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ok, i watched all "you're the worst" episodes and i'm in love with those idiots and it's your fault, ok? i saw a gifset of jimmy/gretchen that you reblogged and i though "oh, this looks nice, i'm gonna watch it" and now i want season 2 mostly because i already re-watched the show and i think i need help

oh my god, seriously??? i’ve never been more proud of myself, i mean being able to draw someone into a new fandom is such a good feeling! as far as i know, the fandom is not that big (i don’t understand why more people aren’t into this show??), so i’m really really glad you got hooked on it too! it’s great to have another person on my dash shipping the hell out of those two idiots :’)

and let’s root for s2 together, i need at least five more season of the show!! 

Songs for Olicity

Also I’m working on something, may be a fanfic may be a vid, but because it won’t be finished for the Arrow finale…I give you my song that I hear and think about Olicity. Its Disappear from The Gabe Dixon Band. If someone wants to make something with this before I get to feel free. I just thought I would share.

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Tinsel, Santa, Stocking, and Reindeer :)

Tinsel: What perfume/cologne do you wear
Miss Dior Chèrie.

Santa: What’s your favorite month?
I’d say January because of my brithday (xD) but usually it’s August because it’s sunny, there’s vacation and I love it!

Stocking: What color are your socks right now?
White xD it’s my socks for sleeping xD

Reindeer: What is your spirit animal?
It will always be Peyton Sawyer, but lately I see many similarities with Felicity (especially the choice of bright colors for nails xD). If we talk about “animals” I’d say a very lazy cat or a panda probably xD

So, this is my first Follow Forever. I follow some amazing people. My list isn’t huge, but I truly enjoy seeing you all on my dash. Though I don’t talk to some of you often I just thought you should know how much I appreciate your awesomeness. Happy Holidays! [blog roll]

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