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There was the SLIGHTEST mention in the last Critical Role episode about werewolves in the Feywild, and I IMMEDIATELY latched onto the idea of werewolf!Percy. Improbable, sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have fun with this newfound werewolf (and who am I kidding, Perc’ahlia) AU.

(1) Percy’s transformation is a literal burning away of human flesh. It blackens and blisters and gets burned away in flameless clouds of black smoke. Horrendously painful, but the white fur sprouts through, probably as he helps the process along by ripping the compromised skin away. (Not so much the human form shifting into a wolf, but the wolf form bursting through the skin, kind of a variation on how it works in Hemlock Grove.) (2) Wolf Percy is big and floofy. Completely white, and the only real remnant of his human form is the raven skull that Keyleth gave him that he still wears. He also starts smoking up when he gets angry. (3) Wolf Percy’s eyes are not the best, same as his human form (still blue eyes too, there’s a bit of human there). Vex keeps track of his glasses and will hold them up for him when his better sense of smell and hearing won’t do the trick.

Choose Your Mistakes #31

Part thirty-one of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to distract Anti.

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How dare…

You shrieked, charging at Anti and bringing the arm in your grasp down as hard as possible on the back of his head. And then you did it again.
You’d stepped into Anti’s smoke without thinking. Static rippled across your skin, and your hair stood on end.
Anti twitched violently, turning to regard you with a confused expression.
“D͜id̡͏̶ ̸̨͞y̡͟͞o̢̕͘ù̧͡ ̷͜s̴̕e̵r̀̀͠í̷ou̢͢͡ş̧l̴̨̡y ̨̛j͜͝ú̶̢st̸̢-”

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I have tried to drink this pain away, to smoke it away, to write it away.
I tried to make it numb, I tried to run away from it, I tried to fight it.
But everything I did against it left me emptier than I was before.
—  Nothing fixes this anymore. (09.05.17 // 00:07)

It was you that I think about, late night when you’re out with your friends. You are a girl, you shouldn’t go anywhere in this time. It was you, that force me to go out to look for you, late night when you’re out with your friends. What if someone hurts you? What if your friends force you to drink until you feel numb? What if your friends force you to smoke the pain away?

It was you, the reason I feel sick just to think about how you desperately want to make yourself feel numb, because you’re hurting so bad. It was you, the reason that makes me want prove that love is not what hurts you; you just stuck with the wrong person who gave you the wrong idea about love. Love isn’t suppose to hurt. Love is the cure to everything.

It was 2 A.M., you were laying on the couch right outside my bedroom, sleep peacefully after I made you a cup of hot tea.

It was 2 A.M., and I hope you now realize that this is love.

—  Let Him Go; I’ll Show You What Love Is / S.D.
Better Than You P2

y/n drew her gun as Happy and her rounded the corner. She handed Happy a silencer. Happy looked at her as like she lost her damn mind. “There is cops all over this neighbor hood.” Happy nodded twisting it on. She ran infront of him, “One.. two… three..” She whispered as they kicked open the door. Y/n seen Glen, she shot at him, missing him. She chased after him, Hap behind her. Soon a gun shut rang out, and the man fell the floor holding his leg. “Stay quite, and I might let you live.” Hap smirked at her lying words. she turned her head to see a man behind Happy, she grabbed Haps hand, pulling him over as another shot went off. She felt the searing hot pain she had felt so many times before. She felt through her shoulder muscle. She bit her lip from yelling out. Hap raised his gun shooting the man in the hand. y/n grabbed the gun from him. She held her shoulder. She was bleeding a decent amount. “Hap, Get these two tied up.” “You need medic..” “Just do it.” Hap growled at the order. No one ordered him around except his mother and aunt. Also at times Jax or the Chibs. More like asking him. Soon the men where tied. Kiki walked to the kitchen putting her gloves on. She grabbed salt and looked in the fridge. Kiki walked in holding salt in one hand and a lemon in the other. She grabbed a chair, twirling it to look at Glen. She grabbed her switch from her boot. Haps eyes widened. This girl was packing. She delicately sliced the mans cheek, only going a few layers deep. “You know.. salt and lemon have a chemical reaction…” She said smirking. Slicing the lemon, she poured salt into his cut, jamming a thin lemon wedge inbetween the skin layers. The man screamed in the rag. Happy was impressed. She was making torture tools out of every day items. Simplicity at its best. “as for you. You almost shot my handsome partner. If I had to go back to headquarters with him dead.. well.. I would kill you… and everyone you cared about. Because I hate confirtation that the work place..” she said jamming her knife into the mans hand where the bullet wound was. He screamed loudly. “So you went after someone very important… very important. You see the people I take care of are family to me… you fuck with my family you die. This man hear is amazing with torture… get ready.”

Hap had to admit, the lemon trick was doing wonders alone. He did it a few more times to the man. After he was done, he called the guys to help. He walked to the living room to see y/n knelt over holding her shoulder. She was pale, her whole shirt sopped with blood. “y/n…” Hap said putting a hand over the wound, it was still bleeding. Soon the boys arrived. Jax walked in to see y/n standing next to Hap. Hap holding her shoulder. “What happened?” “She saved me..” Hap said lowly. Almost embarrassed. “We are enforcers. You would have done the same. IT is a secret bond.” y/n smiled weakly. Hap thought about it. Would he have? Would he do that for a girl he barly knew. Chibs walked over “ I would not always bet on it lass.” Chibs chuckled, grabbing your hand. “Lets get you stitched up..” y/n nodded and slowly trailed behind Chibs.

Y/N awoke in a bedroom. She looked around. “fuck..” she put her hand over her shoulder. She seen two large hands in front of her. One with a joint and the other a glass of water. “How do you know I smoke?” “ I don’t.” She chuckled at Hap, sliding the joint between her lips. Hap flicked his lighter and a flame came to life. She burned the edge and took a deep breath in. The smoke filling her lungs. Already easing the pain away. ‘Thanks.” She passed the joint to Hap who sat down next to her. “So who changed me last night?” She looked at her clothes she was now wearing “ A crow eater helped out. You can keep the shirt.” “Think I have cooties or something?” “Nope, just want you to rep SAMCRO.” Hap said taking a long drag.

Y’know. Really. I feel so bad for McCree??

Honestly though, think about it. He’s on the run constantly because the Media and law can’t accept the fact that he does good. He’s homeless and hardly has a friend in the world. Sure he has his pals from Overwatch, but i’m sure he rarely gets to see anyone. 

He gets called an oddity, fake cowboy, stupid, hick, and so much more. Not many people take him seriously when he’s one of the most bad ass people out there. He’s a BAMF that has a drinking and smoking problem and i’m sure some of that problem comes from stress and some mental disorders trying to drink pain away. I’m sure he drinks and smokes though to enjoy it and himself too.

His old mentor is out trying to kill people that he was close to and probably him as well. He tells him he looks ridiculous and literally the ones he’s looked up to all three, Jack, Ana, and Gabe all lied and faked their death putting him through that. Not only him I know, all of them, but I wanna focus on McCree in this post.  

He was around bad influences when he was a teen and had to make up for it by going on suicide missions in Blackwatch where he took a chance on his life because he wanted a change in not only himself, for the world. He wanted to bring justice to wrong doers like he once was. Sure he joined Blackwatch because he didn’t want to be in prison, but his mind quickly changed and it probably wouldn’t have in prison 

He probably can’t even get any good nights sleep because he has those bounties on his head. There could be danger around any corner at anytime. Even though this man has had one hell of a life, he still plays it off with charm, kindliness, and manners to folks who deserve it. And who even knows what kind of family he ran away from. Either he was a little bad kid with his eye on the gang and left a good family or he left on purpose to get away from a bad one. Hell, it could have been both who knows.

Idk I just got to thinking about how fucked his life really was/is and I want to give him the biggest fucking hug ever and tell him how important he is.

Begin Again. (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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REQUEST: hey can you write an imagine where the reader has depression a month or two after the supposed “death” of her boyfriend Jerome and she drinks, smokes and parties at clubs to take her pain away and one night the drugs and the alcohol really gets to her and she goes past her limit and hallucinates jerome everywhere and Jerome is alive and walks up to her at the club and the Maniax attack the whole place while they reunite and kiss and his words to her are “did you miss me?” thanks so much !! <3

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, mention of death, murder, depression, drugs/smoking, drinking, partying, hallucinations, long imagine??

NOTE: song “Begin Again” by Purity Ring is used for this imagine. This song will be the background music of the club scene. You can check out the song here!

It has been almost half an hour and I didn’t touch my plate. I just stared at nothing as my sandwich sat untouched and uneaten. My phone was piled with unread text messages and missed calls from all my family and friends. They were all worried about me, they were worried about my mental health, this illness that I’m currently having. It won’t go away. My thoughts of him won’t go away. 

The whole city went crazy as soon as Theo Galavant plunged the knife in Jerome’s neck. I couldn’t help but collapse on my knees as I watch my boyfriend slowly die with a smile on his face, not even having the chance to finishing his sentence.

“You … said I was … gonna be …” You said I was gonna be a star. And he did. Theo said he was gonna be famous, popular, known in Gotham city. And if his ambition came to life, I would smile and be happy to see him finally be free from all those years of abuse from his mother and blind father and the remaining time he had in Arkham Asylum wearing that stupid jumpsuit. 

Turns out Galavan was the hero and the star of Gotham. He “saved” the people inside the building that was only looking forward to see a magic show being crashed by no other than Jerome Valeska and Barbara Kean.

Speaking of Barbara, she went over to my apartment and “paid her respects”. I saw her wear the most beautiful outfit and I pictured myself wearing it to impress Jerome. I wasn’t expecting Barbara to feel sorry about Jerome’s death and my mourning because all she cared about was to get back together with Jim and to make Lee suffer. But that day she came to visit she had a box of donuts in her hand and a bag of marijuana spliffs in the other. All for me. She was winking at before leaving.

It is now a month since the death of Jerome Valeska and I’m still a trainwreck over his death. My own boyfriend, my partner in crime, my Clyde Chestnut. He was gone and no remorse was there to comfort me except Barbara. My family told me it was for the best and my friends tried hooking me up with other guys, but I ended up never speaking to them the whole night I went on dates with them. Neither of them were Jerome. They could never be him.

Last week, I got kicked out of a club because I screamed when I saw people’s faces replaced by Jerome’s- looking directly at me with his evil grin. All the ‘Jeromes’ began to laugh at me, maniacally. I wanted to scream so I did, causing everyone around me to stop dancing and stare at me. Next thing I knew, two guards were throwing me out the back door, leaving me to walk home.

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I rewatched “Face the Raven” yesterday and this episode kills me every time. After the series 9 finale, we knew Clara got all time and space in her TARDIS and “became a Doctor herself” (which was a good closure for her character in my opinion), but “Face the Raven” is still the episode of her real death and it’s still sad. 

As Ten says in “Blink”, “from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, [time] is more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff”. We know (expect) Clara had years and years travelling, having adventures, enjoying herself, but in “Face the Raven” the Doctor doesn’t know it, like we didn’t the first time we watched it. And I think that’s the reason (putting Clara’s death and all the things that it implicates aside) the episode makes me sad. 

The Doctor sees his most important person dying right in front of him and he can do nothing but watch the whole thing happening. Clara, his Clara, screaming in pain. Blowing away like smoke. She had a lifetime of joy, pain, hope and anger. She lived, but he doesn’t know it. And she did because of him. Because he’d be trapped inside his confession dial for 4.5 BILLION YEARS, facing the same fears day after day, just to have a chance to save her. He’d be exhausted and hopeless, he’d want to give up sometimes, but he’d never really do that because her chance to live depended on him. He could leave anytime, but he chose to stay and fight. Because, if by choosing to stay she’d have a chance, then it wasn’t a choice at all.

And that’s one of the reasons why Whouffaldi is one of the most powerful relantionships I’ve ever seen in fiction.

10 Things I Learned After You Picked Her.

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  • Request: Can you do an angst scenario with Jimin, for admin amanda pls
  • Genre: Angst, just straight up angst
  • A/N: So, like I am kinda procrastinating at part 2 for the Zico scenario, but hopefully *probably not* it will be here at the end of the week. So enjoy this lovely Jimin angst in the meanwhile. -Amanda

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I fall asleep to escape all the guilt and all the pain,
Pillowcases soaked in blood, I smoked away my fucking lungs,
And if it hurts you just to face me,
And if you’re trying to erase me,
Know I’ll be waiting for the next time
And I’ll be praying that you take my life