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Chapter 2 of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ just happened

I started this for the prompt ‘past-present’ from the 31 Days of Porn Challenge 2017 back in May. 

It’s a 1940s Johnlock AU, set during WWII in London. And at the moment it looks likely that it might evolve into a gay spy AU, Sherlock and John fighting Nazis…

I truly wasn’t planning to revisit this story, but then I read the fabulous Enigma by @khorazir (If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favour and start now, not that I claim to be anywhere near the quality of this brilliant story) and had a chat with @a-different-equation about the love letters exchanged between two gay british  soldiers during WWII. All of this somehow triggered the new chapter.

Beware, it’s smutty… and a bit sad:

Luckily, the Metropolitan and District Line is running without interruptions for once. The air strike last night did hit again the East End, but apparently the more central parts of London were spared. Still, the platforms and cars are crammed, which is annoying as the journey to Baker Street takes nearly half an hour due to the usual delays.

John isn’t so lucky as to get a seat. He has to stand, swaying slightly while holding onto a strap. He’s exhausted from his night shift, despite his heart beating hard and fast in his chest at the prospect of meeting the stranger from last night again. He toys with the slip of paper in his pocket until he almost falls asleep, only woken up by the rattling of the train when it runs over a turnout.

It’s hot and humid in the car. The air smells of cabbage, unwashed people, wool, wet dog and cigarettes. John is glad when the train eventually reaches Baker Street and he can finally get off. The station is a labyrinth, a hideous conglomerate of older stations, fused together by narrow stairs, aching lifts and dark passages. When he surfaces , John takes a few deep breaths in the bright morning sun.

As he turns left and walks up Baker Street, he passes buildings walled with sand bags. Others are damaged to different degrees by bombs, yet not recently. There are not that many people about at this time of day, as it’s almost nine o'clock in the morning. School and work have started, and John sees only housewives on their way to do what passes for shopping these days and mostly consists of queueing for one’s rations.

The ground floor of 221 Baker Street is quite fittingly occupied by a small bakery. Next to it’s bright red store front, however, is a black door that seems to lead to flats above the shop. John takes a deep breath, squares his shoulders, and knocks.

He has no idea what might await him. But no risk, no fun.

John waits a little but when nothing happens, he knocks again, louder this time, and steps back onto the pavement to gaze up at the facade. He can see the curtain of a window on the first floor move slightly. About a minute later, the front door is opened a fraction and a pale face pears out at him, surrounded by dark curls. A sharp gaze runs him up and down before the door is opened a little wider.

“What do you want?” A deep voice asks brusquely. It’s the man from last night. Or is it? The voice sounds the same, a posh, velveteen baritone. But as it had been too dark to see each other properly, John can’t be sure.

“Are you Mr Holmes? Sorry, I think we… met last night, at Smithfield Market, and you invited me?” John is suddenly doubting that this has been a good idea.

The man stares at him a little longer, blinking rapidly. “Did I? Maybe I did. Come in, anyway.”

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Who knew Mi6 and Q had so many workshops and safe houses in London many are cunningly disguised.

This one beneath Smithfields Market is cavernous but most of it seemed to be abandoned and turned unto a civilian car park

The truly eagle eyed Londoners amongst you might realise that Yes, that is right next to Bart’s Hospital and directly underneath where Sherlock Holmes plunged to his fake death. Which makes me wonder if Q and Mi6 had a hand in it. Bond was tight lipped on the matter


If friendship was the only thing I got out of [being in Poldark], I would have been happy. I see them all the time and I know they’ll be in my life for ever,’ says Heida. ‘There’s Eleanor [Tomlinson, who plays Demelza], Ruby [Bentall, who plays Verity Poldark], Jack [Farthing, who plays George Warleggan], Kyle [Francis] and Luke [Norris, who plays Dr Dwight Enys]. Aidan is part of it too, but he’s very busy and doesn’t live in London like the rest of us – he’s in Dublin.Heida Reed dla DailyMail 

In her case, avoiding nudity has nothing to do with body confidence, she’s quick to point out, and everything to do with her conviction that ‘there are things other people just don’t need to see. That’s why I’m not on any kind of social media: I don’t want people having an insight into my life. I don’t want them knowing what I had for breakfast. And I don’t want to hear from these faceless trolls who aren’t brave enough to say things to people’s faces. I’ve already read things saying that I’m “too thin” and that I “need to eat a burger”, and I feel like saying: “Actually, I just have.”’ Eleanor dla The Telegraph

He’s an Irish horse! He was picked up at Smithfield market in Dublin, weirdly enough. Seamus is about as Irish as you can get, for a horse’s name. He doesn’t stand still. He’s so smart, when he sees the clapperboard and hears it he wants to take off. So they can’t say ‘action’ on set. I think he may have been Tom Cruise’s horse on The Last Samurai.Aidan dla The Guardian (spoilery!)


These are Jaguar’s official pics of the C-X75 concept taken in advance of the Lord Mayor’s Show, turns out it was being driven by SPECTRE stunt driver Martin Ivanov. It’s photographed here in Smithfield Market which is the largest wholesale meat market in the UK which has been on the site for over 800 years and is the only remaining central London market. The previous James Bond movie, Skyfall, was filmed around and under Smithfield. It was used as the location for M16′s recovery base after their Vauxhall headquarters was bombed in the movie

“Come on, John.”

Happy Birthday, Verity Burns. Sadly, I didn’t have time to create something especially for your birthday, but I hope you like a pic of the boys sprinting through Smithfield Market.

This is also the illustration/teaser for chapter 8 of my fanfic Over Earth and Under Earth. Hope to post the chapter tomorrow.