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Hey! I’m searching blogs to follow, if you post any of this shows please like or repost:

—Svtfoe (starco, tomco, jantom, etc.)

—Yuri!!! On Ice

—Rick and Morty

—Gravity Falls

—Over the Garden Wall

—Mystic Messenger

—Miraculous Ladybug

—Steven Universe

—Hamilton ((Bahabhaa srsly plz))



—Moana ((are there any?))

Thank you!!

My favourite thing about Steven Universe is that it didn’t have a bad ending, unlike other nowadays cartoons.

You got Bill Cipher in Dipper’s body

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Finn mad because Ice King’s crown and Jake being The Lich

Star as a succubus

For a second, Wirt become the new woodsman

Even an evil Morty

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But there isn’t an evil Steven or bad ending. The only thing we have is when he go back in time and kill himself

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but the fandom doesn’t care because they create an AU where Steven is Jasper’s son (not my fanart).

He’s such a cinnamon bun that it’s impossible turn him evil.

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I think Atomic Puppet is underrated.
The animation of the series and fluidity of the movement of the characters becomes higher than that of other current popular series (with that I do not try to disparage the other pardon if it is misunderstood ^^;)
The protagonists are fun and a great duet, with differences sometimes, but in the end they make a hero ♥
The plot goes slow but that changes von the end of the season.
You have to give the opportunity to Atomic Puppet as it gives opportunity to other series ^^
And join your fandom too! It is small in comparison to more popular fandoms but it is worth riding on it :) (sorryformybadenglish ;; ;; )