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Not all blogs included are safe spaces, but most are.

If you are on this post and don’t want to be, that’s fine, I will remove you. If there is any blogs on here who are truscum or transphobic, please let me know ASAP

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I absolutely COULD NOT have done this without the help of my wonderful QPLP the-spooky-asexual.

hey whts that smell u smell whn u first get a fig and it smells knd of stinky but.. it doesnt. it smlls good, it hrts ur head..? WTF IS THAT

No longer yours


The land of flowers, after this land being taken advantage of by many other naboring lands. The none stop generation from each female flower pass down to take the lead, and care for the land. Other lands, once a leader is married or gives her self over to a male, that male will take control of the land and the female will no longer take back her thorn. After thousands of years of the flower land still staying strong, shany took the throne. Staying at her name, people knows miss flower as a powerful ruler that is rather sexiest twords men.

Once she turned 400 in demon years, she made a rule that no men are allowed in her land, the only men allowed are smll boys and pre teens with there mothers still. Shany keeped her land gaurded by using her flowers, before her place on the throne her mother took the plat, making a spell to keep the land safe, which to do so, she made a spell into the flowrrs ,as they act like a shield if any boams or powerfull rockets hit the land from other countries. Once the flower petals feel any type of gun powder the flowers around them blow up into a cloud of pedals covering the built before it hit the earth below. This keeps the land safe, same with the near by towns.

Shany still young , and has only been taking care of the land for 4years . Her hair long and black with red ends, her demons eyes glowing a bright wine red. Her long dress snow white, as with her courset keeping her waist tight pushing her breast up, now her top dress tryed to cover as much as possible but it was rather difficult with her large breast. Never smiled in her life, the demoness keep this land in an iron grip, watching the land with her halk eyes for any intruders. As the men around her land knew, how dark and crule this lady is, maybe she needs a tast of her own medicine?

Nothing else could be said , as two separate countries enter a war. But it didnt help that the two countries in war are separate and the flowrr land is roght between the two, so for them to battle they have to enter the flowrr land to fight. Which the lady of the land , miss flower made sure to keep the land as protected as she could, having two enamys come at the same time ade things difficult as she doesnt have a army, and the people of the and doesn’t know how to fight. So shany did the next thing possible, she used her powers to kill as much as she could. Untill, the land of flowers soon turned into a patch of dirt, with brown color flowrr pedals spread on the bloody battle field. Noe surrounding by two different army fronts. Shany have no choice but to surrender, as she did have a choice: either she is taken away and her land stays safe, or they kill her people keeping her land and her there. Shany being a pridefull women she gave her self up, leting the people free and alive. Now she was grabed and taken, from the wining side of the war.. how will this turn out yo be?


Sehun:*scans the girl from her head to her toes* Not bad hyung, not bad! But those shoes.. so last year!

Kai:*tries to make smll conversation with her* We were about to eat…we have chicken if you want!

Y/N: I don’t…
Kai: Yeah chicken is not your style either!I should have known!

Tao: That should be me……

Kyungsoo:*planning world domination*

Kai: Hyung did you heard what Kris said?

Kyungsoo:That he’s an idiot?

Chanyeol:She’s so tiny and cute! She looks like a fairy.Can I hug her hyung?

Chen: *doesn’t give a  shit*

Baekhyun: Look at those big, pretty eyes of yours. You remind me of Lulu. Doesn’t she guys?

Lay:*gets shy and nervous around her* So do you come here often…

Kris: Yes yes she’s beautiful and she’s mine! She’s the only star in my galaxy!

Suho: *disappointed umma* But I thought we had something! 

Luhan: What do you mean she looks like me? I’m more manly right? Guys?

Xiumin: The only star?Then your galaxy must be really smal!