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Bandom Ask

Emo Trinity: Top 5 favorite bands?

Panic! At the Disco: Sexuality?

Brendon Urie: Who do you look up to most?

Ryan Ross: Do you miss anyone?

Dallon Weekes: Play any instruments?

Jon Walker: Ever written a song?

Spencer Smith: Who is your best friend?

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out: Favorite word?

Pretty. Odd.: Ever smoked weed?

Vices And Virtues: Favorite book?

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die!: Where do you want to travel to if you could travel anywhere?

Death of A Bachelor: Do you like parties?

I Write Sins Not Tragedies: Ever been to a wedding? What was it like?

Northern Downpour: What are you most nostalgic for?

The Young Veins: Would you ever go on an impromptu road trip?

The Brobecks: Ever been in love?

Fall Out Boy: Do you like your hometown?

Patrick Stump: Do you have any insecurities?

Pete Wentz: Are you popular at school?

Joe Trohman: Are you ever underappreciated?

Andy Hurley: Is it easy to make you laugh?

Take This To Your Grave: Do you hate anyone?

From Under the Cork Tree: If you could relive any memory, which one would it be?

Infinity On High: Do you think anything is unnecessarily overrated?

Folie a Deux: What’s your favorite album?

Soul Punk: Do you think there’s still good in the world?

Black Cards: Name your top three biggest regrets.

Damned Things: If you had a band, what would you name it?

Save Rock and Roll: What’s your “Adrenaline” song?

American Beauty/American Psycho: Have you ever met someone who wasn’t like they first seemed?

M A  N   I    A: If you could see into the future, how far would you look?

Sugar We’re Going Down: Describe your perfect first date.

What a Catch, Donnie: Would you trust anyone with your life?

My Chemical Romance: What’s your all time favorite concept album?

Gerard Way: What’s your gender and/or preferred pronouns?

Frank Iero: How many piercings do you have?

Mikey Way: Do you like the way you look?

Ray Toro: What’s your favorite time of day?

Bob Bryar: Does anyone hate you?

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love: Favorite mythical creature?

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Ever wanted revenge on someone for something they did to you?

The Black Parade: Do you believe in the afterlife?

Danger Days: Friends or family?

Welcome to the Black Parade: Are you okay?

Ghost of You: Name your top three favorite colors.

Me: *looks at favourite band member doing something stupid, with a huge grin on my face*
Me: *softly* look at this stupid idiot. I hate him. He’s so dumb. He’s a child in a man’s body. He’s five. He’s the worst.

How the Bands Flirt

Fall Out Boy:
The song names aren’t the only things that are long ;)

Panic! At The Disco:
The forehead isn’t the only thing that’s long ;)

My Chemical Romance:
The breakup isn’t the only thing that’s long ;-;)

Fall Out Boy discussing how to tell fans about M A N I A
  • Andy: ...
  • Patrick: So how are we gonna tell them about our new album?
  • Pete: Purple
  • Joe: Pete I don't think-
  • Patrick: I love it let's go with that.
Emo Trinity Trash™

FOB Fans:
*going down down in an earlier round*

MCR Fans:
*going down to mark the grave where the searchlights find them drinking by the mausoleum door*

P!ATD Fans:
*flashing forward to go down on me*

Why are drummers so underapreciated?!

Like seriously the drums are so important to every kind of music! They transmit the beat, speed and most of the times (this is now only my personal opinion) even the feeling of the song. Yet drummers in bands & just drummers in general get practically no attention. Like seriously in fob fandom it’s so rare that people talk about Andy and let’s not start about the P!atd fandom, we practically never really talk about Spencer for some reason (and don’t tell me it’s just because he left the band) and then there is the Black Veil Brides Army who are so obsessed with the leadsinger Andy Biersack that they practically never talk about the rest of the band (so you can imagine how many people talk about their drummer CC, which is kinda sad cuz CC is my favourite drummer in the whole world). The only drummer i can think of that isn‘t 100% underapreciated is Josh Dun from Twenty one pilots (but i think that‘s mostly cuz tøp is literally a 2 man band and if they had more members like fob or mcr then people would definitly forget about him too), yet even it tøp‘s case people seem to focus more on Tyler than on Josh.

And even outside of the big music industry i feel like drummers get underapreciated. Cuz i go to art school and at my school you can also study music, and our school has several spare instruments like several pianos, guitars, even cellos and freaking cemballos from the 19th century, yet we‘ve only got one very small drumkit but we‘ve got several drummer students.

So why is it that drummers get no recognition what so over? They put so much dedication into the music too, into their passion and without them and their work alot of the songs we love to listen to just wouldn‘t be the same. And let me tell you something, playing drums is hella hard, i tried to learn it once and failed miserably that‘s why i have so much respect for drummers and i think we should really give them all the apreciation and love in the world.

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Want to know about my favorite band? Here, let me tell you all about how they started and explain to you everything they did in their career. Ask me about the history chapter I had to learn for today’s class? How the hell am I supposed to remember all of that?