True Storythe leprechauns came out only if I agreed to not mention them by name.

LOL - hahahaha! So… I wasn’t around much today… I was busy tearing down Wonderland. (- It’s amazing how high the #irl  weeds can grow when you’re so-so busy keeping them at bay on #smirl .)

Hope you’ll all forgive me… Heading off to YouTube for 2Xspeed-watching as we speak…


anonymous asked:

iKON Junhoe continues // what? are you just feeling bad about me now? oh never mind about me I can take a good care about myself.. *says and about to cry*

Junhoe: Yeah, right… 

He rolls his eyes and looks away from you feeling annoyed and bothered, he sighs and turns his body to face you, he can see you’re about to cry and that’s enough for him. Junhoe grabs your shoulder and makes you look at him, he stares into your eyes, leans in and kisses you making sure to hold your wrists so you wouldn’t push him. After pulling him away he let go of off you wrists.

Junhoe: I’m not feeling bad about you, I told you already, I care about you. *a smirl appears on his face* More than you can think, probably and I know you like me too, so why don’t we both stop playing with this. I’ve had enough of pretending, let me actually take care of you.

- Seung

Until someone can show me a single White child brutally tortured and murdered by the Black Panthers (Emmett Till) a single White woman gang raped by Black Panthers (Harriet Smirl), a single White church firebombed by the Black Panthers (16th Street Baptist Church), a single White man castrated by the Black Panthers (Judge Aaron), A single White preacher whose face was blown off by Black Panthers for registering White people to vote (George Lee), a single White man who was tied to the back of a truck and dragged along the asphalt until his body disintegrated who had BPP carved into his disembodied torso by the Black Panthers (James Byrd). A single White couple blown up in their home for demanding Whites be allowed to vote, by the Black Panthers (Harry and Harriette Moore, I could go on and on and on and on) I’d better not hear any comparison made between the Black Panther party and the Ku Klux Klan. #BlackPanther #BPP #KKK #KuKluxKlan #EmmetTill #HarrietSmirl #JudgeAaron #GeorgeLee #JamesByrd #HarryAndHarrietteMoore #NoComparison #YouAwakeYet #BlackLivesMatter #Amerikkka #Racism