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Here’s one way to get a message to smokers: write it in ink made from their own diseased lungs.
BBDO Proximity Thailand has produced a fascinating case study on its recent anti-smoking effort for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

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childhood-fxcked  asked:

How long have you've been inlove with Leo?

ah……..ever since 8th grade health class……………..when i saw a clip of him smoking in an anti-smoking advert….it would never be the same again


Woman’s Day-May 1955 by the FPDA
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Woman’s Day-May 1955

Warning: Awful Jump Scare on Youtube

Sooo, they’ve made another on of those ridiculous anti-smoking adverts but this one isn’t so ridiculous.  It’s like a jump scare in a horror video game where a  spider monster thing jumps out of a cigarette box right at you.

Now this is the first time I’ve seen this one, so I don’t know if it’s new or if other people have already had the misfortune to see it.  But either way, I feel people deserve warning anyway.

If you hate jump scares and/or are severely triggered by them, BE CAREFUL ON YOUR NEXT YOUTUBE WATCH.  If you see a greenish-blue cigarette pack just sitting in the middle of the screen, click to another tab or shut your eyes until your video starts playing.

You cannot skip this ad because it is too short.  You have a few seconds to act before the jump scare so watch yourselves, please. 

Everyone stay safe now.