Emma Approved/Doctor Who Art Challenge

James Brent Isaacs posted this challenge a little more than a week ago, and that’s how long it took me to finish this.  In the middle of coloring in the clothing, I got an idea for another piece for this challenge, so this is just part one of two. :)

The colors in this don’t show up too well on my Ipad, so if you’re on a device like that, you’re probably missing out on all the layers of color.  The actual size of this piece is 2446x1936 pixels, or approximately 34x27 inches.  It’s pretty darn big xD 

I hope you like it!  And maybe you can guess why I chose the people I did for each character. :) 

Tyra Colar/Jane Fairfax as Sarah Jane Smith
James Brent Isaacs/Bobby Martin as Mickey Smith
Alexis Boozer Sterling/Annie Weston as Jackie Tyler
Dayeanne Hutton/Harriet Smith as Rose Tyler
Joanna Sotomura/Emma Woodhouse as the Tenth Doctor
Brent Bailey/Alex Knightley as Martha Jones
Nikea Gamby-Turner/Maddy Bates as Donna Noble
Stephen Chang/Frank Churchill as Captain Jack Harkness