smoke catnip

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meulin??? i used to hate her bc of how one dimensional she seemed, but... horuss's weird positivity dying-inside thing he took from her? her weird backstory? she smokes catnip and does drugs and nobody seems to care???? . meulins sounds like shes trying as hard as she can to crush her emotions and i wonder why.

Somebody should write a backstory on that…

No matter what you smoke, whether it be tobacco or cannabis, both are very toxic to animals (even if they’re not in the state of smoke!) and should be kept away from them. Pets should never be allowed in rooms that contain either substance for most pets can smell very well and can have chemicals caught in their nose. All substances should be kept out of reach and out of smelling range. Smoking with pets in the area is a form of animal abuse and neglect. Thank You.

Stories in the Car

Telling stories about ourselves from “back-in-the-day” while trying to remain sane on our road trip.

ENFP tells the story of how when she was in middle school she and a friend rolled and smoked catnip to see if it would do anything. It didn’t.

ENFJ tells a story about how in high school he and his computer teacher installed Starcraft on all the computers and held a tournament as their final. School removes CD drives.

INTP tells the story of how when she was in 2nd grade (the only year she wasn’t homeschooled) her friend told her on the last day of school that she didn’t want to be her friend anymore and then walked off.

INFP tells story about someone else.