smith goggles


Here is me and the lads having a day in Keystone. 

observations and things
  1. Canada geese, when flipped upside down in the water, kind of look like penguins.  They do, I promise.  Really.
  2. Bugs, when traveling at high speeds in the opposite direction from you, also traveling at high speeds, really, really hurt to run into with your eye.  Reason #456 why I feel no desire to ever own a motorcycle. 
  3. I think I’ve developed anti-Smith goggles (non-Smith goggles?  Or maybe “real-world” goggles. There we go.).  It’s like, now that I’ve left that safe, warm little womb that’s the Smith and Northampton community, any time I see anyone who looks like they could be remotely queer I’m immediately drawn to them.  I mean, not that this has happened very often yet because, let’s face it, this isn’t exactly a mecca for alternatively thinking and feeling and behaving individuals ‘round here.  But regardless, no matter what they look like I’m kind of all ohmygoodness come here let’s cuddle and talk about feelings! All in my head, of course.  But, like, we all just want a community, you know?  And to love and be loved and all that comes with that etc. etc. etc. but that’s a given.  And then on the flip side of all this, my standards for men have skyrocketed beyond belief.  You better be a god in human form for me to really give second glance these days.  Which is, you know, kind of really annoying.  It would be so much easier to just be an average, easygoing heterosexual, obviously.  But alas.
  4. I need out.  Or change.  Or both.  Because we can’t do this much longer, the way we are.  I think I might just leave.  Really.  Pick up and go.  Throw caution and security to the wind.  Really.  I might do that.  I can’t tell if this feeling is relief or an anxiety attack, now.


Uploading pictures would be so much easier if I my camera wasn’t downstairs and I wasn’t too lazy to go get it. 


Here is just a super speeded up video of my journey to Breckenridge CO and a mini taster of many edits to come. Enjoy.


Here is a clip of me landing a double backflip.