Humans have created energy-powered machines to liberate ourselves — but, as we all know, many of our own innovations have contributed to major amounts of air pollution that plague our world’s cities. Enter the Smog Free Tower, a plan to create the largest air-purifier in the world. It’s an idea that combines high-tech science, design, and imagination to help people breathe more freely in urban centers around the world. Pictured: architect Daan Roosegaarde with a bag of Beijing smog! Also, as a reward for becoming a backer, you can get a wearable cube made of compacted smog. 

📷: Reinier RVDA

Pollution-Eating Tower Would Turn Smog Into Rings And Cufflinks
Not as sparkly as a diamond, but much better for the environment

Once you suck smog out of the air, what should you do with it? Pollution particles are mostly made up of carbon, so Dutch Artist Daan Roosegaarde decided to compress them into jewelry in a nod to diamond, carbon’s sparkliest allotrope.

The device extracting this pollution powder is Studio Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower, a 23-foot-tall air purification system meant to clean up parks and other public spaces.

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A Mutual Addiction. by Rachael Putt
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Blog | Formspring | Facebook Tayla modelled for this, she is amazing and I love her. I got smoke bombs imported from America because they’re not sold in England. I now have a severe lack of skin on my right hand as most of it was burnt off, yay (don’t play with lighters, kids). That said, I love smoke, even if it stings your eyes to the extent in which you’re just a crying mess on the floor. Despite all of the above, I am pleased with this - I think. Also, I hope that most of you had the opportunity to view my incredibly embarrassing “thank you” video that I posted up last week. And for those of you that didn’t, I’m sorry! I am sure that I’ll be forced into another one in the near future. However, if you just can’t wait that long to mock my voice - you can add me on Skype: “rachaelputt”. I’m basically always signed in when I’m online, so it’d be nice to chat with a few of you guys. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Shanghai turns into the literal ‘Devil Capital’ as heavy smog covers the city. This picture was taken from the 121st floor of Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China, and shows a rather spectacular view. #smog #Shanghai #China #skyscraper