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every time i see you talk about wolf's rain/mention it in passing i am filled with glee... its my fav thing in this world... kiba is so pretty... my husband... have you ever drawn any of the wolf's rain gang before?? (also apologies if this is sent more than once, tumblr is Silly)

hhh no omg when i watched wolf’s rain i was like???? i wanna say <12? kjsfhgfadk A LIFETIME AGO djffdgf i also had the manga… the art style WAS SO PRETTY i loved it so much,,, so flowy, bold blacks….

and kiba ♥ moody protagonist extraordinaire♥♥


My Favorite Thing: Mark Cho

My Favorite Thing is a column where Put This On asks stylish, interesting, and otherwise cool people to name their favorite item of clothing or accessory, past or present. In this installment, we asked co-founder of The Armoury and one of the world’s best dressed men, Mark Cho.

As someone who works in seasonal menswear, my favorite thing changes every three to six months. I spend a lot of time doing product development for The Armoury, so I am inevitably smitten by the latest shiny thing that lands on our shop floor. Today though, I want to highlight a suit that, while quite new, has a bit of history with me.

There are countless more fabric options than tailored style options (that I can take seriously), and I’m happy to play within the two’s permutations. I started looking for unusual or vintage cloth in earnest almost ten years ago. One day, a particular maker, Dashing Tweeds, caught my attention. I sent an e-mail, was told to go to an address – which turned out to be the proprietor Guy Hills’ home – and purchased a few meters of cloth to take back to my tailor in Hong Kong. It was a very happy experience for me, not just because Guy is a character and gentleman, but because it was such an enjoyable quest to be on – like a first-world forager looking for expensive woven berries.

I like to think of Guy as “the most English man ever.” He has charm, creativity, eclectic tastes, but most importantly, he just does not give a shit about “the rules.” He possesses a set of traits I continue to find in certain Englishmen, but rarely anywhere else. I think it’s fair to say that Dashing Tweeds is an acquired taste. As someone who likes decorative cloth, no matter how weird it may be, Dashing Tweeds pushes my buttons. If you can get past the initial “what the hell?” feeling, you’ll find that the designs are complex and beautiful, with little reliance on the past as an indicator of what to do next.

In my most recent visit, I bought a navy suiting cloth with a stripe made of grey boucle yarn. I handed the fabric over to Ring Jacket, who’s essentially my adopted Japanese family (and maker of nice suits for The Armoury). I had to make a prototype of a new store model anyways, so they did me a favor and used my bit of Dashing Tweeds. (Please don’t write me asking to do Ring Jacket CMT.) The cut is influenced by Milanese style, having a classic size lapel with a lightly padded shoulder. It has a conservative air to it, acting as a good medium for the fabric. I don’t wear it often but if there’s an event worth wearing something bonkers to, I’ll break it out. I am now a man who owns a furry pinstripe. 

Sometimes people get a bit carried away with the import their fine garments may bestow upon them. Building a wardrobe is not an exercise in optimization, it should be something that is enjoyable and worth taking the occasional risk on. Enjoy the process, enjoy the cloth, enjoy the garment and enjoy the beauty (sometimes debatable) of the final result. In my case, I got to hang out with Guy and I spent some quality time with my friends at Ring Jacket. Ultimately, I have a garment that reminds me of good times with good friends, and brings more of both every time I wear it. -MARK CHO

You can check out some more of Mark’s favorites in his A Week’s Worth editorial over at The Armoury. Photos by Guy Hills.

I hate being afraid. I hate being weak. I hate knowing that if I wear somewhat revealing clothes, my family will sexualize me and comment on my ass and body. I hate that I have to censor myself around my so-called best friend. I hate that my mom judges my every move and expects me to be fucking perfect. I hate that my brother’s friend bullies me and I let him. I hate that I hurt those around me. I hate that one glance at a stranger and I am smitten. I hate that the person I act like isn’t me. I hate that people expect me to let them walk over me. I hate that my OCD is acting up again. I hate that I can’t define my sexuality. I hate that I’m depressed. I hate that I’m worthless. I hate that unwanted. I hate that I’m socially disastrous. I hate that my words never come out right. I hate that my family won’t acknowledge that they’re so dysfunctional. I hate that my life has become so incredibly not mine. I just really fucking hate myself. I honestly wish I could just start over from the beginning.
Heart of a champion

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Y/N always imagined spending her anniversary with the love of her life…a little different than she was currently doing. She pictured being somewhere exotic in a McCartney bikini, Instagram-worthy cocktails on the beach, a book in hand, soaking in the sun with her husband next to her - away from their crazy lives and jobs. 

She also imagined she’d have been wearing an effortless wispy romantic dress, a pair of Aquazurra’s and a dainty necklace; an outfit uncomplicated for him to undress for later.

She never once imagined that she’d be  surrounded by his fans in an arena…wearing a Roman Empire shirt and some distressed charcoal jeans and lace-up flats.

She also imagined being all over him, smitten, being all lovey-dovey.

But they were mad at each other.

She’d come all this way to surprise him, to make things right and celebrate their anniversary, in whatever way the universe was gonna deem possible. Their fight back at home had threatened the possibility of that, but the fact that she didn’t want to be alone on that special day forced her to book a last minute ticket and jump on the plane with nothing but a handbag. Even if he was still mad at her, seeing him within a few metres was totally fine for her.

After the argument she and Roman had; she also never once imagined that she’d be watching the man get dominated in the ring by his opponent. He was struggling, and she wondered how he was going to justify this sacrifice. She didn’t come to argue, neither to stand on a high moral ground, but a part of her had thought watching him fight would prove to be worth it.

“So you’re really doing this?” she’d asked him last week as he packed.

He didn’t reply. The last thing he wanted to do was lose his cool and say something he’d regret. Besides, he didn’t want to leave her in tears either. If it meant swallowing his pride and letting her have the last word, then so be it.

“You’ve made up your mind? You’re leaving me and not even coming back to celebrate our anniversary?” She continued, funny enough handing him his stuff to load into his suitcase.

He’d come home for the weekend. She’d known about his Extreme Rules match to claim the title from Seth months ago. But a part of her thought that he’d change his mind and prioritise being at home to mark their relationship. She’d have done the same, she thought. In fact, she’d already taken that weekend off work herself for the occasion.

“You knew about this before,” he argued calmly.  

She shrugged, “I didn’t think you’d see it through,”

“Don’t guilt trip me about it babe,” he sighed and stood up to face her. “You know I would give up everything to be with you next weekend, but I need this opportunity. It’s now or never,”

“No Roman, I know you would give up on everything we have to be in that ring. That’s your priority. That’s who you’re married to. It’s fine because ‘Y/N will always be there, WWE wont,’ that’s your reasoning isn’t it? I always have to take it and not complain,”

He wasn’t oblivious to the sarcastic remarks. He could deliver some just as punchy, but that wasn’t going to help the situation or work in his favour. He was hurting that she felt that way; that he put the job first and would let it destroy their marriage. A part of him started questioning whether that was true, because he’d always looked at it from his perspective: he’d come so long sacrificing much to be where he was. Why stop now and jeorpadise all that he’d given up and away?

And maybe that was her point; how much more can a person sacrifice before it’s enough? Before that thing becomes a priority? Or was that just pure selfishness. Or both? He wondered, but he didn’t want to get into it, he didn’t want to face the truth; because if that really was the truth, then he’d realise how much he hurt her and he wasn’t sure he could stomach it then.

Whatever it was, he vowed to himself in that moment that he was gonna give the fight of his life. In a way, metaphorically fighting for their relationship . He was gonna make sure he won that damn belt and brought it home to her. He owed her that.

But that wasn’t looking like a possible reality at all. Not even to Y/N who was unaware of the promise he’d made to himself. She watched alongside her sister as the man bled all over his face, taking a beating from his former friend.

“I can’t watch this,” she complained to her sister about the match.

“You can’t just leave,” her sister advised. “He knows you’re here, besides, it’ll give off the wrong impression,”

“I don’t care what people will think. I’m sure he’ll be fine without me sitting here,”

“Y/N come on, this is really not the time to make a statement. You came all the way to watch him, at least see it through,” she looked at the two men in the ring; the one in question holding onto the ropes as if for dear life. Her heart lurched, she could only imagine what Y/N felt, but she felt obliged to give the right advice. “I think he needs you here right now,”

Y/N chuckled, wondering whose side her sister was on. Had she spoken to Roman at some point?

“It’s ironic. He can do whatever he wants and I can’t even skip a match because I can’t watch him like that? How’s that fair?”

“It’s not about point-scoring,” her sister said calmly. Y/N rolled her eyes. “It’s supporting him, you know how much he needs this,”

“I’ll meet you backstage when you’re ready. I’m gonna find Naomi, the twins or Dean,”

Her sister watched on, supporting as she called it, Roman as he crawled across the ring whilst Seth tormented him verbally. He sat up in the corner, and she noticed him looking that way, looking for his wife again. He’d been distracted by her the instance he noticed her when he first walked into the ring. But now she was gone. He looked at his wife’s sister as if for answers, and Seth sent a kick in his face that knocked him out.


“There’s a face I didn’t think I’d see tonight,” Jimmy said as he spotted Y/N walking in the corridors backstage. “Aaw, what’s up? Are you - are you crying? Shit you’re crying. Oh fuck. I’m not good with tears, okay, hug?”

She nodded and he pulled her close, rubbing her back. She felt stupid to just burst out all of a sudden but she’d needed the release. What was it about crying whenever someone acknowledged your sadness?

“You sick?” Jimmy asked, his voice got higher the more nervous he was. He really didn’t do tears.

He felt her shake her head against his chest.

“You wanna talk about it?”

She paused momentarily. And then she nodded.

“Okay,” his voice and tone softened with compassion. “Just me?” he wanted to sneak in his wife in there somewhere or his brother, in hopes that when she started crying again; they could deal with it better than he can.

“Yes please,”

“Okay, c'mere,” he said directing her to a private room and shut the door.

He pulled out a chair for her to sit down and then another for himself which he positioned right in front of her.


She explained the argument with Roman, being angry with him, questioning his loyalty to her, and the last minute decision to follow him and watching him getting annihilated in the match.

“First of all, you don’t come second to him, believe me,” he said so convincingly. “Ask anyone here, you’re all he ever talks about. If he’s not talking about you, he’s talking about being home. We get real mad with him because all roads lead to Y/N. And I love you but that shit’s mad annoying,”

Y/N didn’t answer straight away, “And all roads lead to his job when he’s with me,”

“I’m sure that’s not true, come on you know that. You even told me that he hates talking about work at home,” and that was true. “I’m in no position to talk because luckily, I get to work with my wife, y'know? But this is just the nature of the business, it’s hard, I can see where you’re coming from and your feelings are valid, but you knew from the get-go that this is what he’s always wanted. You knew what that included. That’s what’s in the package and you signed for it, literally. You signed for it for a reason. And his feelings are valid too. You’re both right and wrong, so you each have to compromise,”

“I feel like I do it more though,”

“He doesn’t enjoy leaving home y'know, don’t think that because we’re always on the road that we’re seeing and enjoying the world. We’re in one city, spend the day practising, then the show, if we’re lucky we get time to eat out in that city. Usually it’s a take out in the hotel or eating on the road, it’s not easy for him either. Every moment he leaves home, he’s compromising.” Jimmy explained. “Look, there’s a reason why despite all this, you still came here,”

“Because I love him,” she said, a no-brainer, as simple and pure as that.

“Don’t make him choose because he certainly isn’t choosing the job before you. The fact that you came out here shows that you even know it yourself,”
Jimmy smiled. “Right, okay, your man has about five more minutes until his match is done, wanna come watch it with me on the screens?”

“Yeah,” Y/N said smiling, feeling less tense now.

“You’re doing well kid,” Jimmy said as they walked out together. “They say the first few of years of marriage are the hardest. You’re on year one, this is nothing,”

Y/N laughed out loud, an authentic and unreserved one, “Shut up, are you trying to make me run away?”

“No,” Jimmy squeezed her shoulder. “Roman will kill me. But on a serious note, congratulations. You’ve survived a year with him,”

Things were different this time around. Roman was returning punches, kicks, dodging them and had regained his composure. Even lacquered in the red substance, Y/N loved the man and thought he still looked good, maybe that was the sadist in her. She could see he was fighting for his life; putting his best in. And the last two minutes things got a little tense as he and Seth literally went head to head, unrelenting, both of them hungry for that title. The arena’s air was thick with suspense and anticipation, palpable even through the TV screen they were watching it on backstage.

“Come on baby,” she muttered repeatedly at the screen, watching him struggling on the floor near the steps.

Seth rolled out of the ring and pulled him up by the hair. Roman managed to throw in a punch to his stomach, Seth double over, creating space for Roman to superman punch him. But Seth dodged, sending him into the steel steps. The crowd murmured in disappointed tones, as did the small crowd in the room, hissing and groaning.

“Get up Uce!” Jimmy said furiously at the screen. “Get. Up!”

Seth walked over to the announcement table, throwing equipment off it; preparing it to dispose of Roman’s body there. But he was too slow, unwise too with his back to his opponent. Roman speared him through the table, the referee began a countdown.


“Come on Roman!” Dean groaned, hands clasped behind his head.

“6…,” Roman struggled to his feet.

“You got it Uce, that’s it,” Jey said encouragingly, watching his cousin limp towards the ring.


“Come onnnnn!” Y/N shouted, growing more annoyed with him now. She could see the fans in the crowd mimicking her anxiety. The room was still with tension.


And he slipped into the ring. Just about. The backstage crowd cheered. The arena went ballistic in cheers.


The bell rung. Roman’s theme song played in the building, fans screaming excitedly as the man picked up the belt for the first time, officially the WWE Heavyweight champion. He sat on his knees, observing the glistening object with disbelief and lifted into the air. He did it!

“He fucking did it!” Jey called out, echoing Y/N. “Come on,”

Jimmy had just been thinking the same thing; running out to the ring to celebrate with their cousin. He took Y/N’s hand, reassuring her with his eyes. The four of them, Dean included, ran towards the staging area; running down the ramp into the ring as confetti rained on the champion. The fans cheers increased in volume, excited to see The Usos and Dean. Roman turned around to see his family running excitedly towards him. Most importantly, his wife.

Beat down as he was, he stood up straight, for her. He couldn’t wait, the moment she slipped into the ring, she was in his arms, arms and legs wrapped around him.

“You did it!”

He laughed, smiling wide as if finally realising it. He’d won.

“We did it baby, we did this,” he said in her ear, laughing proudly.

“I’m so proud of you, I love you so much,”

“I don’t deserve you,” he said putting her down as Jimmy, Jey and Dean finally reached the ring. He kissed her in front of the crowd, not even thinking twice. “You came, why the hell are you here Y/N? I don’t deserve you. I love you,”

“Uce!” the twins said interrupting the couple, too excited to be respectful of the couples intimate moment.

They took it in turns to hug him and congratulating him.

“It coulda been mine,” Dean joked pointing at the belt. “But I let you go for it because of her,”

Roman kissed his teeth and pulled his friend into a hug, “Thanks man,” then he turned to the tech crew. “Mic?”

He returned to the centre of the ring, holding his wife by his side, the new belt sat comfortably over his shoulder, a mic in his hand. The crowd got erratic. Chanting his name repeatedly, he couldn’t speak for almost a full minute. He smiled, looking around the entire arena, feeling overwhelmed. How did he get so lucky? With them, with his wife?

This is what dreams are made of, he realised. The moment he’d always dreamt of as a child.

“Alright,” he begun. “I don’t even know what to say right now, I’m probably gonna get my buttkicked for doing this, but I’m about to get real emotional on y'all,”

They cheered him on.

“Thank you guys so much for your support, not just people here, but people watching at home, online, wherever you are watching this match. Thank you, I mean it. Roman Reigns wouldn’t be here without you. There’d be no empire,” he paused. “I wanna thank my family at home, and the ones in this ring right here. My boys, I couldn’t ask for better friends. And then most important of all, this woman right here,”

Y/N suddenly wanted to die. What was he doing? She covered her face in embarassment, Roman chuckled and peeled off her dainty hands.

“My wife. Thank you baby,” he said turning her so they were face to face, like they stood on that exact day last year in the church exchanging vows. “Y'all don’t understand how far we’ve come for this moment, for this belt. Without her, I wouldn’t even be here. Thank you for your strength, because it keeps me going; not the other way around.  We’ve been together for five years, today marks our first wedding anniversary. She was mad that I was working today, and she still came out to surprise me, but look, I think I win on the gifts this year. This is for you. I told y'all I’m gonna get emotional, I’m probably gonna get a disciplinary talk after, so you might not see Roman Reigns for a while,” how could he joke at a time like this? Y/N thought. “Fine with me, I know where I’ll be,”

Y/N blushed as his boys slapped her husband on his shoulder, laughing at his suggestive remark.

“That make-up and anniversary sex is gonna be bomb,” Jey whispered in Roman’s ear.

Roman laughed, unable to continue on the mic as Dean stole it out of his hand.

“How about we get these two kids to kiss so we know it’s real?”

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” the crowd sung.

Roman and Y/N both scanned the thousands of people occupying the building, but not only that; the other three in the ring had joined in too on the chants.

“The people have spoken, let’s give them what they want, happy anniversary baby,” Roman said into the mic before throwing it carelessly behind him, his lips enveloping hers.

Y/N could feel the elation in his body as he melted in her hands and the way he kissed her. 

“I love you so much, if I could remarry you again, I would,”

And suddenly, all those fights, missed birthdays, surprise visits and late night phone calls had been worth it.

“Y’gotta admit, I got you beat on presents this year?” he whispered.

“Mhhh, even if I told you we’re expecting?” she pried. 

i need sebastian to show up at skyhold with bethany and carver and for cassandra to be so smitten with him bc hes charming and beautiful but either seb goes and hooks up with someone else or hes taken by hawke, cue heart breaking

and cassandra winds up at the herald’s rest complaining about how unfair it is to bethany who’s like “tell me about it” and they end up hitting it off and having a good time and falling in love and getting married and all is super good forever

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Personally I think Kaplan's safe. She may have"betrayed" Red, but if anything choosing Liz/Agnes over him just makes her the most trustworthy person to eventually send Agnes away with (which we know is coming - this show has zero room for a baby).

Send Agnes away? Well I don’t know about that, I mean up until the delivery I was team adoption is the best option but now that we have her, I really love her. There is zero room for a lot of things on this show but Agnes doesn’t take up much room, she’s so dang cute, Red’s completely smitten, Agnes is too and I’d miss her dammit. And the fact that tptb made me fall in love with this baby after the most ridiculous pregnancy reveal, write in, timeline, delivery, You’re Having My Baby which will take the rest of my life to erase from my memory, and Tom attempting to fold a blanket just to make him appear human really annoys the hell out of me tbh. However that’s not Agnes’ fault and I’d like her to stay awhile. She can hang out with Dembe and Mr Kaplan and that kid will be a total badass. Red will give her too many sweets and Lizzy will roll her eyes and say he’s spoiling her. Red will roll his eyes right back and say nonsense cookies never hurt anyone. Come on Anon, we need you on Team Agnes;)

request: “hey :) i really like your blog ! can i get one where Luke and I are best bus for years, and he wants to tell me he love me since then!”

Luke had tried his hardest to keep his secret for as long as he could. He had been in love with you for as long as he could remember, and he had been successful in keeping it for this long. He’d watched you be with terrible boys, and he knew he could treat you a lot better, if he could just work up the nerve to tell you. Every time you hung out with him and just watched movies in your pajamas, Luke was entirely smitten with you. He loved you at your best and your worst, and he knew he’d be a great boyfriend to you.

One day, Luke had taken you out for lunch. This was nothing out of the usual for you, but Luke was planning something. After you’d finished your meal, Luke picked up your hands and looked into your eyes. His heart was beating out of his chest and he was audibly breathing quicker.

“Y/N I have something I have to tell you. I’m in love with you, and I have been since we were kids, and I’ve watched you deal with awful boys and have your heart crushed, and I wouldn’t do that to you. Will you give me a chance?” You eyes were dewy as you nodded your head, making a relieved smile wash over Luke’s face.

Author’s note: Hope this is what you were looking for! Requests are open if you’d like to make one :-)

Absolutely smitten with my pink typewriter pin from the lovely @anndanger ! I have been sporting it on my denim jacket for the past week–definitely gets me in the mood for writing! 💛

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What is Kellina and her OC boyfriend Hanon like? They look fun!

Excuse me while I let out an unearthly pterodactyl screech.
Thank you for liking our ship ♥♥♥ Hanon belongs to @of-elves-and-wolves!

A summary:
They’re shipped in a modern AU of Thedas, the Dragon Age world. There, Kellina was freshly admitted to nurse school and looks for a place to stay and ends up moving in with her cousin Ella (also an OC of @of-elves-and-wolves). Hanon is the sort-of adoptive brother of Ella and lives there as well, so they started as flat-mates.
Kellina just left a relationship that didn’t end well and just wants to concentrate on work, while Hanon is smitten with her and just wants to make her smile.

It stays that way for quite a while, they’re the slowest slow-burn from strangers to friends to lovers trope under the sun.

Both of them are huge video game nerds and would spend their day on the couch playing all kinds of games, when they have the time. Or they go hiking.

Once they’re in a relationship, they’re one of those feel-good pairings that are based on unwavering trust, open communication and the occasional goofiness.

Some would say “boring”. I say they’re a normal, down-to-earth match that has its ups and downs, but both of them are willing to continue working on their relationship, together.

Thank you so much for your ask ♥ I hope I answered your ask correctly!
If not, feel free to ask me or @of-elves-and-wolves more stuff ♥♥♥♥

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Sooooo, a post of Tae looks smitten by Jimin's charming smile (and Jimin smiles cutely at him in return) and a post of Jungkook carrying Jimin?? Nissi I'm....young again. I feel rejuvenated. My heart expands. I feel this world ten times better and prettier. La vie en rose.

i know omfg i didnt ask for anything today and i got…..So Much

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What's a reverse harem?

A “harem” is a trope where there’s one guy (usually a pretty normal, basic guy) who through some odd circumstances ends up being surrounded by/living with a bunch of very attractive women who usually fit an archetype. So, there’s the overtly sexualized one, the little Lolita, the smart/conniving one, etc. Typically they all fall into lust with the main character and fawn over him. One example that comes right to my mind is “Love Hina” although I’m certain there are other examples.

A “reverse harem” is that same basic concept, but the genders are switched. So you have one girl surrounded by incredibly attractive men, each with differing personalities. All of these men are smitten or slowly become smitten with her. It’s typically focused a lot less on the lust side, and more on the emotional side, although sex is a thing that can happen a lot. This is essentially the plot of every otome game ever, but the more famous reverse harem story people tend to know is “Ouran High School Host Club”.

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AniObi, Obi-wan as a lounge singer and Anakin as the completely smitten waiter

Anakin sighed as Obi-Wan crooned the last notes of his set. He bowed to the applause—and catcalls—and gave the audience a cheeky wink before heading off stage. Anakin watched him slip into the dim light, pretending that wink had been especially for him.


Anakin jerked around, I didn’t do it reflexively on the tip of his tongue as he faced the Temple’s bar manager, Mace Windu. The man’s expression gave away nothing, except maybe a general disdain, but it wasn’t a reprimand Mace had ready for Anakin. Instead he handed him a tray with an iced glass and two bottles of Nubian water.

“Take this to Kenobi,” he nodded in the direction of the backroom that was off to the side of the stage, down a long hallway that only employees and special guests were allowed in.


“Yes really,” Mace said nonplussed.

Anakin quickly discarded his other tray still holding the empty glasses from three tables ago when Obi-Wan had started singing one of his dirtier numbers. Mace rolled his eyes but didn’t bother with a remark. When Anakin put his mind to it he was a great waiter, lucky for him he was a passable waiter even when he didn’t. He made a beeline for the hallway, dodging patrons and fellow servers, earning a glower from Aayla when he almost jostled her.

“My bad.”


The backroom was organized chaos, costume racks, extra chairs, spare bits and bobs, and lit vanities covered in makeup and styling kits, most of them occupied by performers in various stages of undressed. A mouse droid scurried past Anakin’s foot. Obi-Wan sat on the edge of the vanity nearest Anakin, still in his gorgeous red synth-silk number, one bare foot tucked under him while he ran the other over the floor back and forth. Anakin licked his bottom lip.

“Dinner at Dan Tana’s, tickets to the Mon Calamari Ballet,” Obi-Wan lamented.

“It sounds like an ideal date,” Luminara said, touching up her makeup, she was on in five.

“It might have been if he hadn’t been a complete bore interested in only one thing and believe me it was not Squid Lake.”


“I like Squid Lake,” Anakin blurted out.

The two performers looked at him with arched brows. Anakin winced internally. Luminara’s mouth twitched and she stood, flicking out her dark skirt.

“And on that note, I best get on stage.”

Obi-Wan waved her off then turned his attention back to Anakin.

“Something I can help you with, Anakin?”

He needed to say something, anything. As long as it was wizard.

“I carried your water,” Anakin’s cheeks burned. “Brought, I mean, I brought your water.”

Obi-Wan smiled and leaned back on his palms. Anakin kicked himself repeatedly, keeping his eyes down as he set the water and glass on the vanity. Stupid, stupid.

“When did you see Squid Lake?” Obi-Wan asked.

“Huh? O-oh. It was on the holo last month,” he said.

His mom had put it on and they’d both cried at the end but Anakin kept that part to himself.

“Am I really so intimidating?” Obi-Wan teased.

“You’re gorgeous,” Anakin gushed.

Fierfek. Obi-Wan laughed.

“Will you be at Dex’s after closing?”


It was a regular thing with the performers and some of the staff but Anakin had never been invited before.

“Should I be?”

Obi-Wan grinned and nodded, “You definitely should.”

In case anyone was curious where my thoughts strayed when I got this prompt:

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20. How did their relationship start? & 2. When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?

20. ♥ How did their relationship start?

“Light, I was smitten with Jonesy Dawes from the minute I met him, almost. Or rather, from the minute I saw him tip backward in his chair with a plate o’ cookies on his chest, slidin’ them two or three at a time into his mouth like some kind o’ gruntin’, heavy-breathin’ cookie beast. I knew then that I just… I had to be friends with this person, at the very least.”

“But I won’t say I didn’t think about him after, ‘cause I did. A lot, actually. And when he showed up at my doorstep a week or so later with a barrel full o’ oysters announcin’ that he was goin’ to make me dinner? Heck, I couldn’t usher him in fast enough. I think I was really clumsy and obvious about it, actually! He, ah… he ended up stayin’ that night. NOT in the way you’re thinking! …and we just got sweeter on one another from there. That’s all.”

2. ♥ When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?

“Poorly. I’m… not really very good at it. I like to do things for ‘em, but I do things for lots o’ people, so it just gets kind o’ confused, I think. I think they mostly figure it out ‘cause I get to be a sort o’ stumblin’, stammerin’ mess, honestly. I talk too much and make a fool o’ myself, and get so damned red in the face that even the densest fella alive could figure out something’s up. But, ah… no, aside from that, I’m just not a very good communicator that way! It’s worked out fine, though.”

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Yo! Did you see that gif of Jimin jumping like a frog? Because there's some content in that that I think you'd be interested in... adios~


where is this gif u speak of

I do not recall

I have been looking

I am v interested in this content

I hope u don’t mean in a perverted way

I jus want to see my smol child bounce around like the pure sunshine he is

while lowkey thirstin for him

but yes smol bouncy jiminnie he jumps so high he’s so athletic so hardworking I am smitten

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How long have you been doing kung fu?

I started Kung Fu when I was around 7/8 and carried on for a few years before high school diverted my attention to studies and my interest and energy dwindled. I rejoined the class over a year ago and have become smitten all over again. The class is like a second family to me and I absolutely love being there.

My biggest regret had always been dropping out of the advanced class without at least reaching black sash. Now, after a year of hard work, I’m four grades away from that. I’m also pursuing weapons training and coaching. :)

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Things We Have in Common:

  • Like Kinney, I can be very stoic. 
  • We both have a strong sense of duty, and I’ll do things that have to be done even if I might not like or agree with it. 
  • I didn’t like Iko at first, but now she’s one of my favorite characters ever (I’m assuming that Kinney is pretty smitten with Iko now…)

Things We Don’t:

  • I like to think I don’t have any prejudices, but if I do, I try very very very hard not to.
  • I get the feeling that Kinney doesn’t like to have fun, while I love a good time!
    • Of course, my idea of having a good time is eating pie and reading so…
  • I also get the feeling that Kinney is proper all the time and while I think I do a pretty good job at keeping my foot out of my mouth, I’m crazy awkward and don’t always say the right thing in real life situations.