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I am an American who does not know about the bromance between James and David but would like to

I don’t know if these videos will play because of geography and idk if they’re restricted to the UK, but it began in 2009. James Corden co-wrote a show with Ruth Jones back in 2007 called Gavin and Stacey and he played a character called Smithy, and he became like a household name here as Smithy. In 2009, he did a sketch for Comic Relief where Smithy met the England Football Team. Here’s how that went. 

Then, in 2010, he did a bit for Sports Relief with a whole host of sports stars, David being one of them. Here’s that. (Here’s just the bit he did with David)

Then back in 2015 when James was first entering the US market and you guys were first getting to know him, he did this underwear parody advert with David. 

And then most recently the Bond audition. So yeah, there you have it, the ongoing tale of David and James’ lil bromance. Also here’s a bonus clip of James on Conan talking about sharing a bath with David. 

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Favorite Fictional Characters: Why do you always ask me this? ;-; 

Supernatural: Sam, Mick, Meg, Charlie, Jody, Claire 

 iZombie: Blaine, Ravi, Liv, Major  

Gavin & Stacey: Smithy & Nessa

Once Upon A Time: Regina, Snow & Charming (they count as one character), Killian, Belle

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Number of blankets I sleep with: One

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