I have been making ALL KINDS of copper rings over the past few months. It’s not secret that they’re my favourite thing to make. Do they turn your skin green? It’s the chemical reaction of sweat, skin and copper. Sometimes it happens when you sweat a lot, but not if you paint the inside with clear nail polish. Let me know if you want one, it takes some tweaking & time to get the size right.

I am so excited to make jewelry out of these paintbrush jasper stones. I picked the ones that I saw really neat abstract shapes in. Bottom left is a little black bear, above it a toddler playing on the beach. You may also see a giraffe standing in the mountains, a bald man sniffing a wall, a bendy spruce tree and 3 people in a canoe. Nature is amazing! #paintbrushjasper #gemstone #gray #beads #rock #jasper #smithstine #jewelrymaking #abstract

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Worked really hard today… I really don’t enjoy making the same pieces over and over again in one sitting. Mixing it up and experimenting with custom orders and new pieces is what makes smithing fun. But I’m glad these will eventually go to good homes. I really tried to concentrate on cutting them as similarly as possible which is not easy.