smith corona typewriter


I bought a typewriter on eBay and it was a very good decision. I’m still mulling over names, I want to choose just the right one. I also revamped my bullet journal, again. Fingers crossed this one will really work for me.


I finally finished this bag!! It’s been sitting there for ages waiting for me to find a strap and finish the lining and I finally dragged my butt to the fabric store and found what I needed.

It came out a little bigger than expected but that’s a good thing for me!

I also ended up at the thrift store and found a new teacup (I’m amassing a collection…) and found a smith-corona typewriter tucked away at the back of the luggage section!! I couldn’t pass it up, especially since it was so cheap.


typed reality by james eakins
Via Flickr:
camera= polaroid slr 690 film= impossible color 600 2.0 series= projections model= candy warhol

On the subject of forgiveness. 

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Jacob by @barneswilson

I love this poem so much. It’s so lovely it just hits me right in my melon heart ok? The repetition of come down to sets up such a good rhythm!  and “half your heart, (like the moon), is always dark.” just !!!! SO GOOD and the” come down to, come down to, come down to the” !!!!!!!!! SUCH GOOD WRITING!!! ORION YOU ARE AMAZING!

Anyways I like it so much I decided I wanted it on my wall so I could read it all the time. I printed it off in like, arial but it didn’t look great so I typed it up on my great grandpa garnet’s old smith corona typewriter. He got it in WWII while he was working at a mill in Ontario as an incentive to stay at the mill as part of the war effort rather than leave to join the military. My great grandpa was an interesting guy, he was a blacksmith before working at a mill. He also spent most of his youth being in general ready to fight anyone at any time for any injustice- in his words “Not that I was a villainous sort, but managed to attract the unnecessary antics for which I was considered famous or infamous, whatever.” So kind of a shit disturber. Also for sure where my flair for the dramatic comes from.

This typewriter is awesome, everything it types looks like 1000 times more beautiful than anything printed off. It’s like 70 some years old so some of the keys are sticky, but otherwise it works like a dream. I think the typewriter plus the paper suits the mood of the poem wonderfully I’m so pleased with how it turned out and I love reading it every day!

My incredible girlfriend found and lugged home this old Royal typewriter for me. It’s 30 pounds, ¼ of what she weighs.

It needs a serious cleaning and some TLC but it’s lovely. Once it’s all cleaned up, I’m going to look into disassembling it and having the panels repainted.

Cheers to the newest member of my family.