of her hive. i imagine she had a pretty lonely childhood but who cares she was loaded

harley had a barkbeast for a lusus and it was fucking wild. she named it becquerel after one of the first scienstiffs in alternian history which is more than the rest of us ever did for our lusii. they really had a special connection that carried over into the game and onto jades head lmao

all i know is that egberts lusus had some kind of smoking problem


Gotta smoke ‘em all.

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Imagine Bucky talking with Peggy as they share a cigarette about how Steve used to act like he was much bigger than he actually was, but now that he's big he makes himself small.

“you’re not supposed to smoke these now that you’re all, y'know,” bucky waves a hand at peggy’s body, encompassing all the wrinkles and liver spots of old age

“shut up and gimme the damn cigarette barnes, and don’t make me make it an order”

he laughs and does as he’s told, fishing one of his marlboros out of the crumpled package

“i didn’t start smoking until the war,” bucky muses, cigarette between his lips. he lights the tip and inhales deeply. “couldn’t smoke ‘em when steve was all little - one whiff of these things and he’d start coughing”

peggy wiggles her cigarette at him until he leans over and lights hers as well

“what was he like, before he enlisted?” she asks him, blowing out a stream of smoke

“big,” bucky says without hesitation. “he was always so much bigger than people gave him credit for”

peggy nods and takes another drag. “yeah,” she says thoughtfully, and bucky can tell by the look on her face that she’s thinking about how small steve used to be, and how he was still always so big, “I know what you mean”