29# You're from Sweden

[A/N] You’re originally from Sweden, but you’ve moved to Australia.


“Herre Gud, är du helt dum i huvudet eller?” (Dear God, are you completely dumb or what?) You asked your younger brother as you answered his phone call. He had called you in the middle of the night and you replied rather harshly to him. You heard him sigh out of relief and you frowned a bit. “Allt bra?” (Everything okay?) “Jag somnade och drömde att du dog, och jag ville bara höra din röst-” (I fell asleep and I had a nightmare that you died, and I just wanted to hear your voice-) You smiled tiredly and yawned quietly. “Jag mår bra, jag lovar. Kan jag ringa dig på morgonen? Klockan är faktiskt 3.00 här nu.” (I’m fine, I promise. Can I call you in the morning? It’s actually 3 am here.) He giggled a little and you smiled. “Okej. Godnatt.” (Okay. Goodnight.) He hung up quickly and you smiled, walking back to bed where your boyfriend laid. “You’re so sexy when you speak Swedish.” He grinned and pecked your lips, before cuddling you again.


Åh herre Gud, förlåt mig.” (Oh my God, I’m so sorry.) You stuttered out as you accidentally just walked straight into a tall guy. “Det var inte meningen.” (That wasn’t my intention.) You giggled nervously as you scratched your neck. “Um, excuse me, but what did you say?” The guy said and you turned completely red. “Just det..” (Right…) “I’m sorry, I’ve just arrived from Sweden. I didn’t realize you don’t speak Swedish.” You giggled, very much embarrassed. “It’s no problem, really. What are you doing here in Australia then? Vacation?” He asked, starting a small conversation with you. “Actually, I’ve moved here- Or I’m moving here. Whatever.” You giggled, still embarrassed from the incident. He chuckled at you and smiled. “I’m Michael.” He stretched his hand out for you and you shook it gently. “I’m [Y/N].” “That’s a very pretty name.” He added and you blushed, even more if possible. “Anyway, it was nice meeting you-” “Could I get your number?” He interrupted and you nodded, smiling. “Yeah. Of course.”


“So… Where are we supposed to go now? It’s not like any of us understand anything here.” Luke muttered while giggling a bit. “We’re lost!” Ashton laughed and you rolled your eyes and giggled a bit. “You guys are so stupid!” You giggled and quickly got your jacket. “Tell me what’s around you? I’ll walk to you.” You opened the door to your house and got out, not caring about telling your mum you were going out. You were on a vacation in your home country, and the boys were going to visit you. Sadly, they couldn’t speak your language and they were lost. “It’s a big house here. I don’t know what it says though.” Calum told you through the phone and you smiled. “Spell it for me.” “Um- L. I don’t know what that is… It’s an a with two extensions over it. N. S. Polis. That sounds like police, so I guess we’re beside the police station?” Luke told you and you giggled. “Lucky you I don’t live that far away.” You grinned a bit and hung up. “Ey! Hörni, vad gör ni där borta?!” (You guys, what are you doing over there?!) The boys turned around and they’re faces instantly lit up when they saw you. “Welcome to Sweden you dorks.” You giggled and kissed Luke on the lips, earning playful sounds from Cal and Ash.


“Here we go!” You smiled and you put down the recipe book on the counter. “I thought you were getting the recipe book?” Ashton smiled slightly and looked down at the green and white book in front of you. “Recept? What’s that?” He giggled and you smiled. “Well, it’s recipe in Swedish, duh.” You winked playfully and you saw his face hit with realization. “Right. I knew that.” He laughed and you rolled your eyes. “So let’s do those cookies, yeah?” “What is caramel cookie called in your language?” He asked, opening the book, instantly turning to the back of the book where the register was. “It’s called Kolakaka.” You smiled and helped him find it. “Can I read what we need? Please?” He pouted playfully and you rolled your eyes while giggling. “Yes you can. If you want to.” You smiled and back away from the counter so you would be ready to get the ingredients. “Okay, so first of we need s-smoer. No wait. Smor?” He giggled as he turned around to you, watching you as you walked to the fridge and got out the butter. “This is smör Ash.” “Ah, butter. Awesome.” He winked and you laughed. “Okay, next one. We’ll need socker? Do we need soccer?” You laughed at his bad joke and stood beside him. “No dumbo, socker means sugar, not soccer.” You laughed and kissed his cheek, getting out the sugar. “You know, if you get the next one almost right, you’ll get a kiss on the lips as reward.” You winked.