Letter To a Friend pt.3


P1: Norman, is the little guy I gave you. Remember don’t put him down he is get’s really cranky when you do, he will bite.-Harro

P2: Norman? -Smitty

P3: Huh? You don’t seem that bad. but it’s still good to keep on the safe side. -Smitty

P4: Kei!! Get Back here!! -Vee

Not until I get my revenge!! -Kei

P5: I dropped him. -Smitty


P6: Ah there he is!! -Smitty

(Back to the action)

P1: Kei, calm down! You don’t need to hurt him. -Harro

Let Me Go!!! Let Me Go!! He Needs To Die!!! -Kei

*Gasp* -Glassmaker

What did you do? -Vee

P2: I Said LET ME GO!!! -Kei

Gah! -Harro

P3: Kei that is it!! You need stop this and calm yourself down right no- -Vee

P4: Get over here!!! -Kei

NopeNopeNopeNope -Glassmaker

You know for a small guy he is pretty strong and fast.- Ember Blast

Kei please, put the vase down. -Skipbeat

( Woo~ Got these pages down, sorry if it felt like I took long I had a small art block, it still is lingering but I’m still working on the next page, of the story and I really hope you guys understand what I tried doing with showing you guys thee two pages. -Mod) 


P1: Hey!! what’s going on up there!! Is Kei running with scissors again!! -Vee

Soo~ this house is sorta like one of those crazy houses. -Smitty

Yea you can say that~ -Skipbeat

P2: Kei can you stop trying to kill my dad for abit we have company!! -Vee

No!! -Kei

U-um Hey Vee, I came to see if you, made up your mind about that question I asked you a few days ago. -Elder

P3 T-th-th-the question? -Vee

The Only Way She Is Going Anywhere It’s When She Leaves To Go To Nirvana!!! -Glassmaker

Huh? I don’t know I think I might be getting use to your dad’s threats, alil scared but use to them. -Elder

Get Over Here!!! -Kei


Norman!! -Harro

Um Don’t you think we should stop them? -Skipbeat

Hi~ Is Harro Around, I wanted to ask him about this trick he was going to show me. -Ember Blast

( Alright~ Two more Characters entering the scene~ and soon we will have some major answers~ -Mod)

( The Question, Elder, Ember Blast)