Simon Kinberg directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Jessica Chastain is being eyed for the villain role.

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And the returning cast includes Kodi Smitt McPhee, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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you're my unproblematic fave artist ahhh it makes me so happy. if you're taking requests that aren't from the palette yet would you feel like doing smittenjolras?? he is a sweetheart ❤

I honestly didn’t know much about smittenjolras, so I searched a lil and my outcome was this: madly in love, confused and happy Enj

Hope you like it, I did it in my simplified style because it was more of a tiny strip than an actual drawing, sorry about that, I thought it would have been the best way to show his “smitteness”
Thank you for requesting!!! <3

“Liberals got women the right to vote. Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote. Liberals created Social Security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty. Liberals ended segregation. Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act. Liberals created Medicare. Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act. What did Conservatives do? They opposed them on every one of those things…every one! So when you try to hurl that label at my feet, ‘Liberal,’ as if it were something to be ashamed of, something dirty, something to run away from, it won’t work, Senator, because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.”
– Matt Santos, The West Wing