the best makeshift incense that’ll blow ur fucking mind.

alright sisters, lets get straight into it. to make this, roll up a small piece of paper into a tube. fold one end shut, and fill it up with any non poisonous herb (like lavender or frankincense). lodge that bitch in a pair of tweezers (use skewers and rubber bands if u donthave tweezers), with the folded end pointed down, then balance it over a fireproof bowl like so:

now light the end of the stick thats pointed down. blow it out after five seconds. the smoldering paper and herbs will release a sweet smoke, and any ashes will drop straight into the fireproof jar. congratu-fucking-lations, you made incense.

some witchy tips for this:

- burn secific herbs for different intentions, like chamomile for peace, jasmine for dreams, sage for cleansing etc.

- mark the paper with sigils

- use the ashes to make black salt, or for spell powders

have fun and dont burn ur house down!