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PROMPT: D & P somehow get into a debate over who is kinkier in bed. Phil says something like 'Just because you have 5 vibrators doesn't make you more kinky. And yes. I know you have them. I hear the buzzing at two am bc I'm a heavy sleeper but you don't know how to be quiet' then cue rough sex

Warning!! Smut: Top! Phil, daddy kink, degradation, dirty talk, vocal Dan, bantz, dom! Phil, coming untouched (twice), coming in pants (once), etc.

~Thinking about it, Dan was almost positive him and Phil had rarely ever had a proper, real argument. It was usually about silly things when they did; anime, editing, memes, etc. Then when they did have an actual fight, it always resulted in them both crying and saying sorry. This time it was different, this wasn’t a real argument, this was leading into territory that hadn’t ever really gone too before.

~Dan and Phil had been joking around, sat in their lounge talking mindlessly about something, tossing back and forth a small bouncy ball they found and laughing. Dan was a lousy throw, missed, and hit Phil in the eye. To which, Phil replied with, “Kinky.”

~Dan snorted slightly and shrugged. “Nah kinky would be if I had called you daddy and threw it at you acting like a pissed off toddler.” He said pointedly, catching the ball and throwing it back. “I guess you’re right. I guess you aren’t as kinky as me then.” He said mostly to joke, throwing the ball back before seeing Dan raise an eyebrow.

~Dan gave him a questioning look, shaking his head before throwing the ball back to him. “Yeah I highly doubt that you’re kinkier than me, Lester.” He challenged, to which Phil smirked in response. “Just because you have like five vibrators doesn’t mean you’re kinkier than me.”

~Dan felt his ears turn red, looking away and blushing, not commenting back. “Yes I know you have them. I’m no idiot, I can hear the buzzing at like two AM. Or at least I would be able too if you knew how to stay quiet.” He chuckled softly, seeing Dan turn even more red.

~Dan finally looked up, shrugging. “I’ve always been vocal. I just figured you’d be asleep by then..” He trailed off, looking away again and blushing once more. “Dan, I’ve been your best friend for years and you still don’t know I’m never asleep at 2 am?” Phil laughed softly.

~Dan shrugged again, trying to brush it all off and play it cool. “I’m still kinkier than you fuck off.” He attempted to change the subject. “I don’t believe that for a second. Just because you moan like  bitch in heat doesn’t mean you’re kinky, or good in bed.” He smirked.

~Dan gave him an offended look, glaring a bit. “Shut up!” He threw a pillow at him from the couch. “Im plenty good in bed, and far kinkier than you could even dream of being.” He said, to which Phil instant denied. “Yeah no. I would ask for proof, but I don’t feel like being disappointed.” He teased, knowing Dan would get more riled up the more he went on like this.

~Phil chuckled deeply when Dan didn’t reply. “I guess I’m right. Dan Howell isn’t kinkier than me, and he’s shit in bed.” He declared, mostly to himself, seeing Dan’s face turn red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “I’m great in bed. Maybe you’re the one who sucks in bed, that’s why you’re harping on me so much.” He accused, seeing Phil raise an eyebrow at him.

~Phil brushed off the accusation, leaning back on the couch and putting his hands behind his head. “Sorry, I don’t get affected by very wrong accusations like you.” He hummed. “Are you saying yours against me was false then?” Dan smirked. “No I still think you suck in bed.” Phil laughed, looking over at him with that damn smirk still plastered on his face.

~Dan huffed and crossed his arms, glaring at him. “And what makes you think you’re so damn good in bed?” He asked. “Mhm?”

~Phil laughed, giving him a small shrug and closing his eyes. “I’d bet money I could make you cum untouched before i was even close.” He said casually. “Hell, I’d bet money I could have you begging me for it within 10 minutes.”

~Dan chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah right. You couldn’t get into my pants even if you took me to dinner and a movie first.” He snorted.

~Phil looked over at him once more, pushing his hair off his face and sitting up, chuckling deeply. “You say that because you know it’s true. You know easily I could have you begging for my cock, whimpering and whining for me to fuck you so hard you can’t walk the next day.”

~Dan swallowed visibly at his words, trying to push them away and shaking his head. “Oh whatever.” He denied. “Don’t lie to yourself Danny. I know damn well you want me. All those cries of my name and daddy over and over again in the middle of the night. You always sound so pretty, almost like you’re purposely putting on a show knowing I’m awake. I bet you look even better.”

~Dan was blushing furiously again, shaking his head but not speaking. “Awe..” Phil smirked, moving a hand on Dan’s thigh and squeezing gently. “Getting all worked up, Dan?” He cooed, leaning over and biting his earlobe gently. “Thinking about how nicely I’d stretch you open, how much better it’d be than all your toys, having me fucking into you, holding you down and marking up your neck and chest, making you my property?” He hummed.

~Dan didn’t even try to shake his head in denial, letting a small whimper pass his lips as Phil spoke. He felt himself being pushed back, Phil crawling between his legs in a swift motion and ghosting his lips over Dan’s neck. “You’d like that wouldn’t you baby? My thick cock ruining your pretty hole, teeth sinking into your neck and leaving dark bruises, my cum filling you up nicely..” He started placing small kisses down Dan’s neck.

~Phil moved down the side of his neck, kissing gently, occasionally taking the smooth skin between his teeth and nipping quickly. Dan was squirming under him, quickly becoming a mess. “Fuck..Phil..” Dan whimpered out, hands gripping the older male’s shirt tightly. “What baby boy?” Phil smirked gently.

~Dan whimpered loudly, his head thrown back as Phil bit down roughly and sucked a few proper marks against his throat. “Fuck me!” He cried out without thinking, gasping when Phil’s lips detached from his beck and moved to his mouth.

~Phil kissed him for a while, his hands moving under his shirt and rubbing circles into his hip bones. Dan was whimpering into his mouth, kissing back messily as he wiggled under him. “Please Phil.” He whined when Phil pulled back from the kiss, watching the older male tug off his shirt quickly. Dan did the same, looking at him with desperate eyes.

~Phil chuckled and leaned back down, feeling Dan’s hands fumbling with his belt, the metal clinking and Dan’s moaning the only sound in the room. Dan’s hands moved back, his arms around Phil and his nails dragging down his back once Phil started grinding into him, hips rutting together roughly.

~Dan was coming undone too soon, he felt like a horny teenager all over again as Phil’s hips rolled into his own, the friction of his jeans and boxers against the head of his cock almost enough to send him over the edge already, just needing a little more. He moaned loudly, feeling Phil nip his bottom lip and tug it back, attacking his mouth again for another heated kiss.

~Phil moved his hand down quickly, starting to palm Dan through his jeans firmly. Dan was getting louder, his moans and whimpers bouncing off the walls and drowning out all other sound. He cried out, starting to cum hard, blushing a deep red as he did.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “I guess I was wrong..” He hummed. “About..?” Dan panted slightly, feeling Phil’s hips still pressing into his own. “You are good in bed. So far.” He smirked, his lips reattaching to Dan’s quickly, his hips still rolling into his.

~Dan didn’t take long to get hard again, Phil having some surreal effect on his libido he had never seen before, not that he was complaining. He felt Phil’s fingers hook under his jeans, tugging them down with force until they were on the ground.

~Phil did the same, slowly stripping with him until there was a pile on the ground of all their clothes. Phil reached down, wrapping his hand around the younger male’s cock and starting to stroke slowly, his thumb rubbing over the tip and over his slit repeatedly, Dan bucking his hips up in response each time, desperate for the touch.

~Dan wasn’t quiet, he never was, but in the sexual aspect he was a vocal guy. He liked to moan, he liked to put on a show for whoever was fucking him, and Phil would be lying if he said it wasn’t the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. “Should we go to the bed?” Dan asked between kissing, whining and pouting when he felt Phil’s hand pull away from his aching cock.

~Phil gripped his ass, pulling him into his lap and lifting him up with surprising ease, carrying him to the bedroom with his lips attached to his neck. Dan felt his back hit the bed, Phil between his legs again and his hand fumbling to the side for his top drawer, finding the small blue bottle of lube and handing it to Phil.

~Phil chuckled, popping the cap and pouring a thick layer over three of his fingers, moving his hand between Dan’s legs and circling his rim. Dan shivered, his thighs shaking in anticipation before letting out a loud, strained moan when Phil slipped two fingers into him with ease.

~Phil worked his fingers in and out of the whimpering, writhing man under him, curling them slowly to try and find his spot. He smirked, hearing Dan cry out, his back arching off the mattress once he found it. He added a third digit, scissoring his fingers slowly for a moment before deciding he was stretched enough, spending a few moments rubbing against Dan’s prostate.

~Dan was whining at the top of his lungs, breathless, covered in a thin layer of sweat and his hair curling against his forehead as he was worked open. Phil was in awe, drinking in the sight and sound of Dan. “You sound so good baby..such a slut for me already.” He breathed, pulling his fingers out slowly.

~Dan whimpered, his legs wrapping around Phil’s hips and trying to pull him closer. Phil chuckled, smacking his thigh as a warning. “Don’t be a greedy slut or I’ll leave you here with a vibrator in as punishment. I could get off on my own, come back later when I’, ready to use your hole for my pleasure, just leave you hear unable to cum with a toy against your spot for a few hours.” He threatened, watching Dan shake his head.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “That’s what I thought baby..” he said, stroking over himself and coating his length with the leftover lube, moaning lowly. He positioned at his entrance, pushing in his tip before pulling out, smirking when Dan whined and started clenching around nothing, his head thrashing back in frustration. “Beg.” Phil smirked.

~Dan pouted, looking up at him and whining loudly, no longer caring. “Please daddy just fuck me! I’ve been so good, I’ve been such a good slut for you. Please just fuck me, use me, ruin me, make me yours.” He begged, gasping and arching his back when he felt Phil push in suddenly.

~Dan’s whole body shook, feeling more full than ever, his hands grasping at nothing for something, anything to grip as Phil started to fuck him quickly, barely giving him time to adjust. It hurt, but in all the best ays. The burning, Phil hitting his prostate dead on over and over again as if he had done this a thousand times, his nails digging into Dan;s hips as he gripped them for leverage. Dan was in bliss, tears in the corner of his eyes from the intense pleasure.

~Phil was breathless, thrusting harder and harder into Dan, their hips slamming together each time he pushed back in. Dan was unbelievably tight, warm, swallowing his cock perfectly, screaming his name. He felt Dan move up, his arms around him again and his nails dragging down his back probably hard enough to draw blood.

~Phil groaned loudly, trying to keep quiet and enjoy the beautiful noises pouring from Dan’s swollen and pink parted lips. “God fucking dammit..” Phil muttered, leaning down and resting his forehead against Dan’s as he thrusted hard. “You’re so good good for me. Taking my cock like you were made too, all these pretty moans and curses all for me.”

~Dan nodded, rocking his hips into him as he was slammed into over and over again. “All for you daddy fuck!” He was almost screaming, unable to stay quiet for more than a moment, the build of his orgasm tightening in his stomach. Only a few short moments later he was coming again, white ribbons along both of their chests, loud shouts of Phil’s name and various obscenities pouring from his mouth at high enough volume he was sure everyone on their floor could hear him, but he didn’t care.

~Phil started breathing heavy, Dan tightening around him as he came for the second time that night, the feeling sending him over the edge. His thrusts became less rhythmic as he grew closer, Dan clenching tightly around him until he came himself, deep inside the younger male, gasping and groaning, his hips moving erratically as he rode out his orgasm.

~Phil collapsed onto him, rolling over and pulling out, hearing Dan whimper quietly as his cum dripped out of him slightly. Dan moved over to lean on him, looking at him and smiling a little. “Wanna nap and then we’ll talk about this?” He offered, seeing Phil nod before they both passed out. 

A/N: Can I just with the fact that I still always listen to Often by The Weeknd whenever I write lmao. This is 2.3 k, so t’s seriously official, I can’t write a short hc. 

Sunny Disposition

Summary: Dean has a hard time believing that the reader is a hunter because of her sunny disposition.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

A/N: This is for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge. My prompt is Optimistic.

“What would you like to order, handsome?”

“Two slices of your finest pie, sweetheart. One apple and one cherry.” Dean requests with a lick of his lips, handing over his menu to the voluptuous waitress.

“Between you and me…I won’t tell if you make the pieces a little bigger than usual.”

“It will be our little secret.” She promises with a wink, before slinking away with a swivel in her hips.

“I don’t want pie.” Sam interrupts, making Dean unwillingly tear his eyes away from the waitress’s plump ass.

“It’s for Garth. The last time we worked together, he tried stealing a bite of my pie and I nearly shot him. The dork is getting his own this time.” Dean declares with a huff, his grumpiness getting worse by the second.

“I see.” Sam awkwardly shifts in his seat and it makes Dean squint his eyes suspiciously.

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Don’t get caught

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral

Word count: 936 

Summary: Tom, Y/N and Harrison are watching a movie. Harrison falls asleep and Tom gets bored. 

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first imagine I’ve written in a year so I’m a little rusty. Please feel free to send in requests or give feedback. Or if you just wanna chat, I’m always happy to. Hope you enjoy

The way his eyes were stuck on you, staring like you were the most beautiful thing in the entire world, but let’s face it, you are the most beautiful thing in his world. You were trying to keep your eyes fixed on the television screen in front of you, but his gaze was becoming quite the distraction. You, your boyfriend Tom and his best friend Harrison were sat watching a movie, as you do every Friday night, but this time it was your turn to choose the film, but neither boy was very happy with your decision.

“Tom, can you watch the movie please? I know you’re not particularly interested in what I’ve chosen but can you at least pretend that you’re somewhat enjoying it?” He gave a slight nod and turned his head to face the screen once more. His hand found its way to your thigh, but it fell lazily against your skin, so you let it be.

About five minutes pass, and Tom’s face nuzzles into your neck, his hot breath making small goosebumps rise across the small patch of exposed skin that wasn’t tucked under the fluffy blanket you had wrapped around you. “Y/N please”, he whispers. You don’t even look at him, but say “If Haz can watch the movie, then so can you.”

“But he’s asleep!” He whisper yells. You look over at Harrison, his body lay flat on the carpet with his face pressed into a cushion. Small breathy snores left his lips every few seconds. Okay, so he was asleep. “Well what do you want me to do about it? I can’t wake him up.” You question your boyfriend, he obviously was not willing to suffer through this movie without the support of his friend. Despite his pleas, you return your focus to the screen and try your best to ignore his hand wandering from your thigh up further to waistband of your pyjama pants.

You could tell from the short puffs of breath and small sighs coming from Tom that he was very frustrated, and just as a kissing scene came on the screen, he groaned, clearly annoyed that was not happening between the two of you at that very moment. Giving in, you grab the remote and pause the movie, and then turn the tv off. Tom takes this action as an indication for him to finally slip his hand down past the waistband of your pants and rest his hand firmly on your clothed heat, a faint spot of wetness seeping through, as the thought of what was going to happen crossed your mind. His lips attacked the bare skin on your neck, leaving a combination of open mouth kisses and short sucks on the skin. “T-Tom” you say, trying to get up from your position on the couch, to make your way to your room. “Where are you going baby?” he asks, keeping an arm around you so you can’t move. You nod your head towards your room but he shakes his head.

“I want to take you right here, darling.” You suck in a sharp breath, shocked. “But what about Haz?”

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Otapliroy NSFW

I blame my mutuals, @kawaiilo-ren with her Loverboy AU and all your smutty head canons for this. 

  • It starts out like a regular evening, the three of them just taking it easy, hanging out in front the television watching some show on Netflix, empty dinner plates abandoned on the coffee table.
  • Then Yuri gets into this argument about something dumb with JJ, because of course he does, and makes a comment that borders on nasty. JJ grins at Yuri who swats his hand away with a snarl, but Otabek is having none of that. 
  • He says quite stoically that Yuri shouldn’t be so rude to one of his daddies and thinks he ought to be punished for his bratty mouth. JJ and Yuri catch on quite quickly. The mood instantly shifts as Yuri is now stroking both his boyfriends to hardness through their pants, while they eagerly start lapping at his mouth. 
  • Otabek hasn’t forgotten that Yuri’s attitude should be set straight, pulls the blond roughly into his lap and forces him to lay on his stomach. Yuri squirms as his silky pyjama shorts are pulled down and hisses when the first blow hits his ass. JJ licks his lips and unbuckles his belt, which makes the blond lift his head in anticipation.
  • While Otabek keeps spanking Yuri’s plush ass, the blond steadily sucks off JJ who looks on with a smirk. Yuri moans loudly around his cock with each strike and JJ murmurs something about him being a good kitten that should treat his daddies right.
  • Otabek agrees with this sentiment, feels that Yuri is being such a good boy throughout his punishment that he deserves a nice reward. He pulls Yuri off JJ’s cock and kisses him, wet and hot, before JJ hoists Yuri off the couch and carries him into the bedroom.
  • There, while sitting on a corner of the bed, Yuri gets to watch both his daddies make out hungrily, finger each other, smirking slyly at him when their lips aren’t occupied. Yuri gets increasingly impatient, rubs himself through silky shorts and pouts but holds his tongue otherwise, knowing that if he listens, it’s going to be worth the wait.
  • Yuri gets to fuck the both of them, in turns, while the undercut who isn’t panting and moaning underneath their good little kitten showers him with praise, strokes his shoulderblades, kisses his temple. 
  • But then one of his daddies, who can have a little bit of a mean streak sometimes, stops Yuri, tells him they have no intention of letting the blond cum just like that. They both proceed to eat him out just enough to work him open, Yuri’s ass in the air, stifling his cries in the pillow.
  • They fuck him in turns, telling him he’s pretty, petting his blond hair. They stop every time Yuri comes too near to the edge, but caress his flustered tear-stained cheeks. Yuri whimpers and mewls as his daddies fill him up with cum, first the one, then the other, so much it drips down his trembling thighs.
  • For being such an obdient kitten, Yuri’s final reward is being sucked off by both his daddies, whispering their names as his fingers are buried in their dark hair. When he cums, so hard it makes his head spin, they lick the pearly white strands off his milky skin, his pink cock. 
  • JJ takes Yuri in his arms, still dripping, still dizzy, and holds him close, while Otabek strokes his golden locks and says in that deep silky voice: “See kitten, isn’t it better when you play nicely with daddy?”
Were You Try to Piss Me Off?

Pairing:  Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader (Female)

Summary:   Sam and the Reader have been dancing around a kink they both share, so the reader pisses him off to see that side of him again.

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, Language (probably say the f word like 200 times.) LOTS OF SMUT, OH MY CHUCK! Like a dom/sub relationship, fingering, oral (male receiving), sex, Angry!Sam. LIKE THIS IS SO DIRTY LOOK AWAY.

A/N: This is soooooo dirty. I was given a prompt and I don’t even know where I went with it. I’m so sorry. ANYWAY, this is for @kas-not-cas 2.5K Dialogue Challenge, and my prompt was: “Oh so you think I’m cute when I get angry? Well, get ready because I’m about to get gorgeous!” 

A/N 2: ALSO BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BETA @highonpastries without her encouragement I honestly would never have posted this work of trash, so make sure you send her love!

(GIFs are not mine!)

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Simon: Risks

Requested: Anon ‘Hi! Could you do an imagine where you and Simon like each other, but refuse to admit it, and you’re always getting teased by the boys! Thank you!’

Warnings: Alcohol

A/N: May not be exactly what was requested, I kind of added my own twist to it. I think it is one of my best pieces so far, but that’s my opinion haha. I hope you like it and enjoy x

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Ethan snickered at Simon, who was watching you dance across the crowded room.

“Shut up.” Simon told him, rolling his eyes.

“Admit it.” Ethan pestered, nudging him.

“Admit what?” Simon asked, looking confused.

“That you love her!” Ethan exclaimed, giggling.

“I do not love her!” Simon protested, shaking his head. 

“Who doesn’t Simon love?” JJ interrupted, standing next to Simon.

“Y/N.” Ethan replied, smirking making JJ laugh loudly.

“Oh Simon, you silly boy.” JJ giggled, shaking his head.

“What?” Simon questioned, knotting his eyebrows together.

“You can protest all you want, but everyone knows damn well that you both love each other.” JJ told him with Ethan nodding in agreement.

“I’m going to refill my cup.” Simon said, annoyed moving past the dancing people, in JJ’s lounge and into the empty kitchen.

Simon sighed, sipping his alcoholic beverage. Thinking, thinking about you. That’s all was on his mind lately, ever since one of the boys mentioned that he and you should just be together, joking of course a few weeks back. He thought what it would be like if he and you where in a relationship. It brought a smile to him, the thought of your lips against his, his hands running through your silky hair, his giant hands clasping your smaller ones. Late night talks, laying in bed listening to each others heart beats- it seems so beautiful, yet dangerous at the same time. What if it ruins your great friendship? Destroying it in one simple move. But, is it worth the risk?

“Simon! There you are!” You exclaimed, giving him a quick hug and pulling back.

“H-hey Y/N.” He greeted, bring him back to reality.

“So, what are you doing all alone in here?” You asked, pouring yourself another drink in your cup and turning to face him.

“Just thinking whether or not to take a risk, or just leave it.” Simon sighed, looking down.

“Well, how much of a risk is it?” You questioned, putting your drink on the side.

“On a scale of 1 to 100, I’d say 99.9.” He answered, making you question yourself what kind of risk he might take.

“Wow, that much of a risk, eh?” You replied, looking at him.

“Well, I could just possibly destroy the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He told you, looking lost and anxious.

“It depends, are you willing to destroy it, or live your life not knowing what could’ve happened if you did it.” You said, turning your head to the side to look at his face.

“I’ll do it.” He blurted out, after a few seconds of silence.

“Do it then.” You answered, smiling.

Suddenly, he grabbed and kissed you. Your eyes went wide in shock, then you completely melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

After a few seconds, you both pulled back panting and smiling at each other.

“You’re a risk worth taking.”

Peppermint Toads (George Weasley Request)

Pairing: George X Reader
Warnings: no smut
Prompts: (49)“No. like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” (54)“Will you be quiet?”

It was a rather snowy day in Hogsmeade.

You were wearing a kinda large jumper, that you had found on your bed this morning, under your coat, and you were currently on your way to Honeydukes.

Your boyfriend, George, was supposed to meet you there. He was going to buy you some peppermint toads (he had lost a bet) before your routine butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks.

You push open the door to Honeydukes, almost hitting Seamus in the process.

“Omy, I’m so sorry Seamus.”, you say whilst making sure he was okay.

“It’s alright, and um if you were looking for George he’s over there.”, he gestures over to George who was looking at you expectantly, your peppermint toads in hand.

“Thanks Seamus. Are you sure you’re alright?”, you say once more.

“Yea, don’t worry about me. I’ll see you later.”, he says and rushes off.

You finally make your way over to George who was laughing with Fred.

“What are you two laughing about? Is there something on my face?”, you say jokingly.

“No. But, we are laughing at the almost death you caused upon Seamus.”, Fred says whilst George wraps his arm around you and chuckles with his brother.

Fred stalks off which leaves you two alone.

You catch George staring at you.

You snap your fingers in his face and say,

“Fancy a butterbeer?”


You were now in The Three Broomstick with George.

He had been staring at you the whole way and it was creepy.

Real creepy.

You know, you were just minding your business and sipping your butterbeer (which was about done)and yet he was still staring at you like the creep he is.

“George? Do you care to explain to me why you’ve been staring at me for the past hour?”, you ask him and he immediately snaps out of his trance.

He doesn’t say anything for a while and you grow more anxious.

“Are you going to break up with me?”, you say dramatically, obviously joking.

No,like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”, he says quickly.

You shove another peppermint toad in your mouth and chuckle.

“Well, do you want it off? Coz’ I can take it off.”, you say smugly.

“As much as I want that-”, he says a little loudly and smirks at you.

Will you be quiet?”, you say whilst giggling slightly.


I’m gonna leave it at that lols. xD

Care To Join Me?

Request: This is the anon who requested the Pietro smut. Could you maybe do something where you walk in on him masturbating to you and then smut ensues? - anon

Word Count: 1100+

Triggers: oral (receiving and giving), no actual sex

A/N: This is queued coz im on holiday, sorry this took so long

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

You were assistant to the Avengers, hired when they realised that saving the world was tiring. You did paperwork and mission reports. You took phone calls for them when they couldn’t. And you also made sure nobody knew that Pietro Maximoff was still alive.

That included doing anything he asked you to. And boy did he milk it. He would ask you to get a glass of water from two doors down and argue that the windows in the kitchen could show that he was alive.

The worst thing? You did it.

You did it all. Everything he asked. All he had to do was flash you that gorgeous smile or say your name in that delicious accent and your were putty in his hands. His sister really grilled you for it but she didn’t get it. Her brother was the most amazing man you’d ever seen.

So when the whole team had to leave for an event, leaving you and Pietro alone you had mixed emotions. But the fear of being with him overwhelmed you, so you decided to take the day off.

That was probably the best idea you had ever had, until you realised that you had to get Wanda’s dry cleaning. Why Wanda? Her room was closest to his so you were sure to run into him.

You were fairly certain Wanda had planned this, after numerous attempts at setting you up with her brother. but every time you were in one of these situations you ended up making a fool of yourself and you would rather not embarrass yourself today.

To do that you timed everything so he would be asleep. And if he’s asleep he can’t hear you.


You were at the tower, in the elevator to wanda’s room. You asked Friday to be quite for you because you didn’t want to wake pietro. She was understanding and did as you asked.

You had your headphones in while you were walking past his room and into hers, checking that you had actually got all of it. After setting the clothes down something snagged on headphones, pulling them out of your ear.

The new sound that filled your ears made you quiver.

It was him. Pietro. Moaning your name. He was so loud. And hot.

You walked out of wanda’s room and looked to the door next to it. It was slightly ajar, just enough for you to see the gorgeous man’s face as he stroked himself.

You must have made a noise, some type of groan in reply to his grunt, but it caused him to open his eyes. Looking straight at you the initial shock wore off, leaving his usual flirtatious smile. Only this time it was different. His face painted in lust.

‘Care to join me, printsessa?’ Like always, you did as he said. Walking into his room and shutting the door.

He was completely naked, a thin sheet shoved to the side of the bed.

‘Y/N? Someone tells me you have a crush on me, is that right?’ He started making his way to you. His hands finding your hips as he dipped down to whisper in your ear.

All you could do is nod in reply. Your voice caught in your throat.

‘Show me how much you want me’ that was it. Your arms flew over his shoulders pulling his lips to yours.

The kiss was everything you imagined and more. A mixture of soft lips and rough stubble pulling little moans from you. His hand moved down to squeeze your ass, right under the hem of your skirt.

This was a dream, he was really kissing you and touching you. But you wanted more. So your kisses moved lower and lower until you were on your knees.

‘Is this okay?’ You asked him, you hand nearly touching his cock.

‘Yes, fuck printsessa, yes!’ You hand was on him instantly, stroking him slow and hard as you put your lips around him.

He pushed your hair back so he could see your face. Almost cumming at the scene. You were bobbing your head up and down his shaft with your eyes closed in bliss when you opened them. Your pupils blown so that there was only a thin ring of colour. You sucked at his head, rubbing the underside with your tongue harshly.

His hand formed a fist in your hair, tugging slightly. And them he came, filling your mouth.b He tasted even more amazing then you had imagined. You swallowed everything he gave you happily.

He pulled you off of him, getting you to stand up.

Once you were up again he squatted, wrapping his arms around your legs and standing again. Pulling you up with him. He dropped on the bed and you bounced a little before you could feel him rubbing your thigh.

You moved to take off your shirt but his hand stopped you.

‘No, you look so sexy like that. Just…’ He ripped oven your shirt to reveal your bra. Even though you hadn’t anticipated this situation your bra was lacy and see though, making him audible moan. You stared at him, trying to tell him that you a little pissed off at him ripping your shirt. He obviously got that message because he quickly said. ‘I’ll buy you a new one’

He bent down to pull your skirt around your hips and your panties off, throwing them somewhere behind him.

‘So wet. All for me, printsessa?’ you were lent up on your elbows, anticipating his next move. All you could do was nod in reply, him grinning at you he leant over to lick a long, slow stripe.

‘Fuck’ you breathed our, you couldn’t stop watching him. He sucked on your clit as his finger circled your hole. Slowly sinking into you as he flicked you with his tongue.

Switching his finger and his mouth his tongue dipped into your hole. Using three fingers he made small rings on your clit, slowly getting fast.

Your orgasm quickly approaching, you closed your eyes and moaned loudly. Pietro smirked in reply. His fingers had now adopted the superspeed he was known for and gave you the best oragsm you had ever had.

When you were coming down you felt him kissing up your neck and jawline.

‘We should do that more often’ you giggled as he nuzzled into your neck.

He hummed in agreement and got off you. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. Making his way to the en suite he slapped your ass.

‘What are you doing?’


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ink-stained memories // reggie mantle soulmate au pt4

Ink-Stained Memories (Part 4 to Ink-Stained Skin)

Ink-Stained Masterlist

Summary: Distance can sometimes be a good thing.

Words: 1.1k


“Dude, can you turn that down? It’s really not helping.” Reggie grumbled, lifting his head from against the car window.

The chords to ‘Only Love’ by Ben Howard rang through his ears as Chuck increased the volume with a smug grin on his face. In that instant, Reggie suddenly regret agreeing on going on the road trip with his idiot friend and his closeted friend.

“What was that? Start the song again? No worries, man. I got ‘chu.” Chuck smirked and as loudly as the duo possibly could, they began singing along to the lyrics. It was a sight Reggie never expected to see. His two best friends shouting the lyrics to a Ben Howard song at each other.

“Reggie, you’re with me, always around me. RE-JEC-TED.” Chuck sung, earning a few looks from the car next to them at the stoplight. With one swift motion, both Moose and Chuck turned around to face Reggie with smirks playing across their faces, lifting their fingers up and pointing it at him.


The group sat around the breakfast bar in the Andrews kitchen, discussing the events that had lead to the distance between (Y/N) and Reggie. They had spent the entire night prior discussing what they had been currently discussing. Archie’s faced tugged into a smile as he noticed his best friend gazing out, stuck in her daydream.

“(L/N), what are you thinking about?” he asked, gaining her attention immediately.

“I’m pushing away my soulmate, for what reason?” she groaned, taking her friends by surprised. She had stayed silent for most of the time they had been at the Andrews household.

“You’re scared of getting hurt and we all understand and even Reggie will understand. Stop overthinking it, (Y/N), it’s not healthy to overthink.” Veronica sighed, approaching her friend slowly.

“Because I’m scared of getting hurt? But, he’s my soulmate, he can’t hurt me too badly and he possibly couldn’t break my heart because wether we like it or not, we’ve been bound together from birth and we’ll be bound together til death. Anyways, lemme at the food.”

Pushing herself up and leaning forward, (Y/N) grabbed the pancake from Archie’s plate. She looked around and saw her friends gawking at her with their eyebrows raised “What? Just because I’m sad doesn’t mean I can’t eat pancakes. It actually just gives me extra reason to steal your food.”

The trio sat atop of the hood of Moose’s car, watching the sunset from the distance. Reggie’s mind wandered back to Riverdale and to (Y/N). He wondered if she was seeing the same sunset the same colour that painted the sky her favourite shade of orange and the more he thought the more he longed to return home and see her. The further he was away from her, the stronger the pull towards her felt. He began to think whether the pull had always been there or if it began the moment he realised it was her.

“Dude, she literally calls you Reginald.”

“And?” His voice was laced with confusion.

“You’d punch me if I even attempted to call you Reginald.” Chuck frowned

The memory of his previous conversation with Chuck was enough to fill him with adrenaline. He pushed himself up and rushed towards the passenger’s side of his friends car and frantically searched through the glove box for a pen or a marker.

Before he even pressed the ink to his skin, he noticed the words scribbled on his arm in the tiniest writing he had ever seen.

'reginald, for years people have been searching for a cure for sadness, something that would cure the emptiness they felt on the inside. shamefully, i was one of those people. note the past tense, that’s important. it’s not present tense bcos ive found my own personal cure for the sadness i sometimes feel. everyone is allowed a down day once in awhile but once i looked into ur eyes, the eyes that glow my favourite shade of sunset orange when u smile, the sadness seemed to melt away and im sorry if i pushed u away, im scared, reginald. no im terrified bcos we’re too similar for our own good and im terrified that i’ll do something wrong and push you away and u wont be there anymore.’

Reggie gazed at his arm, rereading the words that she had written in an attempt of saving the words in his memory. His emotion ran high as he fought back the tears, as a way to save getting teased by his two best friends. Reggie knew that (Y/N)’s words was only the beginning of their ink-stained memories.

Moose and Chuck watched from the outside as Reggie ran his fingers through the ink that stained most of his forearm. Despite their tough exterior, the two could sense the sadness that pulsed through their friend and their captain, they had known Reggie for the longest time and he hadn’t truly shown emotion in front of them until he found out (Y/N) was his soulmate. Despite their need to tease, they realised that it wasn’t an appropriate time and looked at each other, in order to confirm their thoughts.

“Do you think our soulmates will affect us as bad as it has with Reg?” Moose asked, his lips pulling into a frown.

For the first time in his life, Chuck’s words seemed to make sense “Soulmates aren’t easy, Moose. It’s harder for Mantle, he can feel everything she feels, her bruises appear on his skin, they are basically one person, whereas with our soulmates, we are each other’s half, we form one whole once found but ever since birth they have always been one.”

“Dude, I didn’t need a deep answer, a yes or no would’ve been fine.”

Archie’s arm flung onto the back of the booth as he slid in, gaining the seat opposite from (Y/N). Her eyes lit up at the sight of  the flamed hair boy opposite her and the rest of her friends approaching. “What’ve you got there?” Kevin’s head nodded towards her right forearm.

“I took Ronnie’s advice and wrote down my thoughts to Reggie. It’s corny and I hate myself for writing it but it’s what I was thinking.” (Y/N) turned to face Veronica who was sat next to her blonde friend “If he teases me for being corny, I’ll forever hate you Veronica Lodge.”

“I’m guessing you two are on good terms now?” Archie raised an eyebrow.

“Mantle’s been whipped for (Y/N) since he first found out. Of course they’re okay.” Kevin rolled his eyes “So tell me, when’s the dick appointment?”

The entire booth burst out into laughter which soon came to a halt as Reggie stood in front of them, soaked through from the rain outside, his breathing hard and heavy. “Did you mean that? Did you mean those words?”

“Reggie, aren’t you meant to be with Moose and Chuck?” Archie raised his eyebrow.

“Did you run here?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes never leaving his.

“Did. You. Mean. Them?” he spoke slowly as he tried to regain his breathing.

“Of course, I did.”

“You’re unbelievably cheesy,” he grinned

“I hate you so, so much, Reginald Mantle.”

“I beg to differ.”

The Protective (Boy)Friend | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @pajamabirdi love ur writing!i was wondering if u could do a BellamyxReader one shot where Bellamy&the reader r close friends&Murphy keeps on making unwanted,inappropriate advances on the reader.Bellamy gets pissed&super overprotective because Murphy won’t stop no matter how many times the reader says no&tries to push him away. One time Murphy goes 2 far and Bellamy goes over & punches Murphy square in the jaw leading 2 a fist fight between the 2 boys & ends with fluff or the confession of feelings? thx!

A/N: It took me so long to write this, I’m soooo sorry. Also, I wasn’t born to write fist fights, really sorry for that too.

Characters: Bellamy/fem!reader, Murphy. Mbege, Finn, Jasper, Monty and Clarke are mentioned.

Word Count: 2046 words.

Another day on Earth, another day of work, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. At least not for (Y/N). Being on Earth for her was like a goal that had been completed, since since she was little she had the dream of being on the Ground, but of course not everything had been like she dreamed, but she just settled for what she had achieved. (Y/N) had a small smile on her lips as she left her tent, her eyes scanning the scenery outside. It was very sunny, as Always, and as she walked through the encampment, looking for someone who needed help with something, (Y/N) heard a catcall that caught her attention, causing her to turn toward the sound.

John Murphy was staring at her with a smirk, right next to that Mbege boy. (Y/N) just kept walking, completely ignoring what had happened. It wasn’t new, in fact, it happened every day. As soon as she’d set up somewhere to spend the rest of the day working, she was sure she would get a visit from him. (Y/N) couldn’t help but frown at the thought, how many times did she have to say no to him to understand?

And unfortunately, she was right. Shortly after starting to help Monty and Jasper separate the food properly, Murphy appeared walking around, with the same smirk he always had on his face. (Y/N) sighed, trying to ignore the fact that he was heading toward her and would inevitably begin to talk to her.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that?” he asked as he arrived in front of the table where the food was spread. It was a bit difficult not knowing something after listening to it a thousand times

“Hi Murphy.” she said, forcing herself to smile at him.

The two other boys who were working with her also cast a few discreet glances at him, seeming to dislike his presence as much as she did. But anyway, Murphy didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t very welcome there. As she tried to continue working to see if the boy would leave, she felt her hand being held.

“Maybe we could go out together later.”

(Y/N) grimaced slightly at the contact as he held her hand to the table with some force. “I don’t think I’ll be up for it later.” she looked up at the boy, who smirked at her.

“If you won’t be up for it later, let’s go now.” the girl let out a low grunt, wondering if he didn’t notice how uncomfortable she felt around him.

“No, Murphy.” she knew that even with this he wouldn’t stop, that already had been the tenth no that she had spoken to him in the last three days.

He didn’t seem affected by her answer, his smirk remaining on his face. The boy brought her hand to his lips, giving it a kiss. "Maybe tomorrow, then.” Murphy winked at her before he left, not noticing the look Bellamy sent him as the Blake boy walked toward his best friend.

“Is he bothering you?” he asked, nodding at Murphy. “Has he done something?”

A small smile appeared on (Y/N)’s lips with his friend’s concern. “Murphy? He’s just annoying but harmless.”

Bellamy snorted. “Let me know if he causes you any trouble.”

“I can handle him.” she said, tapping his shoulder. “But thank you for your concern, Boss.” Bellamy rolled his eyes at the nickname and a small amused smile escaped his lips.

“Get back to work before people think I’m giving you a special treatment because we’re friends.”

“But you’re”. she said playfully. Bellamy let out a chuckle from his lips and pushed her lightly before leaning toward her. The smile widened on her lips with his closeness.

“No one needs to know that.” and with that he left, leaving the girl standing there smiling like an idiot for a few seconds, until she was called by Jasper.

The rest of the day seemed to have passed normally, making her surprised and relieved that she hadn’t bumped into Murphy anymore, but maybe she shouldn’t have got her hopes up that he might have decided to leave her alone. Besides, he’d said something about talking to her the next day. But she hadn’t been bothered by him the morning of the other day, even though he had walked around the place where she was and even looked at her. Maybe he has finally come to his senses.

The sun was about to set when Clarke asked her to bring some of the food she had separated the previous morning. When she was already returning to the dropship, she was stopped by Murphy, making her sigh. He didn’t give up. “Well well, look if it isn’t my doll.”

(Y/N) held up the urge that she had to roll her eyes and just let out a small “Hi.” before Murphy continue with his horrible flirtation. While (Y/N) tried to ignore everything he said, she saw Bellamy staring at that scene from a distance. Oh, how he wanted to intervene in that. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, giving him a little mischievous smile. He shook his head and raised his hands in redemption, he knew she could take care of herself. She turned her gaze back to Murphy, the smile still on her lips, which didn’t go unnoticed by the boy in front of her.

“I knew it.” he said with a triumphant smile, making hers disappear.


“You were just playing hard to get.”

(Y/N) frowned as she noticed he was taking small steps toward her, making her take a few steps back. “Stop.” she mumbled. The girl pressed the food against herself nervously. She could feel the food almost falling from the sack she held, which happened after Murphy forcibly hold her waist, the smirk never leaving his lips. “Get your hands off me.” (Y/N) raised her voice, pushing him away from her.

Murphy lifted his hands in redemption, but then he moved closer to her, making the girl walk back to her back on the dropship, giving the perfect opportunity for Murphy to pin her against the wall.

“She told you to take her hands off her.” (Y/N) heard Bellamy’s voice before she felt Murphy’s body being pulled away from hers.

And then the next second Bellamy’s fist slammed against Murphy’s chin. John took a few steps back, looking a bit disoriented, but soon recovering and not hesitating to go up to Bellamy.

(Y/N) felt panic taking hold of her as she saw the boys punching each other, but she didn’t know what to do, she was pretty sure that if she tried to come between them, she would ended up being hit, so she just screamed for them to stop, not being heard by any of the boys.

Both were rolling on the ground, still trying to hit each other as the delinquents began to come closer to see the fight, and, unlike (Y/N), they screamed for them to keep going. But the fight soon ended when Mbege and Finn arrived, holding, respectively, Murphy and Bellamy.

While everyone complained that the fight was over as fast as it started, (Y/N) saw Murphy trying to break free from his friend’s arms as he uttered offenses to Bellamy loudly, his smirk finally ripped from his face, giving way to some bruises on his face. Bellamy wasn’t much different in Finn’s arms, though he seemed a little calmer than the other, but he still shouted insults at Murphy. His voice died when he saw the startled look in the girl’s eyes.

(Y/N) walked toward the dropship, knowing that he would probably go after her. And she wasn’t wrong this time, she had just begun to wet a cloth in one of the water bowls that were there when she heard the boy’s heavy footsteps entering the place.

“Sit there.” she motioned to one of the corners, making him sit up against the wall. (Y/N) walked over and sat down in front of him, pressing the cloth lightly on his face, trying to wipe the bruises he had there. The two continued in silence for a few more seconds. “It was stupid.”

Bellamy nodded slightly, as if he knew the girl would tell him that. “I know.”

“But…” she suppressed a smile. “It was cool of you to do this for me.” her words managed to get a smile from him. “But for your information, I was about to kick his balls when you stepped in.”

He let out a chuckle, hissing as he felt her wiping the cloth through another open wound. “That’s something I wish I’d seen.”

(Y/N) smiled. “I did what I could.” she said, leaving the cloth beside her. "I just clean, the whole healing thing is with Clarke.”

They laughed at each other, not speaking for a few seconds. The girl noticed one of the wounds bleeding again, bringing her own hand to wipe it, rubbing her finger there lightly. (Y/N) felt his gaze burn in her more than she had ever felt.

She pulled her hand from his face, lowering it to her lap, but Bellamy took it halfway, entwining his fingers with hers and placing them on his knee. (Y/N) felt her cheeks heat up with the contact. She had already held his hand a few times, usually for support, when some of them were scared or upset, but that wasn’t the occasion and she could see it in his eyes. His touch was gentle, unlike Murphy’s, just as the smile he gave her.

“(Y/N).” his husky voice woke her from her thoughts.


"I beat Murphy for you.” Bellamy paused, seeming to decide what his next words would be. "I did it for you, but I kind of had a selfish reason too.”

(Y/N) frowned. “How so?”

He pressed his lips together before giving a chuckle and lowered his gaze to their hands. “I couldn’t stand to see him bothering you.”

"He made everyone uncomfortable.” she nodded, cutting him off.

"I couldn’t stand seeing him making you uncomfortable the way he did.” he continued, turning his gaze to her. “Or the thought that maybe you’d end up accepting to be with him.”

(Y/N) felt her heart race slightly and a small smile involuntarily appeared on her face. Why did he felt so troubled by the possibility of she going out with Murphy? As if he could see the question in her eyes, he went on, his eyes focused on her to see her reactions.

“You’re my closest friend.” the words made her feel a little hurt, her smile fading. What else did she expect? He was just a worried friend. “I care about you.” he nodded to himself. “More than I should.”

Okay, what the hell did he mean by that? Couldn’t he be straightforward at least once? “What do you mean?” she asked, feeling her heart race once more. Don’t get your hopes up.

Bellamy gave her a quick smile, his eyes staring at something in her face. Her lips. Oh, is he going to do that? His eyes looked once more at hers before looking at her lips again. (Y/N) didn’t have much time to think or make assumptions of what would happen next, for soon Bellamy was already pressing his lips gently against hers in a peck.

“I like you.” he said, leaning his forehead against hers, now stroking her fingers that were tangled in his. Straightforward. Finally.

(Y/N) smiled broadly as she absorbed what was happening. "So…” she cleared her throat. “Were you jealous?”

Bellamy rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his lips. “How funny.” he leaned back against the wall, letting go of her hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” (Y/N) crawled around to sit beside him, his eyes never leaving her. She hesitantly leaned on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

She kept her eyes staring ahead of her, but she felt one of Bellamy’s arms wrapping around her. (Y/N) could feel a smile forming on his face as he leaned his head on top of hers, giving a small kiss on her hair. Maybe she’d been annoyed by Murphy all that time it was good in the end.


Too Many Secrets

Pairing: The Avengers Team x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Dirty Secrets

A/N: I was watching FRIENDS the other day and got this idea from one of the episodes. But I changed it by a lot.

“Oh no, some of still have secrets.” Tony shakes his head as you roll your eyes.

“Aside from things we’ve done before coming here, but as a household we’re pretty open with each other.” Sam shrugs.

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His Tanktop - Mark Tuan

Prompt: Because you’re drenched from the rain, you have to borrow some clothes from the member’s of Got7. Youngjae helps you out by giving you Mark’s tanktop which leads to much more with Mark.

Word Count: 

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Female!Reader; Best Friend!Choi Youngjae x Best Friend!Reader

light fluff w/ HEAVY AMOUNTS OF SMUT this has been your forecast for this post

The rain was relentless. Actually it wasn’t relentless until about 2 blocks from the dorms. I was soaked from head to toe. Luckily, I had some underwear tucked into Youngjae, my best friend’s drawer. He let me keep those there just in case this happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a full change of clothes, so I’d have to borrow some from the boys. I knocked loudly on the door of sweet escape from the rain. Youngjae pulled it open, “Oh my, Y/N. Come in! You’re soaked.” I rolled my eyes, “Thanks Captain Obvious.” Youngjae rushed me to his shared room with Mark (and Coco). 

Mark was in the shower, so that gave me a little time to pull on dry clothes. “Youngjae,” I whined, “I need a shirt.” Youngjae being too lazy to search for an actual set of clothes that might actually fit me (like Bambam’s or his), picked up a bright pink tanktop off the floor. 

“Wear this. It’s Mark’s. He won’t mind.”

I nodded, slipping the tanktop over my head, so now Youngjae could look at me. “Pants?” I asked with a very ‘duh’-like tone. Youngjae looked like a lost puppy. He trotted over to his bed, picking up a pair of his own sweatpants and handed them to me. I slipped them on, “So, what are the plans for today? Hopefully not taking me into public.”

“Yugy, Bam, and I were going to go out while JB, Jinyoung, and Jackson were going out somewhere else,” he explained, giving almost everyone a nickname.

“What about Markie?” I asked, continuing the nickname game he had started.

I’ve always had a crush on Mark and just the thought of being alone with him in the dorms while I had his tanktop on was chilling. 

“He’s staying here. Unless, you don’t want him to, which I doubt because of your huge crush,” Youngjae said, mocking my thoughts about Mark. I slapped him lightly, “Go have fun you dork.” Youngjae began to leave the room with out me but I decided to follow him, afraid Mark would leave the shower too soon and enter the room whilst I was standing there awkwardly. Coco jumped off the bed following us, wanting me to pick her up and play with her. 

“Um, Y/N, you ca-can, um, see your-your b-bra,” Yugyeom stammered when Youngjae and I strolled into the living room. Jinyoung being the parent friend he is, handed me a blanket when he saw my blush. “Thanks for the heads up Gyeomie,” I whispered shyly. Youngjae and Jackson giggled. Jaebum shook his head at Yugyeom and Bambam’s startled expressions. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders, expertly cover my chest with it.

“We’re going to head out,” Jackson managed to say through his fit of giggles. “Yeah, we should go too. Love you, bestie,” Youngjae smiled, planting a soft kiss to my cheek. “If you guys didn’t say ‘bestie’ after practically every sentence, I’d think you two were dating,” Bambam mentioned sarcastically. I shook my head as Youngjae smiled. “You’re a dork, Bamie. I love you all. Now, get out of here and have some fun,” I said, pushing them out the door, wanting to, maybe, get a short and sweet nap in before Mark gets out of the shower. Damn, he was taking awfully long in there. I hope he’s okay and didn’t fall or something.

They obliged happily and headed out the door, umbrellas in hand. I decided to go back to Youngjae and Mark’s shared room because they had the best beds which I only knew because of my secret naps I take at the dorms when I’m waiting on them. I passed the bathroom on my way and stopped dead in my tracks from what I heard.

Mark was moaning. My name. He sounded frustrated from what I could hear.

At least I know he likes me.

I moved quicker into his room and practically face planted onto Youngjae’s bed. I should at least get some fun from this. Besides, I like him too, so where’s the harm in it? 

I slipped out of Youngjae’s sweatpants, replacing them on the floor next to his bed. I placed the blanket from Jinyoung on Youngjae’s bed almost covering Coco completely. I picked her up and sat on Mark’s bed, pulling my phone off the bedside table.

“You’re so cute Coco,” I whispered, snapping a picture of her while she sat still. She yapped quietly as I giggled at her hyper-ness.

“I would say she needs to go out, but it’s raining and there’s no way in hell I’m letting you go out in that,” Mark spoke from the door way. I blushed lightly when I saw he was only clad in his towel wrapped around his waist snugly. Mark strolled towards me and picked Coco up and placed her outside the door, closing it shut so she couldn’t bother us. Her hyper-ness would ruin the mood of course. “So, you like my shirt?” I asked, trying to loosen the light tension hanging in the air. “Of course I do. Who wouldn’t?” Mark asked hypothetically.

“Definitely not Yugyeom,” I joked, reminiscing the incident from earlier. Mark chuckled lightly. He moved to sit next to me, still clad in only a towel. I blushed, scooting a little closer. Mark placed his arm around my waist, I looked up to see his dark brown eyes even darker with lust. “Mark,” I whispered, searching every inch of his eyes. For what? I don’t know. Probably the reason he found interest in me. “Shh,” he responded, leaning down to press his soft lips to mine. I hummed into the kiss, melting in his arms.

Mark pulled away, “Your lips taste so nice Y/N. I wonder how the others taste.” He shot me a wink before pushing me onto the bed and crawling between my legs. Mark pressed his lips onto mine again. His hands moved down my body until they got to my-his tanktop. He gripped the hem of it, pulling it over my head. Mark tossed the annoying, pink fabric to another spot in the room.

A quiet groan escaped Mark’s lips.

“It’s almost like you planned this,” he whispered into my ear while gesturing to the underwear I was wearing from Youngjae’s drawer, causing me to arch my chest into his, so he she could slide his hands around my back to unclip my black lace bra. Mark slid the straps down my arms and tossed it. He trailed his kissed down my jaw, neck, collarbones, and chest, leaving marks everywhere he could bring himself to. He attached his lips to my right nipple, swirling his tongue around it. I moaned lightly as he played with the other with his hand. Mark began to move further down, still leaving as many marks as he could bring himself to leave, until he reached the fabric of my black laced panties. “Fuck, Mark, just-please,” I pleaded with him as he continued to tease relentlessly. “Please what?” He asked with a smirk. “Please. J-Just fucking get on with it,” I stammered a little, desperately wanting him to continue. “Fine,” he whispered, stubbornly not wanting to cave in that easily but so eager to taste me. Mark placed his teeth on the edge of my panties, dragging them down my legs painfully slow. I whined a little, feeling the cold air hit my core. Mark placed his head between my thighs, leaving light marks there as well.

His tongue and lips attached to my clit almost too quickly. “Fuck! Mark!” I screamed, not expecting him to move that quickly before tangling my fingers in his hair. Within a matter of seconds, two of his fingers were inside of me, curling just right to hit that one spot that had me going crazy. I could feel Mark smirk as he hummed against my heat, causing more moan and groans to escape. 

It wasn’t too bad of a thing that the rest of the guys left considering how loud I was being.

“Ma-rk. I-I’m so-o close,” I managed to get out through the relentless amount of moans spilling out of my mouth, or should I say music Mark’s ears.

“Cum for me Baby girl,” he pressed his lips harder against me, sending vibrations up my body. Mark’s ministrations began to get faster if it was humanly possible. Curses along with Mark’s name spilled out of my mouth like a mantra. I came quickly with a loud groan and a few loud ‘Mark!’s before Mark began lapping up my juices to ride out my high. “That was…damn,” I spoke softly. Mark nodded, pulling me up to kiss him. The taste of my juices on his lips only heightened my arousal.

I flipped him over and began the slow pace he gave me. I trailed my kisses down, leaving light marks on his neck, collarbones, and chest. I grazed his cute mole before leaving a light hickey right below it. I slowly removed his towel from his waist and ridding the annoying, thick material.

His dick sprung up to meet me and I wrapped my long fingers around him. “Fuck,” Mark hissed as my cold hands stroked him up and down. His moans only got louder as I licked a stripe up the bottom of his member and pushed him into my mouth. “Shit, Y/N. F-Fuck, you’re good,” his moans were slightly broken but loud. The complete opposite of his non-overcome by lust self. I bobbed my head up and down, farther and farther until his tip was brushing my throat. His hands found their way into my hair, tugging lightly.

Mark’s moans turned into groans of my name. “I’m g-going to c-cum Y-Y/N. Fuck-k,” he stammered just like I had before. I worked my ministrations fast and faster until strings of white liquid shot into my throat.

Mark looked worried before his shocked expression showed as I swallowed every last drop of his release. “Damn, I wasn’t expecting that,” he spoke. I straddled him, placing my lips on his. Mark moaned into the kiss, tasting himself on my lips, the tasted of my own release still prominent on his.

I pulled away to line his member up with my entrance, sliding down him slowly. “Fuck, you’re big, Mark-k,” I moaned quite loudly. He smirked, placing his hands on my hips to help guide me. I started a rhythm of bouncing and grinding that Mark clearly like. His grip got tighter and tighter until eventually his hips started bucking up to meet mine. “Fuck, I’m close,” I moaned louder. Mark flipped us over and began moving faster than ever. The sound of skin slapping and moans filled the room quickly.

“I leave you two alone for 5 minutes!” Youngjae yelled. Neither of us could hear or care that Youngjae almost forgot his phone as we both chased our highs. My nails scratched down Mark’s back, sure to leave bright red marks later, as he moaned, “I’m so close. Cum with me Y/N.” Mark’s member twitched inside of me which caused that knot that had been building up quickly to burst. “Fuck Mark. Yes Baby. Holy shit!” were about the only words I was capable of speaking while I came down from my high. Mark’s high started nearly right after mine because of the quick tightening of my core. He came with a loud moan of my name and high hopes that I was on the pill.

Luckily, I am.

Mark collapsed on top of me. “Holy shit, Y/N. That was amazing,” he breathed heavily against my chest. I nodded, running my fingers through his brown hair. We stayed there until we finally caught our breaths.

Mark rolled off of me and grabbed my underwear and his tank top. “You can keep it,” he winked. “Thanks Oppa,” I spoke sarcastically, and handed him a pair of sweats.

After we were ‘dressed’, we slipped under his covers and Mark pulled me into his chest. “Does this mean-” he started. “Hell yes. I think I might love you,” I answered before he finished. We both giggled before Mark mumbled, “Well, I do love you.”

“Well, I do love you too Mark,” I mumbled back. He wasn’t expecting a reply but I could tell by his reaction that that was a great one. “You two done yet?” Youngjae asked, already knowing the answer whilst poking his head in the door. Mark and I giggled as Coco jumped onto the bed to greet us even though we made her wait outside of her ‘bedroom’ while we had a little fun by ourselves.

Picking up Coco, I realized that I would be wearing Mark’s pink tanktop a lot more than I expected to earlier today when I walked into the dorms. I’m just gld that it’s his tanktop.

Try Me (M)

Requested by:Anonymous
Warning: Smut

You used a single finger to tilt Jimin’s head up, your lower lip held between your teeth as you concentrated on getting his eyeliner applied just right. Dark eyes focused on your face, his gaze unwavering, despite you having the tip of a pencil less than a millimeter away from his eyeball.

“You know,” He said, the hand that was resting on his cheek was jerked when his jaw moved.

“Stop talking.” You almost hissed, grateful that you hadn’t drawn a thick, black line all the way to his temple.

“You look good from all angles.” He finished anyway, his cheekbones rising as he smiled.

“Thank you, Jimin,” You sighed, “Stop talking.”

“I bet Jungkook gets to see you from this angle a lot, huh? Or vice versa.” His innocent smile made a quick transition into a smug smirk.

Suga snorted loudly in the chair next to Jimin, his eyes not lifting from his phone. You rolled your eyes, now using your thumb and first two fingers to grip Jimin’s chin, attempting to keep him more still.

“I’m just saying, he’s a lucky guy.” Jimin added when you said nothing.

“I’m going to poke you in the eye in five seconds, if you don’t knock it off.” You ground out, pressing your lips into a thin line as you focused on smudging out the dark, kohl line.

There was a beat of silence.

“I’d be more than happy to let you knock me off.”

For crying out loud.

You couldn’t help the small giggle that rose from your throat and spilled past your lips. You weren’t even laughing at the line, just at Jimin’s sheer childishness. That, or the fact that Taehyung and Hoseok were losing it in the background.

“Hey, be careful, Jimin.” Suga muttered, his laugh still obvious in his voice, “You don’t want Jungkook hearing you talk like that.”

You breathed out a long sigh, pausing the application of Jimin’s face powder to give Suga a stern look, that silently said, ‘Shut up.’. He shrugged a shoulder, raising a defensive hand before focusing his full attention on whatever app he was playing around with on his phone.

“Where is Jungkook anyway?” Namjoon asked from the couch at the back of the room, one arm slung over his eyes.

You opened your mouth to respond, about to give a very vague answer about him grabbing some food–leaving out the fact that the food was for you, lest you be scolded by Jin for “making” Jungkook go out in the cold. Your beginning of an explanation was drowned out by the door of the dressing room opening, flooding the quiet room with the buzzing white noise of anticipating fans.

“Speak of the devil.” Namjoon snickered, peeking quickly from under his arm.

Jungkook glared at him teasingly, brushing past the couch Namjoon was lying on and not-so-accidentally hitting him with the plastic bag he was carrying. You straightened up when Jungkook was within arms reach of you, propping yourself up on your toes to place a quick kiss to his lips. The act earned you a series of groans and grotesque sound effects from around the room.

“Get out of my chair, princess.” Jungkook tossed over his shoulder to Jimin, his body still turned towards you.

You were just waiting for someone–Jimin, most likely–to say something that would rile Jungkook up.
You were waiting for him to spew another one of his lame attempts at a pick up line. It was just their friendly rivalry, and you knew that. It was only an innocent back and forth between really good friends. Jimin just didn’t know the consequences of his actions, sometimes.

Especially when those consequences weren’t his.

Jimin was courteous enough to let Jungkook take his seat without a word. You were grateful, but you really pegged it to the fact that he didn’t want to risk being nagged for holding Jungkook back from getting ready when they only had fifteen minutes left before their performance.

When you brushed Jungkook’s bangs to the side, clipping them to hold them in place, he took the chance to place a kiss against the inside of your wrist. You smiled down at him, not returning the affection because you knew you had to get to work. It was always like this when you were applying Jungkook’s makeup, flitting touches that left goosebumps on your skin, and when your face was close enough to his, it was loving whispers.

Sometimes it was promises that left your cheeks flushed and your face warmer than what was comfortable.

You swiped your thumb carefully along his lower eyelid, cleaning up a bit of overly smudged eyeliner because Jungkook thought that when you were doing his eye makeup would be the opportune moment to run his hands up your sides. He knew that you were ticklish. The rest of the boys were already standing around the door, shifting from foot to foot as the adrenaline of their upcoming performance began to take hold. You picked up Jungkook’s earpiece that was dangling from the collar of his shirt, and placed it into his ear. You leaned forward to kiss his temple as you always did, but Jungkook quickly turned his head and caught your lips in a quick kiss.

“Enough of your hormones.” Seokjin wrinkled his nose, pointedly averting his gaze from the two of you.

“You never do that when you put my earpiece in.” Jimin sniffed dramatically.

There it was.

Jungkook tipped his head away from yours, one eyebrow slowly lifting as he looked back at Jimin. Jimin chuckled in response, wordlessly letting your boyfriend know that no harm was meant. You watched Jungkook’s face with the same cautionary awareness of someone within striking distance of a cobra. The tip of his tongue pressed against the side of his mouth, bulging out his cheek for a second, before his mouth curved up in a smile. That was bad.

Then he chuckled along with Jimin. That was worse.

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Marriage Material - Part 22 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20 / Part 21

Summary: in this chapter, you swear to God.

Warnings: language, lil angsty

A/N: sorry this took so long! my mental health’s been slippin’

Jim carried his tension in his shoulders and carried his guilt in his back. He carried his exhaustion in the dark bags under his eyes and carried his anxiousness in the tips of his fingers. He carried his sadness in the drooping corners of his lips, in the crevices of his stomach that flipped intermittently, in the deepest parts of his chest that ached far too often and carried the love that was ruining him everywhere else.

It was a red feeling and it burned in his every vein. It made it tough for him to eat, it made it difficult for him sleep, it made it impossible for him to do anything other than go through the motions he was required by job description to follow.

He would see you in the corridors every now and then and the red feeling would scorch deeper. He had to resist the urge to scream an apology each time and had to resist the even stronger urge to scream an “I love you” each time.

His eyes would follow you, though, and he did nothing else. He would look longingly after you with his lips forcefully shut, his hands forcefully clenched into fists, his heartbeat forcefully knocking against your ribcage— but he did nothing else.

Because he did love you— he loved you so goddamn much it was almost crippling.

Crippling because his love for you ran so deep and had run so deep for so long that he couldn’t stand the idea of not giving you what you wanted. Crippling because what you wanted was space. Crippling because what you wanted was space from him.

He kept himself far away from everywhere he knew you’d be— you did want space, after all. As such, he avoided the senior officers lounge, avoided the observation deck right above his ready room, avoided the far back right corner of the commissary, and avoided the medbay to the best of his abilities. He would only walk through the doors leading to stark white walls, rows of biobeds, and blue uniforms when Leonard practically forced him to have a drink.

He didn’t expected you to come searching for him, nor did he expect you to pass a message through Leonard or Uhura that would eventually find its way to him.

He just hoped for that.

He hoped you would show up outside the quarters you once shared with him, features as soft and mesmerizing as the last time he’d seen you, and would say with the most thin sheen of tears over your eyes, “Jim, I love you. Let’s talk about this.”

But he knew that wouldn’t happen.

So he hoped you would ask Leonard or Uhura to tell him that you loved him and wanted to speak to him.

But he knew that wouldn’t happen either.

He sat in Leonard’s office, in Leonard’s large chair with his feet atop the desk, legs crossed at the ankle. He held a glass filled a third of the way with whiskey at his eye level, narrowing his eyes as the auburn liquid. He then smiled, small and genuine, as he repeated something you said to him the last time he saw you drunk, “If alcohol was actually intoxicating, the bottles would sway, too.”

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You’re Safe Now

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x reader

Summary: Sort of an AU where the reader, Sherlock’s girlfriend, is taken as well as John during The Empty Hearse and put under the bonfire. Starts kind of angsty, happy ending though!

(Not my gif)

You couldn’t move. You could barely breathe. Your head ached, your body was overcome with cold, and you were dimly aware of your own blood sticking to your forehead.

But you couldn’t move.

Your wrists were tied together so tightly that it had all but cut off the circulation in your hands, the same going for your ankles. You tried to scream, and inhaled the sickening smell of gasoline and wet wood, making you retch. As your head swam with panic, you could just make out the sound of a little girl’s voice.
“Guy Fawkes! He doesn’t like it, daddy!”
You heard an adult male voice mumbling an inaudible reply, and shut your eyes tight as something wet and greasy dripped through whatever was pinning you down onto your body. Your heart skipped a beat as a familiar voice yelled something.
“John!” you screamed, your throat aching with the effort.
“(Y/N)!” came his muffled reply. It seemed to be coming from behind you, which could only mean that you were both trapped.
Your eyes widened in fear as a bright orange light sparked just a few metres away from you. You wriggled helplessly, screaming yourself hoarse as the lit match danced closer.

Then everything happened at once.

As the match was dropped into the bonfire and the logs went aflame, you squeezed your eyes tight shut, begging for it to be over soon. Just as you were resigning yourself to death by bonfire, the sound of a motorbike engine caught your attention. Usually it wouldn’t mean anything to you, but it was closely followed by a voice that meant everything to you.
“(Y/N)!” Sherlock shouted desperately, clawing at the logs holding you down. Your eyes snapped open.
“HELP!” you screamed, ignoring the pain in the back of your throat. As the last log holding you down was pulled away and Sherlock’s pale, terrified face appeared, his shouts faded quieter and quieter. You were aware of an agonising pain in your arm, before your eyes drifted shut and you lost all attempts at consciousness.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N), can you hear me?”
It took what seemed like an unreasonable amount of effort to open your eyes, and you regretted it instantly. You were lying directly beneath a light, and it made your eyes sting and water. You took a deep breath that seemed to set your throat on fire, triggering a coughing fit. A large hand rested on your back, helping you sit up. A glass of cool water was held to your lips, and you drank thirstily.
“How do you feel?” Sherlock asked worriedly. Your heart ached, seeing his puffy bloodshot eyes and the dark shadows that surrounded them.
“A bit on the crisp side,” you joked lamely. He laughed, partly at your terrible joke but mostly in relief that you were back with him. You lifted a hand to touch your forehead, remembering the blood you’d felt on it. Your fingers ghosted gingerly over several tiny delicate stitches, holding together a deep gash going from your eyebrow to almost reach your hairline.
“Is John okay?” you asked suddenly, worry creeping into your mind. Sherlock rested a hand on your shoulder reassuringly.
“John’s fine. He went home with Mary earlier.”
You nodded, and winced as your vision swam before you. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, burying his face in your neck. Taken by surprise, you rubbed his back gently.
“I thought…I thought I’d lost you,” he mumbled, his voice thick with held back tears. One of your hands went instinctively to play with his dark curls, your fingers massaging tiny soothing circles into his scalp, a habit you’d formed after realising how much it relaxed the great consulting detective.
“You thought you could get rid of me that easily? I’m insulted, Mr Holmes,” you said, putting on a scandalized expression and voice. He chuckled weakly, handing you the glass of water again as you started coughing. He rubbed your back carefully, the look of worry never leaving his face.
“I’m so sorry,” he mumbled. “If you weren’t stuck with me, this wouldn’t have happened.”
You frowned, reaching for his hand and squeezing it with both of yours. “How can you say that? I’m not stuck with you, Sherlock. I love you, and you know that. And don’t act all shocked,” you added sharply, his surprised expression not going amiss with you. “I know you know that, because you’re a bloody know-it-all.”
He smiled softly, staring down at your hands clasping his. “Then I do believe I love you too, (Y/N) (L/N).”
You opened your arms to him, batting your eyelashes. “So since you love me, will you cuddle with me?”
He shook his head, smiling slightly as he stood up. “I don’t think so. You should get some sleep.”
“Pleeeease?” you begged, sticking your bottom lip out. You could tell he was trying not to laugh at your silly expression, and you knew you were winning.
“(Y/N), I’m not the cuddling type.”
“I bet Lestrade would cuddle me if I asked.”
“Alright, budge up.”
You grinned, shifting over to make room for him. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back snug against his chest. Smiling, you tangled your legs with his.
“Your feet are cold,” he observed, wincing. You rolled your eyes; way to kill the moment, Sherlock.
“Yeah, but you love me so you won’t make me move now that I’m comfy,” you smirked. He sighed loudly.
“I should never have told you that.”

VIXX (gif) Reaction: you bite their shoulder to prevent from moaning loudly

N (Hakyeon):

Once you bite his shoulder he’ll be sooo turned on, especially if you moan when you sink your teeth into his skin, sending hot breaths across his flesh. 

“Ugh, come on babygirl/boy I wanna to hear you moan.”

Originally posted by fychakyeon

Leo Taekwoon:

At first he won’t know what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean he won’t like it, he might even emit a low growl once you bite him. Once he figures out that you’re trying to soften your moans he’s going to stop you immediately. 

“No, baby. I want you to scream.”

Originally posted by upchans

Ken (Jaehwan):

tbh i don’t know what sex w ken would be like Ken would chuckle under his breath, getting slightly embarrassed at your antics, but let you continue biting his shoulder.

“Ah, jagi why do you do this to me?”

Originally posted by chained-up-taekwoon

Ravi (Wonshik):

I firmly believe that Ravi is daddy af in bed. Once you bite his shoulder he’ll moan or hiss loudly, and smirk at you.

“Come on babygirl/boy be loud for daddy.”

Originally posted by hyukawaii-af


Hongbin would get a little embarrassed at this too, but would be lowkey turned on. He’d stifle a moan every time you bit down on his shoulder.


Originally posted by yourdailyhongbin

Hyuk (Sanhyuk):

I see Hyuk as being the most playful during sex. He would smirk down at you, laughing lowly, but slightly shivering at the feeling of your hot breath on his shoulder.

“Jagi~ that’s not fair. Let me hear my baby.”

Originally posted by oompa-oppa

Pentagon Reaction | Getting Turned On By Being Touch On The Neck Pt2.

Request:  helloooo can you do a pentagon reaction to their s/o not letting anyone near their neck and then they find out it’s beacause they get turned on easily by some kind of touch in the area, idk if this makes sense haha have a good dayy💕

A/N: So I am gonna post this now instead of adding it to my queue since I already have another Pentagon reaction in my queue. And also if I didn’t it wouldn’t be posted till like the 23ed and such so yeah…hope you like it haha. I didn’t write much because I am working on Well Tailored so hopefully this is ok.

Part 1 | Part 2

Yeo One

Originally posted by woozeok

He may act sweet and innocent when he finds out but while you are asleep he decides to find out why you don’t want him to after his curiosity got the better of him. He would lightly trace his finger along your neck up to your ear and you would let out a moan causing him to pull away. You would open your eyes in shock to see a blush spread across his cheeks. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself” 

Yan An

Originally posted by woozeok

He would think long and hard about why you didn’t want him to. He thought it was so weird, he just couldn’t understand why. Especially after you told him you didn’t want to tell him why. One day he would just corner you about it tired of thinking it through. You would tell him and he would just nod.

“That’s what you were worried about? Don’t worry love I won’t touch your neck unless you ask me to.”


Originally posted by y-u-t-o

He wouldn’t even know you didn’t even know you had a problem with people touching your neck because normally he never did, but one night after one too many drinks between the two of you, his hand grazed your neck and you moan. he would step back and straighten up. Gulping and grabbing at the collar of his shirt. Things would go quiet and you would both just stare at each other. 

“Sorry” he would mumble before you both continued to walk in silence.  


Originally posted by kinoed

This mischievous boy, He liked to bite you, a lot. Usually, he would just bite your arm, but one day he decided to bite your neck eliciting a moan and he would smirk loudly as he continued to bite your neck, causing you to moan more. 

“Ah, you like that don’t you?”


Originally posted by woozeok

You would tell him if he touched your neck he dies, and you would also tell him what it did to you. He would be a little shy about it when you first told him, but he grew out of the shyness real quick and would tease you about it, eventually acting on it and would poke your neck. When you reacted he would laugh as you started to chase him

“YAH! YOU’RE SO CUTE!” he would say as he ran away from you. 


Behind Shelves - Weasley Twins imagine

“There’s not enough Weasley Twins smut out there, so if you want to take my request, I was wondering if you could write something about being friends with Fred & George, and thinking they’re both super hot, but never making a move on them because you could never choose one. But the summer after 7th year, you are helping them start up their shop and they confront you about it. When you tell them, you couldn’t choose, they say well what if you didn’t have to and then proceed to kiss and ravish you”.

My first imagine (or oneshot? haha)… And first heterosexual NC in years.. haha. Got bigger than what I’d planned, but I really enjoyed it. At the beginning I thought I couldn’t write it down, but the ideas began to flow. I hope the anon who sent me this enjoy it! (P.S.: sorry for my poor english).

Warnings: contains threesome.


The sun was shining bright above Diagon Alley and you were feeling like inside a greenhouse. Through the wide windows you can see some witches and wizards with long robes. How could that be possible in the middle of the hottest summer ever? You feel sweat drops dripping on your forehead and neck. Your clothes  sticking to your body, worsening your sensations of discomfort.

“You know” you started talking when you saw the flaming red hair behind a stack of boxes “You’re really creative. You’re two geniuses, to be completely honest, but if this place is going to seem like a cauldron every summer… Man, it’s not going to work!”.

“Do you really think that, Y/N?” a huge smile curled his lips and you just rolled your eyes.

“I’m not joking, Fred. It’s nearly unbearable to stay here. I feel like an egg been fried”.

“I’m not talking about this, do you really think we’re geniuses?”

“And he’s not Fred, by the way. I’m Fred”. the second Weasley twin appeared suddenly, balancing on a staircase.

“Whatever, you two just look the same to me”, you lied to make fun of them, as you can tell them apart almost instantly. You know that the first one you were talking to was Fred.

“Honestly, woman!” they speak in unison, and both put their hands on their hips, with identical expressions of outrage. When George almost lost his balance, the twins just looked at each other eyes and giggled.

How you loved their laughs…

“Seriously, boys, why is so hot inside here?”

“Because we’re hot” George pointed his words with a smirk, making Fred laugh loudly.

“Focus, George!” you tried to keep calm, but his comment made you feel chills down your spine. Yes, they were hot. Extremely. Both of them. And they were even hotter with those tight long-sleeved shirts, with some open buttons showing a bit of their pale chest “Who will want to come here when it’s so hot inside? Your products are really good, but you two have to care of this place too. If it is cozy for your customers”.

“And what comes to your mind to fix it, my dear wise Ravenclaw?”

“Hm…” the way Fred was staring at you dried your throat “Some spells… I guess. Some refreshing… spells”.

“And why don’t you grab your wand already?” George smiled, making fun of you.

“I should transfigure both of you into giant pieces of ice and then drag you out of here”. You cross your arms, with a grimace.

“You already made us melt, Y/N” George giggle again, and his twin brother follow his reaction.

“You two are… Argh!” you tried to walk past them, but Fred grabs your wrist gently, with a tiny smile “What now?!”.

“We need you here” another sentence spoken in unison and you swallow your saliva, nervous. A pair of those bright eyes glued on you.

“We can’t do this alone” Fred smiled gently, caressing your hand with his thumb.

“There’s a lot of things to do…”

“… and not much time till the opening…”

“… We’re not that capable to take care all alone…”

“… No one wanted to help us…”

“Besides, what are we without you and your tips?”

You smile after George finished their typical “ping-pong” talks. Shrugging, you sigh.

“Okay, boys. But let me try something to avoid our possible dehydration and death”.

Taking your wand, you point it to the roof and cast a spell. Some air flushes emerge from the top of your wand and the climate inside the shop starts to be more fresh.

“What’s the need to finish school when you can have friends like Y/N, Fred?”.

“You can’t be more right, George”.

You blushed violently when Fred kissed your hand before going to verify another pile of boxes. George winked at you, turning his attention to organize the shelves with boxes of fireworks. You sigh again, stuck in a daydream while going back to your work. It was so good to be with them again. You knew the twins since your first year at Hogwarts. In fact, you met inside the train to Hogwarts. You were alone inside the train cabinet when two identical red-flaming heads got into it and asked you if they could stay there with you. You thought they were cute, wild and fascinating. With a consistent talent to get into trouble (their older brother, Percy, was vigilant during the whole trip). 

How sad you became when, after a whole trip with talking and pranks, you were separated during the sorting ceremony. The twins went to Gryffindor (just like their three older brothers) and you went to Ravenclaw (like almost everyone in your family). You thought that they’ll forget you, but couldn’t be more wrong. Along seven years, Fred and George Weasley were your best friends. They brought fun and joy to your life, and you help them not to get expelled and taught them before each exam, to guarantee they would achieve regular grades. 

You were always together. You could tell them apart since a young age, you were able to see their differences, but you never could pick your favorite twin. You always needed them together with you. When the Triwizard Tournament came, you could not be more happy when George told you that you couldn’t choose a green dress, because his robes had details in orange and your clothes need to be orange too, to match. It was like a tacit invitation to the Yule Ball. Your heart skipped a bit for a second, but then you thought about Fred. It was an wonderful sensation to be asked to attend the ball with George, but what about Fred? Are the three of you going together?

But then George told you that Fred was attending the ball with Angelina, their fellow gryffindor quidditch player. Your throat got dry. During the Yule Ball, as much as you loved to be dancing and joking around with George, it doesn’t seem right to not have Fred with the two of you. You felt jealous while looking at him dancing with Angelina.

That night made you realize a tricky feeling that you were carrying inside you since you got closer to them: you were in love with them. You were in love with George. And in love with Fred. You were in love with both of them. At the same time! It was not because they were twins and you could not tell them apart. You could distinguish their features, physical and psychological. You knew the two of them perfectly. And you weren’t able to choose just one. You loved both and needed both. For some time since the Yule Ball you thought about picking George, as Fred was clearly having an affair with Angelina. That doesn’t made you happy, because you know that, even having George, you could not be happy without Fred too. 

But before you could approach George, Fred and Angelina broke up. And both twins were reunited to you, as friends. You decided to never spoke about that to them. It was ridiculous to think that they’ll understand you. And what do you expected in any way? For them to share you as a girlfriend? Besides, you didn’t even know if they like you the way you love them.

“I thought you wouldn’t come” George came closer, his hands full of candies “After we left Hogwarts”.

“Well, you guys are doing a great job… Who needs school now?” you smiled, and George smiled back, sitting on the floor. He made a signal for you to sit next to him, handling you some candy.

“It’s normal candy. I swear”.

“Is it really normal candies, George Weasley?” you frowned, worried.

“Yes, I’m not lying. Normal Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Liquorice Wands… See? Normal candies. I’m not going to prank on you, Y/N” he giggled.

You smiled back, taking one liquorice wand.

“It’s good to see you again” you muttered, a bit ashamed.

“Indeed” he laughed, taking some flavoured beans.

You two keep next to each other, eating sweets, silent. After they left Hogwarts in a protest against Umbridge, you saw them three times. Staying in the school without them was weird. You got angry when they left the school (after all the effort you took to avoid them to be expelled…!), but you knew they were doing the right thing. Not just about Umbridge, but about their lives, the path they needed to follow. As Fred always told you, their sucess in life wasn’t measured in academic achievement.

“I’m proud of you, you know?” you looked right into George’s eyes “Both of you”. 

George smiled, truly amused. He stared at your gaze for endless seconds and you were starting to feel ashamed. He was not showing that funny, prankster side of him while looking at you. You weren’t used to witness that kind of look coming from him. For both twins, actually.

The moment was disturbed by Fred, that was almost stumbling on his own feet to carry a heavy box. Panting with effort, he placed the box on a chair, sighing tired after he finished.

“Take care with these ones” George warned him “We’re not that good with potions to replicate it if you break it”

“Yes, mum” Fred made a grimace, looking at the candies you and George have been eating “You traitors! I was there working and you were here having fun!” he rushed do sit next to you too, grabbing some chocolate frogs.

“That box is full of potions?” you pointed to the one Fred was previously carrying.

“Yep” he confirmed, his lips dirty with chocolate “Love potions”.

“Are you going to sell love potions?” you tried not to laugh.

“If you had any idea how much money women are intended to spend with these ones…”’

“It’s a gold mine” George looked at you, winking “Also, it’s our way to bring girls here”.

“You idiots” you laughed, focusing on the sweeties.

You three remained silent for a long time, just eating. When together, the three of you could barely stop chatting and laughing. But the effort to place the products and organize the entire shop had drained your energies. Unconsciously, you placed your head on Fred’s shoulder.


“What, Freddie?”.

“I think your spell is not working anymore”

And, suddenly, you realized he was right. The shop was getting hotter again. You whimpered, hitting his arm.

“You bastards. Why do you need to place everything on the hottest day ever?”

“Because we knew you’ll be here to help” George laughed.

“I’ll fix it. Just give me some minutes to rest”.

Fred giggled and the silence came again.

You closed your eyes, breathing softly. You could smell Fred’s shampoo. It was a mixture of passion fruit and jasmine. It was addictive.


“Yes, Fred?”

“What do you smell?”

“Uh?” you took your head off of his shoulder immediately, with wide open eyes. Did you something stupid while smelling his shampoo’s essence? Like nuzzling his neck or something?

“The potion” George pointed the box in front of you three.

“What smells do you feel with Amortentia?” Fred was glaring at you.

“I don’t know…” you were getting unconfortable “I never tried it”.

“Really?” George smiled “Want to try?”

“What? No” you were trying to smile and avoid them to realize that you were getting nervous “I’ll fix that spell”. But when you’re trying to stand up, both your shoulders were gently grabbed by each twin, placing you sitted again 



“…We have been thinking…”

“…It’s something weird…”

“What’s weird?” you felt your mouth dry. They were smiling in the same way they always did when they were about to start a prank.

“Last week we lost a whole box with Amortentia. I dropped it” Fred laughed.

“And we thougth it wasn’t brewed in the right way”.

“Why?” you glared at George, curious.

“Because it smelled the same way for the both of us” they spoke in unison again, smiling at you.


“We were atracted to the same person”.

“In fact, we are” Fred corrected George.

“Uh. It’s weird… Isn’t it?” you started to feel a bit sad. You always hated when they talked about girls with you.

“It wasn’t something unexpected, to be honest” Fred winked.

“But it keeps being a problem” George sighed.

“Because which girl…”

“… Will want to be…”

“… Shared by…”

“… Two brothers?”

Chills were running down your spine. You swallow dry.

“Why… Are you telling me this?”


“…We’ve been friends for years…”

“…For how long will you keep…”

“…Hiding your feelings?” the bloody unison again.

“I’m sorry?”.

“You like one of us, don’t you?” George caressed your chin with his thumb.

“We knew it. We were just waiting for you to tell”.

“What?” you were feeling sweat on your palms.

“We’re not that stupid”.

“We may look like stupid…”

“But we’re not” George giggled.

You kept silent. Hiding your face with both hands, you whimpered.

“Shh, calm down”.

“We’re not making fun of you”. Fred touched your hair, gently.

“In fact, you made fun of us all those years”.

“You great pretender!” Fred laughed, keeping the caressing on your hair.

“Shut up…!” you muttered, full of shame “How did you…?”

“We just knew” they spoke in unison, laughing after.

“We just weren’t sure…”

“… Which of us” George touched your knee, gently “It’s not like you’re going to ruin our relationship as brothers”.

“We talked a lot about it”

“Yeah. Freddie and I agreed to respect your feelings”.

“We’re not going to fight over you… Even if it’s tempting” he laughed, gazing at his brother.

You look at them, hesitantly. They weRe full of expectation. Their excitement was almost palpable. They looked like young boys ready to open their Christmas gifts.

“I can’t…” you muttered, feeling drained.

“Y/N, we already know, you don’t have to hide your feelings”.

“I’m… not hiding Georgie…”

“So?” they seemed worried, speaking in unison again.

“I can’t… Choose… One of you…” your voice was barely audible and you were almost covering your face with your hands again.

They stared at you for endless seconds, GeoRge with a crease on his forehead and Fred with a confused smile.

“Y/N… You can tell us apart from each other… You always did it”.


“You know exactly that I’m Fred and he’s George” he pointed to his thoughtful brother “If you really like one of us, as we think you do, you can say it… We’re not going to figth over you”

“Don’t do this to me…” you whimper, feeling butterflies inside your belly.

“You don’t have to pretend that you don’t know who is who to avoid picking one of us”.

“She’s not pretending” George finally speak, with a grin. You got even more nervous “Y/N… It’s both of us, isn’t it?”.

“What?” Fred seemed confused and you started to blush violently.

“She likes both of us” George smiled even more “Don’t you?”.

“You do?!” Fred’s eyes widened and you felt more embarrassed.

You looked at your feet, feeling an urge to cry. How things got that far? They love you… They both love you. It was so amazing to realize it… But all your joy was buried by the fact that now they knew… That you love both of them as well!

“Y/N” Fred touched your chin, turning your face to him. He was showing a mocking smile “Do you really love George and I?”.

“You can laugh now…” you muttered, biting your lips. How scared you are!
Fred laughed softly, touching your lips with his own briefly. Your eyes widen, shocked.

“Oh, are you kidding?!" 

"What?” Fred laughed at George’s outraged expression.

“You kissed her!”


“It’s not fair!” George crossed his arms “If she loves both of us we should decide who’ll kiss her first!”.


“What, Y/N?” they asked in unison.

“I didn’t… Chose one of you…”

“But you love us”, again the unison “Don’t you?”

“I do…” you feel goosebumps when they smile at your statement “But… I’ll hurt you…”


“Because I… I can’t decide… Who…”

“You can’t decide if you want me or Fred?”


“But you don’t have to”. George was grinning.

“Excuse me?” you were confused.

“Yeah, Y/N…”

“… What if…”

“… You didn’t have to…”

“… Choose just…”

“… One of us?”

And before your brain could even process what they are suggesting, you felt George’s lips pressed to yours, in a less gentle way than Fred did before. Both of his hand cupping both sides of your face and his tongue finding a way inside your mouth. You gasped as his tongue starts to explore the inside of your mouth, but before you could enjoy more of his touch, George pull away abruptly. It was Fred, pushing his brother by his shoulders.

“What?” George smiles, his lips colored with your lipstick “You kissed her first”.

“It wasn’t a proper kiss!” Fred looked sulky “You cheater!”

You were mute. Your head was spinning around. You just have discovered that they were in love with you… And you have just kissed both of them!

“Y/N?” you heard their voices calling you off of your daydream.


“Is George right?” Fred asked.

“You really love both of us?”

“I already say… This” you swallow dry, nervous.

“Outstanding!” they spoke in unison, truly amused.

“Are you two… Fine with this?”


“It’s just perfect!” Fred can’t stop smiling.

“But… I can’t… Be with the two of you… At the same time… It’s not… right…” your voice was fading as they got closer, still smiling.

“We are good brothers”

“Yeah. We know how to share” Fred winked and kissed you again.

His kiss was full of urge and passion. His right hand grabbed you by your neck while his tongue was ravishing your mouth. After seconds of shock, you kissed him back, grabbing his hair with one hand and his shoulder with the other. A soft moan left your throat when you felt George’s lips on your neck.

Fred’s tongue tastes like chocolate. The kiss was warm, rough and passionate at the same time. The hand you were placing at his shoulder went to George’s head, stroking his short hair. George was giving wet kisses all over your skin. Your breath rhythm was getting irregular and Fred’s too. When he broke contact gasping for air, he smiled at you before touching your earlobe with his tongue tip. You whispered, closing your eyes. And then George kissed you.

He was a little softer than Fred, focused on sucking your lips. His thumb caressing your cheekbones while kissing you. You were eager to correspond to his touch, to make him enjoy the kiss. You felt chills running through your body when George moaned inside your mouth.

While you were kissing George, Fred was teasing your earlobes and neck. Spreading kisses all over your skin, Fred managed to take away the strap of your shirt, kissing your shoulder. He then licked from your shoulder to your neck, making you whisper.

George then broke the kiss, smiling. He was panting.

“Are you enjoying, Y/N?”

“Yes…” you were gasping for air “What… are you two doing?”

“Convincing you” Fred winked.

“Convince me of what?”

“The benefits of keeping we both instead of picking just one of us” George laughed when Fred managed to get rid of his shirt “You’ll scare her”.

“We’re identical. You’re going to scare her too” he giggled, looking at you and smiling lecherous.

Your eyes were glued on him. His pale skin, narrow hips, flat belly with some hair below the navel. He was glorious.

“I think you don’t have to ask what she thinks about your shape, Freddie” the twins looked at each other, giggling.

“Why are you.. Taking your clothes off?” you blushed when they laughed.

“It’s not obvious?”

“You’re not that innocent, Y/N” Fred winked at you.

“But… Here?! Inside the shop?" 

"It’s excinting, isn’t it?”

“Besides, we’re far away from the windows, behind the shelves” George bit his lip “No one will see us, Y/N”.

“How we are.. going too…?” you mumbled, shaking with excitement.

“We’ll figure it out” Fred laughed, touching the waistband of your jeans.

Before you could complain, George kissed you again, guiding your hands to the buttons of his shirt. You obeyed, unbuttoning. Meanwhile, Fred took off your pants, touching your thighs with his hands and then with his tongue. You moaned in pleasure, stopping the kiss. You and George stared at what Fred was doing.

“Nice panties” George muttered on your ears, kissing you again. 

Fred  separate your legs, licking your panties’ fabric, coming closer to your sex with his tongue. You curled your toes with excitement. 

“Freddie?” George muttered on your lips.


“Let me take position first”

Fred giggled, pulling away from you. Confused, you watched George sit next to you, grabbing your waist to make you sit on his lap. You could feel his erection pressed to your buttocks. He held your waist with both hands, nuzzling at your neck.

You closed your eyes, leaning your head until touch George’s shoulder. Fred’s hands took off your panties and your breathing was more irregular. Trying to focus on the moment, you were trying to ignore any sense of modesty.

While George was bitting your neck effusively, Fred touched your clit gently, making you moan. You spread your legs wide open, hearing his soft giggle. You turn your head to reach George’s lips, guiding his hand to your breasts. He squeeze it, whispering in pleasure.

And then you go over the moon when Fred’s tongue caress your clit.

You bit George’s lips, while he squeezed one of your boobs with one hand, the other gripping tightly on your waist. Fred’s was with both hands on your thighs, kissing and licking your most sensitive parts.The sensation was overwhelming. One of your hands was placed at George’s neck, the other holding desperately Fred’s hair. As the pleasure spread to your body, you start to move on George’s lap, making him moan while laying his head at the wall, with closed eyes. 

Watching Fred, you manage to get rid of your shirt, using then only a bra. Fred stared at your breasts, licking his lips. He gazed at his brother, and with a nod George took off your bra. His hands cupped on your boobs, squeezing. With George groaning at your ear and Fred sucking your clit, you moved faster above George.

“Fred?” George muttered in a breathless voice. His brother stopped to lick you to grab something George was handling im. Your eyes widened when you saw the object, but before you could protest, George kisses you deeper.

And then you feel the texture of the liquorice wand touching your sex. A shiver of pleasure and jitters making you moan.

“You know, Georgie. It’s a great idea”. Fred giggle, touching your clit with the tip of his tongue while inserting the candy inside you.

You groaned, rocking your hips on George’s crotch. He teased your nipples, biting your lips. Fred was making movements of inserting and taking off the candy in your pussy, keeping the licking on your clit. You feel like your sex was throbbing.

“I think it’s melting” Fred laughed, showing you the liquorice wand melted.

“Clean her” George’s deep voice made you quiver.

With a nod, Fred grabbed your tighs, placing his head between your legs, sucking you vigorously. You almost scream, closing your eyes tight. George only grinned, you knew he was watching what his brother was doing to you. And Fred was almost inserting all his tongue inside you.


As you called him that way, he sucked you harder, making your eyes to roll with pure ecstasy. If he continued sucking you that way… You’ll reach the edge of pleasure.

“Let some of her for me, you little selfish bastard”.

Fred moaned in protest, pulling himself away. His lips were shinning with your fluids. He managed to lick them.

“Tastes really sweet”. he winked to George. You can see the volume inside his pants.

Taking you off of his lap, George changed places with Fred. When he held you, Fred kissed you. His tongue were tasting like liquorice and… You. It was heady.

When you heard the sound of George’s ziper, you broke contact with Fred’s mouth, gazing at the other twin. He was lowering his pants and underwear. You couldn’t help to bite your lips when you took notice of his penis.

You two looked at each other, while Fred was bitting your neck, and smiled. George got closer, touching your thighs and spreading your legs. You were anxious, panting.

He touched your sex with his glans, whispering something inaudible. When he started to enter inside you, you two groaned. You spread your legs even more, watching the full-lenght of his cock penetrating you. Grabing you by your knees, George went deep inside you, thrusting his hips.

Fred held you more thighly, one arm wrapped around your waist and the other hand gripping your thigh. His mouth was on your neck, sucking it harder. He would probably left bruises on your skin. George was groaning loud, with his head thrown back, the sweat pouring down his Adam’s apple.

It was an indescribable view to see him that way, with his bare chest and waist, the jeans in the middle of the thighs and sweat making the pale skin to glow. Not to mention the breathtaking expression of pleasure on his face. He was thrusting deeply inside you, making you moan louder.

Then Fred’s hand that was resting on your thigh slides to your clit, caressing it. It was even better to receive that touch combined with George inside you.

“D-Deeper.. Georgie… Oh, please…!”.

George leaned into you, touching you nipples with his tongue. Fred was teasing your earlobes while he masturbated you. You felt like George’s hips movements was getting erratic and seconds after he started to kissing you hard, he collapsed inside you, moaning loudly. He came within you.

“S-Sorry, Y/N… ” His voice was barely audible as he was panting “I c-couldn’t last much longer.. Too tight…”

“Help her” Fred mumbled at your ear, increasing the speed with which he was caressing your clit.

George nodded, thrusting you a bit more. He was groaning with eyes shut, biting his lips. Rocking your hips and searching for Fred’s mouth, you sucked his tongue, focusing your attention on the hand teasing your clit and in the cock jerking inside you.

When you came you moaned inside Fred’s mouth. George stopped to move, resting his forehead on your shoulder, his dick sliding off of you. You kept breathing hard, exhausted. 

“George?” Fred broke the silence.

“Hm?” it was just a mumble, a tired one.

“Get off of her” you could hear the grin tone in his voice “It’s my turn”.

And then George and you giggled.