Star Fucking with Kevin Smith, Neil Gaiman, & Amanda Palmer

I’ve written about Star Fucking with Kevin Smith, Neil Gaiman, and Amanda Palmer before in December 2010. It was a night where Kevin interviewed Neil and Amanda as well as the two of them performing on stage. There were only 50 people in the audience so it was an intimate night.

It was amazing. I’ve seen Neil live a handful of times but this is the first time I’ve seen the very cool, dapper Neil cut loose on stage and candid. I wasn’t too familiar with Amanda’s solo work or The Dresden Dolls but her fun, intense performance floored me. 

In the early day of Kevin Smith’s podcasting, Star Fucking was suppose to be a show where he brought in guests that weren’t tied to his movies. Since then, he’s had guests on SModcast show and there was never a follow up to Star Fucking. I saw Kevin after a Red State screening and asked him about more episodes. He said that there’s no way to continue the show after how awesome it was. He couldn’t top that night.

I agree.

Here is Star Fucking broken up into three episodes:
Part 1 - Kevin’s interview with Neil & Amanda.
Part 2 - Amanda rocks out
Part 3 - Neil reads

If you’re a fan of Neil and Amanda, I highly recommend listening to these.

If anything, check out the last seven minutes of Part 3 where Amanda plays a ukelele cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” with Kevin, Neil, and the audience singing along.

I have these podcasts on my iPod. It’s nice to go back and revisit this insane night.