smith and wesson revolver

S&W M1917 revolver

Designed as the Second model Hand Ejector, upgraded c.1917 to supply the US expeditionary force with standardized .45ACP guns during WW1.
.45ACP six-round cylinder, reloaded using two half-moon three-round clips, swing out double action.

Seen here with a neat ammo pouch and a cartridge box.
Not a Colt M1917, always second guess what you read on the internet.


Smith & Wesson Model 10

A .38 Special chambered revolver that has been custom engraved and plated in 24K gold. Owner/seller says the engraving is of a Mexican eagle but no information as to who did the work on the gun. It’s a but rough in condition which will hurt overall value but the greater loss is not having an documentation of the engraver. Knowing who does the work can add thousands to the overall value.(GRH)


S&W Model 320 revolving rifle

Manufactured by Smith & Wesson c.1879-87 - serial number 862.
.32 six-round cylinder, top break single action, removable stock, 18″ barrel.

Designed from the successful No3 revolver, the Model 320 is probably the rarest non-prototype Smith & Wesson gun to be produced. This is almost certainly related to the impracticality of revolving rifles, which tend to shower your left hand with gas and burning powder with each shot.