smoke alot


Mama Cat’s Bad Habit Breaker 

 Have you ever had a few handfuls of incense and after a while they all started to smell the same? Well this is one of Mama Cat’s bad habits, not labeling her incense and leaving then all clumped together. So a quick habit breaker spell was just what she needed. 


 Bundle of incense you no longer want or need

 A fire safe bowl

 Dirt or rice

 Putting it together

 Fill the bowl almost to its top with the dirt or rice. Stick in the incense so it sticks up as shown in the pictures. CAREFULLY light each stick. You may want to set it outside because it will make alot of smoke. As you watch the sticks burn,think of all the bad habits that you would like to work on and get rid of. Think of the best plan of attack to get rid of your habits. If you would like, because smoke is a great carrier to someone who might be listening, ask for help in breaking the habit from a deity or being of your choosing.

 Reminders: USE COMMON SENSE WHEN USING FIRE. please be outside or in a very well ventilated area. The actual habit breaking will be up to you, and only you. Good luck.

  • Name: Saria Lienart
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 1.00
  • Species: Ivysaur
  • Family: none
  • Occupation: Militar Captain
  • Best friend: Bunker
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Favorite color: Purple, green, blue, gold
  • Relationship status: Single (Widow)
  • Ideal mate: ???
  • Favorite food: Fruit (Mango)
  • Crushes: ???
  • Favorite music: Classic Music
  • Biggest fear: Death
  • Biggest fantasy: Become a Colonel
  • Bad habits: Punches each time she laughs, Can’t keep a serious face for to long, Smokes alot, hates to lose
  • Biggest regret: Letting somebody die cause of her  Insubordination
  • Best kept secrets: She left her village and family just to follow a dream, she knows what happen to them and don’t care
  • Worst romantic experience: ???
  • Biggest insecurity: Her unevolved form
  • Weapon of choice: Knifes
  • HeadCanon Voice: Link
  • HeadCanon Battle Theme: Link
Death Note Mello and Matt's Ironic Death's

If you think about it’s kinda ironic. I mean Mello died in a ball of fire in that truck and Matt would smoke alot. Matt however died by gunshot, Mello’s main weapon. I just fell like pointing out the irony that these two who are shipped so much died by something the other used so much.