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since it's in your intro post, could you do boyfriend jimin?


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  • he’d be such a fluffy boyfriend ok trust me 
  • probably loves pda but gets super flustered by it and ends up only doing small things
  • like you’d kiss his cheek or somethin and hes blushing 
  • but when y’all get alone ;) he’s super comfortable and likes constantly touching
  • loves calling you baby
  • tae coming with yall a lot but not too much bc jimin wants time with just you 
  • likes going on really cute dates like walks at the park, visiting flower shops (he buys your favorite flower while you’re there)
  • loves attention so if you’re alone and not giving him attention he’s pouting 
  • the boy is aL W ayS smling 
  • unless he’s super upset
  • or trying to get your attention bc he knows pouty jimin is too cute to ignore
  • probably super clingy like he’d know when to give you space but for the most part he wants to always be touching you whether it be holding hands or you’re running your hands through his hair, anything
  • if you two get in a fight he’s probably not the type to get SUPER angry, at least not visibly like he’ll probably stop arguing and leave for like 30 minutes
  • comes back so you can talk the problem out calmly 
  • he’d probably be really sad even after the problem is solved and will just wanna lay in bed with you 
  • the type to really want to talk about his feelings with you if he feels bad
  • and would want you to talk to him too, bU T if you’re not good at it he’ll understand and won’t pressure you
  • he will however encourage you, he wants you to be as comfortable with him as he is with you 
  • likes taking showers together (which most likely turn into baths afterwards)
  • nothing sexual (well… maybe) he just really likes the intimacy of it 
  • constantly talking about you 
  • like one day joon pulled jimin away and was like “are we ever gonna meet them?? you talk about ‘em an awful lot” 
  • so jimin is like.. well now i have to arrange somethin
  • when you do meet the boys jimin is blushing bc he’s told the boys so much about the relationship you two have
  • you get along with them all really well and they all love you 
  • you get home that night and jimin is so HAPPY 
  • he’s extremely glad that you got along with his pals because it would have been hell if you didn’t 
  • when he’s horny he’s like “…babyyyyyyyyyy i need your help” 
  • his lead up to y’all actually fucking is so sweet like he’s peppering kisses all over you and wants you to know you’re loved 
  • the next morning would be so cute don’t touch me 
  • he’d be super shy but like also lowkey not 
  • if things were more on the rough side the night before he’d be like “i made you a really cute & sweet breakfast since last night was anything but” 
  • he’s smirking, but he’s also bllushing
  • would be the best comforting person ever
  • if you’re sad he knows exactly what to do to help you feel better 
  • he’d always be there for you, and you for him 
  • you guys wouldn’t be just lovers but best friends too which would make everything 100x easier
  • you’d be a power couple people looked up to 

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Do you have any dazatsu headcanons?

Only   t o o    m a n  y

-Atsushi purrs in his sleep sometimes, also when Dazai (or anyone lol) scratches behind his ear or neck.

-Dazai gets cold easily so he cuddles Atsushi A LO T.

-Atsushi helps Dazai with his bandages whenever they need to be changed. (In the mornings)

-Dazai is so used to Atsushi fixing his bandages for him that when Atsushi isnt around, he often forgets to fix them himself if they get loose, sometimes they get so loose that he trips over them.

-Atsushi likes nose kisses alot and he laughs every time and Dazai cant stop smling, everyone is disgusted.

-Atsushi isnt too affected to see Dazai only in his bandages, but if he walks in on Dazai without them:

-Sometimes Dazai lets Atsushi cuddle with him without the bandages, and Atsushi keeps kissing every part of his body thats usually covered by them.

-Atsushi likes biting/licking Dazais ears because its one of Dazais weak spots. (Dazai might whimper)

-Often when Atsushi isnt paying attention to Dazai, Dazai keeps himself entertained by playing with his hair or long belt.

-Sometimes he pulls the belt hard wich makes Atsushi snatch it back with a pout.

-Dazai gets flustered rather easily and he cant handle it so he tries to always be the one making Atsushi the flustered one.

-Atsushi often asks Dazai to tie his tie for him.

-Atsushi has a special presimmison to play with Dazais hair.

-Whatever Atsushi does to Dazais hair, he keeps it like that all day.

-Atsushi has a CRAZY sex stamina, he often ends up riding Dazai who is too tired to move after cumming 3 times Atsushi please he is old.

-Atsushi has sensitive nipples and he hates it but Dazai LOVES IT.

-Atsushi often worries Dazai is going to dissapear without saying a word to anyone.

-Atsushi and Dazai have sex at the Agency alot and have been caught at least 5 times by Kunikida. (Kyoka is kept far away and safe by Ranpo)

-Atsushi is very shy, before he gets Dazais dick inside him, then he starts being loud and bold. ( ͡ຈ ͜ʖ ͡ຈ)

-Dazai likes to make Atsushi sexually frustrated in public.

-Dazai likes to tease Atsushi in every way, alot, every day. He is grabage.

-Kunikida often sends Dazai and Atsushi on tiny missions together JUST TO GET THEM OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

-When Atsushi cries Dazai doesnt know what to do.

-Drunk Atsushi is VERY clingy and flirty and Dazai has to keep himself calm.

-If Dazai goes on a mission without Atsushi, Atsushi cant sit still. He tries to keep his mind busy with work but he is worried and scared, Dazai returns everytime with a smile and praises Atsushi for waiting like a good boy and Atsushi follows him all day, and Dazai doesnt mind.

-Dazai is fine with the idea of Atsushi topping him.

-Dazai insists on going with Atsushi on dangerous missions, unless he is needed badly somewhere else.

-Dazai and Atsushi stargaze on sad nights and hold hands.

Famous parents- Pack imagine

Request: ‘Can you do a pack imagine where you’re hiding the fact that you have like famous parants or something? Thanks.’

prompt: the pack finds out that your parents are famous but they find it incredibly cool


A/N: The names of the parents are fictional so I did not take a real life person //// Last request in my ask box, so start requesting again!


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The whole pack had come together on a saturday afternoon to have dinner together. You guys talked a lot on such days, sometimes telling each other deep secrets.

Today was a day like that. You had all agreed on just ordering some pizza and while you waited for your order to arrive, you started talking about things you never talked about. 

While you just listened for a while, the others talked about things they’ve had a hard time dealing with or things they were excited about. 

Stiles had talked about the time he had lost his mother and why he was always so worried about his dad and Scott talked about being worried about his mum cause his dad wasn’t there to protect her, so he felt like he had to.

You tensed a bit as everyone started talking about their parents. Suddenly, you noticed Lydia looking at you weirdly, as if she was thinking about something. 

“Y/N, what about your parents? I’ve never heard you talking about them.”, she noticed. Everyon’s gaze was now on you, expecting an answer. You swallowed. 

You knew you had to answer that question sooner or later, but you were scared of their reactions. 

But, lucky you, the bell rang. You slowly exhaled, being relieved. Still, everyone kept looking at you weirdly. Lydia got up to pay the deliverer and you and the others stood up to sit down at the table. 

Lydia carried the pizza to the table everyone was sitting at. All of your friends seemed to be so happy about the pizza finally being there that they forgot about your parents. 

You thought.

But then, as always, Stiles started talking again. “So what is it about your parents, Y/N? You know you can tell us everything, right?”, he said while chewing on his pizza.

Everyone’s gaze was truned to you again as they kept watching you while eating. You stared down at your food for a second, before deciding to just tell them. You looked at them and inhaled deeply.

“Well my mum is Goergia Sparks.”, you finally blurted out. Everyone’s faces dropped a bit, as they looked at you with widened eyes. Scott put down his slice of pizza. 

“Georgia Sparks?? You mean the wife of Carter Sparks? You mean your mum is a model and your dad is an inventor?”, he asked, slightly shocked.

You hesitated but nodded anyways. It stayed silent for a few moments before everyone started talking at once. “What the hell, Y/N? That’s so freaking cool!”, Scott shouted to you over the table. “That’s why you look like a model!”, Lydia stated, laughing slightly.

“I can’t believe we never noticed anything.”, she added, shaking her head. “Y/N, that’s so cool why didn’t you tell us earlier?”, Stiles asked excitedly. 

“Why do we keep secrets, Stiles? ‘Cause we’re afraid.”, Malia answered, shrugging. All of you fell silent, probably realising she was right.  “But, why were you afraid? We’re your friends, Y/N.”, Kira asked again, smling slightly.

You shrugged, looking at you pizza again before facing your friends. “At the beginning, I didn’t want to tell anyone ‘cause I thought I would only gain fake friends who only liked me because of my parents. But once I got to know you guys, you had become my family, I knew you liked me because of me, not my family. I don’t know- maybe I was afraid you’d see me differently afterwards.”, you admitted, getting quieter with every word. 

“Y/N, we would never see you any differently. We love you. We love you because of who you are, not who you’re related to. Ask Malia, we didn’t judge her one second, we gave her the chance to be different than her parents. We won’t ever judge you, no matter what you did or what you think. We’re a family.”, Lydia explained, taking your hand and squeezing it tightly.

You had the biggest smile on your face. “I don’t know how I deserve you guys.”, you admitted. You loved all of them. Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira and Liam. Those were the ones you trusted. And today just proved you one more time that you could trust them.

“Now, we’ll get back to eating, yeah? I’m starving.”, Stiles admitted, which caused everyone to giggle slightly.

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What would everyones reactions be in radiator springs to Sally showing them family videos of lightning she recorded when they visited his folks? :)

  • Sheriff: “It’s better he ended up a racer rather than another street hazard.”
  • Doc: “Kid’s had it in him since the start, eh?”
  • Red: *excessive smling and small laughs*
  • Lizzy: “That reminds me of a time when….” *hour long story ensues*
  • Sarge: “Hmph” *secretly thinks it’s cute*
  • Fillmore: “It’s a miracle he’s still alive, man.”
  • Guido and Luigi: *constant ‘awww’ing and admiration*
  • Flo: “Mm-mm! The youngins got a fire in his soul, sweetheart.”
  • Ramone: “Oh, man. I hope no one ever let him paint himself again!”
  • Mater: “Shoot, I used to ramp off stuff like that, too!”
Lauren Jauregui is a loser: a masterpost

hello i’m making this post so we can finally destroy the idea that lauren jauregui is badass and intimidating and exposing her as the huge dorky loser she really is :’)

ps. please be careful, this post might make u cry

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For the insomnia one how about Suga, Okiwara, Kuroo, & Bokuto? You don't have to do all of them but there's some boys OTL I'm so sorry for not including names

aww it’s alright! i am sorry that this took like years ;w;


You blink slowly as you stare at the page in front of you. You try to read the words on it, but you just don’t understand them. Your eyes see them, but your mind doesn’t register them. You feel your eyes falling close and you have trouble kepping them open.

Just as your about to nod off, the door to the room opens and Sugawara enters with a smile, two cups in his hands. “I got us something cold to drink. Studying isn’t exactly easy when it’s this hot outside.” He sighs and places one of the drinks in front of you as he sits down beside you. You force yourself to open your eyes and take a sip from the cold lemonade. It feels good, but it’s not enough to keep you awake.

“Thank you…” You whisper as your eyes fall closed yet again. You can hear Sugawara saying your name with a worried tone in his voice, but you’re too tired to answer. Your head falls to the side and the boy barely manages to catch you before you could hit the table.

He looks at you worriedly, but then softly smiles. “You should’ve just told me if you’re that tired…” He shifts your body carefully, so that your head falls on his shoulder. He leans back with a smile, places his cheek against the top of your head and grabs his textbook to continue reading where he left off, trying to ignore his racing heartbeat.


You carefully lick at the ice cream in your hand. It’s tasty, but you can’t quite bring yourself to eat it with more enthusiasm. You need your full concentration not to fall into it face forward. The fear of that embarrassment is what’t keeping you awake - even if it’s just barely.

“What’s wrong, ___-chan? If you don’t eat your ice cream now, it’ll melt. And then it will be all over your hands.” Brown hair fills your field of view until you can fix your gaze on the face which they belong to. Oikawa smiles at you and you can feel yourself smling as well, despite your tiredness.

“Yeah, I know.” You mumble and take another lick from the cone. Then you sigh and lean back against the tree your sitting under. It’s providing a cool shadow and just now, it strikes your mind how this would be such a nice place to take a nap.  As if on command, you yawn and close your eyes - completely forgetting about the ice cream in your hand.

Oikawa gasps as he finally gets what’s going on and he quickly raises his hand. Your ice cream falls upon it as if it was meant to be there. “That was close…” The setter whispers and takes a look on his shirt, to make sure it stayed clean. There doesn’t seem to be a stain on it, so he moves his gaze towards you again. “Tired, huh…?” He snickers and starts licking your ice cream - at least what’s left of it - off his hand as he watches you sleeping soundly.


“You’re sure you’re not hungry anymore?” Kuroo asks you for what seems to be the millionth time. You lazily open your eyes and nod while looking up at him from where you’re lying on the bench on the school’s roof. “Yes, it’s fine. I wasn’t even that hungry today to begin with.” You mumble and close your eyes again.

You can hear the boy chuckle. “Okay. Not that I mind. Your lunch is always so tasty, you know?” He says as he continues eating yur leftovers, like he did many times before.

You grumble quietly, as you can feel yourself starting to grow more and more tired. “I appreciate the compliment” You manage to say before a big yawn leaves your mouth.

Kuroo - who is sitting next to you - looks down on you and grins. “Don’t fall asleep now, ___. We still have class after the break.” He says jokingly.

You hear him say that, but you’re not able to answer anymore. All you can do is grumble once more, as sleep finally pulls you in and you start breathing in a steady rhythm. Kuroo raises his eyebrows as he yes you with a grin on his lips.

“Ah, fine then. Guess I’ll just wake you up when it’s time.” He carefully strokes your cheek. “Be thankful that I’m such a nice guy.” He adds with a smirk and then continues eating.


You sit in front of the gym and take a look at your watch. It’s getting late, but you promised Bokuto that you would wait for him after practice. The two of you often walk home together since you share most of the way, and it’s always a lot of fun so you don’t mind waiting for him - if only you weren’t that tired.

Almost all of the volleyball team’s members had already left - only Bokuto is taking his time again. You sigh and lean against the wall of the gym. The sun is about to set and a nice breeze is cooling you down.

‘Just one minute…’ You think to yourself as you slowly close your eyes. It’s been a long day, so you deserve some rest. Besides, you’re sure that Bokuto will leave the gym any moment now. And with his cheerfulness, there’s no way that you could fall asleep.

But before you know it, your sitting there -  sleeping while leaning against the cold wall. And just a few moments later, Bokuto jumps out of the gym hastily.

“___! Sorry I’m so late, I forgot my jacket and then I couldn’t find it and Akaashi helped me look for it but then..- oh.”
He interrupts himself as he sees you sleeping against the gym.

“Aww, are you for real? Guess I really took too long.” He laughs softly and leans down to take a look at you. He smiles as he pushes a few strands of hair out of your face. Then he slowly moves to scoop you up in his arms.

“Then I’ve got no choice but to carry you home.” He exclaims to himself, before he starts walking, carrying you in his arms.

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Jr/you talking about the future together ^^

“Jinyoung, it is almost two in the morning,” you whined in bed as you covered your face with your blanket. Your boyfriend chuckled as he sat on your bed at your feet. “Why’d you leave my bedroom door open?” you whined still under the covers.

“Because I’m treating you out,” he replied. You could tell he was smiling from that happy tone his voice spoke in.

You peeked from under the covers to see Jinyoung smling in your direction. You grunted as you tried to kick him off the bed. “Yah! I’m trying to sleep! I had a busy day today!”

That’s when you heard him sigh. You could have sworn you heard his footsteps walk out the door, but you were proven wrong as your sheets were pulled from you.

“Hey!” you protested as you sat up. Before you could reply, Jinyoung grabbed you by the waist and lifted you over his shoulder. You kept yelling at him to let you down, but he ignored you as he walked out of your bedroom door. “Park Jinyoung! Put me down right now!”

“Nope~” he cooed as he went over to grab your hoodie off of your couch and your keys you left by the door. “We’re going outside whether you like it or not~”

“Remind me to take back the pair of keys I gave to you,” you groaned as you threw your hood over your head and stuffed your hands in your hoodie’s pockets angrily.

Jinyoung chuckled right next to you as the two of you walked. “It was your idea in the first place to give it to me for emergencies.”

You glared at him. “Well this didn’t seem like an emergency to me..”

He snuck behind you to pull you in for a back hug. “It’s always an emergency when I haven’t seen you for almost two months!”

You whined as he continued to show you affection. “Yah!” you yelled. “Not in public! You know how I am with PDA..”

He laughed as he let go of you. However, he took your right hand and intertwined his left hand with it as you continued to walk. “I’m sorry, but it really has been a long time since I last saw you. Y’know with the tour and all..”

“Not to mention you haven’t announced this relationship publicly,” you added as you squeezed his hand.

“Oh, but I plan to, don’t worry,” he smiled as he turned the corner.

“Jinyoung,” you whispered loudly at your boyfriend as he ran up the nearest grassy hill. “Yah! What if someone catches us?”

“What would they tell us?” he asked you as he continued his way up. “They wouldn’t tell us we couldn’t enjoy this beautiful night.”

You sighed and nodded your head in agreement as you followed him up until you both reached the top. Jinyoung automatically sat down and let his back fall onto the grass. You giggled as he looked very cute in his resting position. He looked up at you and happily patted the area next to him.

You smiled as you followed his actions and lied down next to him. “We haven’t done this in forever,” you laughed as you scooted closer to him.

He let his hand walk over to find yours and intertwined them once again. “I missed doing this with you.” As you were gazing at the beautiful, dark sky above you, Jinyoung leaned in to kiss your cheek. You hid your flushed face in your hands as he laughed and faced the sky. “It’s been almost two years and you still do that..”

“Yah!” you screamed as you playfully hit his shoulder. “You know how I am when it comes to affection!”

“Well, hopefully you get used to it by the time I reveal this relationship to the public.”

“Do you think..” you began hesitantly. “Do you think that the fans would.. hate me?”

He looked over at you and pouted. “Don’t worry about that, okay?” He squeezed your hand in reassurance. “Anyone who hates you isn’t a true fan. They should be happy that we found someone who makes us just as happy.”

You tried to force a smile. “I guess you’re right..”

“And they should be happy when we celebrate our anniversaries, or go out to eat, or go on vacation together!”

You turned your body so that you were completely facing Jinyoung. He looked over at you and saw that your eyes were squinted tightly. He rolled over so that he could let his hand rest on your waist. “You really shouldn’t worry, okay? I bet they’ll love you just as much as they love me.”

You smiled as he leaned in for a quick peck on your lips. “Okay.”

“Maybe you’ll even get your own fansite!” Jinyoung exclaimed. “You could probably have more fans than I do!” You laughed at him as he smiled. “See? You really don’t have to worry.”

“Well what if.. we.. y’know..”

“Break up?” Jinyoung asked as he completed your sentence. You averted your eyes and nodded. He sighed as he grabbed your hands. “Even if we do break up, I would never say or use anything against you. I wouldn’t let my fans turn against you either.”

You looked at him with a worrisome face. 

He grabbed both of your hands and brought them up to his face so he could kiss them. “If we do, I would just thank you for all the memories we shared. But let’s not think about that part, okay?”

You nodded as you tried to readjust yourself on the grass. “So.. what if we don’t break up. What if we..”

“Get married?” he smiled as you nodded. “Well, obviously, we need to decide who’s going to perform at our wedding! You know, PD-nim is going to keep insisting that he performs in front of our friends and family.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the PD singing in front of your parents and the rest of your family. “Oh gosh, why don’t we just let Jimin and Yerin sing instead?”

Jinyoung nodded in agreement. “I couldn’t have said it better myself. We could let PD-nim usher people to the tables at the reception.”

“But even then, he would probably try to sneak in his latest single into their napkins,” you added, making the two of you laugh even more.

“Did you want a big wedding or a small wedding? I mean, the company could afford either one,” he grinned.

“Well, we’d have to consider your family and friends, my family and friends, and then the rest of your company..”

“So big wedding it is,” he smiled as he pretended to note it down in the air.

“Do you think an outdoor wedding would be alright?” you asked eagerly.

Jinyoung thought about it for a good minute. “Well, we can never tell whether the weather will be on our side or not. Plus, I don’t think you want to smell my members all sweaty from the sun or wet from the rain.”

You giggled. “Well then an indoor wedding will be great.”

Jinyoung turned to his original position and looked up at the sky once again. “Do you have a favourite boy name? Or girl name for that matter?”

“Um..” you began, “I really like ‘J’ names, actually..”

He looked over at you as you lied your back down on the ground once more. “So is that another reason why you fell for me?” he winked. You swatted him away from being so cheesy. “Okay, okay!”

“I think Jieun’s a really pretty name for a girl,” you said. “I’m not really sure for boys..”

“I think Jieun is a beautiful name,” Jinyoung commented as he turned his attention towards you. “For boys, I really like the name Jaesuk..”

“Yah!” You laughed as you hit him lightly once more. “We’re not naming our child after the nation’s MC!”

He threw his hands up in the air. “I was just saying that I liked the name! I didn’t say anything about naming our future children!”

You turned your head away from him to try and hide your embarrassed face. “But now that you mention it…” he giggled as you turned your body away from him. “No! Comeback!” he whined as he scooted over to wrap his arms around your waist.

“If they get your sense of humour, I’m doomed,” you murmured as he laughed.

“Well if they take after your looks, we’ll have the best looking kids around!”

He turned around in his arms and scrunched your face at him. “Sometimes I can’t deal with you..”

“But when you do, you get rewarded with these,” he grinned before going in to plant a kiss on your lips again.

You wiggled out of his grasp as you rolled on your side. You pulled out your phone and gasped in shock. “It’s almost four!” You sat up screaming. “I have to wake up at seven!”

Jinyoung sat up as well as he stretched. “Can’t you just be absent for one day?” he pouted as you turned to face him. “I love having these conversations with my jagiya~”

You stood up as you pouted back at him. “I do too, but if I miss another class, the professor might fail me. And you wouldn’t want that to happen to your jagiya~” you cheesily said back to him.

He stood up and pulled you in for a warm hug. “No, I wouldn’t want to ruin your future like that,” he said as he kissed your forehead. “Especially if we have a future together.”

You pulled away from him to look into his eyes. He smiled at you as you smiled in response.

“C’mon,” he yawned as he grabbed your hand. “I’ll walk you home.”

“Well maybe after my studies are done, we can do this more often,” you happily added as you walked down the hill with him.

“And when that time comes,” he added, “we wouldn’t need to talk about our future because we would already be living it.”

The Court of Dreams taking a picture
  • Photographer: smile!
  • Amren: *glares, why do i have to be here? I have better things to do.
  • Cassian: *warrior pose, shut up Amren.
  • Azriel: *looks quietly at Mor
  • Mor: *beams, say cheeze guys!
  • Feyre: *looks suspiciously at the camera, is it safe?
  • Rhys: *smling seductivly at Feyre, i'm here, of course it's safe.