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BTS received a Daesang. MMA Album Of The Year and MAMA Artist Of The Year. This is truly unbelievable. I don’t know how many times we’ve faced these unbelievable events lately. Like i always say,dreams come true, or this reality is actually a dream? My mind keeps going places.

I promise myself, not to hang up on the titles, but Daesang… The title of Daesang and Artist Of The Year have placed their weight on me. Before or now, we’ve been asked so many questions like What is BTS strength? Where does the charm come from? How could you have done so well?.. We have answered them nervously because in fact we also don’t know exactly. It may sound ironic but It think that ‘not knowing’ is our strength.   

As I said, we still don’t know exactly. Why we could get such good words? What’s the meaning of things we are doing right now? What will be left?  Why we could receive so much love like this? Honestly we all don’t know. And it might sound weird but I think it’s better not to know. I think we just need appreciate our music, stages, our members and fans.

Every morning - no matter it’s the time to get up or to sleep - I start and finish the day with appreciation. With the thankfulness towards this whole world. This is a long cliff, from which we could fall if we missed just one step, but with trust towards each other, with passion and the help from so many others, we have climbed this spot and feel thankful.

I feel grateful for today’s weather. Grateful for the clear sky. Grateful for the dark clouds, for the rain coming. Grateful to my family and friends, to the people who love me. Ah I wanted to thank you, thank you so much.

 If we would have known the road on which we would be walking was a cliff like in the beginning, we might have run away as trainees and rather hide somewhere else in this world. Or might not have started in the first place. If it wasn’t marked in history, my life would not be like now, would it? Therefore I feel so grateful. Sorry and grateful. To me. To world. To people.

 My heart is still the same,  no matter where we are. We want to be able to make eye contact with you at the same level right? You guys give me a ride on your shoulders and show me another world and sometimes I actually want you all to sit on my shoulders too. Isn’t it wonderful? The word ‘understand’ is made from 'under’ and 'stand’. It’s because we are all human, we all have the feelings of happiness, sadness ,fear, accomplishmentss, laughter and tears.

 I feel, that the way we are going right now, leads to a totally different world, a new world. I want to see where it lead us, no matter what happens. Are you curious about the place where we will be flying to? We went through a lot together and I believe that we’ll be able to do a lot of more good things in the future. I have ambiguous confidence that in the future we will be able to do great things beyond our imagination. I thought being ambiguous was not a good thing but now I feel there’s no other ambiguesness in this world that could be so pleasing like this. 

Yes guys, it’s a Daesang. I’ve always had this ambition, but this was just a brightly shining dream, something that I’ve never seen before too. Thank you, guys, for being together and making this dream come true. Thanks to you guys, everyday I can understand myself more. Yesterday I was walking beside a lake alone and suddenly there was such a strong gust of wind, that all the leaves fell down. I picked up some leaves and at that moment I thought of the time when I was a kid. We used to keep red fallen leaves as bookmarks and would give them to our precious friends. Today I’m still like this. I think you guys everyone have at least one red leaf in your hearts too. So let’s go with each other’s support and find out what our future holds,

Thank you for today too. It’s such a grateful day.

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– Ho-ho-ho – köszöntött minket vidáman a „télapó”.
– Csókolom! – tapsolt Virág lelkesen, mi, többiek meg vigyorogva néztük az igazgatónkat.
– Itt a Tré apó – ordította Robi.
– Jók voltatok idén? – kérdezte Borrel.
– Fél panasz nem érkezett ránk – bólogatott Zsolti komolyan.
—  A Szent Johanna gimi 7. - Útvesztő

llusoire  asked:

Now the question is, would you rather give Erwin 13 more years to live as a shifter WITH the knowledge that he will die, or free him from hell on the rooftop as they did?

Would I still have given the serum to Erwin?

Even if I knew it would eventually kill him?

Even if I was damning him to hell?


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I have an hc about Saeran (sweats nervously) Um, it's based on this fic I'm working on? So, I feel that eventually Saeran decides to get a new look because people either tease him about being an edgelord or a sweater weirdo (he's adorable no matter what he wears, honestly I just wanna cuddle the babe) So, he goes for a semi indie kind of look and grows out his hair. Idk, Saeran experimenting with his hair and trying out new looks seems like a thing. I hope you're doing good! <3


I can see him waking up early and trying out different hairstyles on himself of course he always ends up going with the same look anyways