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Jealous much ?

Word count: 1548

Request: Hey :) can you do an imagine where me and cam are best friends and i kiss nash then cam gets jealous

“Ow, That hurt” you rubbed your arm where a punch just landed moments before.

“You’ll live” Cameron chuckled at your response to his punch. This was the usual relationship you had with him. You’ve been best friends for as long as either of you could remember. 

“You’re right, what’s a minute worth of pain to a year worth of pain to your pride, since you just got beaten by a girl once again.” You smirked. You were both playing Mario cart at Cameron’s apartment since you were bored. And typically you always won. Cameron rolled his eyes at your comment as he pressed okay to continue to the next level.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?” a voice said behind the couch.

 “Mario Kart” You replied not even looking up which was at least a response since Cameron just gave a grunt. You both were super competitive and in the zone and had no time to look up from the intense game that lay on the screen before you. It most likely was Nash who lived with Cameron or one of the other guys who came to visit every so often. They always stop by unannounced. 

“Alright, I play winner” The seat beside you sunk down a little by the weight of the person causing you to glance who it was. Nash. But the split second your attention was diverted caused Cameron to seize the opportunity and throw a shell at you. One you were unable to dodge since your attention was somewhere else. 

“Oh c’mon, Seriously, I was distracted” you groaned, seeing that you lost to Cameron.

 “All’s fair in love and war” Cameron said taking the remote from your hands and handing it over to Nash’s eager ones. 

“I don’t think that’s how that quote goes” You replied but Cameron just shrugged at your response leaving you with your arms crossed. You sunk down into the couch awaiting your turn to beat cameron.

“Hey the boys and I are having a bonfire at the beach tonight, you should come (Y/N)” Nash spoke over the game. Cameron gave him a glance but it was so quick you wondered if you imagined it.

 “I don’t know, parties aren’t my scene” You replied. They weren’t really. You’ve been to a few sure and had some fun but you didn’t really like the atmosphere. It was all about who was drunk and who was the prettiest and who can who hook up with.

“Lie, you enjoy them” Cameron called you out his eyes never leaving the game.

“Can i bring (Y/F/N)?”

“Sure, the more the merrier, Dang Cam” Nash groaned at his defeat, finally looking at you and handing over the remote. 




“We’re going” (Y/F/N) replied over the phone after you told her of the invite you had received from Nash.

“Why? It’s just a party”

“Yes and a golden opportunity to look good and meet hot guys” You let out a deep breath of air, there was no changing her mind once she had it set on something. And that something was the party tonight. 

“I’ll be over in a few” She stated.As soon as she hung up you heard a knock at your door. She probably was already on her way over as soon as you told her. As soon as you turned the handle she burst in the room chattering about hair, clothes and makeup. “..It’ll be perfect, should we wear bikinis under our outfits? or curl our hair? I’m thinking more natural so if we do swim we won’t look ridiculous.” She continued making it hard for you to catch everything she was saying. Before you knew it she had you sitting on your bed and was in a whirlwind of motions.

 “I forgot to ask what time it will be at…” You trailed off in between things being shoved in your face and clothes thrown your way. (Y/F/N) was a handful but she definitely made life a bit more interesting.

 “Um text Cameron, duh, that’s important” She replied, throwing another article of clothing your way.

YOU: Yo Cam, when’s the party tonight?CAMERON: Should be around 8ish, why?

YOU: because i’m going… ? duh

CAMERON: Right, i’ll see you there :)

“Its around 8ish” 

“Perfect” (Y/F/N) was finally deciding on her own outfit.




By the time 8 o’clock rolled around both you and (Y/F/N) looked great. (Y/F/N) pulled up to the parking lot by the beach where the music was already shaking the air. As you went to open the door to get out (Y/F/N)s hand whipped out to stop you. 

“What are you doing??” you questioned.

“Um hello you’re always supposed to be fashionably late, duh” She said in a tone like it was obvious.

“How late is fashionably late??”

“8 minutes”

“And how is that determined?”

“I don’t know i don’t make the rules?”

 “Who does”

“I don’t know, we just follow them” she threw her hands up in an exasperated sigh. You finally gave in and allowed her to make you wait until the clock reached 8:08pm. Then both the car’s doors opened as you both got out. The beach was amazingly wrote and the you could see some stars glitter through the LA smog. There were a bunch of teenagers already gifted with a red solo cup and dancing around the fire or lazily laying out. A few party goers were splashing around in the water. 

“(Y/N) you made it!” A familiar voice chuckled. By this point (Y/F/N) had already disappeared leaving you alone to face them. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you joked as you turned to face Nash. He handed you a red solo cup and you took a small sip. You didn’t mind alcohol but you didn’t always like the effects. Especially the ones that came when you became drunk.

“The stars are out tonight” He said pointing at the sky. You nodded your head in realization. Quickly an awkward silence filled the air like a blanket covering a child. 

“Well i’m going to go join the party, I’m sure Cam would want me to tell him i’m here” You said pointing off in the direction of the party. 

“Wait” He grabbed your arm as you were walking away and pulled you in close to him. Very close. Close enough that you could feel his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. He looked you deep in the eyes and bent down to kiss you. His hand fell to the small of your back holding you against him. You were in complete shock. But soon found your mouth moving against his and your eyes closing. You finally pulled away for a breath of fresh air but your heart broke to see the sight behind Nash. Cameron quickly walked away down the beach. 

“Cam. Wait” you sighed out in exasperation.

“Just let him go” Nash tried to pull you back in but you had one thought in your head and that was Cameron. 

“Cam” You tried again. When you finally caught up to him you grabbed his arm to make him stop. But he wouldn’t turn to look at you. “Cameron Dallas” You said emphasizing his full name, something you never do. His eyes finally met yours. You could see they were filled with emotions, anger, sadness, regret.

 “How could you?” He stated dully.

“How could I what?”

“Kiss him” He replied angrily.

“Why is that such a big deal? Why are you even upset?” Yu questioned until realization hit you like a ton of bricks. “Jealous much” you teased.“I am not”

“Then why else would you be upset?”

“Because he throws girls away like laundry, he just wants to sleep with you. Im looking out for you, as a friend” He emphasized friend at the end. You knew him better than how he let on though.

“No if you were being an overprotective friend you would have confronted Nash, this time you walked away” You pointed out “Why are you jealous?” 

“Because I LIKE you” Silence filled the air. You could hear the party going on faintly in the background.You were rendered speechless. Your best friend for as long as you could remember just confessed his feelings for you. Out of every girl he could have. “Oh just forget it, go back to nash” He started to walk away again. Away from you. But before you could register what you were doing you pulled him to you. You could smell the cinnamon scent that he had and see the speckles of light in his eyes.

“I never wanted Nash” As soon as the words left your mouth Cameron bent down and kissed you. The kind of kiss that you see in the movies where the couple is holding on to each other s tight and the girl props her one foot up. When you finally pulled away a small blush appeared on you cheeks along with a little smile. “You know seeing you jealous is kind of a turn on” You smiled cheekily. 

“Stay away from Nash” His eyes looked at yours in a glare but you could see that playful smirk in them as he bent down to kiss you again.

Las 123 cosas que pasan en CHILE, cuando eres extranjero.

1. Todo en la vida del chileno termina en un “po”.

2. Llegas y no entiendes absolutamente nada. Necesitas descifrarlos poco a poco, ya luego te acostumbras y empiezas a hablar como ellos.

3. Weón es wey, Weá es cosa. Este dato es demasiado importante. Todo en Chile es weá, TODO.

4. No te preocupes si pasas caminando y no entiendes nada de lo que escuchas, es normal, ya después serás traductor experto y tendrás doctorado en español chileno.

5. Cuando dices concha tu madre se te quedan viendo feo jajaja

6. Feo culiao es lo peor que le puedes decir a alguien.

7. Te preguntan tu comuna, ¿qué es eso? Ahora entiendo que es como “municipio”.

8. Los flaites son como los nacos.

9. Los cuicos son como los fresas.

10. Aquí después de que tu dices Gracias, ellos te contestarán con un “ya” y de hecho casi todo lo que digas te dirán “ya”…no es irrespetuoso. Así es…¿ya?  Después de uno o dos meses se te pega.

11. Los chilenos son un poco fríos al principio, pero luego te das cuenta que son personas súper generosas y buscan ayudarte.

12. Son demasiado apasionados en el futbol, y por demasiado me refiero a DEMASIADO.

13. Su porra consiste en muy pocas palabras C-H-I, CHI, L-E, LE..Chi chi chi le le le …¡VIVA CHILE! Eso lo escuchas más de veinte veces si ves un partido de ellos.

14. Nunca digas “Hora Pico”, di “Hora punta”.

15. En el metro la “hora punta” es lo más caro, luego la “hora valle” y luego la “hora baja”.

16. No entenderán la frase: “No seas mamón”. Para ellos mamón es como alguien que tiene mamitis.

17. Cualquier cosa que le des a probar con chile, les va a picar, a veces aunque no tenga chile.

18. Si dices chile se pueden molestar, mejor di “ají”

19. Para los chilenos, los mexicanos comemos demasiadas tortillas de harina y burritos.

20. Las tostadas son panes tostados, no tostadas como los mexicanos las conocemos.

21. Aquí no se dice “adiós”, ni “bye”…se dice CIAO

22. Los perros de la calle comen mejor que yo y están más cuidados

23. Los perros de la calle son tus acompañantes perfectos en la noche

24. Es raro ver un choque en Santiago

25. A los carabineros no se les da mordida, por NADA en el mundo

26. Acá se come pan a morir, hallullas o marraqueta

27. El manjar es como el dulce de leche o la cajeta de México

28. Acá no se dice computadora…se dice notebook o computador

29. Cuando contestan el teléfono dicen ¿Alo?

30. Te ven chistoso cuando dices “¿Mande?”

31. Los chilenos te confunden con venezolano o colombiano, pero escuchan que decimos “ahorita” y dicen…¿son mexicanos verdad?

32. Conocen a la maldita lisiada, al chavo del ocho, las novelas, la rosa de Guadalupe y sobre todo Rebelde.

33. Hay mucho respeto por el peatón.

34. Para comprar algo en una tiendita de la esquina (minimarket) primero pagas, te dan un ticket y luego vas por tu producto.

35. Haces filas de mucho tiempo en el supermercado

36. Los paqueteritos ganan más que yo trabajando como diseñadora.

37. A los mercaditos se les dicen ferias.

38. Acá hay mucho “curao” que es “borracho”

39. Acá no es fiesta, es carrete.

40. La hora punta es lo peor del mundo.

41. En el metro es un privilegio tener tu espacio personal intacto.

42. El transporte es muy muy caro, pero si eres estudiante está bien.

43. La cordillera es uno de los paisajes más bonitos que verás en tu vida.

44. Cuando hay demasiado smog, la cordillera no existe.

45. Acá el paro no es como en México que realmente hay paro, acá es de: trabajan, hacen un mini paro y vuelven a trabajar. Lo malo es que en estas épocas si están en paro en el registro civil (que es todo lo que tiene que ver con la identidad chilena por ejemplo) y están limitados en trámites sencillos.

46. Mucha gente en el centro vive en apartamentos.

47. 1 luca, son 1000 pesos chilenos que son como 25 pesos mexicanos.

48. Si encuentras algo de menos de 1 luca, es considerado muy barato.

49. El chile más picante que venden lo encuentras en la vega, que es como el mercado central de frutas y verduras y lo venden los peruanos.

50. La fruta y la verdura acá es muy muy cara.

51. Bellavista es un barrio de puro bar y discos, acá el antro es lo peor que puede haber.

52. Si no lo sabías, Pablo Neruda y Gabriela Mistral son chilenos.

53. Acá existe Farmacias ahumada en vez de Farmacias Benavides, Ideal en vez de Bimbo, Lays en vez de Sabritas, Toddys en vez de Chokis.

54. Los perros respetan el paso del peatón, si está en rojo no se pasan la calle.

55. Si vas a Lastarrias, siempre habrá alguien tocando música y mucho arte por todos lados.

56. Miércoles po es una de las mejores fiestas para extranjeros y las mujeres entramos gratis.

57. El clima de Santiago es como el de Monterrey, las 4 estaciones en un solo día.

58. Sacarte un 7 es lo mejor que te puede pasar. Acá las calificaciones son de 1 a 7. Repruebas con menos de 4.

59. Si te dicen: “Te pasaste”, no te asustes, es algo bueno.

60. El pebre es como el pico de gallo. Pero repito, no digas pico.

61. No digas maraca en voz alta, es “prostituta”.

62. La dieta nocturna consiste en empanadas, enrrollados, sopaipillas y anticuchos.

63. Si te dicen que algo es cuático o brígido es algo impresionante, también puede ser aplicado para algo difícil.

64. Si te dicen que es caleta, es que es demasiado o que es muy bueno.

65. Si te dicen que algo es bacán, es algo chido, bueno, chingón.

66. Si te dicen que alguien está rico, no lo tomes como ofensa, es su forma de decir que está guapa o guapo.

67. Si vas en metro, la mejor recomendación que te doy es tomar tu mochila con tus dos brazos por delante. Aquí son bien canijos para robarte, son muy rápidos.

68. Aquí no preguntan ¿cómo estás?…te dicen ¿cómo estai?, no dicen ¿a dónde vas?…dicen ¿a dónde vai?

69. Cuando vas al súper, tienes que pesar la fruta y la verdura antes de llevarla con la cajera, igual con el pan.

70. Acá hay Jumbo, Ekono, Lider (Walmart) y Unimarc.

71. Si tienes tarjeta de débito mexicana, siempre di que es de crédito, si no nunca te pasará.

72. El agua tiene un sabor extraño, pero si te vas al sur es la mejor agua que puedes probar.

73. El queso chanco es el más popular acá y es demasiado delicioso.

74. En Chile se toma Pisco, piscola, piscosour y todo con pisco. De hecho si vas a un restaurante y pides una bebida, es más alcohol que los aditivos.

75. Un bebé es un guagua, un niño es un cabro, una niña es una cabra.

76. Las palomitas se llaman cabritas.

77. Viajar por estos rumbos es muy barato, un viaje a Valparaíso te sale en menos de 200 pesos mx redondo.

78. La marihuana es algo muy cotidiano, de hecho en las calles de repente huele, te acostumbras a ello y ya no se te hace tan tabú.

79. Siempre de los siempre, llevar dos tarjetas ya sea crédito o débito, porque a fuerzas tu banco se disfrazará de villano y te la bloqueará.

80. El atún no es barato, cómprate una maruchan o una pasta.

81. Comprar calzado en Chile es demasiado barato.

82. Si vives en los domínicos eres cuico.

83. Los parques en Chile son demasiado bonitos, los cuidan demasiado.

84. En Chile hay desierto, bosque, lugares nevados, playas, glaciares, más de 200 volcanes y pingüinos en verano.

85. En Diciembre es verano, eso es raro.

86. A Santa le dicen el Viejo Pascuero.

87. Aquí celebrar el 18 de Septiembre es la fecha más importante, más que Navidad y que otra celebración.

88. Si vas a la feria (mercadito), te dirán casera o casero. Es como decir ama de casa.

89. Sabes que una chica es chilena por las súper plataformas en sus zapatos.

90. Aquí respetan mucho al adulto mayor, embarazadas o gente con discapacidad porque se paran de sus lugares para cederlos.

91. Si te dicen que canceles algo, es que lo pagues.

92. Choclo es elote, la frutilla es fresa, el zapallo es calabaza naranja, el limón es enorme y amarillo y el aguacate es palta.

93. Si quieres papel de baño, pide confort.

94. Nunca te salvaras de que te digan: chiquilla o chiquillo. (Tipo Fox).

95. Aquí no lavan platos, aquí lavan lozas.

96. Si te dicen al tiro es que lo harán en el instante.

97. La comida es demasiado cara, prepárate. Yo no lo creía hasta que llegué acá.

98. Siempre que sepan que eres mexicano te dirán: “Órale wey”.

99. Nunca de los jamases cambies tus pesos mexicanos en el aeropuerto.

100. Los cajeros automáticos te cobrarán entre 70-100 pesos mexicanos por cada vez que saques dinero. Prepárate para esto.

101. Ir a una feria es muy divertido, bueno al menos a mi me empiezan a decir cosas lindas, no como en México te dicen “chiquitita” y “mamacita” o te chiflan.

102. La mayoría de los chilenos son muy impuntuales en clases.

103. El sencillo se considera billetes más chicos.

104. Lo peor de los cajeros es que te da billetes de 10,000 pesos que son como 250 pesos mexicanos. Lo menos que puedes sacar de un cajero son 10,000. En algunos y muy pocos lugares puedes sacar 5,000.

105. Muchos vendedores se te quedan viendo feo cuando pagas con uno de 10,000 o 20,000. Pero que haces cuando los cajeros se portan así contigo y sólo te dan esos billetes.

106. Mucha gente que vive en las calles tiene casa de campaña o colchón y lo más interesante es que les dejan comida a los perros. Así es la vida, entre menos tienes más das.

107. Acá no existe la gente pidiendo dinero en los semáforos o lavando los vidrios.

108. No existen los viene-viene.

109. Si te dicen ¿cachai? Es como ¿sacas?

110. “Me cai la raja” es como me caes muy bien.

111. No tienes novio o novia, tienes pololo o polola

112. Los chilenos están demasiado acostumbrados a desastres naturales, que son tan calmados. Para que ellos se asusten con un terremoto, es porque realmente algo malo está pasando. También han tenido erupciones de volcán y cuando lo cuentan dicen que es algo “brígido” o “cuático”.

113. Si quieres entender a los chilenos, ve al museo de la memoria. Ahí te explican la situación política y social que han vivido del 73-90. Mis respetos.

114. Cuidado con los terremotos, y no me refiero a los sismos, si no a la bebida deliciosa chilena.

115. La canción de la tía Paty es un clásico en Chile.

116. Para mi el sur de Chile es uno de los lugares más mágicos que he conocido y lo más irónico es que es de los lugares más fríos pero la gente es muy cálida.

117. Los chilenos son muy generosos cuando se trata de aportar algo para una causa.

118. Cuando pides que te llenen el vaso de hielos, le ponen 3 hielos. Creo que no están acostumbrados a esta petición.

119. Aquí aman la “Comic Sans”

120. Antes de decir el nombre de alguien ponen un artículo antes: “La Feña”,

“La Cami”, etc…

121. Aquí existen muchas Macarenas, Feñas, Cami, Javieras.

122. En cualquier momento puede llegar un momento de tristeza o de melancolía por extrañar a tu familia y amigos…date la oportunidad de llorar y escuchar música triste. O háblale a tus amigos y vete de carrete. Ellos se convierten en tu familia.

123. En conclusión, los chilenos y Chile en sí son la raja, po.

-Gracias por leer

Atte. La Jany

What is smog?

On July 26, 1943, Los Angeles was blanketed by a thick gas that stung people’s eyes and blocked out the Sun. Panicked residents believed their city had been attacked using chemical warfare. But the cloud wasn’t an act of war. It was smog. A portmanteau of smoke and fog, the word smog was coined at the beginning of the 20th century to describe the thick gray haze that covered cities such as London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

This industrial smog was known to form when smoke from coal-burning home stoves and factories combined with moisture in the air. But the smog behind the LA panic was different. It was yellowish with a chemical odor. Since the city didn’t burn much coal, its cause would remain a mystery until a chemist named Arie Haagen-Smit identified two culprits, volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and nitrous oxides. VOCs are compounds that easily become vapors and may contain elements, such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine, and sulfur. Some are naturally produced by plants and animals, but others come from manmade sources, like solvents, paints, glues, and petroleum. Meanwhile, the incomplete combustion of gas in motor vehicles  releases nitrous oxide. That’s what gives this type of smog its yellowish color.

VOCs and nitrous oxide react with sunlight to produce secondary pollutants called PANs and tropospheric, or ground level, ozone. PANs and ozone cause eye irritation and damage lung tissue. Both are key ingredients in photochemical smog, which is what had been plaguing LA. 

Smog isn’t just an aesthetic eyesore. The two forms of smog irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, exacerbate conditions like asthma and emphysema, and increase the risk of respiratory infections like bronchitis. Smog can be especially harmful to young children and older people and exposure in pregnant women has been linked to low birth weight and potential birth defects. Secondary pollutants found in photochemical smog can damage and weaken crops and decrease yield, making them more susceptible to insects.

After the Great Smog of London shut down all transportation in the city for days and caused more than 4,000 respiratory deaths, the Clean Air Act of 1956 banned burning coal in certain areas of the city, leading to a massive reduction in smog. Similarly, regulations on vehicle emissions and gas content in the US reduced the volatile compounds in the air and smog levels along with them. 

Smog remains a major problem around the world. Countries like China and Poland that depend on coal for energy experience high levels of industrial smog. Photochemical smog and airborne particles from vehicle emissions affect many rapidly developing cities, from Mexico City and Santiago to New Delhi and Tehran. Governments have tried many methods to tackle it, such as banning cars from driving for days at a time. As more than half of the world’s population crowds into cities, considering a shift to mass transit and away from fossil fuels may allow us to breathe easier.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The science of smog - Kim Preshoff

Animation by Juan M. Urbina Studios

They picked Scott Lang up in LA, smog heavy on the horizon. “Acquaintance of Sam’s,” Clint explained as Scott and his duffel bag swung into the back of the van. “We need all the help we can get.”

“Not a friend?” said Wanda. “I thought everyone was Sam’s friend.”

“Well,” said Scott. “It’s a long story. Well, not that long. Okay, he told me not to tell Captain America– ha, Captain America, being told something by me– but you’re not Captain America, you’re like that arrow dude and the, uh, magic chick? Right, not chick, woman, Hope’s gonna hop out of nowhere and punch me, okay. Sorry. Anyway. So that’s not telling the Captain, you’re not Captain America. Wanna hear about the time I robbed the Avengers base?”

“What?” said Wanda.

“Oh, yes, definitely,” said Clint.

—  everybody is afraid of something by dirgewithoutmusic
Glow (T)

Title: Glow
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Reaper76
Content Warnings: Fluff, Mutual Pining, Love Confessions, Kissing, Hand Holding

Gabriel could feel his breathing go a little shallower some days when the smog in LA was particularly bad, but the humidity of Bloomington — “We’re not really in Bloomington, Gabe, it’s just easier to say I’m from Bloomington for simplicity’s sake…” — made Gabriel feel like was outright suffocating on some of the worser days. And let’s not get started on the days when it rained…

Jack and Gabriel spend part of their summer vacation on the Morrison farm.

A sequel and companion fic to Melt. For the @reaper76summerevent.

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Preferisco scrivere perché scrivendo posso correggere ogni frase tante volte quanto è necessario per arrivare non dico ad essere soddisfatto delle mie parole, ma almeno ad eliminare le ragioni d’insoddisfazione di cui posso rendermi conto
—  Italo Calvino

Perché farsi crescere la barba:

  • È sexy

    Protegge la pelle dai raggi solari e filtra le tossine causate dallo smog

    Grattarsi la barba  aumenta la concentrazione e le funzioni cognitive.

    Quadruplica la propria epicità.

    Aumenta spaventosamente l'abilità nel tagliare la legna.

    Dona la capacità di rilevare la montagna più vicina.

    Nel proprio armadio comparirà automaticamente un set di camicie a quadri.

LA smog did not agree with me, so it is time to head back East within the mandala to the land of Aksobhya and the deep rootedness of the diamond way.

“Noi siamo la generazione morta, quella bruciata dalle sigarette e dallo smog.
Siamo la generazione dell'esibizionismo e della falsità, quella che vive grazie ai "mi piace” di Facebook.
Siamo la generazione dei ragazzi che per sentirsi “fighi” fumano e bevono, molte volte non pensando neanche alle conseguenze.
Bhe, si è capito, la nostra è una generazione che fa schifo, fra persone di merda e fra quelle che nella merda ci vivono.
La generazione delle doppie facce e dei sorrisi forzati, delle maschere e della vergogna nel provare emozioni.
La nostra generazione fa così schifo che se un ragazzo piange, gli altri lo prendono in giro, magari insultandolo di continuo e portandolo al suicidio, non capendo che, cazzo, provare ed esprimere emozioni é la cosa più bella al mondo, essere se stessi è la cosa più bella, il problema è che qui, per vivere bisogna fingere.
E come al solito non potevano mancare i falsi depressi che cercano attenzioni, oppure quei ragazzi morti di figa. E chi c'è ancora? Ah si, i “bulli”: la razza animale più simile alle scimmie, coloro che giudicano alla cazzo per sentirsi “superiori”, non capendo che facendo così non possono neanche essere definite “persone”.
Siamo la generazione che scambia il sesso per amore e viceversa, quella che preferisce della vodka ed una bella scopata ad un bellissimo tramonto estivo al mare, magari anche con una bella birra ghiacciata e delle Marlboro; che preferisce far piangere la gente a forza di menarla che piangere per qualcosa di inaspettato, o magari per una cosa che aspettavi da molto.
Siamo la generazione che se vede un omosessuale lo chiama diverso, dicendo che fa schifo, che è contro natura, senza pensare che è un essere umano con dei fottutissimi SENTIMENTI. Perché si, cazzo, le persone hanno dei fottuti sentimenti di merda.
Qui si preferisce vedere due uomini con i fucili in mano che due uomini che si tengono per mano, e francamente questo fa un po’ schifo.
Questa è La generazione degli insulti su Facebook e delle minacce su Ask, senza pensare che quelle persone a cui arrivano quegli insulti possano star male.
Perché cazzo, in questi anni ci sono stati un sacco di suicidi e di ragazze scomparse per colpa soprattutto di sti fottutissimi insulti; ma cazzo, voi cyber bulli, dopo aver visto ripetutamente cosa succede con queste fottutittissime minchiate, non vi fate schifo da soli a continuare? Spero solamente che dopo il senso di colpa si soffochi, e non vi auguro altro perché la morte non si augura mai.“
—  Fan mail - Blue–devil
L'amavo, insomma. Ed ero infelice. Ma come lei avrebbe mai potuto capire questa mia infelicità? Ci sono quelli che si condannano al grigiore della vita più mediocre perché hanno avuto un dolore, una sfortuna; ma ci sono anche quelli che lo fanno perché hanno avuto più fortuna di quella che si sentivano di reggere.
—  La nuvola di smog - Italo Calvino