smoke break!

I don't want your timeshare, I'll just take the poolshare...

We searched high and low for a hotel with an outdoor pool in Seattle and surrounding areas because for the love of God the sun will be out and I’m going to be in it every second I can this weekend. But when you live somewhere that it rains all the fucking time it’s not easy to do. However, I stare longingly every day from my balcony at a beautiful pool and lounge chairs that belong to The Camlin which is a Wyndham resort. All the workers take their smoke breaks in the parking lot. Yesterday, I made it my mission to try to bribe them for pool access. It’s so bad that I legit was planning a mission impossible type scenario to enter said pool which included wall climbing and shit. Anywho, we are sitting through a 90 minute presentation this morning just so we can use the pool today. The funny thing is I don’t remember if it ever even gets any sun on it.

El oh el.

Happy Saturday!