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Vikings Spoilers season 5

What I know speculate so far…

First of all, I do not own the videos or photo’s in this post.

All right, we are all waiting in anticipation for Vikings season 5 and the cast and figurants have dropped some interesting things here and there. I thought that it would be fun just to look at all we have gotten so far. Nothing is confirmed and this is just for the fun of it, alright.

Part one?


We can speculate much about what is going to happen by looking at the shields / banners. Since the whole set always is full of them, it is easy to pick up some spoilers on the backgrounds of pictures.

But first a small oversight about this:

From left to right:

Ivar | Hvitserk | Lagertha | King Harald | Bjorn | Ubbe.

What do we know, considering Vikings season 5 with this?

  • There is going to be a fight between Ivar and Lagertha and Bjorn.

Look at the shields. Bjorn’s and Lagertha’s on the right and Ivar’s on the left. We do not see more shields what prevails us from knowing who else will be involved in this fight, but we know 3 characters.

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  • Ivar is going to take Kattegat.

Credits to Riseofftheboneless from Instagram! Look at the banners!

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The coolest album cover ever! 😊 Straight Outta Kattegat - Ragnarssons upcoming debut album 🎶😉😎❤
Band members: Ivar - vocals, Hvitserk - guitars, Sigurd - bass, Ubbe - drums & Björn (missing) - keyboards.
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A Viking Hairbrush. Hahahaha.

Source: Rise of the Boneless IG


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marrying Ubbe.


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A reunion of Vikings.