smoke and dust

As it should have been... A The Final Problem fix-it ficlet (Johnlock, of course :)


John placed the blackened headphones on the bull’s head. Deftly he wiped away the last traces of smoke and dust and smiled at Sherlock who was patiently holding the head in his large hands. He was holding it by the antlers, ready to hang it back on the wall between the living room windows.

‘Rakish, isn’t he?’

‘Hmm, yes,’ Sherlock made sure to return the smile before he turned to climb onto the desk and put the head back where it belonged. On the wall of their freshly redecorated flat.

‘Hang on!’

John slipped out of the living room, leaving it to Sherlock to move the head a bit this way and that way until he was satisfied with the position. A hissing sound made Sherlock start and when he turned his head towards it, he saw John with a spray can in his hand, spraying the missing smiley onto the brandnew wallpaper with a flourish.


Sherlock climbed down from the desk, admiring the yellow circle, toothlessly grinning back at them. John nodded, satisfied with his handiwork, and a smug smile was on his face when he slowly turned around.

‘Of course, it’s not complete without …’

‘Of course, not!’ Sherlock grinned. ‘Where’s your gun, John?’


The shots startled Mrs Hudson, almost making her drop the Spode Blue teapot she was drying. Unbelievable! Mere seconds later she was storming up the stairs and through the living room door of 221b.

‘What have you done to my wall? Again!’ Her index finger waving in Sherlock’s direction was as much an accusation as her stern face. ‘You will have to pay for that, young man! The decorator finished this bloody morning, and you have nothing better to do than …’

Sherlock grabbed Mrs Hudson and kissed his landlady soundly on the cheek.

‘I know! I apologise and of course, we will pay for it.’

You will – ‘ She stopped, and a smile lit up her crinkly face, her eyes dashing between John and Sherlock. ‘This is very much a you-situation now, isn’t it? As in you and John?’


Abruptly Sherlock let go of her, something else had caught his attention, and he bent to pick up one of Rosie’s little cardigans, the one in pale blue, the one he was particularly partial to. While he was at it, he also pulled out a Ladybird book which had become wedged between the cushions of his chair. Sherlock loved reading those stories to her when nobody was around, using different voices to make the characters come alive. Rosie was a very avid listener, intelligent and open, qualities Sherlock had always appreciated in any human being, whether they were one year and a half or forty-five.

John cleared his throat and Sherlock turned his gaze at him. They both smiled, the tenderness and understanding they had for each other making words unnecessary. John was the one to break the moment.

‘Mrs H, please add whatever you think is the appropriate compensation to our rent next month. Would that be all right?’

‘Of course, dear! Perfectly fine!’ She patted Sherlock’s arm. ‘I – um – just leave you two to it, then, shall I?’


John wiped his hand over his face, but the tiredness he felt was not so easy to get rid of. The last weeks had been horrendous, only now everything was gradually settling down, they were settling down.

He tip-toed up the last steps to their flat, the blissful silence indicating that Rosie was asleep. A state of things John was unwilling to disturb unnecessarily. He loved his daughter dearly, loved her gurgling laughter and her babbling in the morning when she had just awoken, but right now, he would appreciate a sleeping Rosie very much.

On the landing, he slipped out of his shoes and hung up his own coat next to Sherlock’s and Rosie’s pale pink jacket. Gently his hand caressed the rough wool of Sherlock’s Belstaff and the soft cotton of the child’s jacket next to it. His face warmed and unexpectedly tears welled up in his eyes. He wiped them away, sniffing, tired, but also finding he was more and more reluctant to hide his emotions.

Carefully he opened the door and peered into the room, dimly lit by the lamp on the desk, but the light was enough to make out two shapes on the sofa.

John’s heart swelled and the tears returned. Unashamedly he let them fall now, while he was looking at his daughter and the man he loved, both lying asleep on the sofa.

Sherlock was on his back and Rosie resting on his chest, her head turned to the side and tucked in the crook of Sherlock’s neck, his large hands cradling her to him, and John knew there and then that there would never be a safer place for himself and his daughter.

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Summer of smoke and dust, and maybe something we will never forget
All we did was drink,
trying to find the answers at the bottom of a bottle
We made others handle our burning bodies, too tired to care, too busy finding the nearest party to take care of our bruised limbs
Don’t get me wrong, we succeeded—
Tell me about your problems so I can forget mine, simple
All the boys carried us and wanted to kiss the burn marks on our hands and cheeks
Fire burns bright, I guess that’s why they saw us, but fire turns to ash

Soon enough you are left with only the memory of something warm, and a strong smell of smoke, that will make you sick to your stomach

—  From “sixteen candles burning” - knight


Remember your orders.
Shoot quick.
Shoot low. A miss which throws dust in the enemy’s eyes is better than one which whistles in his ear.
Shoot cunning.
Shoot the enemy while they are rubbing their eyes.
Economise ammunition and don’t kill a man three times.
Remember that trenches are curly and dug-outs deep – look round the corners.

Watch the progress of the fight and your neighbouring Tanks.
Watch your infantry whom you are helping.
Remember the position of your own line.
Smell out the enemy’s machine guns and other small guns and kill them first with your 6-pdrs.
You will not see them for they will be cunningly hidden.
You must ferret out where they are, judging by the following signs:–
A shadow in a parapet.
A hole in a wall, haystack, rubbish heap, woodstack, pile of bricks.
They will usually be placed to fire slantways across the front and to shoot along wire.
One 6-pdr. shell that hits the loophole of a m.g. emplacement will do it in.

Use the 6-pdr. with care; shoot to hit and not to make a noise.
Never have any gun, even when unloaded, pointing at your own infantry, or a 6-pdr. gun pointed at another Tank.
It is the unloaded gun that kills the fool’s friends.

Never mind the heat.
Never mind the noise.
Never mind the dust.
Think of your pals in the infantry.
Thank God you are bulletproof and can help the infantry, who are not.

Always have your mask handy.

—  Royal Tank Regiment guidelines for tankers, WWI.

here’s my contribution to spoop-season; the most majestic OTP in the fandom

some fav panels from 114 (spoilers)

I’m sorry I just loved some of the panels in this chapter, and for once I read a chapter on the day it was released, so

Mineta no

Iida yes thank you dad/mom-friend you are a gem the tru mvp.

Let’s not forget Yoarashi the Dork though

Comical apology but then, serious scene

He’s still doing it there’s still dust/smoke coming from the point of impact. What a great dork

Lots of prickly bakus. He’s always prickly but he’s especially prickly today

the good the bad and the ugly I love how enthusiastic/amped Yoarashi and Bakugou are. Todoroki why are you like this. It’s like a sandwich with spicy bread that’s literally on fire with unmelting ice in between

Let’s not forget Izuku though

smart green son I love him, look at his thinking habits, we knew he mumbles, and now he’s playing with his lower lip

Look at Iida, look at IZUKU, THEY’RE SO SUPPORTIVE





Take it Easy - Star Trek

“I LOVED YOUR DOCTOR BASHIR STORY!!! Could you possibly do one of Doctor McCoy where the reader gets hurt and he cares for her? It can be fluffy but it doesn’t have to be!”

‘Ow ow ow ow ow ow’ droned on repeat through your head as you rolled over on the floor. Alarms were going off and you could hear quiet moans from the others who had been in the lab. The explosion had cut through the power system and the room was dark. Faint yellow emergency lights shone through the smoke and dust.

At least there were no flames you thought to yourself. You tried to sit up when a searing pain shot through your lower body. Gasping, you fell back as your hands snapped to your thigh, where they were met with a warm and oozing wetness.

And pain. Lots of pain.

Your communicator chirped. With wet and shaky hands you flipped it open”

“Y/L/N here.”

“Is everything ok down there? Our computers detected an energy spike.” The Captains familiar voice emanated from the small device.

“Energy spike doesn’t quite cover it Captain. We could use an emergency medical team down here.”

A pause.


“Im not sure. It’s pretty dark and I am…not mobile.”

“Are you ok?” the Captain asked

“Uh…no, but there appear to be some worse off down here.” You said as you glanced around through the now clearing smoke. Black dots started to appear in your vision as you began to feel increasingly sleepy. You didn’t notice the communicator slip out of your hand as you started to drift off.

In orbit, Leonard McCoy was standing on the bridge when he heard “Emergency medical.” He bolted for the turbolift. He used the intercom in the lift to instruct his team to bring medical kits and supplies to the transporter room. When he stepped off the lift, several more crew members in blue uniforms rounded a corner in the hallway to meet him.

“Situation?” One of the asked, handing a med kit out to him.

“Some sort of explosion. Prep for burns and shrapnel damage.” He grabbed the kit and stepped onto the pad. His worries as a Doctor were going crazy, but his worry for you specifically was causing the slight shake of his normally steady hands.

“Energize.” And less than a second later he appeared in the smoky ruin of the alien lab on the planet below. Right away he could see the two Starfleet scientists who were on your landing team, as well as several scientists from the alien colony you were assisting. McCoy motioned his team towards them.

He moved around the room, looking for you. His face barely hid the rising panic he felt. He took a step over a fallen column and spotted you on the floor. His stomach sank and his heart threatened to beat out of his chest as he dashed to the floor beside you, fingers heading straight for your neck to check for a pulse.

Your eyes fluttered open at his touch.

“Thank God” McCoy let out the breath he had been holding.

“Mmm Leonard.” Your speech was slurred and heavily groggy.

He started to scan you with his tricorder.

“Help…Help my team first” You tried to raise a hand to push him away, but found yourself unable to move.

“Like hell.” He mumbled as he pulled some sort of device out of his kit and moved it over the gash in your thigh. His panic returned as your eyes drooped shut once more and your head slumped to the side.

“Hey. HEY. Don’t you fall asleep on me Y/N!” He shook your arm, still holding the device over your leg. No response. “Dammit! Dammit!”

He whipped out his communicator “Enterprise! Two to beam directly to the medical bay.” He spoke into the little box. “COOLIDGE YOU’RE IN CHARGE DOWN HERE.” He yelled into the smoke filled room.

Moments later he was lifting you onto a surgical table and calling for nurses to bring him various things. As your pulse continued to drop, his level of panic rose. Shaking and feeling sick to his very core, he moved various machines into positions around your leg. A nurse gently tugged off your boots and uniform pants revealing an enormous gash cutting deep into your left thigh. His heart sank even further. You were losing way too much blood way too fast.

“Lets stop this bleeding!” He yelled to the room. A nurse appeared at his side with the required tools and he set to work, sending silent prayers to every deity he had even heard of.

Hours later, your eyes once again fluttered open. Listening, you could hear the familiar beeps of the medical bay. Feeling a pressure on your right side you lifted your head to find Leonard sitting next to your bed, his upper body slumped against your side. His sleeves were pushed up to his elbows and his fingers were wrapped tightly around yours.

“Hey.” You said, and wiggled your fingers against his.

His head snapped up and he looked at you with wide eyes before letting out a long breath.

“Don’t you ever do that again!” he spoke softly and moved to sit on the bed beside you. He brought a hand up to your face, brushing his fingers over your cheek.

“Do what?”

“Scare me like that. God Y/N, Ive never been so scared in my life. And I was once cornered by a Telethian Scissor-Beast.”

“Is my team ok?” you pressed.

“A few burns. A couple heavy shrapnel wounds like yours, but everyone is pulling through.”

You smiled and lowered you head back to the bed before a puzzled look came over your face and you sat up.

“The compressor must have receiving more power than we realized. I need to get back down there.” You mumbled and started to pull the thin hospital blanket from your legs.

Leonard stood and gently pushed you back down on the bed.

“Take it easy gorgeous. You can go back down there when I say you can.”

You shot him an exasperated look.

“Doctors orders. Besides. I don’t think I am physically able to let you out of my sight for a little while” He reached for your hand. You noticed the slight shake in his arm as he sat back down on the bed. Realizing just how scared he must have been you nodded.


He bent over to kiss your forehead, soliciting giggles from several nearby nurses.

“You’re going to be the death of me you know.” He mumbled against your hairline.

“Mmmmm” You murmured as you closed your eyes. Leonard began tracing circles into your palms with your thumbs as your mind drifted off to more calculations about the explosions. In the back of your mind though, you were silently grateful for the love of your protective sweet talking doctor.

meanlucario  asked:

Please tell us the story. I need to hear this.

Well I popped the old gal open to find its drive belt was rubber, it must have slipped and the friction of the motors wheel melted it and caused it to smoke. The considerable dust inside the casing ignited and the rest is history.

I can fix this…I just need a new belt and a new casing to fit over it.

Im sure I can buy the belt and the casing I can maybe make out of aluminum sheeting or maybe PVC