It’s that time of the year where Isi gets older and crazier with each passing year :) I want to thank everyone who makes my tumblr experience so so so so wonderful, filling it with gifs, graphics, fics, nice messages, metas, etc and every single follower that somehow puts up with me and my blogging (you guys have a gift, idk how you do it). I will probably forget someone and get some how-dare-you-not-include-me-in-your-follow-forever thoughts sent my way (I know you will lol ;) I do that too) but hey, if we’re mutuals, or I simply follow you, you have a place here :)

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Hi there my lovelies! I decided to do a bit of a cheeky end of year follow forever, hopefully i included everyone but there is probably a large open space for mistakes so please message me if i left you out! I adore and love all of the arrow and or multifandom blogs i listed on here and am super grateful to have their work grace my dash on a daily basis. Being only a couple followers away from 9.5k I will hopefully conjure up some kind of blog awards soon but anyways… thank you and I love you all SO MUCH <3 +blogroll

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Hey guys! so i just reached 100 followers so i thought i’d do a quick follow forever of all the wonderful blogs i follow!

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Thanks for being fabby guys! (also sorry this is in no particular order)


Politician AU

They are the most influential family in Starling City. And they aim for more.

Run by matriarch Moira Queen, the Queens have everything they want. When her firstborn son, Oliver Queen, runs for president, the Yellow Press examines their past.

In order to keep her family’s dark secrets hidden, she hires IT-expert Felicity Smoak to erase everything that could destroy her reputation and her son’s career. 

But things don’t go according to her plan, when Oliver starts to fall in love with Felicity. The one woman who knows about every dirty secret…



Thank you so much guys! I was meant to do this when i hit 6k but my life all of a sudden got really hectic and it all sort of went down the drain :) I’m like less than 2 months away from my 1 year anniversary which is CRAZY as hell and i couldn’t be more happy. This post is just going to be me celebrating some of my favourite blogs <3 

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+ blogroll (I HAVE A FEELING I FORGOT PEOPLE SO IF I DID FORGET YOU :( then let me know please and sorry!)

I’m Still Sexy

                             Prompt: Oliver has a cold.

Picture this gif as Oliver instead of Monica. ;)

“Collin Sanders you have-”

“Collin Sanders you have…you have…failed this… achoo.”


“Oliver you didn’t have to punch him in the face.”

“He laughed at me.”

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