Nightcrawler + Dating

Prompt: Headcanon(s) for what it’s like to date Kurt Wagner

  • kurt had been so nervous when he asked you out 
    • you thought it was so cute when he stumbled over his words
    • kurt hasn’t gotten used to being your boyfriend yet, so he’s still hesitant when it comes to hugging and kissing you
      • although it’s fun to go out, you and kurt would rather stay inside and hang out
        • whenever kurt is reading, you like to snuggle up against his chest and read along with him
      • kurt loves to try new things (especially food) so if you two are out and about you like to introduce him to new foods
  • kurt doesn’t mind shopping with you unlike most men, and even likes to watch you try on things
    • kurt loves to people-watch, so you two often find yourselves in the park, just enjoying the day and the people around
  • kurts kisses are very soft and sweet
    • he likes to cuddle with you in your bed and tell you stories about his travels
      • sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you catch him staring
        • you like to trace the symbols on kurts skin because you find them so interesting
    • you often have to assure kurt that you find him beautiful because he’s so self-concious about himself and his mutation
      • kurt learning to love himself because of you

>> Teaser Aesthetic>>
Haven’t you ever wanted to look like e v e r y o n e else? To look h u m a n?

“Of c o u r s e I have. I f e e l pity for my s o u l when that happens though… I’m m u t a n t and p r o u d. I shouldn’t want to be like e v e r y o n e else.”

>>Kurt Wagner Chapter Story>> Coming soon >>

Peter Maximoff Edition.
Scott Summers Edition.

dating kurt wagner would include

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  • introducing him to american culture
  • dealing with him getting super excited
  • having to explain a lot of things to him
  • stealing his leather jacket
  • and him being super confused as to where its gone
  • but then he sees you wearing it and he can’t stop smiling
  • his friends always teasing him about you
  • especially peter
  • trying to learn german for him
  • him giving you german nicknames
  • like ‘liebling’ , ‘engel’ and ‘schnuckel’
  • fighting along side him against apocalypse
  • you always calling him ‘blue’
  • so much that you actually call him ‘blue’ more than using his actual name
  • his tail naturally wraps around your waist
  • kurt being super embarrassed if you bumped noses when kissing, or his hands got sweaty when holding yours
  • reading to each other

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25 with Kurt Wagner?

25. “You’re mine, and I don’t plan on sharing.”

“Y/N, liebling, ve vent out yesterday.” Kurt told you with a small laugh as he pressed a kiss to your head. “Vhy don’t ve relax?”

“No.” You huffed, pushing yourself off of him and on to your feet. “I want to go explore, or just go outside or something.”

“Zhen go.”

“I don’t want to go by myself though, that’s what I’m saying.” You told him, crossing your arms as you let out a defeated sigh. “Fine then, I guess I can ask Warren or something, maybe he'd—”

“Varren? Vhy him?”

You stopped walking when you heard his signature bamf, turning to face Kurt only to see him a mere inches away from you. “Goodness, that’s close.” You mumbled as you looked up to him.

“Vhy not Ororo or Jubilee?” He asked as his eyes narrowed. “You could go vith zhem instead.”

“I could, but they can’t teleport like you, or fly like Warren can.” You told him, your voice practically screaming ‘duh’. “And since you’re not going with me, I’ll just ask—”

“Not Varren.” Kurt growled under his breath, baring his teeth lightly as his tail wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against him. “Stay here, with me.”

“Kurt, why are you—”

You’re mine, and I don’t plan on sharing.” You sucked in a sharp breath in surprise at how low his voice sounded, something you’ve never heard from Kurt before.

His hands were wrapped tightly around your hips as his tail held you in place, which you were thankful for. Kurts head hung low, his lips just brushing against your neck lightly, making your knees feel like jello as you were slowly backed against the door. You’ve never seen this side of Kurt before, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

“I– I… yeah, okay. I think that I’ll stay here.”

Bail Organa spotted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sizzle reel!

Bail Organa spotted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sizzle reel! #StarWars #RogueOne

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A few Twitter users found none other than Bail Organa himself in the Rogue One: A Star Wars story sizzle reel. This is the first time we get a glimpse at Bail. It looks like that is indeed Jimmy Smits back in the role. Check it out: Very happy that Bail is returning. It makes sense since this is right before A New Hope. He looks aged, last time…

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Can I have 18 and 10 with Kurt Wagner please? <3

18. “Woah, wait a second… are you jealous?”
10. “Can we cuddle… please?”

Voah, vait a second… are you jealous?” Kurt looked at you with a confused expression on his face. “But vhy?”

“I… I… yes.” You mumbled, flustered as you looked to the ground in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Kurt. I shouldn’t be, but I am.”

“It is okay.” Kurt laughed slightly as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, his tail twitching slightly as you returned it. “It vas… cute. Veird, but cute.”

“Can we please not talk about it anymore?” You asked as you let go of Kurt to sit down. “That wasn’t one of my best moments in life.”

Ja, okay.” Kurt nodded before he plopped down next to you, you leaning your head against his shoulder.

Can we cuddle…” You muttered, closing your eyes as Kurt rested his head against yours. “please?

“Anything for you, liebling.”

Drabble - Kurt Wagner (X Men)

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Even when people are against it. Even then. Especially then!”
“I’m pregnant.”
“Well, this is where I live." 


How do you explain someone who barely accept himself that you’re pregnant?
This question you ask yourself over and over again.
"Your blue devil is here.” Your Brother says and ‘ladylike’ you show him the middle finger.
“Hey.” You smile as Kurt appears in your room, but he doesn’t respond it. “What’s wrong?”
Worried you look to him, his tail which normally wiggles, because he’s excited, lies on the floor.
“Your dad…maybe he’s right and you should look for a normal boyfriend.” His voice is nothing more than a sad whisper.
“No, what? Listen.” You wrap your arms around his neck. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Even when people are against it. Even then. Especially then.”
Instead of an answer he presses his lips on yours, kissing you with so much passion and despair that you get weak knees.
“I love you.” Kurt mumbles, looking more happy than a few minutes ago.
“There is something else.” Your heart races. “I’m pregnant.”

“…and neither my friends or family accepts him. I know that I’m not a mutant, but I don’t know what do.” You finish your speech and Charles Xavier frowns.
“I’m sorry that you had so much trouble in your relationship.” Professor Xavier says and automatically you take Kurt’s shaking hand. “And of course, you can stay here. We will support you and you can go along with Kurt and the others to school here.”
“Thank you. Thank you so much.” You say touched.
“Well, this is where I live.” Kurt says as you come into his room.
With a smile you notice a photo of you on the nightstand. Apart from that it’s a normal boys room, a little bit chaotic.
“We can make it.” You say optimistic and Kurt nods in agreement before he kisses you softly.


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