smith westerners

songs I've been listening to a lot lately old and new

good songs I’ve been listening to :
get away - yuck
thinking about you - the big scary
chamber of reflection - Mac demarco
dissolve me - alt j
cobwebs- animal collective
street flash - animal collective
the purple bottle - animal collective
raspberry cane - youth lagoon
mute - youth lagoon
everything is happening so fast - mgmt
tiny dancer ( never gets old ) - Elton John
band on the run - Paul McCartney and wings
advanced falconry - mutual benefit
I just wanna die - FIDLAR
unfucktheworld- angel Olsen
post production - over the Atlantic
walkabout - atlas sound
oh Louie - Shannon and the clams
beetles - warpaint
liar - built to spill
Crimson and clover - tommy James and the shondells
I think it’s beautiful that you are 256 colors too - black moth super rainbow
skeleton key - Margot and the nuclear so sos
float forever - peace
jump into the fog - the wombats
what’s a girl to do - bat for lashes
last night at the jetty - panda bear
how can you really - foxygen
anemone - their satanic majesties second request
heartbreaker - girls
all die young - smith westerns
horse race - colormusic
the city in the sea - crystal stilts
Nancy from now on - father john misty
nightmare of you - I want to be buried in your backyard
tell me ( what’s on your mind ) - Allah-las
Bisou magique- melodys echo chamber
the sun was high - best coast
the hours - beach house
other people - beach house
sad girl - lana del rey
you and me - disclosure
she’s a rainbow - the Rolling Stones
im gonna crawl - led zep
punching in a dream - the naked and famous
Simeon’s dilemma - why
election - don dilego
never known love - thieves like us
bad kids- black lips
Billie holiday - warpaint
snow days - real estate
stop crying your eyes out - oasis
Caesar - Ty segall
one million lovers - the growlers
golden age - beach fossils
sleeping lessons - the shins
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
ice hotels - dinosaur bones
daughters and empty space - the story so far
song for zula - phosphorescent
and many many many more

anonymous asked:

Playlist for dancing beneath the stars alone?

3am spiritual - smith westerns
higher than the stars - the pains of being pure at heart
life in technicolor - coldplay
22 (over soon) - bon iver
who i want you to love - bleachers
17 - youth lagoon
sundara - odesza

inbox me a word, feeling, or scenario and i’ll make you a playlist :)

“Dopamine” by DIIV // Is the Is Are (Out TBD / 2015)

This is one that I’ve been waiting for quite some time and I am in no way disappointed. “Dopamine” is the new single from the brilliant dream pop/ shoegaze band, DIIV. The band’s last release was my favorite album of 2012 - the absurdly good, Oshin. The new track doesn’t stray too far from the hazy shimmer that they band used to beautifully in the past, and that’s just fine by me as no one does it quite like DIIV. If anything, “Dopamine” comes on confident and fast, no time wasted - lean, yet dreamy and frontloaded with pretty vocal harmonies. It feels more direct and aggressive than before, but still unmistakably the work of Zachary Cole Smith and his band. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm in england too and it's rAINING SOMETHING FIERCE I HATE IT

Wahey!!! I’m not alone! Luckily I’m tucked in a lovely Smith & Western booth with a veggie burrito ordered, out of the cold and rain! Hehe all my love xox

“Bent (Roi’s Song)” by Diiv // Is the Is Are Now (Out 2.5.16 via Captured Tracks)

Another track from the forthcoming Diiv sophomore release and another reason that I am absolutely thrilled to hear the full release. “Bent (Roi’s Song)” certainly feels like a Diiv song, but at the same time it finds a way to weave and flow through new darker territory. There is certainly a pained and unsettling quality to the lyrics and vocals of Zachary Cole Smith, but he still manages to pull his struggles with addiction and depression through dreamy states where waves of lovely warped guitars guide the way. 

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Gun Shop Stories

Me - Hi can I help you?
Customer > Yeah I had a gun stolen out of my truck and I wanted to replace it.
-Okay what kind was it?
>Smith and Western
-Okay, do you remember the model.
>…Smith and Western
-…Uh okay well Smith and Wesson makes a lot of different guns
>It was black with a silver top. 
(On a hunch) - Was it a SD9?
>Yeah that sounds right.
-Alright (head toward Smith case)
>Man I wish I could just get my old one back.
-Yeah that sucks man. Did you report the theft to the police?
>No I dont trust the police.
-…oh uh…
>Actually I KNOW! (customer leaves store) 
(Runs back in and hands me a single stack .40 cal magazine. Not a smith mag)
>It went with that. Can you track the gun with that?
-…Uh…Track the gun?
>Yeah like use magazine to tell which gun it was and where it is now? Like with GPS or something.
-I doesn’t really\work like that man. I can’t “track down” guns.
>No, yeah just like on your computer, like…track it down. I want my old gun back.
-Your going to have to file a police report man.
(Customer looks heartbroken) >Nah I can’t do that.
(He leaves)
(I go out back and smoke a cigarette while staring at my shoes, trying to process what just happened)


“Golden Days,” one of the lead singles off Whitney’s debut album, Light Upon the Lake, is one of the most shimmering and sunny songs I’ve ever heard. Actually, the entire album fully embodies summer-y vibes. Fun fact: despite how warm the album sounds, it was surprisingly created during a very cold winter in Chicago by the duo of Julien Ehrlich (former drummer of Unknown Mortal Orchestra) and Max Kakacek (former member of Smith Westerns). Seriously, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this group yet - their debut album absolutely blew up last year and is commonly considered one of the best of last summer. They are amazing! Not to mention the live show they put on, which I can verify will be great due to my experience seeing them at DC9 last year. Especially with the summer and warm weather coming up, I can guarantee that this is a performance you do not want to miss live. Not to mention how fast Whitney is growing, this may be one of the few perfect opportunities around to check them out. But at a minimum, please give Light Upon The Lake one listen-through; you will not regret it!

-Maddie Budreau

Get tickets here for Whitney with Natalie Prass at 9:30 Club on May 20.

eruri ficlet #27: western au

western au that me and a friend came up with, and that i’ve owed her for a long time after she drew me this art :) 

we imagined that Levi was an outlaw cowboy and erwin came from the northeast originally because he wanted to explore the west, but ended up stuck in a town being the mayor or something. in here he was formerly in the army.


“I’m stickin’ you up, Smith.”

“Again, Mr. Ackerman? I must say, this is the 3rd time this month.”

Erwin raised his arms with a resigned sigh, leaning back as the tiny outlaw climbed into his lap, nudged him with a pistol, and began to frisk him. There was no short amount of groping as he did so, including a particularly harsh squeeze to the top of his ass that had him raising an eyebrow and flinching his hips in surprise.

“New pocketwatch?” Levi pulled the piece out of his coat, shoving it into his vest along with a few coins and his wallet before he wound his fingers in Erwin’s bolo tie. “That hoity toity Yankee money sure does you good.”

Before Erwin could retort, Levi jerked him down for a rough kiss. The brim of his dusty cowboy hat brushed against his forehead, slipping back a bit when Levi bent to lick at his jaw and nip at his ear.

Erwin didn’t even try to fight it; he’d given that up a long time ago. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist, only managing to murmur a minor deterrent when he popped open a button on his shirt.

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When We Sail Into The Sun ☼ by FelisFortis [listen here]
a playlist for when you want it to feel like summer forever

1. Brighter Days - Saint Raymond // 2. My Type - Saint Motel // 3. Golden - Parade Of Lights // 4. This Is Love - For King & Country // 5. Every Little Thing - Tigerweather // 6. Feeling Electric - Parade of Lights // 7. Sail Into The Sun - Gentlemen Hall // 8. Out Of My League - Fitz and the Tantrums // 9. Only One - Smith Westerns // 10. Renegades - X Ambassadors

a collection of my faves for january 2015!!

listen here

1. Simple As This- Jake Bugg

2. Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene- Hozier

3. Bad Habit- The Kooks

4. Runaround Sue- Dion

5. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison

6. El Condor Pasa- Simon & Garfunkel

7. Come and Get Your Love- Redbone

8. Helplessness Blues- Fleet Foxes

9. Walcott- Vampire Weekend

10. Beware the Dog- The Griswolds

11. Work it Out- Knox Hamilton

12. Wonderful World- Sam Cooke

13. From Eden- Hozier

14. Long Way Down- Tom Odell

15. This Head I Hold- Electric Guest

16. Luckiest Man- The Wood Brothers

17. Running Back To You- For the Foxes

18. Kidnap Me- Cruiser

19. Giving Up the Gun- Vampire Weekend

20. 2 Atoms in a Molecule- Noah & The Whale

21. Rich Girls- The Virgins

22. Weekend- Smith Westerns

23. White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

24. The General Specific- Band of Horses

fall tunes #2 [listen here]

1. remember – camera shy // 2. stoned alone – lvl up // 3. it’s real – real estate // 4. hello euphoria – turnover // 5. floating vibes – surfer blood // 6. black – basement // 7. weekend – smith westerns // 8. weird honey – elvis depressedly // 9. bride of usher – joyce manor // 10. euclid – pity sex // 11. in-between – title fight // 12. another one – mac demarco // 13. what a pleasure – beach fossils // 14. but the regrets are killing me – american football // 15. long hair – adventures // 16. hum – tigers jaw