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No, no no no!! Not again!!!

For the third time this week, John had overslept; It had been this new thing he had been working on, he was so inspired to write… Unfortunately this inspiration seemed to come in the dead of night and refused to let him sleep until he’s written down his thoughts. On the bright side, he’d come up with rough drafts for seven songs this week- but then, this happened.

Disheveled from his rush to get ready in three minutes, the 21-year-old burst into the lecture hall, out of breath and very, very late. The professor had stopped to look to him, but simply rolled her eyes and continued with her lecture.

“S'ry,” he mumbled, keeping his head low as he shuffled up the stairs as subtly as possible, searching for a seat… Thank god, Persey had an open spot next to her. With a sigh of relief, he rushed to the seat next to her and slid in, pulling the attached desk up and around and down before him, and settling his bag in his lap in a fluid motion. Through the hair that had fallen into his face he looked to their professor, who carried on as though John hadn’t interrupted.