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Stay Stoney Everyone✨🐙

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✨Hope everyone stays high✨

BTS reaction to you smoking weed

Anon said:  hey can i have a reaction of BTS (as boyfriends) having a gf that smokes weed and how they’d feel about it? :’)

- Never in me life got sometjing like this! This is just my opinions on how they would react! Soo enjoooy anon ^^

Jungkook: Of course he’ll think that is wrong what you do. But after several times of telling you to stop, he knows you won’t. He’ll be against it, but it is your life and he can’t do anything about it.

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Jimin: When you are high he wouldn’t want to look at you, talk to you. He’ll just feel bit uncomfortable and would mind the fact you are smoking weed. He would ask you to stay away from him when you are high, and come back whenn you are back to normal again.

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Taehyung: Depends. Sometimes when he sees you smoking and he would actually think how maybe that makes you happy? Does it feel that good that you have to do it. He+ll be on and off for it. Sometimes support you but sometime not. He still cares about your healt, but if that makes you feel good, he would not tell you to stop.

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J-Hope: At first would fight with you over it. It would be constant fights about you smoking weed. He’ll give up, but be so devastated and angry not just at him because he can’t prove you that it’s not that good, but at you too. But he’ll come in peace with a fact you like that, and you do it time to time.

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Rap Monster: Honestly. He wouldn’t care if you smoke weed alot. It’s your life, lifestyle, something you like and love doing. He wouldn’t be against it at all. Tbh he’ll smoke with you sometimes. Would love the feeling of being high, being in his world, his thoughts different, he got no worries on his mind. He’ll like it, would not smoke all the time, but would time to time. 

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Suga: This man would fight, fight his souuul just so you stop. Beg you to stop. Be all serious about it, not wanting to be near you when you are high, basically same as Jimin. But I think he’ll be at one point where he’ll ask you. “Weed or me”. How much he would be sick of it. 

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Jin:  He’ll be at peace with a fact you are smoking, and won’t try to stop you. But inside he is angry and just always will be against it. Thinking it’s not good for you at all. 

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the edge of seventeen tag!

i wasn’t gonna do this cause i didn’t necessarily get tagged {i’m just gonna go ahead and presume that’s cause i’m on a weird hiatus and not because nobody gives a crap about me} but either way it looked fun so here it is!

at this point, toby’s sort of experimenting with hair colours and questioning her sexuality, whereas Logan’s still taking part in her everlasting emo stage and buying the cheapest black kohl eyeliner. i also put them in school uniform just because that’s how i picture them at seventeen for some reason. i find myself imagining Toby and Logan not really going to prom, but rather Toby turning up for an hour then going to join Logan and a bunch of friends in a parking lot to drink and smoke. idk man.

this was alot of fun, cheers to @alwaysimming for inventing this challenge.

i noticed a couple cool people who hadn’t done this yet so i tag:

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i spent all of 2017 being ugly, smoked alot of weed, stayed home everyday and embraced the fact i have no close friends to chill with yet

signs as people i have been close with.

aries: tall, blonde, quiet but talks mad shit about everyone and everything. teases, cute, very very gorgeous but never admits it or believes it. long ass eyelashes. dates alot of people.

taurus: short, light brown hair. really really likes books. realistic thinker. intelligent. perfect grades. very pretty face. likes looking at cute boys. athletic and plays hockey. passive aggressive. VERY stubborn.

gemini: clever, funny, annoying as fuck. nice hair, grey eyes, very playful. teases. like alot. to everyone. has strong facial features but his jokes make him seem less serious. nice to everyone.

cancer: VERY argumentative when pissed off. blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair. very introverted at first but once you get her talking she NEVER stops. has a cute laugh. emotional and sensitive. on her phone alot. listens to every genre of music. takes snapchats of everything secretly (oh but do i ever notice it)

leo: very quiet at first. lots of shy smiles and nervous giggles. but once you get really close with her, quiet turns into conversations about anything and everything about the universe, shy smiles turn into really big smiles and nervous giggles turn into loud, hearty laughs. very artistic. long hair. interested in photography. confident and being around her feels like home.

virgo: hazel sleepy eyes, messy light hair, slight jawline. gamer. always on his phone during class. humor that always has a deeper meaning. great conversationalist, always keeps the conversation going. lots of funny interesting stories. remembers every single detail you tell him. an amazing listener. very kindhearted and welcoming. mutters the word ‘hostile’ everytime i win an arguement with him. which rarely happens.

libra: elegant and graceful when she walks. VERY AMBITIOUS AND DETERMINED. thinks ahead alot, able to predict what im going to do before i even do it. intense eye contact. rants about her job alot. black hair and blue eyes. great fashion sense. likes the colour black. scary when shes mad, i try not to mess with her. apologizes ALOT after she gets angry. very pretty.

scorpio: very passionate about his girlfriend and the people he cares about. striven. blue eyes. obsessed with the ocean and the outdoors. likes to be in control but is able to let little things go. smokes alot. eyes go really big when talking about something he’s interested in. very detailed stories, never leaves out a single detail which makes them kinda long. very intense emotions.

sagittarious: outgoing, adventurous. rants about people. down to do anything, no matter how crazy. not afraid to act silly with me. tall, cat eyes, stunning. spontaneous and dares me to do alot of funny things which is awesome because im alot more free than i was before i met her. fangirls about everything. ships and fangirls about couples who arent even couples. but i can see right through her. and secretly, she has a deep side.

capricorn: controlling, sarcastic, and ambitious. likes his job alot. loyal, cares alot about his family. use to be a hippie headbanger in highschool. listens to rock. little bit lazy and tired alot. plays games, likes taking friends out to movies and nice restauraunts. likes camping. likes the outdoors. really bad temper and throws things when angry. has alot of emotions bottled up inside. logical thinking and rebellious when he was younger. likes to be right.

aquarius: really chilled out and alot of dark humour. great voice impressions of morgan freeman. doesnt fall in love easily, kind of sensitive and clingy though when he does. talks about his life experiances alot if you ever get close. lots of friends, plays guitar, VERY TALL HOLY SHIT. plays drums, listens to music alot. kind of mean and blunt and honest. slight sarcasm, gets annoyed easily.

pisces: plays soccer, talkative and sweet. has graceful facial features. outside alot and always doing something. intelligent, great comebacks, wants to be an aries. very opinionated, always listening to music and not noticing that hes quietly singing/humming along which is adorable. always fidgets half conciously and can never hold still.