smith concepts

Concept: A Pretty Odd alternate universe
  • everyone is gay
  • flowers everywhere
  • ryden is flourishing
  • vintage hippie aesthetic
  • happy tunes, tragic poetry
  • picnics, tea and cakes
  • green fields full of bubbles
  • small magical animals
  • moon never falls down
  • not even at nine in the afternoon
concept playlists i

walking back from a lover’s apartment, it’s 1 am, and you don’t know how to say you’re not in love. the sky is purple and you sit down on a bench outside. 

it’s between autumn and winter, the skies are gray, and the leaves are golden and crimson. the boy you love brushes your hand. you want to lay in his bed and listen to the wind. 

you’re an expat in paris. you drink coffee at a cafe on the seine and watch beautiful parisian women stroll by. the air is crisp and sweet. 


do you know what I’m seeing? // panic! at the disco


these look like stills taken from an indie film about two professional women in their 40s that are coming to terms with the feelings they have for one another and despite trying to ignore the desire, in which they harbor; they eventually embark on an intense, passionate love affair that jeopardizes both their personal and professional lives. wow, i love angst.  

“Phantom of the Opera Resort” Christopher Smith, 1990s

The iconic resorts that line the Las Vegas strip are mini theme parks in their own right, whether they’re themed as a medieval castle, an Italian lagoon, a big top circus, or the City of Lights. Themed entertainment developer Gary Goddard and his team were tasked in the 1990s with creating a new resort to join these behemoths, this time themed to the smash hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Featuring a facade inspired by the Paris Opera House, this massive resort would have featured luxury guest rooms, casino space, a super-sized version of the musical, and a gondola dark ride scored by the musical’s composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. This attraction through the catacombs would have presented the musical’s story, but from the perspective of the Phantom, featuring music-box-like animatronics and vignettes along the way.

Art ©️Landmark Entertainment/The Goddard Group

a concept

it’s rick’s birthday and he thinks everybody forgot but morty has been doing a little secret digging into other dimensions behind rick’s back and when his birthday finally comes morty asks rick to close his eyes and rick humors him thinking that it’s gonna be a cheesy card or a drawing or something else but they both step through a portal so rick takes his blindfold off and iT’s c-142 BirdPERSOn stanDinG THerE WiTh A cAKE ANd hE ANd mOrTy tURN ARounD LiKE “HAppY BirtHDAy RicK!!” and morty leaves them to go have fun together like ol pals